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Blond, Black and Pink was written by y10013y.  I offered some ideas and he invited me to write a sequel.  The original story ended with sisters Melissa(13) and Christine (16, which I changed to 15) having just had their heads shaved by hairdresser Kate at the insistence of Mother Paula.  Melissa had been given a slow lather shave with just her bangs left, which where subsequently clipper shaved also.  She had accepted her fate and was intrigued by her new appearance and the sensuous feel of her shaved head.  Christine was very upset and angry at her Mother and couldn’t understand why she had done such a thing.  At Melissa’s urging she felt her head and began to experience the strange and exciting feeling of having a clipper shaved head.  Paula is very pleased with the results and decides that she wants both girls to be clean shaven for the next four months and tells Kate that she will return that afternoon or the next day to be instructed on how to keep the girls smoothly bald.  As they left the salon both newly bald girls experienced a shock as they emerged and recognized that their bald heads were going to be on display as they walked down the street to their car, and while their Mother finished her errands and other business.  My sequel takes up the story there.

To my surprise as I wrote this sequel, the story began to take on a life of its own and new characters arrived unexpectedly and unbidden introducing new threads and situations.  I have now written a rather long story, already approaching a novelette in length which is the story of the experiences of two bald girls, their families and their friends as many of them succumb to the seduction of short hair or shaved heads.  I have little confidence that anyone will find it interesting, but if after reading  this first part of my sequel there is sufficient interest in it I will submit the second and perhaps the third part.  Otherwise I will not waste space on this fine site and burden hlstoo with dealing with it.

Thursday – Bald and Exposed

“Come on girls, I need to get to the bank to sign some papers, but its already too late to make it before noon, so  I’ll treat you to lunch at that new place you wanted to go to Christine,”   Paula urged then.

Both Melissa and Christine had stopped abruptly as they exited Kate’s shop.  Melissa had recovered from the sudden realization that she was entering the normal world as a bald girl and began walking leisurely toward the car.

Paula was in a hurry but she was feeling exhilarated.  She had just found out the prior evening that she was being offered a position in an advertising firm that was just what she had always wanted.  She had been a working single mother since her divorce, when Melissa was only 2 years old.  Her alimony and wages along with the income from a small inheritance of investments from her Father, who had died when Melissa was only four, had kept them going reasonably well, if without many of the luxuries that other families enjoyed.  Now Paula was going to have a much better salaried job.  Besides that, Paula’s Mother had passed away a few months earlier leaving all of a sizable inheritance to Paula, her only child.  Signing the papers at the bank was one of the last steps before Paula would be receiving the inheritance.

“Mom, I can’t go into a restaurant like this. Everybody would be looking at me and laughing” Christine wailed.

She had rushed to get into the car and off the street, her monetary interest in feeling her slightly bristly head forgotten. 

Melissa got in the car as Christine made this pronouncement.

“Come on Christine, it’s not the end of the world.  I think it would be kind of fun.  Besides you look really cool.  Just tell them you wanted to look like Sinead.   Remember you told me how much you liked her,”  Melissa exclaimed.

“I never said I wanted to get my head shaved like her.  I just like her singing.  All the kids will laugh at me.  I’m not going anywhere like this.”

Sinead O’Conner was Christine’s favorite singer and in fact they had vaguely similar features.  With her head shaved she looked even more like a young Sinead.

“Don’t give me any trouble Christine.  And don’t act sullen either.  You’ll get over it.  No one will laugh at you.  We’re going to the restaurant and that’s that,”  Paula said determinedly.

Paula drove in silence to the restaurant and found a spot to park curbside a few stores down the street.  “OK, we’re here, let’s go girls.”

“I’m not hungry and I don’t want to eat.  I can just wait here in the car for you,” Christine said morosely.  

“Christine, get out of the car and come with us.  I’m not going to tolerate any foolishness from you.”  Paula ordered.

Christine bit back a sarcastic remark that she knew would be a big mistake.  She opened the door and reluctantly got out.  They walked into the restaurant with Christine lagging a little behind.  Melissa realized she was eager to know what peoples’ reaction would be.

The greeter took a quick look at Melissa and Christine then concentrated on Paula.  “Three for lunch, non-smoking?” 

“That’s right” Paula agreed. 

“Your server will be Jill.  She’ll be with you in a moment.” 

Jill arrived, smiled broadly at them and said “Right this way, I’ll show you to your booth.” 

After they sat down and ordered drinks – three iced teas – Paula spoke “Well girls, this may be a great summer for us.  I’m really looking forward to my new job.  We’ll be pretty comfortable.  Maybe we can afford to do some of the things we’ve always talked about but never could afford.”

“Do you think we can get that neat A/V system we looked at over at the Emporium?  It would be great in our family room.”  Melissa was musically inclined and enjoyed listening to lots of different kinds of music.  She was in the Glee Club and learning to play clarinet in the school band.  She had even begun to appreciate Paula’s love of Mozart.

“Well, it is certainly worth considering Melissa.  It did sound nice.  Let me get a handle on our budget, and then we can decide.  What about you Christine?  Anything on you wish list other than that concert this summer.  There are a lot of Arts and Crafts summer classes available at the Community Center and I know you wanted to take that advanced swimming class so you could be a life guard next year.”

Just then Jill arrived with their iced teas.  After distributing them she stood by to take their orders.  She looked closely at Christine and Melissa who were studying the menu.  Finally they all gave their orders.

Christine had not answered Paula’s inquiry, but she seemed to have relaxed a little.  Melissa appeared to be at ease, looking around and talking about what she wanted to do for the summer.  Ever so often her hand strayed to rub her smoothly shaved head, that is all of her head except for where her bangs had been. That part was bristly like Christine’s head because Paula had not wanted to take the time to get them both shaved smooth.  Each time she touched her head there was a surprised look on her face and she quickly brought her hand down.

Their food arrived.  Paula and Melissa continued to talk about Melissa’s summer plans. Christine didn’t want to talk, but knew that she had best answer politely when asked a question.

Jill reappeared to see how the
y were doing.  Paula needed an ice tea refill which soon arrived.  Finally Jill spoke.  “I really like your haircuts.  I’ve always wanted to shave my head like that.  It looks really great.  If I’m not being too nosey to ask why did you do it?” 

Paula quickly spoke up.” It was my idea.  I had it done this morning.  They didn’t know it was going to happen.  I like the way it looks too.  Christine is not very happy, but Melissa is OK with it” 

 Melissa grinned at her.  “I kinda like it.  It feels neat” 

Christine kept her mouth tightly shut.  She started to make a snide remark but held her tongue.

Jill was intrigued.  “Can I feel it?” she ask Melissa.

“Sure”, Melissa replied. 

Jill touched Melissa’s smooth head gingerly with her fingers, then moved them slowly over the crown and down the back.  She shivered.

“That feels so awesome” she said softly.

“That’s what I felt too” Melissa responded.

“I really want to get my head shaved like that.  I’m going to do it as soon as I get back on campus this fall.”  Jill’s nascent desire was now in full cry.  “I wonder if my boss here would let me keep my job if I shaved my head?  Where did you get it done,” she asked Paula.

“We went to ‘Kate’s Barbershop’ on Melrose St.  It’s about a block down on the right” Paula responded.

“A bald waitress would probably get more people to come, wouldn’t it Mom?”

“you may be right Melissa.  Wouldn’t hurt to try Jill.  I think you would look quite stunning with a smooth bald head.  I would really like to try it myself now that I see how good the girls look.”  Paula was realizing that she had gotten the girls shaved partly as a way of satisfying her own subconscious desire.  She wondered how she was going to handle that realization.  But for right now she wanted to focus on her new job.

Melissa and Christine looked at her in surprise. 

“That would be really cool, Mom,” Melissa responded enthusiastically.

“Well, that’s something to think about some other time.  Right now, I need to get to the bank and then go to  Millennium Realty to sign in and pick up some papers for my new job.  I think that I have to have an interview with the personnel director so it may take a while.  You two can get a couple of new summer outfits At Cassandra’s Threads while I’m at the bank and Millennium, if you like.  Jill, would you bring us the check please.”

“Be right back.”

Christine was quietly fuming.  Her Mom wanted to get her own head shaved, but had hers, Christine’s, shaved instead.  It was so unfair!

“I would like to go shopping Mom.  I looked at that flyer from Cassandra’s and saw some things I really liked.  They weren’t very expensive either.”  Melissa had been waiting for a chance when she could lobby for some new summer clothes. 

“OK, I’ll drop you off.  I shouldn’t be more than two hours at most.”

Jill returned with the check and handed it to Paula.  “Thanks Jill.  Wait just a moment and I’ll pay you.”  She searched for the right change, found it and gave the money including a generous tip to Jill.  “If you have any luck with your boss and decide to get you head shaved, give me a call at Millennium Realty.  I’ll be working there starting two week from Monday.  We’ll be sure to come by for lunch if you do.”  She handed Jill a Millennium Advertising Card with her name penciled in on it.

“Thanks, I will”

“Let’s go girls, you have a couple of hours to do some shopping.  Make the most of it.   Cassandra’s is just down the street.  I like their selections, but don’t pick out the most expensive things that you can find either.  Just use good judgment, OK.”  Paula hustled them briskly out the door to their car.  She dropped them off at the main entrance and headed toward the bank.
“I’ll look for you in the teen section when I get back.”

“OK, Mom,  we’ll be there”  Melissa was naturally talkative compared to Christine, who was generally quiet except when she was excited.  And Christine was still upset.  Jill’s compliments had not mollified her.  She got out of the car and stood at the entrance of the store as Paula drove off.

Melissa was the first to speak.  “You look pretty cool Christine.”

 ”Are you crazy!   I look like a freak or have cancer or something.  I don’t want anyone to see me like this,”  she wailed.

“Well I think I look cool, and I like the way it feels.  It’s fantastic!  I don’t care what anyone else says about it.  Just give it a chance,”  Melissa said.

Christine was not buying it.  “Melissa, you really are crazy.  You like looking like a freak?” 

“Oh, stop being a baby.  I’ll bet lots of people will tell you it looks cool or even want to feel it.”

Christine wasn’t convinced but she didn’t want to argue with Melissa.  She just stood at the door for a moment until Melissa spoke up.

 ”Come on Christine, they have a lot of cool stuff here.  I’m going to see if I can find something I really like.” 

Christine was still upset and didn’t respond, but the prospect of getting some new clothes was hard for her to resist, especially since she knew that Paula had implied that she could pick out what she wanted so long as it wasn’t too extreme.  She started to pay attention to the mannequins to see what was being featured.    Finally she stepped into the store and followed Melissa toward the teen section.

At that moment a sales clerk came up to them.  “Hello girl’s can I help you?”

“Thanks.  Our Mom said we could pick out a couple of summer outfits.  She’ll be back in a couple of hours.  I haven’t had time to look at anything yet though.”  Melissa spoke up while Christine continued to concentrate on examining the latest fashions being displayed.

“Well, maybe I can help find some things that would complement your really great looking haircuts.  Let’s see what we can find.  Over here are some shorts that I’ll bet you would like.  How about these skorts.”  She held up a pair of short-shorts with panels in front and back that made them look like miniskirts. 

“Hey, Christine look at these.”  Melissa was intrigued by this new idea.  Her old skirts were quite a bit longer than the skort the sales lady was holding up.  Melissa thought they might pass muster with Paula.

Christine came over to examine them.  “Well, they look pretty cool, but the color is wrong for you and you’ll need a top.  I like them actually, but I’m not going out looking like this.”

“Well, I think you look really striking.  With the right outfit and some nice earrings you would knock them dead.  Big hoops and sparkly studs would really accent your look.  Would you like to try on something?  I’ll get  a pair of hoops for you to try.”  The clerk was young, probably only 18 or 19.  She had a very short spiky hairstyle in blond with pale lavender strands.  Christine was beginning to be swayed by this girl’s enthusiasm.

‘What’s your size Christine” Soon they were choosing colors and tops to go with the shorts that had been chosen.  Melissa and Christine went into the dress
ing rooms to try on the various items.  The sales clerk made a quick trip to the costume jewelry counter and picked up a pair of silver hoops and sparkly studs.

She came back just as Melissa emerged to look at herself in the 3-way mirror.  Melissa turned around and was pleased with how she looked.  She had grown rapidly in the past year, and was now a slender four foot ten inches tall with small breasts just beginning to show.  As she surveyed herself she saw someone she hardly knew; a girl with long slender legs, a nice body and a pretty face.  She smiled and the bald girl in the mirror smiled back at her.  Her smile grew larger as she realized that she liked the way she looked.

“Would you like to try on these” the clerk asked, holding out the large hoops.

 ”OK”.  Melissa held up the hoops against the small gold balls that she was wearing.  “I guess I’ll just keep these on.  I like the hoops but they’re too big for me.  I like these cloths though.”

“You look just darling.  I love your shaved head.  It really suits you and that outfit really sets it off beautifully.  Maybe I can find some smaller hoops for you”

Melissa grinned.  She had liked the way she looked.  She couldn’t figure out what it was, but she kept wanting to look at herself in the mirror.  When she did she grinned some more.

Just then Christine emerged from the dressing room with her new outfit.  She had not been sure she wanted to have to look at herself in the 3-way mirror, but she decided to brave it.

“Wow, that looks great” gushed the clerk.  “Here, try these on.”  She handed Christine the two pairs of earrings.  “I found some nice smaller ones too.”  She handed them to Melissa. 

Christine took the hoops and handed back the studs.  “Mom says I can get a second piercing when I’m sixteen.”  Christine took out her studs and handed them to Melissa.  Using the mirror she put in the hoops and began to examine how the new outfit looked trying not to look at her shaved head, but she couldn’t help seeing it.  She was still upset, but some of the anger had begun to lessen.  She thought the big hoops helped.

“Maybe I can help persuade her.  I think you look really cool.  If I shaved my head like that my boyfriend would flip.  He’s always after me to cut my hair even shorter.  One of these day I may just surprise him with a shaved head.”

“You don’t think I look like a freak like this?”

“Absolutely not.  You’re a knockout.  Sure some kids are going to raze you, but if you stand up and strut your stuff, they’ll be envious.  You’ll get a lot of attention, especially from some guys, like my boyfriend, who loves short hair on girls.”

Melissa had tried on the smaller hoops and decided that they were the right size.  She liked the way they swayed when she turned her head.  She put her studs in her pocket.

Melissa and Christine continued their shopping and soon had made their final choices.  They were ready to go but Paula had not yet arrived to pay the bill.

As they wandered about looking at other items Christine was thinking about the idea of getting her ears pierced again. 

“Melissa, would you like to get you ears pierced again?  I think it looks nice and a lot of the girls in your class already have two or even three piercings.”

“Sure, but I thought Mom said we have to wait until we’re sixteen.”

“I know she did, but she kind of owes us something for having our heads shaved.  I think if we both asked she would let us.”

“OK, I’ll ask.”

“Good, but don’t do it yet.  I still want to find out why she had us have our heads shaved.  Being too busy to get trims doesn’t make any sense.  You remember what she said to Jill at the restaurant.  I think we deserve an explanation.”  Christine’s anger was still barely under control despite the positive feedback that she had experienced.

“Oh, there you are.  I couldn’t see you behind that rack.”  Paula exclaimed.  Christine and Melissa had sat down on a bench near the 3-way mirror while they waited.

“I guess you did find a few things that you like  Can you show them to me.  Oh, I see you have some new earrings Christine.  Those are pretty big hoops, but they do look interesting.  I like the ones you have Melissa.”

Melissa stood up and twirled around.  Paula gave them the once over.  “Hum, those skirts are pretty short aren’t they? I wasn’t expecting those little miniskirts.”  Paula wasn’t a fan of the extremely short miniskirts she saw on some girls and was about to veto that selection, when Melissa spoke up.

“They’re skorts Mom, not miniskirts.  See they’re just shorts with panels in front and back”.  They’re OK aren’t they?”  Melissa was anxious for Paula to give her approval.

“I like the way they look on me Mom.  I didn’t think they were too extreme.”  For the first time since getting her head shaved Christine was beginning to feel a little less upset.  She stood up to display her new outfit.

“Well, they are pretty short, but since they’re not miniskirts I think they’ll be OK for summer.  They do look good on you.

The young clerk had arrived to help with getting the old and new cloths to the register so they could check out.  She had heard Paula’s comment about the miniskirts and wanted to support the girls choices.  Hearing Paula mention the earrings gave her an opening. 

 ”I think those outfits look very good on them.  And the hoops look especially good with those neat haircuts don’t you think?  Besides they’ll need something a little special to give them a boost.  Christine looks very cool with those large hoops, but I think she would look even better if she had another piercing so she could wear some medium sized rhinestone studs.”

“Well, maybe.  You can keep the hoop earrings though.  What else did you pick out”  Paula said.

Melissa was eager to show her second choice of regular shorts and a different style of top.  “Look Mom, I can wear either top with either pair of shorts.” 

Christine held up her second outfit, which also received approval from Paula.

“OK, we need to get all this paid for so we can get going.”  It had taken longer for Paula to get though her orientation interview than she had expected, but she was even more excited about her new job.

“Do you want to wear those outfits or change back to you other cloths?  I can just cut off the tags.  You can still bring them back if anything is not right,”  the clerk offered helpfully.

“I’d like to wear mine,” Melissa responded.

“Me too,” Christine said.

A few minutes later they were out the door.  They drove out of the parking garage and headed home.

Melissa, the talker, kept up a running conversation with Paula about the coming summer activities as they drove out of the parking garage for the short drive to their modest home on the other side of town.  Paula was eager to tell them about her new job as well.

“Well that’s It girls.  I’ll be starting my new job two weeks from next Monday.  I’m excited about it.  I want to write a letter of resignation to my boss at Benjamin’s tonight and start reading these papers.  I have to make some decision about Medical Insurance and retirement accounts too.  I’m going to be very busy tonight so I want you two to start fixing dinner
.  We’re having spaghetti and meat sauce.  Christine you know how to make spaghetti, and Melissa you can heat up the sauce.  I think there is some burger in the freezer that you can thaw in the microwave.  Oh, by the way, I have some accumulated leave coming.  It may be as much as 3 or 4 days.  I may have to work only a couple of days next week.”  Paula was quite wound up about her new job and wanted everything to work out perfectly in the transition.

By now they were well into their drive home, which was only twenty minutes away.

Christine finally decided to broach the subject that had been eating at her.  “Mom, why did you make us get our heads shaved.  You told Kate it was because you wouldn’t have time to take us for regular trims.  But that doesn’t make any sense.  We could have just let it grow for the summer.  You could easily trim Melissa bangs for her. Even I could do it.  And you told Jill that you would like to get yours shaved too.  I don’t get it.”  It was the longest speech that Christine had made since leaving Kate’s shop.

Paula was silent for several minutes.   Her realization about her motive had given her pause.  She didn’t regret what she had done, but she decided it was best to give the girls the whole story.

Finally she got her thoughts in order.  “Well Christine, you do deserve an explanation.  So I’ll tell you how the idea came to me.  I was looking at some web sites about Italian fashions and hairstyles when I came across an interesting story.  It was about a summer resort area somewhere on the other side of Italy where there are some beautiful beaches.  Anyway, what was interesting was that a lot of the kids who go there during the summer keep their heads shaved for the whole time.  Even some of the adults do as well.  They showed some pictures.  One was of a family with three kids about your ages, two girls and a boy.  They were all shaved, even the parents.  In another picture, a large group of kids were shown, it must have been fifteen of them from 5 year old girls and boys to teens 17 or 18 all smiling and showing off their bald heads.”

Paula continued to recount what she had read.  “The had an interview with a 17 year old girl who said she had been coming there every summer for 10 years and had been shaved smooth every year.  She said that one year she had gone back to school and kept her head shaved for the whole year.  I thought she looked great with her head shaved.  The reported said that one of the local shops had a sign in the window saying ‘We specialize in summer shaves.’  The owner said that they do a good business and shave more girls and women than boys and men.”

“Then I began looking at other web sites and found quite a number of actresses who have had their heads shaved for roles and performers like Sinead and models who keep their heads shaved.  I thought they all looked stunning.”

“I was enthralled by the idea.  I knew that I would be busy this summer and that you might be better off with short haircuts. Still the idea of having your heads shaved just kept popping up in my mind, but I never intended to actually do it.  I just thought I had gotten wrapped up in the idea and that it would pass.  It was almost on impulse that I decided to take you to Kate’s shop this morning.  And it was not until I started talking with Kate that I decided that I wanted you to be shaved.  At first I was thinking only of short haircuts.  The idea just sort of kept building up.”

“After it was done I was almost as surprised as you, but I knew that was what I wanted.  It was not until Jill asked about you in the restaurant that I realized that the idea of shaving my own head had been in the back of my mind all along.  So someday I’m going to do it, but for this summer it will just be you two.  I think you look great with your bald heads.  After summer is over you can grow it out, but for the next four months I’m going to keep your heads shaved smooth.  I suppose that I’ve become a little nutty about it.  And I definitely am going to get Kate to give me a really short haircut as soon as I have time to have her do it.”

Christine was taken aback by this revelation.  She had always trusted her Mom to be honest and open with her about why things were done the way they were done.  But this was almost too much.  Paula had revealed that she had such an intense  interest in  the idea of women and girl’s with shaved heads that it bordered on an obsession.  It was very strange and Christine didn’t quite know how to respond.

Melissa laughed.  “Mom, that’s really funny.  I think you have a thing about getting your head shaved.  It’s like those people who get stuck on some weird idea and can’t stop themselves from doing it over and over again.  I heard the word for it somewhere, but I can’t remember it.  Anyway, I’m not mad because you had my head shaved.  I kind of like it.  Maybe I caught some of the same thing that you have.”

“It’s really nutty Mom!  You had my head shaved just because you’ve got some kind of a hang up over the idea from reading about some crazy people in Italy.  Now you’re going to make me go around looking like this.  I’m not like Melissa,  and I don’t care if people do think I look cool.  It’s really unfair for you to make us stay bald for the whole summer.”  Christine’s anger boiled over.

“Well you have the right to express how you fell Christine, and it is pretty unusual, but that’s what I want.  I think that you will get used to it after a while and even appreciate it.”

“I don’t think so.  But I guess I don’t have much choice.” 

“Give it a chance Christine.  You do look cool.  And if Mom says we can get out ears pierced again, you’ll look even better.  How about it Mom.  Can we get our ears pierced again.  After all we didn’t ask to have our heads shaved.”

“you’re right Melissa, you didn’t.  And I know that Christine wanted to get her ears pierced again last year.  So I’m dropping my requirement that you wait until you’re sixteen.  You can go ahead and do it now.  I’ll have to go with you because it requires parental consent.  If you like we can go to ‘Rings and Things’ on Saturday.  You can help with the grocery shopping afterwards.”

“That’s great Mom, isn’t it Christine?”

“I guess so.”  Christine was still trying to come to terms with what Paula had told them and wasn’t ready to be show any enthusiasm about the concession, even though it had been her idea to ask Paula to relent on her rule.

They had arrived at their house and Paula drove into the carport.  “I  want to write my letter of resignation as soon as I can, while I still have my thoughts organized.  So you girls can start the dinner.  I think we have ingredients for salads if anyone wants to make them.” 

“I’ll start them Mom,”  Melissa volunteered.

Christine, still a little hot at Paula’s revelations responded with a short “OK.”

“I’ll have to leave early tomorrow morning so you girls will have the morning to yourselves.  Give me a call when you’re ready for me to help with the salads.”
Paula headed upstairs to the tiny fourth bedroom (really only a baby’s room) where she had her computer desk.

Dinner was uneventful.  Even Christine offered a little small talk.

Their eventful day was over, but who kne
w what might happen on Friday.

 Friday – The First Smooth Shave of Summer

Paula was up early as was her habit.  She wanted to get to Kate’s shop before her first customer so that she could be shown how to shave the girls’ heads.  Kate had said she would instruct her.  And she wanted to get an appointment to get her own hair cut short, maybe even with clippers. 

As she was  finishing her cup of tea, she heard the sound of water running and though it was probably Melissa who usually got up before Christine.  She look at her watch and decided to leave without waiting for the girls to come down.  She swallowed the last few drops of tea, picked up the envelop that had her letter of resignation, her wallet and keys and headed out the door.  She felt exhilarated.  She had a new job,  she was going to do something she had never before imagined she would do – get her hair cut short, and she was going to learn how to keep Christine and Melissa smoothly shaved for the summer. 

She loved the way they looked and it was a big relief to know that Melissa actually liked it.  She was sure that Christine would eventually be happy with her look also.

It was eight thirty when she parked in front of Kate’s barbershop, but she saw Kate was there already and that there were no customers.  She got out of her car and walked in to the tinkling of the little bell over the door.

“Hi, Paula.” 

“Hi, Kate.  Do you have time for me?”

“I’m glad you made it early.  I have a pretty full schedule starting about nine fifteen.”

“OK, I’m very sure that I’m going to keep the girls smooth shaved this summer, so I need your advice.”

“Well, I was thinking about it last night.  You know it’s not every day that I shave two teenagers and am asked for advice about how to keep them shaved.”

“But you can show me how to do it?”

“Well, yes and no.  I can’t teach you how to use a straight razor the way I did for Melissa, and I don’t think its a good idea to use a regular safety razor on their heads every day.  It would be too irritating.  You could shave them once a week or so and keep them clipper shaved the rest of the time.”

“Well that’s a possibility, but I really like the smooth look that you got on Melissa. and I want both girls to have it.  How long will a clipper shave look good.”

“On Melissa it will look good for several days because her hair is blond, but for Christine it won’t last very long.  She will have a shadow after one day.  She would have to be clipper shaved every day.”

“That’s not what I was hoping to achieve.  Isn’t there some alternative, some lotion to keep the irritation from getting bad?

“I don’t know of a lotion that would do that Paula, but you’ve given me another idea that may be what you’re looking for – It gives a shave almost as close as a blade and won’t cause any nicks or burns either.”

“That sounds like just what I need.  What is it.”

“Its a battery operated electric shaver that you use with shaving gel or cream.   It shaves quite close, and because you use it with shaving cream it doesn’t cause any irritation.  Anyone can use it because you don’t have to be so careful”

“That sounds great Kate.  Where can I get one?  

“There are a couple of models available, but the Panjoy Pro seems to be the best.  It’s rechargeable and the reviews for it are very favorable.  You can get it from the wholesale store that I use.  I can call them and have it put on my account.  You can pay me and just pick it up.”

“That works for me.  But I still have a concern about having to shave them every day.  Even though its easy it will take some time and I want them to stay nice and smooth.”

“Well hair grows pretty fast and there is always a little stubble the second day.  So daily shaving is pretty much a necessity.  It would be a good idea to use a moisturizing lotion on their heads to keep the skin soft.  Hey!  I just remembered  something I saw last week.  It might be just what you need to reduce the need to shave them every day and it will be a good for moisturizing their scalps.  I saw it  in my latest supply catalog.  Let me get it out.”

Kate went to the supply closet and pulled out a catalog.

“Yes, here it is in the new product section.  Its a new moisturizing lotion and shave reducer.  They show test results that are pretty impressive  and I remember people talking about it at the last expo, saying that it really worked.”

“That sounds like something I could use.  Do they say how long it takes and how much it does?”

“Well, the test results give you an idea,  It says that after a few weeks you should not have to shave more than than ever other day, and in about six weeks you may be able to reduce that to twice a week.  Even if it doesn’t work quite that well it would still be a good idea to use it just to keep their scalps moisturized”

“You’re right, it does sound like something I should be using.  What happens when you stop using it though?”

“Well, they don’t say much about that except that you need to use it every day if it is to be effective.  Sounds like if you stop using it hair just starts growing.”

“Can I get some at your store?”

“Sure can, but it’s pretty expensive if you buy the regular labeled dispenser bottle.  You can get it in a large jug for salon use and sale as a proprietary item.  They will sell me the dispenser with my own label on it, but I don’t think I’d have enough sales to justify the original expense.  If you want a gallon jug of it you can just put it in any dispenser bottle that you have around though.  You could easily use a  big bottle in four months if all of you used it every day.”

“That sounds like a good idea.  I’m sure I have an old dispenser or two.  How much do I owe you?”

“Do you want some shaving gel?  I find it works best, and they have a good one at the store.”

“Right, I hadn’t thought of that.  Add it to the order.”

” OK.  Give me a moment to figure it out.”

“By the way Kate, I’ve decided I’m going to get my hair cut short.  I realized just yesterday that I have always wanted to, but couldn’t do it because my folks and even my former husband insisted that I keep it long.  I’m going to do it in stages over the next couple of months.  Can you schedule me for the first stage next month?  It will have to be on Saturday or in the evening I guess.”

“Sure, Paula.  I work Thursday and Friday evenings.  Saturdays are usually pretty full, but I may be able to work you in.  I think you would look great with a short hair style.  Here’s the bill.  I need to fill out an order form for you and call it in”

Paula paid the bill and waited for Kate to give her the order form.

“Here you go, an order form for one electric razor, a large bottle of moisturizing shave reducer, a  good supply of shaving gel and the address of the store.  It’s actually not too far from here.”  She handed Paula the order form.  “Do you need directions.”

Paula looked at the address.  “Oh, I know Colfax Street.  I can find the store easily.
Thanks Kate.  You’ve been a big help.  Can you set up an appointment for me on Friday four weeks from today at 6 PM?”

“Consider it done.  Do you have anything particular in mind?  If not I’ll come up wi
th a few ideas for you to consider.”

“That would be great Kate.  I haven’t given it any thought yet, so your ideas would be appreciated.  See you then.”   Paula left just as Kate’s first customer walked into the shop.

Three hours later, having delivered her letter of resignation to her supervisor, checked to see how much leave she had accumulated and spent some time selecting some new clothes for her new job she was getting hungry and was ready to go home.  She headed to the store to pick up the razor and moisturizer lotion from Kate’s wholesale store.  When she picked it up, she asked for a little information about it.  The clerk used it herself and gave her a quick rundown on the do’s and don’ts.  By the time she got back to her car and drove home it was after one O’clock.

“Hi girls I back.  Have you had lunch yet?”

Melissa appeared at the head of the stairs.  “We’re up here Mom.  We haven’t had any lunch yet.”

“OK.  Let’s fix some sandwiches.  I’m going to have some iced tea.  Get whatever you want.  After lunch I’m going to give you smooth shaves.  Kate found everything I need to do a good job of keeping you nice and smooth.  I have some really good moisturizer lotion also.”

Lunch was soon over.  As usual Melissa was the one who did most of the talking.  She wanted to know about what kind of shaving equipment Paula had gotten.  She seemed to look forward to her shave.  Christine was still somewhat incredulous that she was going to be bald for the entire four months until school started again.

“Mom, are you really going to make us stay bald for the whole summer” she inquired with a note of disbelief in her voice.

“Yes, Christine, I am.  I love the way you look.  You both look like young angels.  Lots of people are going to have the same reaction.  Sure, some kids are going to give you a hard time, but others will take your side.  Who knows, maybe some of them will get their heads shaved also.”

“Let’s get this cleaned up so we can go upstairs to the big bathroom and get you both shaved.  Christine get on of the folding chairs out of the hall closet.  Melissa didn’t you say that your bottle of hand lotion was empty?  We can use that for the new lotion that I brought home”

In short order, everything was set up, a couple of towels and a wash cloth were handy and Paula was ready to proceed.

“You first Christine” Paula ordered.  “Come on, you might as well get it over with.” As Christine moved reluctantly toward the chair.  Finally she sat down.

Paula wrapped a towel around her neck and used a clip to hold it it place.

“Kate recommended this shaving gel.  It may feel cold, on your head.  I wonder if it could be warmed up?”

Paula squeezed some into the palm of her hand and then applied it to Christine’s head.  Christine jumped slightly at the cold feeling, but remained silent otherwise.  Soon a thin layer of gel covered her head.

“Kate says that this shaver works almost as well as a razor, but won’t irritate your scalp.  I’m going to go easy until I get the hang of it.”

She turned on the shaver it was surprisingly quiet.  She started on the right side of Christine’s head shaving slowly upward in front of her ear.  She repeated the process then felt the area.

“Is it smooth?” Melissa asked.  She was fascinated by the process and was watching intently.

“I think it is.  It feels smooth, but there is still some gel there.”

Paula continued, carefully and slowly going up and over Christine’s ear.  She went behind the ear and repeated the process continuing toward the back.  Soon she had progressed to the middle of the back of Christine’s head.  She explored with her fingers where she had shaved and went back over a few spots.

Meanwhile, Christine sat and stoically endured the process.  Melissa, on the other hand was riveted and was obviously looking forward to her time in the chair.

Paula switched to the left side and repeated the process.  In a few minutes she had progressed to the back of Christine’s head and was working her way up to the crown.

“I think this is going to work well once I get the feel for it.  It needs a little pressure but not too much.” 

She started at the front of Christine’s head on the right side and continued the process, working her way back about one third of the way.  Soon the front of Christine’s head was shaved smooth and Paula was gaining confidence.  She continued to shave the top of Christine’s head working a little more quickly now.

The shaver’s vibration on her head and it soothing buzz had begun to work its magic on Christine.  She had begun to relax and the sensation was , well, “different.”  She wasn’t ready to admit that she liked the sensation, but she was having a hard time holding onto her anger.  She had a strong urge to reach up and touch her head. 

Paula ran her fingers over Christine’s head looking for missed spots.  The sensation was unnerving and exhilarating at the same time.  Christine couldn’t suppress a little shiver as Paula’s fingers slid from the nape of her neck to the crown.

“Are you all right Christine?”

“Yeah, I’m OK.”  She answered.  Her voice was quiet and the former hostile tone was absent.  Paula noticed and continued her exploration, but now making it more of a massage.  Christine relaxed visibly.

Satisfied that she had done a thorough job she picked up a soft wash cloth to remove the remaining gel. 

“You’re almost done.”

She wiped Christine’s head then rinsed out the cloth in warm water and carefully wiped her head once more.  This time Christine closed her eyes at the feeling of the soft warm cloth caressing her head. Paula picked up another towel to dry Christine head.  She felt it again with a light touch, checking for rough spots.  She found a few areas that she could have make a little smoother, but decided not to worry about it.  She knew that she would do better over the next few days.

“Well Christine, you’re all done except for putting on some  of the new moisturizer.  You can do that yourself.  Use as much as you like.  You can always wipe off any excess.”  She removed the towel from around her neck.  Paula wanted Christine to have the experience and pleasure of feeling her own head now that it was quite smooth. 

Christine slowly, almost reluctantly, got out of the chair and picked up the large hand lotion pump bottle that Melissa had filled with the new moisturizer.  Paula and Melissa watched as she squirted a modest quantity into her hand and applied it gingerly to her head.  She shuddered.

“Crapes, that’s cold. Can I turn on the heat lamp?”

“Sure, go ahead.  It does feel a little cool in here.” 

She and Melissa watched as Christine slowly spread the lotion.  Soon it had disappeared and Christine realized she needed more to complete the job.  She added a larger amount to her other hand and applied it more confidently to the other side of her head.  Soon she was massaging it in with both hands.  She obviously enjoyed the sensation even though she didn’t say anything.

Melissa sat on the chair without being requested, eager to enjoy the same experience.

“OK, Melissa, your turn.  I need to clean the head of this shaver first.  I hope the battery was charged like they said at the store.” 

She popped out the shaver head and ran hot water over it and the cutters, then snapped it back on.

“I think you’ll enjoy this Melissa” she commented as she spread the gel on Melissa’s head.

“I liked the hot stuff that Kate used better.  This is cold.  Could we get something that is warm instead” 

“I don’t know Melissa, but I’ll ask Kate.  When it gets hot this summer you may appreciate something cool on your head.   Anyway here we go.  In a few minutes you’ll be very nice and smooth.”

Paula followed the same process that she had used with Christine, but now with growing confidence.  She spent a little more time making sure that Melissa’s head was as smooth as she could get it.  Melissa pushed her head into the shaver making it obvious to Paula that she was enjoying the sensation.  Paula continued to use the shaver on Melissa’s head even though she was actually finished.

“That feels so great Mom.  Are you almost finished?

“I need to check it out to make sure I didn’t miss any spots.”  Paula was sure that Melissa would enjoy having her smooth scalp massaged by her fingers, and so she slowly explored Melissa’s head gently massaging it at the temples and down the back of her head to the nape.  Melissa was almost hypnotized by the feeling.  When Paula stopped she let out her breath in a long sigh of pleasure.

“It’s nice and smooth Melissa.  I just have to wipe off the gel.  Christine get me another towel please.”

Christine had finished putting on moisturizer but was still rubbing her head with her hands facing away from the mirror.  She had not yet been willing to let herself fully enjoy what she was feeling, but those feelings were beginning to insinuate their way into her sub-conscious.  She took her hands away and quickly went to the hall closet to retrieve another towel.

“Thanks, Christine.”

Paula cleaned the last of the gel from Melissa’s head with a damp cloth, then carefully dried it with the towel that Christine handed to her.

“All done Melissa,  Put on plenty of moisturizer.  If we keep using up this many towels every day I’m going to have to buy a whole stack of them.  Here let me take a good look at you two.  Wow!  You look absolutely super.   And keeping you perfectly smooth is going to be easy and quick.  I absolutely love the way you look.  You should wear those hoops that you purchased.  You too are going to be standouts.”

Melissa was standing in front of the mirror carefully applying the moisturizer to her newly shaven head.  She had an ear to ear smile as she slowly massaged her scalp with moisturizer.  She turned left and right trying to get a good look at herself.

“This is so cool, Mom.  I think I look really good.   And I think Christine looks just as good as I do.  Can I feel your head Christine?”

Christine looked at her “little” sister.  “Why?”  Why do you want to feel mine?  Isn’t feeling your own enough?  I look like an alien.”

“I just do.  I’ll bet your head feels soft like a baby’s.”  She reached up and put her fingers on Christine’s head.  Christine twitched but didn’t move away.

“It feels really smooth and soft.  You look even better than I do.”

Christine was torn.  She didn’t want to admit that she enjoyed being shaved and putting the moisturizer on her head had been a turn-on.  She wanted to believe Melissa’s comment, but facing the other kids her age was not something she was ready for.

Christine and Melissa had always been close.  Perhaps it was because of the different personalities that they had, but they had never been rivals.  They were only a year apart in school.  Christine had just missed the cut off date for enrolling in first grade.  It was a week before her 6th birthday, while Melissa, one year eleven months younger, had enrolled with 3 weeks to spare.  In some ways Melissa had been the leader in their social life.  And she always stood up for Christine.  It was an interesting reversal of the usual situation. 

“Both of you look just wonderful.  You are both beautiful.  And I just realized something that is obvious but it hadn’t dawned on me before.  You both have really beautiful heads and necks and perfect ears.  Your heads are perfectly shaped and without a bump or dent anywhere.  And your long necks are just amazing now that I really see them for the first time.  It is all quite amazing.  Without hair your eyes stand out too.”

Melissa ran her hand over her head searching for bumps and dents.  She looked at Christine and realized that Paula’s statement was correct, at least as well as she could judge. 

Christine looked at Paula skeptically.  “Mom, you’re making to big a deal of it, trying to make me feel better and make it all right for me.  I’m not buying it.”

“Ah Christine, I think Mom’s right.  I can see what she’s talking about.”

“That’s right Christine.  It’s all true.  Come on and I’ll show you a whole gallery of pictures of girls not much older than you who are bald and you’ll see just how terrific they look., but not any better than you, and often not as good.”

Paula headed toward her office and turned on her computer.  She had saved the address of a web site that had pictures of dozens of women with shaved heads.  There were a few that featured multiple poses and pictures from different angles of the same women.  The majority were young.  Many were college students and some might have been even younger.  Melissa was fascinated

“They all look great Mom.  When are you going to get yours shaved?”

“Shush, Melissa.  I can’t until I feel as though I really have my new job secured.  Besides it wouldn’t work to be bald in my job.  I’d have to wear a wig.  I’ll do it, but not just yet.  I already have an appointment with Kate to get it cut short.  I really do look forward to seeing how I will look with a shaved head.  I wonder if my head is anything like as nice as yours.”

Christine tried to ignore the pictures but she could not stop looking at them. 

“Well, Christine what do you think?

“I suppose they all look OK, but I still don’t want my own head shaved bald, just because Melissa likes it and you want to have yours shaved.”  Christine spoke without much heat in her voice.

“Well if anyone gives you a hard time I think I’ll punch them.” At that remark Paula Laughed.  Christine couldn’t help but smile at Melissa’s remark. 

“Mom, there’s not much happening at the rec center yet, so can I invite some of the kids over here Sunday afternoon?  We can play some badminton, or some  of the other games.  And we can cook hot-dogs.  Can we get some soft drinks and some chips tomorrow?” 

Christine look skyward at this proposition.  Obviously Melissa was actually looking forward to showing off her bald head.  Christine wasn’t ready to face the world even if Melissa was.

“Sure Melissa, that’s a good idea.  Put chips and soda on the grocery list for tomorrow.  You better check to see if we have relish and mustard.  And maybe you would like some baked beans as well.  But remember you have to clean up when you’re done.”

“OK, Mom.  We’ll clean up this time.”

“Christine you could invite some of your friends over as well if
you like.”

“No thanks.  I have things to do in my room.”

“OK, but come down and help with dinner both of you.  Until then I’ll be in my office doing some paperwork.  Next week I want you to tell me what you plan to do this summer so I can put it in our budget.  I think it is time for you to have your own allowances on the condition that you keep on doing your chores and helping around the house.”

“That’s great Mom.  Can we spend it anyway we want?”

“Well, it will be your money, but we had better discuss it.  You have to act responsibly you know.  You’ll still have a clothes budget, so if you want something that is not within your budget you’ll need to save some allowance if you want to get it.  That sort of thing.  Anyway we’ll work out some rules.”

“We won’t have to use it for school, paper, pens and stuff will we?”

“I don’t think so Christine.  It will be yours to spend, but I won’t be giving you money for some things that I used to pay for.  It will have to come out of your allowance.”

“How much will we get?”

“That’s another thing Christine.  I haven’t figured it out yet and we may just have to play it by ear until we have a good handle on what we can afford and how much you really need.  I need to get going on this paperwork, so we can discuss it some more at dinner.”

Paula was happy that Christine was beginning to get involved in what was happening.  The discussion continued during dinner preparation and dinner and cleanup.  An agreement on what was not included in the allowances emerged and a tentative amount selected.  Years of frugal living and careful planning had made the girls conservative when it came to money.  They were cautious in their requests.

Paula thought the evening and the discussion was a success.

“I’m ready to call it a day girls.  I think I’ll watch some TV.  There are a couple of funny shows that I like.  What are going to do?”

“I don’t know, maybe I’ll start that book I got at the library.”

“What about you Melissa?”

“I want to watch the tennis match that’s on ESPN.  Those two girls are really cool.”

“I’ll bet that they don’t look as cool as you two.  I guess I’ll watch on the upstairs TV then.  Don’t say up too late.  I want to get an early start tomorrow.  I’ll take you to get your ears pierced first and I want to get there as soon as they’re open.  So get up early so we can have breakfast and have time to get you shaved before we leave.  See you in the morning.”

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