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 ”My patience with you has ended and I can see you aren’t honorable, so I’m going to force you to live up to your word.”

Poor, stupid JJ, is all I can think when I hear the woman standing before her tell her these words. How did such a cute girl get involved with Maitesse? JJ must know about her reputation for being hardcore, but for some reason she found herself in the clutches of this woman.

JJ is uncertain of what she has done wrong and has a befuddled look on her pretty face. She is cute even with her hair short and it is obvious that she wore her hair long. The five years working as a stylist gives you those kinds of insights into people and while JJ is cute as a pixie, I know that she must be a hot woman with long hair. Maybe she is a baby dyke or something like that. Lord knows Maitesse is notorious for seducing straight women. Perhaps that is why I am here?

Maitesse invited me here for a reason, but why seems to be a bit of a mystery. There are other guests here as well: a tattooed biker who looks like he came from central casting, a tall woman with a stern look, another man dressed nicely but looks as uncomfortable, and a guy who I know to be Maitesse’s boyfriend. Both Maitesse and her boyfriend are noted bondage enthusiasts and alternative sex practitioners. I met both og them at a sci-fi convention and our paths keep crossing especially when we had friends in common. I guess the city isn’t as big as people believe it to be.

I was having lunch with some coworkers from the salon when Miatesse joined us. We had a wonderful time gossiping and discussing upcoming events. By this time, I had learned all about Maitesse’s business, which kept me from asking stupid questions or acting shocked. Besides, I am open minded and being straight in a pan sexual industry one has to be. I was shocked when she asked me to attend one of her sessions and paid to do so.

“You still don’t know why you are here?” she demands of JJ who is now visibly frightened.

“No, Ma’am. I do not,” she replies with a quivering voice.

“You lost a bet to me and you agreed to shave your head,” Maitesse snaps in a voice that must make submissive girls like JJ quake.

“Yes and I did,” JJ answered with lowered eyes.

“Yes, but for how long were you to remain bald?” asked Maitesse.

“For two months,” JJ said.

“And did you?”

“I did,” she said.

This made Maitesse angry as she shouted, “Liar.”

Maitesse held up a picture and then passed it around for everyone to see. “This is a picture of you with hair dated a day after you were allowed to grow your hair back. D, you are a stylist, is there anyway she could have grown that much hair in a day?”

JJ shoots me a pleading look begging me to help her. I study the picture. There is no way she could have grown that amount of stubble in a day. It was a bit too thick but I was confident that it was about a week old. I want to help her out, but I can see in Maitesse’s look that she knows that JJ stopped shaving her head before the deadline.

“No Maitesse. She must have stopped shaving a week before,” I said.

“Three out of three all agree that you stopped shaving a week before you were supposed to, JJ. You know what that means. You broke your word.”

“I did not mean too. I thought I would still be bald by the end of the deadline,” JJ pleaded.

“Time to pay the penalty, JJ,” Maitesse said harshly. “Strip and kneel.”

JJ did just that. She removes her clothes and underwear. Her body is attractive though her ass seems a bit flat. Her nipples harden and I feel my arousal stir between my legs. I saw that her sex was free from pubic hair and the lips heavy. JJ sex glistens as we all stare it. She is into this scene as she kneels before us.

Maitesse seems to be the only one unaffected by JJ’s beauty. “D. you are here to give JJ a proper haircut. I want her head completely shaven. After that, JJ will pay you. Get to it.”

“She has to ask. I don’t want trouble down the road. JJ has to ask me to shave her head.”

Maitesse smiles and says, “JJ ask D. for your haircut.”

JJ keeps her eyes on the floor but her voice is calm and clear, “Please D. Shave my head. I want it completely bald.”

Maitesse is pleased and tells me where the tools are. I find them laid out and immediately grab the electric razor. The uncomfortable man in the room is to be my assistant and I figure out that he is just another submissive to someone in the room. I ask for a chair for JJ.

“No. She is to be shaved either standing or kneeling. She doesn’t get to sit for this,” Maitesse tells me.

JJ remains kneeling as I cut her hair. It doesn’t take long and JJ cries like a little kid who doesn’t want a haircut. Next comes the shaving cream and razor. The Mach 3 razor is a great invention. I manage to get those troubling spots with ease. After a wiping down with the towel, I have JJ stand. My assistant hands me two mirrors and I show JJ her head. She is a wreck and sobbing, but also aroused. I can see her labia thick with blood. JJ is into humiliation. Unfortunately, so is Maitesse.

“Step away, D. JJ play with yourself. I want you to give yourself pleasure for our pleasure.”

JJ does so. We all watch with fascination as her hands cup her sex. Her fingers spread her lips apart while rubbing. The sounds of her aroused sex fill the room as does her gasps that quickly turn into moans. It doesn’t take long before she is begging Maitesse to cum. All eyes are focused on Maitesse who seems to be unaffected by JJ’s pleas for satisfaction. JJ’s knees wobble as the pressure mounts. We are all transfixed by her nakedness and begging.

“Please Maitesse. May I come for you?”

“Not yet,” Maitesse replies. Time passes as JJ fingers work her sex. It isn’t long before she is gasping and begging Maitesse.

“You broke your word and you want to cum?” she asks incredulously.

“Please. I need.ugh.to, Maitesse.”

JJ is shaking and quivering. Maitesse has her completely. We all want release. I’m horny as is everyone else. I almost whip out my cock for release, but don’t. I’m waiting for Maitesse.

“You are now my personal slave, JJ. You can cum but afterwards everyone here gets to do whatever they want to you. Do you understand?” Maitesse tells her. The menace in her voice says that she will brook no insubordination or defiance.

“Yes, Maitesse. Please let me cum.”

“Good. You aren’t going to cheat me this time. Cum JJ.”

JJ screams in pleasure. Her orgasm is so powerful that she collapses but she continues to spasm. We approach her from all sides to do whatever we want with her. After we are all spent, Maitesse makes JJ pay me for the haircut and she includes a very generous tip. I give her my card and tell her that I do house calls to help her stay bald and keep her word.

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