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My name is Jim. My dear wife Chastity and I have shared our married lives together these past 35 years.  I was 27 when we married; Chastity was 25.  I sold my Ford Dealership. Chastity and I can now devote our full time to restoring the Historical Brick house we bought together on the St. Lawrence River. As I am writing our story down, my Chastity is upstairs washing her hair.

It has faded over the years from gold to silver. Yet, it is still thick and soft, flowing like captured moonlight radiating from her head to her slim waist. I met Chastity when we were attending high school. I always dated girls with long hair; then I met Chastity; I thought she was very pretty at 13 with her blue eyes and honey blond hair. Chastity had a short pixie cut when I first saw her; and she told me she hated it.

She complained,” My mother, thinks I look cute in a pixie, I think I look like a baby.” “She says liberated women should be above such things. Short hair is so much more convenient; mother knows what’s best, Chastity”.

I told her she was both cute and beautiful. Knowing my preference for long hair, Chastity defied her mother and grew her hair long for me. Chastity’s mother thought I was a bad influence; her father liked me.

Many married women Chastity’s age cut their hair short for convenience, never considering their husband’s wishes in the matter; how selfish.

I am a very lucky man. Chastity has maintained her trim figure over the years, and has beautiful wrinkle free skin.  She always wears nice wide brim hats when she it outside in the sun. Thank God, I stopped her from going to those tanning salons years ago.  Many of her old friends that continued to frequent tanning booths now look like wrinkled prunes with over processed short hair and bad haircuts; the rest, just prunes.

I am not exaggerating by saying that aside from her silver hair; Chastity could pass for a woman in her forties. I love the silver now as well as I loved the gold. We are going out for a light dinner this evening, then dancing. My wife loves dancing. We enjoy the slow dances best. Chastity has a walk- in -closet full of beautiful form fitting dresses.

Long, dresses and medium only; her laceybras with matching bodice and frilly silk panties hidden from view.  I won’t know what color she will choose until much later at bedtime. Those are for her husband’s eyes only.

Chastity will put her hair up in a bun. I suggested a Celtic Bun; she will graciously comply. Chastity is very skilled in pinning up her hair, she is an expert in dozens of variation; including styles for the bedroom only, the results will be perfect as always; my sister taught her well.

We will return late from dancing, retiring to our large spacious bedroom. I will completely undress and sit on the edge of our massive carved mahogany poster bed. Chastity will stand with her back to me and slowly remove her dress letting it slide down her graceful figure to the floor at her feet, revealing her under garments for my pleasure.

Chastity will step out of her dress, and with her back to me, walk to her antique cherry vanity table and sit at the matching bench. Taking her time, making me wait, she will apply her make-up in her mirror; it will be expertly applied and tasteful. I hope she chooses the red lipstick this evening. When she is satisfied with the results, she will remove all the pins securing her large bun shaking her ponytail loose.

Chastity will return to the bed where I am waiting and face me. She will first slip out of the bodice, posing seductively, then reach behind and unhook the clasp on her bra, remove it and drop it carelessly to the floor exposing her luscious breasts, the nipples erect and proud, free of confinement. I will forbid her from removing her panties, garter belt and silk stockings this evening: she will know why and must wait. Like a good wife, Chastity will go down on me, it is unspoken: her intact panties the implied order.

Excited she will be licking and sucking. As always I will play with her long silver ponytail; assessing it’s weight and thickness; assessing the silky, soft texture. Interrupting her progress, I will surprise her by removing the elastic tie, letting her hair loose and free: another sign that her panties might be coming off soon.

Chastity will throw her head forward spilling her hair over my chest and stomach to heighten my pleasure and resume with renewed vigor in the hopes that I will remove her panties and expose her smooth bald pussy to my welcome fingers and erect manhood. I will bury my hands in it in celebration of her redemption.

When I had taken my pleasure, I will direct her to go to her vanity drawer to select a spool of colorful ribbon and a pair of scissors for her sleep time braid. Chastity will dutifully comply returning with her brush, the scissors and the colored spool of ribbon, choosing the color.

I will brush her beautiful long silver hair until it shines in the soft lighting of the bedroom. I will braid her hair in a low loose braid to keep me from accidentally lying on her hair while she is sleeping. After the braid is complete, I will tie the ribbon, spool and all to the bottom of her braid.

Taking up the closed scissors, I will caress the entire length of her braid, from her nape ending at the ribbon with the cold heartless steel, it’s harsh kiss and deadly bite to which Chastity is so familiar; the implied threat insuring her continued compliance and submission; only then will I cut the ribbon from the spool.

I will direct her to remove her stocking and garter belt; the silk panties will remain. We will turn off the lights and cuddle before we fall asleep. Before I fall asleep, I will silently lament the first 5 years of our marriage and the unreasonable time I spent at work: the time I should have been home with my wife.

In the morning, I will awake to her kisses. I will remove her panties and stroke her smooth bare pussy. She will push my head down between her legs. I will return her favor with my tongue. I will bring her to orgasm with my tongue or manhood at her whim.

If she removes the ribbon from her braid she will want intercourse and foreplay. If not, I will gladly continue licking and probing her flower with my tongue anticipating her intense multiple orgasms; my pleasure and duty as a good husband.

Chastity is a good wife and great lover. She knows her place as I do mine. That was not always the case. In 1976, five years into our marriage, Chastity strayed. This is our story:

It was a Sunday morning at approximately 4:00 AM . I was at my friend Don’s fishing cottage in Clayton, NY in the 1000 Islands with some buddies. I received an emergency phone call from my sister Susan.  Susan advised me that she received a telephone call from one of my tow truck drivers.  From the description given from an anonymous call he received about the make and model of the car to be towed he knew it could be my wife’s. Mark didn’t have my telephone number at the cottage and called Susan to meet him there before he towed the car. Susan told Mark to delay leaving until she drove to my house and see if Chastity’s car was in the driveway; she would check and call him back. When Susan arrived at my house, Chastity’s car was gone and nobody was home.

Susan had the directions to the Gun Smoke and drove there ahead of Mark and found Chastity asleep in the Lincoln.  Susan managed to get her out of the Lincoln and into her car without anybody seeing them; covering Chastity with a blanket.

Susan said on the way home she stopped at a payphone in a all night Mobil Gas station to call Mark to get the car. The gas station attendant mentioned she was the second person to ask for change. Some young guy in a Ford Delivery van stopped to use the phone.

Susan said she couldn’t find my wife’s car keys or purse and didn’t have time to stick around and look for them.  I asked if Chastity was h
urt? Susan assured me that Chastity was fine but was a mess.

Looking back, what occurred at my sister’s house  that Sunday saved our marriage. Susan is older then me by 17 years. I was three years old when Mom died. Susan was in college and dropped out to care for us.

Dad was retired and crippled with arthritis by then.

Susan was the daughter dad never wanted. But he loved her all the same. He taught her things that he wanted his son to learn if he had one. Susan could hunt, fish and play baseball. She was an avid Yankees fan.  She could also fight. Dad was a semi-professional boxer when he went into the Navy during the war.  He came out an electrician.

He taught his daughter to box. Susan didn’t like violence as a rule, but found the lessons useful. By the  time I came along, Dad was in a wheel chair. After I started school, Susan graduated from Cosmetology School. Dad took out a loan for her and they added on to the garage and converted it to a beauty salon. Her salon hours were flexible and she was there for me when I got home from school.

Dad died when I was in the third grade. Susan raised me alone from that point on. We always had a large garden and raised chickens for eggs and the freezer; after cleaning out the junk in the old chicken coop.

Susan was strict but fair. I remember getting hit by her with Dads brown garrison belt a couple of time; that was enough. I loved my sister. Susan often told me in private that she thought my wife Chastity was, “, spoiled, disrespectful and willful” adding, “Not that I dislike the girl, but  ” Her mother should have taken a belt to her”.

Susan was very modest and proper, especially when she got older. Susan was Susan; not Sue or Suzy, but Susan. She hated it that my wife called her Suzy, but what could she do, start a war over it; instead she just ignored it. Chastity thought it was funny and did it to irritate her. I warned Chastity,

” There will come a day………..” Chastity would just smile or laugh and shrug me off.

Chastity on the other hand commented to me that she thought my sister was, mean, unfeeling, and old fashioned.

The truth was that my wife was afraid of my sister, and was afraid of her even before we were married. She really never gave Susan a chance. Susan could as tough as nails and gentle as a lamb.. Susan could find good in most people . ” If you were “family”, her loyalty was unquestioned. My wife only saw the” nails” They never were close until after Chastity’s indiscretion.

While we were dating, Chastity loved to come over and play with the baby chicks. She thought the fuzzy baby chicks were just,” “precious ” My wife always loved animals.  When we were engaged, Susan invited us to Sunday dinner. This meant fried chicken with buttermilk biscuits and gravy. My sister spent the whole day cleaning the house and getting dinner ready.  I picked Chastity up at her apartment and brought her home.  She immediately ran to the chicken coop to see all the baby chicks.

When she passed the back porch, Chastity saw the bloody bucket full of guts, feathers and chicken heads. My finance ran to my truck, her long ponytail bouncing behind her.

When I got there, she was inside crying about the poor chickens and how Suzy murdered them, sobbing,” I want to go home.” I held her and soothed her stroking her long blond hair telling her it was all right and she didn’t have to eat chicken, Susan would be happy to cook her something else; adding “after all you and she will be family soon.”

Susan stood on the porch and watched the whole thing unfold; her arms were crossed and that meant trouble.  Approximately after another hour of trying to reason with her, I drove Chastity home.

I returned back to the house for dinner, Susan was on sitting on the porch waiting for me. I sat down across from her; my sister leaned forward then quietly said,” I spent the whole day cooking for her.” “I know she is your finance, but that is no excuse for being rude.”

“It’s obvious to me that her mother didn’t raise her properly, her with her liberal ideas.” “If she were my daughter, I would have taken the belt to her early on.” ” It’s not that I dislike her mind you; Her mother aside, at her age she should know better. ” Take your sister’s advice on this; after you are married, Chastity is a woman that needs a firm hand. “You are the man, that’s your duty as a husband. There is one more thing Jim, you will see Chastity before I will. My name is not Suzy it’s Susan, that’s the name on my birth certificate. Be sure and tell her that.

That all aside, The thing that really hurt and bothered my sister was that Chastity refused to go to her beauty salon to get her long hair trimmed. My sister had long brown hair that she always kept pinned up in a variety of buns. Susan could create dozens of bun variations and changed the style of bun every other day saying,” It’s good for business”. Susan loved long hair on women and girls.

Trimming long hair was her specialty. I would hazard to guess at least 90% of her clients had long hair. They swore by her. As in everything she did, Susan was a perfectionist.

She was in great demand in the spring and summer for weddings and graduations.  As a matter of fact, she had several clients that drove 50 miles or more just to get a trim from her.

Let me be go back to the point of the story where my sister found my wife: When I arrived, Susan met me in the driveway. When I got of the car we hugged and I kissed her cheek. “Jim”, she said,” your wife had an indiscretion.”

All kinds of scenarios went through my mind on the drive home.  I prayed she wasn’t raped.

But then I discounted that irrational thought; Susan would have had me meet her at the hospital. This thought never crossed my mind. Chastity was a virgin when we married.

 I pulled away from my sister, angry. I became wild and pushed past her running towards the house, my sister seconds behind me.

I screamed, “Where is that bitch,” Susan calmly stepped in front of me and quietly said,” Watch your mouth” “Your wife is in the kitchen”. I followed Susan into her kitchen. Chastity was sitting at the kitchen table wearing one of Susan’s white terry cloth bathrobes with her hair wrapped in a towel. Chastity was leaning forward with her hands over her face, crying. I screamed, ‘look at me you bitch” and tried to lunge at her: my sister tripped me sending me sprawling. As I was scrambling to my feet, Susan punched me twice in the stomach, doubling me over with pain and the knocking the wind out of me.

While I was trying to catch my breath, Susan leaned over me and hissed,” Don’t you dare hit your wife in anger.” I taught you better then that” adding; I told you to watch your mouth”. Chastity had stopped crying, she had jumped up abruptly, overturned her chair and retreated with her back to the wall. She was staring at us with her mouth open, speechless and couldn’t believe that Susan had interceded on her behalf the way she did.

I couldn’t believe it either thinking, ” how could a 49 year old woman hit so damn hard”.  While I was trying to catch my breath, Susan gently took my arm and firmly guided me to a chair and sat me down. Chastity meekly sat down across from me next to Susan. Susan put her arm around her and whispered for her not to talk but just listen.

We sat for a time not saying a thing. Susan broke the silence, “Take your towel off Chastity and show your husband your shame”. My wife removed the towel from her hair shaking her head and smoothing down her damp hair with her hands.  Chastity did not have beautiful long silky blond hair anymore. I loved her hair almost as much as she did. It was her pride and joy. She said it defined her femininity and sexuality; she loved touching it and having it touched. Chastity was left with a thick, choppy rough cut of a bowl of blond hair uneven at the bottom.

Continuing,” Thi
s is your wife’s shame”. Susan said, “it is the punishment she received from the young man when he found out he was deceived by a married women”. “I talked to her Jim, she confided in me” In my heart I know she told me the truth”. Her shame is there for all to see”

“Thank God things were kept quiet” This was the first and only time she ever strayed”  “She gave him oral sex, which is bad enough; thank God she came to her senses and didn’t have intercourse. Chastity tried to leave but passed out from the alcohol” “Drunk is not an excuse, but there you have it”.” Whatever Chastity is, she is not a liar.” I can’t abide by liars.” “She never lied before this and is not lying now” ” I understand;” Chastity needs your forgiveness, and you need to forgive and let go.” Chastity is family Jim, she is your wife and my sister in law; we don’t turn our back on family” “That’s all I have to say” as Susan placed her hand on Chastity’s.

“Chastity walked to me and touched my hand saying,” I’m sorry Jim, I so sorry and ashamed for what I did to you, to us; can’t you please forgive me” I prayed Jim, I prayed to God and asked his forgiveness”. ” Susan forgave me.” I promised God to be a good wife.” I made a promise to God to make amends ” I made that same promise to Susan.” I promise I will do whatever you say if you will only take me back.” “I know in my heart you love me as I love you.”

Exhausted and drained by the turn of events, all I could say to her was,” Chastity, I can’t deal with all this right now.”” I want to say yes, but I need time to think and I can’t be with you right now” I got up and left, Susan followed me to my car,”

Do you love her little brother?’ she said gently. I sighed and said, “I love her Susan; will you tell her that for me?” ” Chastity knows you love her, but I will tell her.” “You have loved her since you were 15 years old” “

But how can I trust her now, Susan?” “Chastity is not a liar, may God strike us both dead if I’m wrong”, Susan replied, “Your wife is a good, but willful woman” “Chastity needs some direction in her life to mature.” ‘She needs a firm hand to guide her. That same firm open hand on her bare bottom; but never in anger or violence; only to correct her.”

“You are partially to blame.” You’re never home” You are always at work”. ” When you are not at work you are fishing with your friends.” You have stopped doing things with her; at one time, you and Chastity were inseparable.”

You own your own business. “You are your own boss. You can make your own hours. God bless you, you have good people working for you. You have put your job before your family. Chastity doesn’t need a fancy car and expensive jewelry, she need you, and you need her” I’ve never interfered with your marriage but like it or not I’ll have my say hear and now.”

Chastity can stay with me for a month or so.” There are things I can teach her, despite what she thinks. God knows she’s a trial some times and irritates the angels but despite everything, I love her dearly.” I see that look on your face”;” don’t be so surprised. “

“Stay away from her, talk to on the phone if you like, you both need time to heal.”  “Alright, I’ll trust you big sister, but why are you so sure? My sister paused as if she didn’t want to answer. “I took the belt to her three times. “But Susan you said you believed her? I do, but the Bible says with confession, followed by forgiveness, then contrition” The first time was her punishment for her indiscretion; then I washed her mouth out with soap. Why the second time, Susan? “That was for shaming our good name; the third time was for calling Suzy.”  

I went home and slept like a dead man, waking up early Tuesday morning. I showered and didn’t fail to notice the bruises on my stomach.  I went to my dealership, got the master keys from service and opened the trunk. Everything Susan reported missing was there excepting for Chastity’s wedding band and drivers license, house and car keys.

I noticed the back seat and floor smelled like cleaning fluid. I got the Lincoln ready for sale, substituting a red Ford Pinto for her use. On Thursday, I got an envelope in the mail with a long blond ponytail and my wife’s drivers license, car keys, house keys, and wedding band.  Susan was right about my wife.

I called Chastity and told her I loved her and would take her back, but there will be uncompromising conditions.  I would be making major concessions and changes as well. I got my dealership in order, promoting people, hiring others.

I scaled back my hours taking weekends off and every other Monday then Friday.  I enrolled with a dancing school arranging private lessons three nights a week.  I talked to my wife everyday on the phone just to talk, something I never did before at work.

Chastity’s days were occupied. My sister taught her, canning and baking. Chastity learned how to clean and quarter chickens for the freezer: Susan never made her kill them though or force her to watch while they were being killed.  Chastity worked in the salon doing odd jobs including shampoos and comb-outs on the longhaired girls and women. Susan taught Chastity her secrets for a perfect bun and soon Chastity knew them all and was putting Susan’s hair up for her; a penance of sorts, a contrast to her own poor shorn head.

Chastity learned how to sew and as it turned out had a natural aptitude for it. She was making dresses for herself by the end of the month. Over the years, Chastity surpassed my sister in this endeavor, and my sister deferred to Chastity’s knowledge of sewing, much to Susan’s pride and delight.

Susan taught her how to handle firearms, something I sadly neglected. Chastity became a cracked shot with my Dad’s old Remington .22 and could break a Ritz cracker at 50 yards each and every shot; Chastity never hunted with me in later years but learned to fish.

Chastity even learned to shot my sister’s Smith & Wesson 38 cal. revolver and was a fair shot. When I found out I asked her,” Which do you like to shoot best?’ ” I like the 22 best of course.” “Susan says learning to shoot a handgun could be useful someday”. I did not see my wife for the entire two months as I had promised and we agreed on another two weeks so Chastity, as Susan put it, ” could learn to clean a house properly”

Everyday day when we talked it was Susan said this, and Susan said that, and how Susan taught me this or Susan taught me that; Chastity was finally seeing my sister trough my eyes.

The day finally arrived when I could finally see my wife and take her home with me.  When I arrived at my sister’s house they were sitting on the porch waiting. As I was walking to the porch, Chastity jumped up from the rocker and ran down the steps.

I swept her up into my arms and showered her with kisses holding her close and tight. We stepped back and looked at one another.

My wife, my Chastity was wearing an apron. It covered a plain blue dress with a white collar: the dress that Chastity made with her own hands.  Her face was freshly scrubbed and free of all makeup. But her hair, her beautiful honey blond hair was now dark brown like my sister’s. Chastity’s hair was styled in a neat perfect bowl that curled under about one inch above her ears. Chastity’s remaining hair cut off a 1/4 inch long to draw attention to the top. My once longhaired honey blond wife was now a brunette with a short little girl’s haircut.

I knew Chastity had to hate it but it was one of the conditions. I controlled her hair in all things. Chastity must earn back her long hair. Another condition was that she must dress modestly in public and always in conservative jumpers and dresses. In time she would be allowed nice skirts and blouses and form fitting modest dresses; pantsuits were forbidden forever.

Chastity would not be allowed any makeup in public. In the privacy of our home, she could decide to wear makeup if she wished or not, but she absolutely wo
uld wear it if I directed her to do so. I was allowed to modify the conditions; she would obey them. Finally, she would be disciplined for infractions; major infractions may include the belt to be administered exclusively by Susan; as was only proper. Only Susan could modify the last condition.

I cradled her poor shorn head in my hands. I ran by hands from the base of her neck to the top of her head. The bottom felt like a shorn pelt rubbed the wrong way. The top of her head was soft and silky.  Susan walked up to us and hugged us both, absolutely beaming,

“How do you like her dress and apron little brother, Chastity made them herself?” she said.  “Susan you gave her a little girls haircut, I stated. “Now she won’t be turning young men’s heads.” Susan explained, adding,”How do you like her dress and apron?”  “They are very nice,” I said, but why brown hair, Susan?” “When she learns to act like a proper modest woman and wife she may have blond again, but for now, she has to earn it” Susan said. Looking at Chastity,” Isn’t that right little sister?”

“I will try to be a good wife Susan” Chastity replied. To which Susan announced,” You will not just try, you will succeed; after all you are a Banner woman”, We left my sister’s promising to meet her in church on Sunday then drive to her house for Sunday dinner.

We arrived home and went up to or bedroom.

I had Chastity sort through her closet. Most of her clothing was pantsuits, tight fitting blue jeans, and blouses and tops to accentuate her beautiful figure.

The pantsuit issue was a holdover of her mother’s liberal influence; no wonder her father divorced her and moved to the east coast when Chastity graduated from college.

When the closet was empty, it was empty except for her shoes.

She was allowed to keep most of these because they were appropriate for most occasions; Chastity never liked fancy high heel shoes. I liked her barefoot. Chastity sometimes went without a bra. I didn’t like the idea and my sister certainly didn’t approve.

Chastity’s underwear was comprised of plain bras and cotton panties. She generally slept in the nude.

Prior to her indiscretion, I always figured that was her right and freedom to choose. After all I thought,” who was I to tell her what to wear; my wife must now submit even to this.

Chastity unpacked her suitcase and hung a dozen long modest dresses and jumpers she made during her stay with Susan.

I cleaned out her dressers completely, prior to her arrival getting rid of all her clothing. From the sale of the expensive jewelry that Chastity carelessly left in the Lincoln, and sparing no expense, I purchased the following:

Silk panties, plain or with lace and ruffles, French knickers of the same, tongs with matching suspender belts for the stockings. Various silk bras of all descriptions with a bodice to cover them, as well ad basques & corsets for the garter belts and stockings of every variety to suit my whims; pantyhose were forbidden. These she would wear under her plain dowdy long dresses out of sight.

On the surface she was a plain and modest woman with brown hair and a little girls haircut, but underneath. This wasn’t discussed, this would-be her surprise and submission. The plain dresses were to her modesty and penance as was the short hair to her shame.

When we were alone at home or in the bedroom, I purchased for her: silk camisoles fancy and plain, sheer baby dolls, nightdresses, long and short and revealing ones; and finally, silk kimonos.

I planned on returning her wedding band and engagement ring. Other then a watch, and a few simple pieces, this is all the jewelry she will be allowed. I will also sell the remainder of her expensive flashy jewelry because a modest woman needs such, not. Fine silks will now be Chastity’s precious adornments.

Moving on: later that evening Chastity showered getting ready for our first night together since her indiscretion. She came out of the bathroom wearing only a towel around her middle; her wet hair was combed straight back away from her face.

Chastity had a demure smile on her face. I walked over and kissed her pulling off her towel and slapping her playfully on her bare bottom. Standing there in all her glory, I noticed for the first time that my wife had shaved her pussy bare and smooth, just like a little girls.

Taken aback at this drastic change, though I had to admit that I liked it and was turned on by it; while rubbing her bare pussy, I asked, “Was this your idea or was it Susan’s?” “Susan says it is much easier to keep clean this way.” Chastity answered, ” Susan shaves hers.” ” At first I didn’t like it, but now I love it this way”.

“Women have needs too you know. Besides, now you don’t have any excuses for not going down on me”.

Incredulous and embarrassed about this revelation about my sister,
I stammered, “You discussed our sex life with my sister?” Chastity smugly replied,” I discussed everything with Susan”.

I told Chastity that I had a surprise for her too. I took a red silk scarf from her dresser folding it into a blindfold and tying it over her eyes.  I tied her arms together behind her back with another red silk scarf.  I then placed her back to one of the massive carved columns of our poster bed and secured her tied hands to the column. While she was tied and helpless, I started rubbing her all over, playing special attention to her breasts and bare pussy.

Chastity was getting wet and aroused. I spread her legs apart and started probing her vagina with my tongue.  I brought her just to the point of orgasm, and then I stopped.  Leaving tied to the bed; I walked away and took a leisurely shower.

When I returned, I repeated the process again, getting her aroused and denying her orgasm. I then untied her from the post, leaving her hands tied.  I made kneel and give me a blowjob. When I came, I untied her, had her put on her silk panties and then we went to bed.

I warned not to play with her self or there would be consequences.

The next morning, I took her shopping and selected some perfumes for her, which I then purchased.  We spent the rest of the day together and I surprised her by taking her dancing that evening.

When we got home, I informed that I had taken two weeks off from work. For the next to weeks, I got her aroused in various ways and denied her an orgasm.

During the first week of this I caught Chastity masturbating in the shower.  I stopped her from finishing, and told her to wait in the shower.  I got undressed and got into the shower with her. I shampooed and conditioned her hair and lathered her up with some lavender soap.  I shaved her armpits and legs finishing up with her pussy, which I then rubbed with baby oil. I then had her shampoo and wash me.

When we toweled off, Chastity received a good spanking on her bare bottom with my good right hand. When I finished, and she stopped crying I again reminded her that there would be consequences for defying me. The next time it would be at Susan’s with the belt.

When I decided it was time, we made love and I spent a long time getting her aroused with gentle foreplay.  I went down on her licking and sucking, probing and teasing with my tongue.

I brought her to multiple orgasms for the first time ever.

Chastity in turn went down on me returning the favor.

I learned a great deal about my wife’s sexual nature in those two weeks. Especially Chastity’s desire to be loved & dominated, but not abused.

I made Chastity wear her hair in the little girls bowl haircut for about 8 months and then let her grow it out a little bit.

From 1977 to 1978 it was approximately 2 inches long on the sides

with the bowl just touching her ears and blended in softly.

From 1978 to 1979 I allowed her to grow it out and Susan styled it in a blunt ear length bob with bangs.&n
bsp; By 1980 it was the same blunt bob just at chin level. Sometime in 1980 Chastity met up with a group of friends from college.  She decided to wear makeup outside of the home without asking for permission; for this occasion I would have made an exception and given her permission; instead, she went behind my back.  Chastity was out of town at the time and was seen by one of Susan’s customers.  This mentioned customer bragged to Susan how nice Chastity looked with makeup and how she should wear it all of the time.

Susan told me what transpired and of course I brought Chastity to the salon for the belt and a haircut.

Chastity was very quiet on the drive over to Susan’s. She started crying when we pulled in the driveway. I left her in my sister’s capable hands with instructions to come back in a couple of hours because she wanted to try something new with her.

Three hours later, I returned to my sister’s house not knowing what to expect. When I got there, Chastity was in Susan’s bedroom.

Through the closed door, I could hear the crack of the belt land five times on my wife’s bare bottom.

Susan came out of the bedroom and closed the door. She told me that Chastity would be out shortly.

Susan further went on to explain that she had cut Chastity’s hair all the way around to about two inches long. She then rolled her hair on small curlers and applied a strong perming solution.

Susan said that Chastity looked cute and to make sure that she not wash her hair for a couple of days in order for the curls to set.

When Chastity came out of the bedroom, her hair was a mass of short curls that hugged her head. Even her bangs were curled snug to her head.  Chastity cried all the way home. I didn’t have to say anything; I knew she hated her new hairdo. Chastity now looked like a brown haired cupie doll.

I let her stew for a couple of days. I then washed her hair, and conditioned her curls with hot oil as Susan had instructed.

When her hair was finished, I had her go down on me while I played with her soft curls. That was the last time that Chastity got the belt, another perm or short haircut. On those rare occasions when she asked to wear makeup when she wasn’t with me; I always gave her permission.
I always loved long hair on my Chastity. I let her grow the perm out. Susan gradually lightened her hair until it grew out to her natural color, just trimming enough off to prevent split ends.  When it had just touched her shoulders, Chastity was given a chin length bob without bangs. Chastity’s hair was now her natural virgin hair, with the colored and permed hair on the cutting room floor.

I let Chastity grow her hair just a couple of inches below her shoulders. Her hair was precisely blunt cut, no layers, straight across the bottom. When she left the house, she was mandated to pin it up in a french twist, which I preferred or a small bun.

I knew she wanted it longer, but made her keep that length for another 3 years.  Eventually, I let her it grow out until it just touched the bottom of her butt.  By that time it was too heavy and thick for a french twist and a variety of buns were the preferred style. That was the longest length that she ever had and it drove her wild in the sack when we made love and I caressed her body with her long hair.

When she turned 50, we both decided that it should be cut back to waist length, and it has stayed that way since.

Well, that’s about it, Chastity is standing by my chair waiting for me to finish. We have to leave now but I can’t wait to get back home.

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