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It was a hot summer in the 1990’s and lots of girls were cutting all their hair off.

My current girlfriend at the time, Amanda, decided it was time to ditch her long, dirty  blonde hair. I had seen pictures of Amanda’s previous haircuts and she has had buzz cuts, to crops, to shoulder length hair to waist length so I didn’t know what to expect from her. As long as I had known her, 6 months, she had the same mid length hair. I loved it but she was always scraped it back in some make shift bun. She was always moaning about it but her friends said she looked great.

I remember the day she told me, it was a day after one of her mates had gone short. “I’m getting all my hair cut off”

“When?” I asked


“What you mean cut short?”

“yeah, real short this heat is driving me mad”

“can I come with you?”


She never indicated a style she just said short. During the next few days I made the most of treasuring her long hair. Watching as she tied it up for work or released it at night. Saturday came and she got ready to head off to the barbers wearing a faded pair of jeans, doc martins and a white top. I drove her over to the barber shop and we took a seat. The barber called Amanda over and she sat down on the chair. A cape was thrown around her and her hair pulled out from underneath. The hair rippled down the back of the cape.

“A trim miss?”

“No, I want it all off”

“The heat getting to you is it?”

“Yes. I would like you to shave my head”

I looked up in horror. I never expected she would shave it all off

“Are you sure miss” asked the barber

“Yep, all off, nice and smooth please. I want a completely new look. I’m sick of this mess on my head”

The barber plugged in some clippers and removed the guard. He pushed her head down and moved the clippers up the back of her head. Long blonde tresses spilled to the floor. I could hardly believe it. After a few more passes, she was bald at the back except for minute stubble. The sides were shaved off next and then swept the clippers over the top removing all the hair. It only took about 1 minute to shave it all off.. He tilted her head one way then another as he ran the clippers over her head once more to get any last hairs. All her dirty blonde locks was now either on the floor or piled up on her lap.

“Have you had a shaved head before?” asked the barber

“yeah when I was 17” Amanda replied. I did my maths and that was about 5 years ago then.

“Can’t wait for my head to be bald again. Theres nothing more liberating then a shaved head”

The barber had put a warm towel on her head and removed it. He next squirted shaving cream over her head and pulls out a razor. He started scraping the razor over her head in small swift motions. I was surprised how quick he was shaving her. I have to take more care when shaving my face. He took more care when shaving the back and sides of her head.

A pink scalp started to be revealed and once he’d checked there was no more stubble on her head cleaned off any remaining cream. He then put some oil on her head and rubbed it in

“This will make it nice and smooth”

“You don’t mind the idea of a bald headed girl do you” she asked me. It was the first time she actually acknowledged me throughout the haircut

“Not at all Mandy” I said. I was curious what it would be like touching her smooth dome.

“Good because you’ll be keeping it shaved for me”. I was puzzled and then she added “Because I’m staying bald for least a few months”.

The barber removed the cape and her former treasured locks fell to the floor to be discarded in the trash. She ran her hands over her bald head and smiled at her new look in the mirror “I love it! – have a feel” she lowered her head and I felt her smooth head. It was slippery from the oil the barber had used and it was a strange but very pleasant feeling. I knew I was going to love this.

“This is so cool ” I said “I can’t wait to shave you myself”

She kissed me and we paid the barber and drove off. Amanda’s friends loved her new look and some even went bald too. Amanda did keep it bald for the rest of the summer before she started to grow it back out.

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