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She had always fantasized about it; being tied up and having her hair cut short. Little did she know, that today, her fantasy would become reality.

Lydia sat at the computer in her room, typing report for her 12:00 class tomorrow. She was so focused on what she was doing that she didn’t even hear Josh come in. “Hi honey,” he said as he kissed her on the cheek. “What are you doing?” “My damn report for tomorrow. As usual, I waited to the last minute to start it, so I have been sitting here all day typing it out,” she responded.  “Sounds like you need a break,” he replied as he gently massaged her shoulders. “Maybe in a few minutes when I finish this paragraph.”

Josh left the room and headed into the bedroom. Lydia heard him rustling around for a while and then things settled down. She continued to type as Josh returned, his hands behind his back. Lydia wasn’t even looking at him as she asked, “Do you need the computer?” “No, I just came in to give a massage. You feel so tense.”  “Thanks hon., you’re the best,” Lydia replied still looking at the screen and typing away. Lydia felt Josh’s hand on her shoulder, but he didn’t start a massage instead he began holding her down into the chair tightly. Suddenly she felt something pull across her arms and her shoulder was released. It was a rope. “Josh! What are you doing?” “What does it look like I am doing? I am tying you into the chair.” “Wh-h-a-at? Why,” Lydia blurted out as she struggled against the ropes that were being tied around her arms and wrists. “Don’t you know,” Josh responded smirking with shear delight at his girlfriend’s absolute terror.

Lydia knew why but could not believe that it was happening. They had talked about her fantasy of being tied up many times and even played it out to some extent a few times, but Josh loved her hair long and would never cut it. Would he?

After a few minutes Lydia was securely tied into the chair, pleading for Josh to reconsider, but that was part of the game. Part of being tied up and losing control is fear and the person in control doesn’t give into that fear but instead plays upon it, so her pleas fell on deaf ears. Josh pulled out his scissors. Schnick, schnick, he opened and closed them close to Lydia’s ears just to tease her. He then took out his comb and the shocker of all he plugged in his clippers. Lydia screamed, “NO, You can’t. Please don’t. Please.” Josh just laughed and walked over to his lover. “Let’s see, oh yeah, clothes, I don’t like you in clothes.”  He thought about how to undress her without letting her get free. He first pulled down her pants and underwear letting one foot free and then the other. Next, he took his scissors and cut up the sides of her t-shirt. “I can’t believe you just did that.” “Don’t worry about it, we have about 10 of them, take one of mine.” He then unsnapped her bra, which snapped in the front. “That will do,” he said.

“Okay, very funny, you can untie me now and let me get back to my work,” Lydia said with a nervous laugh. “Oh but honey we are just getting started,” Josh replied as he picked up the scissors and the comb and headed behind her. “So, how short are we going? Shoulders? Nah. Collarbone? Nope. Halfway up? Mm, that would be cute but not short enough. Chin? Yeah, that’s it.” Lydia gasped. He couldn’t be serious. He wanted her to keep her hair long. He wouldn’t cut it that short. “I thought you wanted it long? You can’t cut it that short.” “Yeah, but I decided that I could do it for you just once. It will grow back.” “I don’t want you to.” “Too late.” Schnick. Lydia felt a pile of hair fall over her shoulder and across her chest. He did it! He just cut the side of her hair at her chin. “No.don’t do it again.please..” Schnick. Again, a pile of hair swept down her back, she felt aroused and Josh could see this. He continued around her head, cutting her hair into a chin length bob. She was screaming out in desire for him, but he wanted to push her further, so he pulled out the clippers and snapped on the 2-inch guard. “What are you doing with those?” “You’ll see.” He pushed her head forward forcefully. She fought against his hand. Suddenly she heard the buzzing start and felt the blade lunge into the undercut of her hair. He ran it up about a half inch across the back. Hair fell down her back; she was soaked. “Enough,” he asked. “Yes, please, take me now before I explode.” Josh untied her and they moved into the bedroom. Well, you can figure the rest out from here.

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