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Wow, for three months I’ve been friends with Cathy, we’re both happy.

Today in the morning she said to me: “Daniel, remember we’re visiting my parents on the weekend, and you really should get your hair cut.”

I only answered: “Yes, you’re right, by the way, I’m not working today”.

Cathy: “Here around the corner is a good barber, you should go there.” Then she gave me a quick kiss on the mouth and went to work.

I went home and had a shower, and ten minutes later I left the apartment and walked down the street to the barbershop that was around the corner. In the shop window there’s a mirror and I saw myself with my shoulder long dark blonde hair and thinking what kind hair style would get the approval of my future parents in law.

Suddenly a young man spoke to me: “Hi there, still undecided?”

I just answered: “Yes”.

It was the barber, he invited me in. I followed him inside as in a trance. Inside it was pleasantly warm and the furniture seemed to be a hundred years old.

He commented: “It’s old, but I still can’t afford new furniture”.

I didn’t say anything and sat on the chair.

He asked: “How do you want it cut?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t had it cut for about one year, and the worst is that the future parents in law have to like it.”

He: “Oh, then we’ve got a big problem.”

I: “Yes, and it’s going to be the first time that I see them.”

He: “Well, then let’s wash them first.”

I: “I’ve just had a shower.”

He: “It’s included in the price”.

I accepted, because then I would have some more time to decide on a hairstyle. He turned my chair by 180 degrees, lowered the back, fitted a headrest on the washbasin and then water was splashing on my hair.

He applied a shampoo with conditioner and gave me a relaxing head massage. I enjoyed how his fingers worked on my scalp. He seemed to enjoy it too, because he was smiling and was asking now and then if it was fine. After some 15 minutes he rinsed my hair, wrapped it in a towel, raised the backrest and turned the chair towards the mirror.

Now he put a cape on me and wrapped a dry towel around my neck.

“So,” he said, “what shall we do now?” He removed the towel from my wet hair, and started to brush my hair.

I: “I don’t know”, and looked questioningly at him.

He: “They’re quite long, let’s cut off an inch, and then we’ll see.”

I: “OK, I guess one inch from five inches isn’t too much.”

With comb and scissors, he started to cut off one inch all around. When he had finished, he asked: “And now?”

I: “Cut off another inch.”

He: “OK”. After he had cut off another inch he again gave me a questioning look.

Now my hair was about three inches long, I think, that’s still too long for me, I tell him to cut off one half of the length.

He looked at me and asked: “Sure?”

I: “Yes, sure”.

He: “OK”. He again started to cut with comb and scissors, beginning at my left side and finishing on the right side.

Now my hair was only one and a half inches long. I looked in the mirror and wondered if it was really me whom I was seeing. With a comb the barber was showing me the different styles in which I could style my hair. But somehow I didn’t like any one, I either looked too dumb or too much like a nice little boy.

I asked him how much more he would have to cut off to achieve a terrific and modern style.

He looked at me and answered with a smile: “You have very thick and straight hair I’d still have to cut off a lot in order to achieve something”.

I: “How much?

He: “The sides very short and about three quarters of an inch long on the top, but I don’t want to insist.”

I: “No, you don’t have to insist, just do it!”

He again looked at me and I nod.

Now he took the clippers out of a drawer and a larger comb. He turned them on and lifted my hair with the comb and sheared off the protruding hairs. He started at the back and I had to bend my head forward, so I couldn’t see anything in the mirror, but the buzzing of the clippers was exiting me. When he started to work on the left side I could raise my head again and watch how he was lifting strand after strand with the comb and cutting it off with the clippers. It was a delightful feeling and it was exiting me more and more, he also seemed to like it.

Once he had finished with the left side I could appreciate the contrast between both sides. Soon he had also finished with the right side and began to work on the top. For this he switched off the clippers and used scissors and comb, which I regretted, because I had liked the buzzing sound. After five minutes he had finished, and with a small mirror proudly showed me his work from all sides. I liked this short haircut a lot. He asked me I was satisfied.

I sad yes, but that I would like it shorter on the top.

He asked me: “How short do you want it on top?

I told him to cut off again one half.

He happily answered: “Yes, I’ll do it immediately.” Again took out the clippers an attachment.

The buzzing sound again was starting to give me an erection, and it probably was about to get him one too.

But after just two minutes he had finished and I was looking terrific. Then he cleaned up the neck and around the ears with the bare clippers, brushed off the clippings and removed the cape. I saw a lot of hair on the floor and asked if it was all mine.

He: “Yes it was all yours”.

It still seems hard to believe.

We went to the cash register and he said: “Ten dollars please”

I: “What, only ten dollars?”.

But I gave him fifteen, as I was so pleased and relieved.

We agreed on an appointment in three weeks, he helped me to put on my jacket, went with me to the door and wished me luck with my parents in law.

I’m already looking forward to my next visit, because I don’t want to wait so long again. It’s too bad that I’m not a woman, such a good looking young guy.

And by the way, my friend Cathy was very happy when she saw my short hair, she would have liked to pass her hand over my bristles all day long, which was making me very horny.

The visit to my future parents in law turned out very positive too.

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