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Mid 1998

     I met Debbie while she was working at a local business. I’d seen her around town, on and off, for several years. What always caught my eye was her long dark brown hair and her shy, submissive demeanor. She’s about my age, never married, and comfortable in her own skin. Her hair is straight fine shiny silk, a perfect accent to her slim body and perky breasts. I asked her out…..

     Our first meeting was a hot summer night. She arrived at our agreed meeting wearing her tresses in a jaunty, high ponytail! I love a bare neck, and as I’d never seen her with her hair up, I got so aroused that I immediately  grabbed her and kissed her on the neck. She responded favorably, later telling me her neck was one of her favorite erogenous zones.

Later in 1998

     I’m rubbing her shoulders, trying to get on her good side , so I can get laid. I massage her back and her hair starts getting in the way. I ask to brush her hair. Soon, the cat’s out of the bag, as she can’t help but notice my arousal as I comb through her tress’s. I come clean and admit my “fondness” for hairplay.

     She is an enlightened woman , who realises we all have our little quirks. She says my hair fetish is something that she’d be willing to indulge, at least on a limited basis. I start to ask about her hair’s history as I gather her mane into my hands for the first time.

    Deb tells me that the worst haircut she ever had was by her mothers hand. Her mom chopped her hair into a  short pixie cut when she was eleven years old .(Like Mia Farrow’s). While her mom was just trying to keep Deb her little girl for a while longer , Deb was traumatised, completely hating the naked vulnerable feeling of cropped hair and she vowed right then to always have her hair as long as it would grow. Deb’s kept it long since growing it back.

    There have been a few instances of bad haircuts. Times when she didn’t have a regular stylist, so she’d go to the mall to a chain salon and ask for a trim that always turned out badly. “They’d cut 4 or 5 inches and it takes forever to grow back”

    It doesn’t take me long to brush her into a high ponytail a top of her head and get her prone on the couch , wrapping her silky thick tail around me for our first hairjob


    One morning, after breakfast at our favorite greasy spoon diner, I notice a Supercuts just down the street and pull in. Deb’s not amused, but I need a haircut and she can either wait or take the bus home. She follows me inside, but resists my best efforts to get her to sit for a trim.

2003 Summer

     I’m such a conniving bastard. It’s a hot summer day and I’m helping Debbie paint her house. She’s sweating and swearing at the long tedious job. Her hair is up in a tail and sweat is dripping off her. The best thing is, I know that she has scheduled a trim and color at the Salon tonight. I wait patiently for my chance……

     We finish the job and go inside to the air conditioning. After a cold drink, Deb starts to comb the paint chips out of her hair and mentions her appointment. I take the comb from her and carefully clean her locks.

    Me: (combing)” You know, I would love to give you a trim. It’s the perfect time to let me as you’re going to the salon this evening anyways.”

    Deb: (spins around and looks at my hands, looking for scissors) “You’re not cutting it, are you?”

    M: “Sit on the commode, face the wall and I’ll be done in five minutes”


     I take pictures for the first time. This proves difficult as Deb is camera shy and reluctant to have them shared on the ‘net. I do some updo’s and braids. Later, I introduce scissors, but no cutting is allowed.

     She is pretty comfortable with the hairplay , so one night while she’s half asleep I wrap her hair aroung myself and ejaculate into her locks before I can stop myself. This creates a sticky mess that I try to comb out, but only make worse , as her hair tangles like crazy , the semen acts like glue. I go get a wet wash cloth and try to clean her. She awakens and is a little angry, but I explain that it happened so fast . I was so turned on I lost control she forgives me. “Just make sure I’m awake next time, and don’t come in my hair”


    She’s been growing her bangs out for about six months. They reach down to her jaw. Today , she came back from work early, so I got to spend some time with her. As usual, I got out the hairtoys. I brushed and detangled for a while , then indulged a little play.

    Deb’s hair lenght varies between her bra strap and waist. It is soft, fine and a little on the thin side. It looks its shiny best when freshly brushed. It tangles somewhat easily. This is one of the areas where I get some excitement. I deliberately purchased a particular rattail comb for it’s tight, slightly sharp plastic tines. I went to several stores and searched out the sharpest comb I could find. Debbie usually hides this comb because she knows it’s a bit tough on her hair, but I explained that I need a “good” comb when sectioning her tress’s. She likes the hairplay and attention just enough to not throw it out. Well, I look around and find it underneath her basket of hair toys.

    I always start  behind her and gathering her mane, pulling it back over her shoulders. I gather it to a lose ponytail in my hand and detangle from the ends. Her hair always requires patient detangling. I work the brush slowly, going a little deeper and higher up with each pass, being gentle. Once I get it loose up to about chin level, I release my hold and finish the brushout. I smooth her hair, cascading it over her shoulders and chest and finish by walking around to the front and playing with her bangs. Now that they’ve grow down to her chin, it’s good fun to cover her face, though she doesn’t see the humor. “I miss your bangs.” I say as I hold her fringe up in front of her eyes. Deb laughs and says “Too bad for you”. I smooth the fringe back to normal style and then return to my favorite position, behind her.

    I’m getting a bit excited by her submissiveness, so I begin to get more agressive. I reach forward with the brush to her forehead and pull straight back firm and fast across the top of her scalp. “No more centerpart for you,” I tease. I collect the hair into my free hand with each brushload. I’m totally enjoying her long locks. I move the brush to her left temple (careful not to snag an earring) and brush straight back. I repeat on other side. I brush harder making a high ponytail into my free hand and finally gathering it up from behind her ears and the delicate (and snarly) nape area, lifting her hair up and pulling it all through the brush. I now have all her hair in my hand over her head in a tight tail. I twist and pin it into a bun atop of her head, then snap a large barret over it. There sits Deb with a dowdy snug bun.

    Now it’s time to play barbershop. I throw a towel around her shoulders. She is now my caped, and submissive client. I take a good grip on her bun and pull her head back and kissing her demand a blowjob. She laughs and says not now. “Then it’s time I cut your hair.” I unpin her crowning glory and let it tumble down the cape. Naturally her hair is now a bit tangled as it drops back to it’s original position. I flick my fingers through her locks, throwing it over her shoulders and play with
her hair saying “Kiss it goodbye. ” It’s time to get serious. I have every intention to cut her hair tonight.

     I have a raging erection as I take my favorite  comb and place it to the top of her tousled head. I dig in  firmly to make sure I have a good “bite” of her hair. I use deliberate strokes, not stopping for any slight tangles. This annoys her, but she tolerates it. I thoughly comb out her hair. I usually hit several small snags. I’m careful enough so she doesn’t get mad and stop my fun. When I finish the dry combout, I pick up a plant mister/sprayer and start wetting down her hair, walking around her, and explaing this is just to dampen her tressses so they’re easier to manage. I get  to her growing out bangs and soak them, combing them straight forward so she has a face full of wet hair. I pinch the hair between my fingers and line it up to cut in front of her eyes. I love how wet hair gets longer. She protests, no cutting, and I sweep them them back to the side.

      I start behind her and “check” her hair. This is proceedure I first started doing with Deb so I could go through the motions of a haircut, both playacting for my own enjoyment, but also to get her used to the feel of a cut.  I comb a little at a time and squeeze it between my fingers like a stylist does when lining up to cut. We have a conversation like a stylist and client consultation.

     Me:(combing)” Your hair feels soo nice and soft and silky.”

     Debbie:”It’s getting dry on the ends.”

     M:(stops combing) “I could clean those up for you. Would you enjoy a trim?”

     D: “OK, but just a small trim, one -eighth of and inch.”

     Me: “We’re featuring a special on flattops, today. Help fight terrorism”

     Deb: “No thank you. I don’t look good with short hair”

     M: ” Saves time in the morning and shampoo and you could throw away your hairbrush.”

     M:(grabbing hair from behind)” Wouldn’t it feel great to run the scissors through all this and be free of the longhair after all these years?”

     Deb; (hesitates) “Yes, but it takes forever to grow back. I’ve gone in for trims before and some scissor happy witch will drop five inches in my lap before I can say a word. Then it’s too late and I have to sit there and endure it, hoping she doesn’t completely crop my hair. I don’t want my haircut tonight. You’re not cutting it, are you?” (she looks back to make sure)

     Me: “Not without you’re permission. I would love it, if you trusted me with your sexy locks. I respect you and your longhair”

     Deb: “I really not sure. You have to know alot to cut hair.”

     Me: “Allow me to just snip the ends. I won’t go near your bangs or the layering around your face”

     I apply a bit of passive psychology. My thinking is that she’s had dozens of haircuts, and if I make her relaxed and I mimic the motions of every haircut Deb’s ever had, she’ll submit to my wishes

    I begin to comb, and push her head forward, her chin toward her chest into a submissive posture. She holds the pose. I reach the comb to the top of her scalp and comb straight down the center back , gathering the first snip between my fingers, all her has to do is give my a vague positive response.

    Me: “What do you say………”


     After dinner @ Ruby Tuesdays , we return to the house and spend some quiet time in front of TV. I eventually start giving her a back rub , which turns into a hair stroking brushout.I drop the brush and start running my fingers through her hair from her forehead, giving a firm scalp massage and enjoying the cool silk sliding through my hands. Her bangs are a little sticky and stif, from hairspray. Deb needs to do that to keep them off her face. I loosen them up with the brush and realise that I could probably get her bangs into a high ponytail, thus, finally all her hair slicked into one tail! I announce my intentions, and Deb submits.

   I start loading her tress’s into my left hand, slowly, brushload by brushload, coaxing the mass of hair higher and higher up the back of her head , gently with the delicate nape hair, baring her sexy clean neck. I move to the side and savor her sublime enjoyment as she leans, giving me better access to her crowning glory. Brushing straight up and I bare her ears. I methodically pull every strand straight up to a point directly above her ears. I’m delighted to notice how small her head is as her hair is as snugly against her scalp as I can get it. Looking from the front you almost don’t see the hair except for the ponytail.There is not a stray hair out of place and no bangs for the first time in the five years I’ve known her! I pull the elastic band and twist it several times for a good tight hold of those precious locks. I braid the tail and twist into a bun, and she announces “No pictures. I look like a damn librarian.”

I reply,”I was just thinking how you would look with your hair very short, cropped. Look in the mnirror straight on and you’ll see almost none of your hair and I think you’d look great shorn.”

Deb says, “I don’t look good with short hair.”

Later, she lies down to relax, I get the scissors and sneak up to the couch. I tug the bun. ” I’ll cut it off” I pull harder for emphasis, pinning her head to the cushion.” Deb quickly pulls off her pants and asks for mercy.

Autumn 2006

     Her four year old Volkswagen spits out it’s front springs as she drives home from work. She is freaked out. I help her arrange a towtruck and take her to car rental place the next day. Her mood is dark and she snaps angerily at me several times during the afternoon. Deb is not good under crisis conditions, and this is a crisis for her. It’s ok as I know she’ll make it up to me. Her hair IS getting long!

     A day later, I give her a soothing backrub and set her up. We’re on the backyard deck on a beautiful late summer afternoon. The neighbors are at work and the kids are in school. It’s like we are alone in the world. Deb’s sitting on a tall barchair with a low back. I wander behind her after bringing out fresh drinks to the table.I run my fingers through her hair from behind and stroke and detangle it for several minutes, just enjoying her long soft silk. I grab a clothspin and improvise a barret to clip her hair out of the way while I caress her shoulders.

     D,”I must look lovely.”

     Me,” You are a bit shaggy.”

     D, “I’m sorry about the other day, I was stressed out”

     Me, “Give me you hair as a peace offering”

    Trap is sprung. I comb out her locks and present scissors. She hates haircuts, but I move fast and comb down the first piece from the middle back of her head. Her blondish red silk shines in the sunlight. I bring the blades to her hair. Deb sighs. The first snips blow away in the breeze.

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