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The doorbell rings. I answer it. 5 of my “frenimes” are outside with their mothers standing outside. They are in handcuffs. Their mothers stand up and say Kat, I heard Erica, Justine, Katie, Lauren, and Susannah (who are dressed all in black, with their hair in braids) talking very, VERY meanly about you. They have been doing this since grade school. We think that they should have a punishment that has to do with their pride and joy..aka..their hair. They are all blondies with butt length hair. I smile. Justine’s mother asks..do you want someone to do it for you and you decide the style, or do you want to hack it all off yourself. Erica’s mother steps up into my house and says I would prefer that you just hack it off any old way yourself. The other mothers agree. Okay I say! This could be fun!  They hand me supplies and we all go into my basement. Erica sits down first. She is chained to the chair.  She tries to say Kat..I’ve always liked you it was them.it was all.I stuff a gag in her mouth. I say, I’ve always wanted to see what it would be like if you put a ponytail on the top of your head then cut it off..

~To Be Continued~

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