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Greg was just not able to control his excitement, as he got dressed. Five years back his best friend & next-door neighbor Tia had to move to a different town as her father had been promoted & transferred. As Greg was dressing up he was remembering the first sixteen years of his life he spent playing around with the girl next door. A petite, pretty looking nice girl. Her thick straight hair was always in twin pigtails. Greg remembered how much he loved to tug her braids. Those silky strands of raven black hair when braided reached the middle of her back.

Now five years later all of a sudden he receives a call from her that she is in town & would like to see him. She came to town a week back for some work & would be leaving the next day as she would be flying out of the country tomorrow for a couple of months. With so little time at hand & at such short notice he knew he had to make the best of this meeting & not want to miss out a single moment of being with her.

He reached the place at the appointed time & was looking around when a voice called out from behind. He turned around to see the same pretty face he had wanted to see for a long time. She was wearing a blue jeans with a white top & a blue jacket and her hair was tied somewhere at the back. “Tia” exclaimed Greg as he moved towards her. They hugged each other tightly & as they did Greg’s hand touched something on Tia’s back. What he touched was her thick tight braid that ran down her spine ending at her butt. The glistening silky hair when braided was at least 2 inches of even thickness right from the base to the end. Her hair was perfect shining, glossy of even length & not a single strand out of place when braided.

They both had a lot of catching up to do & wanted to be someplace where its nice & quite, so Greg took her to a park near his place that was open for 24 hours. As they walked Greg took her hand in his but what he really wanted was to have his hands on her hair. They walked around for an hour talking about their experiences & then decided to sit down. The park had rectangular benches without any back & there was one in the extreme corner of the park where they sat. It was getting dark & there was none around.

As they sat a strand of hair flew on to her face & as she lifted her hand Greg immediately pushed the strand away from her face. His fingers traveled from her face to the back of her head finally resting at her nape. As they spoke Greg gently curled his fist around her tightly woven braid. Tia smiled & did not object. He was looking at her, the way she was talking, like an innocent child narrating an exciting story. She was really happy to see him & told him how much she missed him ever since they had been away from each other.  He moved his fist down the length of her braid. He could see that see could feel the pressure as the braid was pulled slightly. He stopped where it was tied with a rubber band. He inserted his index finger into the band & gently pulled it down.

Greg was both surprised & excited at the same time as Tia’s head was yanked up slightly with the pulling of the rubber band but Tia showed absolutely no resistance at all & this only encouraged him to go further. He placed the rubber on the bench & once again took hold of Tia’s braid from the now untied end. He inserted his thumb into the first knot trying to unravel it. It wasn’t as easy for the thickness of her hair prevented it. He yanked her braid down slightly pulling her face up in trying to unravel the plump knot. As the knot came loose, he saw Tia’s head relax. Now he repeated the procedure as he moved up her braid but realized after a couple of knots that it was actually pinching her with every knot. He pulled her braid from behind her moved in a little closer & began undoing her braid with both hands. Tia by now had stopped talking as she was looking down at her hair, which had been in a neat tight braid a while ago but was now being unraveled. As Greg reached her shoulder, Tia turned her back to him allowing him to freely unravel her hair. Soon Greg was complimenting her completely undone hair & raking it.

He could hear soft moans from her & she told him that she loved the sensation. After a while Greg offered Tia to come to his apartment. She tied her hair into a ponytail & they walked to Greg’s apartment, which was nearby. Since they were both hungry & Tia wanted their special meeting to be a memorable one, she offered to cook for him. Greg liked the idea & went to the nearby store to buy some groceries & vegetables. When he returned, he saw Tia had put her hair into twin braids. He stood their mesmerized for a moment as he saw the same Tia of five years back whose braids he loved to tug only this time the braids were reaching her butt. Tia said smiling at him “I knew this would bring back memories & I wanted our meeting to be a special one”. Greg placed the bags in the kitchen but just could not take his eyes off her. She asked Greg to wait in the living room while she fixed dinner. Greg now more than ever-wanted Tia for himself. “I am in love with her” he though as he stood at the kitchen entrance watching the slim petite figure chopping vegetables with her back turned towards him & the two plump silky braids hanging from either side of her head.

Tia was busy chopping vegetables & did not notice that Greg was now standing behind her. Her ponytail was tied right at the nape with a scrunchie. Greg gripped her braids from the base & started stroking them.
“Ever considered cutting your hair short?” asked Greg. Tia stopped chopping & slowly turned around with an astonished look on her face. “The way you have been playing around with my hair I though you liked it long,” said Tia. “Well” said Greg “I think you would look awesome with short hair”. “Oh Greg I’ve always wanted to have long hair & it took me years to grow it this long, I don’t think I want to go short” said Tia. But Greg it seems just wasn’t listening he started increasing the pressure on her braids slowly yanking them down. Though it did not hurt, the pressure on her braid made her head tilt upwards towards the ceiling. “I think you should go short,” said Greg maintaining the pressure. Tia felt helpless as his grip increased bringing in a little pain & let out a soft moan.

Greg could see that she was beginning to feel the pain. He eased the pressure on her hair but did not let go off her braids. Her head came down & she resumed chopping vegetables. Greg now really wanted to cut her hair. Tia felt Greg’s grip loosen on her hair but the very next moment Greg’s grip tightened on her left braid as he was unraveling her hair once again. He undid her braid & began stroking her hair with the other braid still intact. The sight of half of her hair tied & the other half unraveled was really exciting Greg. Tia had put up no resistance up till now so he quickly grabbed the other braid & undid it as well. This time though Tia did tell him that if he didn’t stop messing around with her hair he won’t gat any dinner.

But Greg wasn’t hungry anymore he gathered all her hair on the back of her head & held it there with his right hand, which he could barely hold because of the thickness of her hair. Her head bobbed as he tried to grip all of her glossy hair in one hand. He took the knife away from Tia’s hand & grabbing her arm with his left hand marched her to the bedroom. He smelt the intoxicating fragrance of Tia’s hair & nuzzled her neck. Tia just couldn’t take it any longer. She turned her head & their lips met. Soon they were making out when all of a sudden Tia snatched herself away. She turned & walked a couple of paces away from Greg & then said, “I am not used to
this Greg. I’ve never had a boyfriend”. Greg could not believe this. He approached her from the back & wrapped her in his arms. “Let me show you what its like to have a boyfriend” he said & pressed his lips to hers. He then turned her around to face him & started unbuttoning her top. He took her top off & then picked her up & placed her on the bed. He then unbuttoned her jeans & pulled it down. He then quickly took off all his clothes & joined Tia in bed. After a couple of hours of wonderful sex Greg was sitting up with Tia in his arms. He was caressing her hair & once again said that she should cut her hair.

Tia looked up at him but didn’t say anything. Greg got out of the bed & went to the bathroom. He returned with a bag in his hand. Tia had a scared look on her face “Greg please I don’t want to cut my hair short” she pleaded. Greg grabbed her by the arm, pulling her out if the bed. He stood behind her & forced her down on to her knees. & Holding her hair in both of his hands said “I want to cut your hair.all of it,” “Do you have to?” asked Tia. He saw her eyes watering up. “Yes” he said. Tia closed her eyes He stood towering behind her. Tia’s hair covered her back & shoulders like a blanket.

Greg removed a comb & big pair of shears from the bag & began combing her silky mane. When he was satisfied he held her hair in a ponytail at the nape & pushed her hair down. His cock was hard again with sight of a pretty girl sitting absolutely nude in front of him with her beautiful locks in his hand ready to be severed. Greg placed the thick mass of hair between the blades & slowly pressed the blades. A single strand of hair was severed. He then started pumping the handles & a scrunching sound filled the atmosphere. The scissors scrunched through the silken mass. Tears were rolling down Tia’s cheeks. She buried her face in her hands. But was unstoppable he was now pulling her hair up as it was being cut. He was enjoying every moment of the scissor snipping action, the blades chewing through her silky mane. Finally after a while the last scrunch released the ponytail from the head.

Greg held up the ponytail & brought it to his face smelling the fragrance. He then looked at Tia who was kneeling down crying with her face in her hands. Greg pulled her back by her shoulders. “You already look so beautiful dear.stop crying,” he said. As he now took a wet comb & a smaller pair of scissors & began trimming the raw ends. After an hour he finally finished by giving a cute little pixie cut that complimented her figure & face.
He picked her up & took her to a mirror. Tia’s face by now was totally soaked in tears. When she looked up in the mirror she was shocked for a moment. She then touched her head running her hands all over her head. She slowly turned her head around. Greg cupped her face & said, “You look beautiful”. Tia’s tears had all dried up by now & she was smiling. They kissed each other.

Next morning when Greg woke up he found Tia was not in bed with her instead there was a note. Greg read, “Last night was the most incredible night of my life. You not just took my hair but also my virginity & made me experience something that words cannot describe. Last night’s experience has given my life a new meaning. I Love you now & forever and can only wish you felt the same for me. Goodbye”.

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