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She had never met his family and when he proposed and she accepted he explained that she wouldn’t get to meet them until the wedding. Her own parents had died some years earlier and so she had no-one to be at the wedding from her side of the family. This was not a problem, he explained. His family would love her as if she were their own daughter and his father would be more than happy to give her away. His brother would be his best man and his two sisters would be her bridesmaids.
They travelled the two hundred miles to his family home the night before the wedding and arrived late. She was surprised to see his whole family there to greet her as she stepped from the car. They welcomed her with hugs and kisses and his mother and sisters immediately took her into the large, imposing house. She was whisked upstairs and soon found herself in a huge bedroom suite, which, they explained had been reserved for her to get ready in. They pressed a large glass of champagne into her hand and she sipped nervously from the flute. The rest of the evening became a blur…
When she awoke on the morning of her wedding she was horrified to see her father-in-law to be at the foot of the bed watching her. She gasped as she discovered she had been stripped of her clothes and was now nude with no cover to hide her modesty. Her pubic hair, which had been thick and abundant, was now completely gone. She was as bald as she had been prior to puberty. Her father-in-law laughed at her horrified expression and explained that he, himself, had shaved her last night as all new brides were welcomed into the family this way.
She demanded to speak to her fiancĂ© but was refused, as, it was explained, he would love her new look. At that moment her two new sisters-in-law burst into the room and she was aghast to see that all they wore were white, lace hold-up stockings and high heels. She saw that they too had shaved areas down below. She was made to get up and from that moment on the morning passed in a blur. She breakfasted, then showered and found the hairdresser waiting for her. Her long blonde hair shimmered down her back, all the way past her butt and was blow dried straight. A tiara, which was a family heirloom, was placed on top of her head and her make-up was applied skilfully. Then she was led into the adjoining room to put on her outfit, which, she discovered was nothing more than white stockings, white garter belt, white elbow length gloves and high white stiletto shoes. Her father-in-law came up behind her and whispered into her ear how lovely she looked and how she should make the most of her lovely long hair while she could, which, she found a strange thing for him to say. Her long white veil was fixed into place and she was guided from the room and led down the wide staircase behind her new sisters who were still wearing only stockings and heels, to the accompanying strains of music. At the foot of the stairs stood her beloved. His eyes widened with pleasure when he saw her on his father’s arm and he grinned as she took her place beside him.
Dearly beloved, began the minister………
The reception was in a large marquee on the family lawn. She was gently guided into the large open space by her new husband and she tried to get him to explain why she was dressed in this skimpy outfit and why her pubes had been shaved. He simply smiled and said, it is our way, ‘it is your way now as well’.
The crowd parted for them and she was led to large dais where, to her horror, she found a chair, exactly like the one her gynaecologist had in his offices. She was lifted into it and her legs were placed into stirrups, leaving her wide open to public inspection. One by one the guests lined up and took it in turns to come forward to slip their fingers into her secret place. She moaned with pleasure and pulled at the restraining straps that had been placed around her wrists, but to no avail, she was bound tight. At last the only ones left to touch her were her new family. Her husband approached and, from behind his back produced a large pair of scissors. She screamed and he shushed her. She was released from her chair and made to stand with her back to her husband. She could feel a sticky wetness running down her legs from her many orgasms. Her veil and tiara were removed and she could feel his hot breath as he came nearer.
‘I am so sorry’, he whispered, ‘it is our way and it will grow back. He lifted the scissors……………..
to be cont’d……

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