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When Kari was in High school, she was always the most popular girl. All the girls envied her because all the boys were always after her. She was captain of the cheerleading team.

But college was a different story. Her parents had met at Manhattanville College in New York, and Kari had decided to go there to pursue a business degree. In high school she was popular. But that was about to change.

The first week of classes she just kind of got to know some of the second and third year girls. She never really connected with anyone her age. She started telling the girls about her high school and how she could have any guy she wanted.

In the first week Kari had met a guy named mike, who was a football player. Kari was attracted to him because being on the cheerleading team in high school; she had dated many football players.

Little did Kari know Mike’s girlfriend was one of the second year students she had hung out with, named Amber. Amber caught Kari flirting with mike and immediately when back to her room to tell her friends.

Amber was part of the cheer leading squad at the school, in which Kari was the only freshman. Amber and the rest of the team plotted to get back at Kari. They decided to tell her that it was a school tradition that each new member of the cheerleading squad was to get a makeover done by the other cheerleading members.

So the day of the makeover came. Kari still had no idea that Amber knew about her and mike. Kari arrived at Amber’s house, and her roommates (Ashley and Angela, also cheerleaders) met her at the door. They invited her in and told her it would just be a few minutes and that none of the other girls could be there, so it would just be them and Amber doing her makeover. A few minutes later Amber came down and showed Kara upstairs to her bedroom, where the “makeover” would be done.

In the middle of the room there was a chair in front of a dresser. On the dresser were a few things like hair dye and makeup. Amber sat Kari down on the chair and the other two girls walked in.

Amber walked out of the room to “get something”, and the other two kept Kari occupied by asking what color she wanted her hair, and how she does her makeup. Kari didn’t even notice Amber come back in the room. Before she knew it Amber had tied her hands to the chair and the other two girls had tied her feet to the chair.

The three girls then cut all Kari’s close off. Kari was screaming, but it was to no use. Nobody could here her. Amber threatened to gag her if she didn’t shut up. Kari settled down, then Amber started telling her about Mike and that they had been together for a while, and no hooch freshman was going to break them up.

Kari had no choice but to accept her fate, sitting in a room naked with three girls ready to punish her for invading on amber’s property. Ashley turned the chair around so Kari couldn’t see what they were doing.

Angela then began looking at her pubic hair and said that it had to be taken care of and that Kari should have done it a long time ago. At that she fired up her clippers and shaved Kari’s bush right to the stubble. Kari was glad she didn’t take it all off or permanently remove it. But that was too come later.

Angela ad o sooner finished shaving Kari’s bush then amber began yanking on Kari’s hair saying “it’s just a disaster, don’t worry I’ll help you take care of it”. With that Ashley handed amber a pair of blunt scissors, and she began sawing at Kari’s hair. It took two minutes to cut 6 inches off, and Kari was in tears and was screaming from the pain. Amber told her that she hated to see her suffer. With that she dropped the scissors and began combing out the rest of Kari’s hair. Kari liked the feeling of having her hair combed. She closed her eyes. As soon as Kari closed her eyes, Amber picked up the codeless clippers, with no attachment. She then positioned them on Kari’s forehead and turned them on. Kari just about jumped out of her chair. She was still not able to see how much was coming off, but knew it was a lot. In two minutes. Amber head shorn all of Kari’s hair off, accept for a little stubble that was left behind.

Kari though it was now over, but she didn’t see that Ashley had brought in an electrolysis machine. She removed all the pubic hair and all the hair of her head, permanently.

Then Mike walked in, saw Kari, and laughed. He said that she was the ugliest thing he’d ever seen and that no guy would ever date her again.


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