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This is the real story of me (Alok) and aunts how just stay next to my flat. I am 22 year old and just going to complete my Electrical Engg from Bombay and I am from Delhi. The aunt is near 31 or 32 and she is married to a person who is very busy in his work and usually come home twice in a month and they don’t have any child. The aunt is a house wife and stay at home only and there married life was not good.

One day there was a short circuit in the aunts flat and as usual she was alone and don’t know what to do and she was knowing that I am electrical Engg so she came to call me that she had a problem. When she came that time she was wearing a pink dress and here hair was in a bun as usual and I always thought that her hair was waist length at that time she was looking very good. We just had hi hello friendship nothing more but when I had gone to her flat to solve the problem after that we had become a nice friend after that when I would be free at that time I use to call me and talk to her and when she feel tired at that time she use to come at my flat and we would drink
coffee and we would chat for long time and she help me cleaning the room

After 15 or 20 days of our friendship she had call me for the dinner at 9.00 PM at that time I had taken a bottle of red wine and at 9.00 I was at her home she invited me inside and I gave her the bottle after that she just brought the wine in the glass we were sitting and just chatting at that time also her hair was in a bun. At that time i asked her why did
she use to keep her hair in the bun and she reply me that she like it and she keep it open that time I get more damage. After three glass of wine I asked her can I open her bun and her reply was sure y not and I just reach the back side of her and started to undo it when I had completely open it at that time I was shocked as her hair was till down her butt and after that without asking her I started to brush her hair. She told me that it is felling nice and I continue to brush it, I ask her from how many months she had not cut her hair and answer was nearly two year not a trim also. While chatting we had completed our dinner also and then I told her that she need a trim and she also agree it and told me that she is going to go for a trim in 2 day after that I ask her can I have a pleasure to trim your hair and she was shocked she first asked me can she trust me and I said yes and I told her a lie that I had trim my x-girlfriend hair when I said after that she agree to trim her hair from me. She asked me when can I cut her hair and my reply was now

After that said ok but her hair was oily so I said that I have to wash your hair she agreed and I took her to the bath room and I started to remove her dress without asking her at that time she was shocked and angry but before she can say anything to me she found her in only bra and panty and after that I started to kiss her and  remove her bra and panty and after 5 min she was completed naked and my dick was in his pussy and she was being fucked by me that night I had the best sex in life and while having sex I started the shower and washed her hair. It was a wild sex her ass hole was small and tight before but after having sex with me she was not able to speck a world. We had sex till night 4.00 After that I take her to kitchen and place her to the chair and I started to brush her hair and then I tight up a ponytail as high as possible and then told her that I am going to cut her ponytail and I remove the clipper and without saying anything I cut her ponytail. After that I had cut her hair in a nice bob cut with bang the bob cut was near neck line
She was angry but she like the cut and she got a partner for having sex so she had not told anything to me and I use to stay with her only at night and use to have sex

She never want to cut her hair more short then this but I want and have asked her to let me shaved her head the reply was always no. Then one night before sex I told her that her hair is much long and need a trim and she agreed so I took her to the kitchen and make her sit on the chair and before that I made her naked and while she was sitting I started to suck her and while she was dreaming I tied her hand and leg so she cannot move she thought that I am going to do wild sex with her that y I have tied her. I reach her back remove the clipper and place it on the forehead and told baby your head is going to be shaved after that in 2min there was no single hair one her head then I shaved her with razor. She was looking very sexist but she was crying. After that I took her to the bedroom and I started to fuck her and she was crying at that night she was badly fucked by me and vibrates the vibrater was in her ass hole for 2 hour. And her both then hole were such big that I can put can thing into it

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