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Note: This is purely a fiction. Any resemblance of incidents or characters is coincidence.

I am from Mumbai, from India. My name is Rima. In my country woman keep their hair long. So, woman with bald head is a spot for everyone to look. Till I was 15, everyone was admiring me for my beautiful look. Physically I was almost mature and I had beautiful long hair. But then I joined my friends for a tour to Desert of Kutchh, where I got best fun of my life and perhaps worst gift from the desert. It was a beautiful 10 days trip. I enjoyed it a lot. But, since I couldn’t take care of my hair and I did not wash them in those fun giving days, my head became home for dandruff. I guess it was because of desert dust in deposited in hair through wind. I doubt if it was just dandruff. Because when I came back to Mumbai, I found that it was itching almost every place where my hair were growing. That included my underarms, pubic hair and even eyebrows. I guess it was some kind of infection in hair. Some times my skin was getting red because of irritation and itching.

My mom was like my friend, she realized that I couldn’t stand that problem. We tried every medicine available in market. We showed my problem to many specialists, but it never helped. I think it was some kind of pest in hair as well. I told my mom that whenever I shaved my pubic hair and underarms, it stopped irritating and itching there for few days. So we realized that infection was spreading from hair on my head.

My mom suggested that I should cut my hair short. But I loved my hair like anything so I always rejected that suggestion. Though, one day my mom took me to barber and got it cut to my shoulders. I cried a lot, but I realized in a few days that it lessened the irritation at very good extent, though I couldn’t dare cutting my hair any shorter.

I thought everything will be normal with time, but time passed I got 17 and still my problem was there. But it ruined my beautiful look at some extent. Almost every time my skin color was bit red because of irritation, and I got bit skinny as well. I started to lose my hair as well. I could not perform well in studies either. I managed to pass year 11. And I was trying to pass my summer vacation of year 11. In the holidays my auntie (mom’s sister) from Chennai came to my place for enjoying holidays with us since she was a teacher and she had a vacation too. She was divorced and did not have any child so in vacations usually she came to our place. She was a beautiful woman with long hair and in spite of being 42 she was looking 32.

In summer problem was getting worst, my skin was remaining red almost all the time. My auntie realized my problem and said that it must be resolved before I appear in the exams of year 12, which is very important year of schooling. My auntie discussed that problem with me and my mom that what exactly happened with my hair and what the problem was. My mom told everything to my aunt and told her that at least I feel relief in underarms and pubic area when I get my those hair shaved off. I felt so embarrassing, when she told such private matter to my aunt, but my aunt told me that I shouldn’t feel shame since I am her niece and she had seen me nude many times when I was a kid. I took it positively. My aunt said that she can resolve the problem if I go with her to Chennai and follow her instructions. So mom also forced me to go with her to Chennai. She said that may be Chennai can be a right place to resolve the problem. Since there were still 2 months to go for my holidays to finish, I decided to go with her. After one week spending in Mumbai my aunt and I went to Chennai.

In Chennai my aunt showed me some bald females who were devotees of Tirupati. She said there in Chennai people think that woman who are bald are real devotees of god because they have offered their precious asset to god. I was thinking why my aunt was telling me all this to me?? Soon, I realized why she told me all those things when she told me that she wanted me to shave my hair as well. I was frightened with the thought of shaving my hair. Then aunt explained to me that it is really necessary for me to shave my every hair of body and apply antibacterial medicine to my every root of hair to get rid of the infection completely. She said that I may get bald naturally if this problem still remains for next few years, because I had started to lose my hair already. Even after hearing all that fact I was not ready to cut my hair at all. So my aunt admonished me that if I won’t agree then she may have to do my body shaving forcefully. So I told my aunt that I hated her because my mom always loved me and never forced anything on me and she was forcing me. So she said that she loves me too but at the same time she has to take care of her niece. I said if it is so then I’ll get her to shave my whole body if she get her head shaved. She was stunned by that condition. I knew she will never go bald since she loved her waist long hair very much. But soon she said that if that’s the condition then I can shave her hair I want but then I will have to obey every thing she may ask for. Then it was my turn to get stunned. But I agreed as well thinking that she would never let me shave her. I asked her that when they should execute their plan. She said there are hardly 2 months left in holidays to finish so it should be executed ASAP. She said that before they execute it she will buy some straight razor, anti bacterial medicine to apply on shaved skin and shaving cream. We went to market and bought every necessary thing for shaving and medicines to kill all dandruff and bacteria of skin with roots of hair. Still I was thinking that shaving would never happen as she won’t let me shave her head. We came back to home within an hour and it was around 3 o’clock. Everything was ready and she said that they will execute their plan after 9 o’clock in the night time because I have to get nude for shaving all my hair and guest can come any time before 9. I thought she will refuse to shave her beautiful long hair and plan will be flop. It was around 8 o’clock after having dinner. I looked at her and asked about the plan, she said one more hour to go and there won’t be any possibility of guests to come. So again I though it as a good sign of plan to be flop. But she closed every door and window right before 9 and made sure everything was closed. She said that since bathroom is small they will execute their plan in the bedroom.

I was bit scared now. She said we should take bath properly so that it will become easy to shave. I said she will go first since she has to be shaved first. She said that’s fine but I  have to take bath with her as well, because when she’ll shave my whole body and she will apply medicine to my most private parts I may feel embarrassed and I may stop her because of hesitation so she wanted to build relationship of equality. I thought she was very keen to execute her plan and to stop her once again I grabbed an opportunity and made one more condition. If she wants equality then I will shave her eyebrows and body too. Initially she was reluctant and said that she is getting nude to make me feel comfortable when I am nude in front of her, it doesn’t mean that she has to get her whole body shaved too. So I argued that I will feel comfortable and let her shave my body only when she will let me shave her whole body. I thought she was trapped because she was 42 and I was 17 and she will feel embarrassing and humiliated when I’ll shave her eyebrows and private area. But she said that she is mature female and since I am mature female as well, she shouldn’t feel any shame and to prove her love to me she will let me take her eyebrows and body hair off. Now I was trapped. No other alternate was left for escaping. Now I was waiting for what will happen next?

She took our towels and two night gowns. No under garments!! She told me to come with her in bathroom. She started to take off her sari and then petticoat. She was now half nude only left with bra and panty on her. She had main
tained her figure so well and she was so beautiful I was left stunned. I was wearing a jeans pant and a T-shirt. She asked me to take my clothes off. I took my t-shirt and jeans pant off. Looking at my breasts she said I was looking like 20 years old in spite of being 17. I was feeling embarrassed. She said we shouldn’t feel any kind of shame since we both were female our body were looking almost same despite the age difference. She told me to take off my bra and panty since she was going to do same. Soon both of us were stripped down to skin. She had almost 1 centimeter long hair grown in her armpits and pubic area. It was looking like both of us had shaved our hair off before 15 days. She said that our bodies should be rinsed off very well and hair should be made wet so that it will not leave razor burn after shaving. Soon we had finished our bath. We dried our body both of us wore night gowns, no under garments. She said “Dear, since I don’t need shaving for curing any problem should we start shave just your hair? I mean, do you really want to shave my body?”

I thought saying yes will make the plan flop so I said yes. And asked her should I start? She said okay she will sacrifice her hair for her niece. She arranged a chair and made convenient position for me to shave her hair. There she was sitting in the chair. I took one straight razor and grabbed a cup of water to make her hair very well wet. She said before I start she will take her gown off because she has only one gown left after giving me one gown. I said I wouldn’t mind. She set there again but now nude. I started to apply water on her head everywhere. Started from right in the middle of her head and made first bald strip on her head. Now one after another scrap and continued until she was almost bald. There was a big pile of hair in her lap and on the flour. Then I took shaving cream and applied everywhere on her head. Again I used straight razor and made her head smooth like a cue ball. Then pulled her head back, made her looking at ceiling and applied some cream on her brows. I took her brows off with razor. Now I knew that nothing will make our plan flop and now it’s my turn. Then we put an old bed shit on the bed and she laid there down on that bed sheet. She took her hands on her head and revealed her armpits to me. I applied shaving cream and took her armpit hair off. Now it was time for pubic hair. She spreaded her legs wide and revealed her slit to me. I applied shaving cream to her pubic hair and then carefully shaved them off. She turned and revealed her rear hole to me. There were a bit of hair around the hole as well. She told me to take them off as well.  Now there was no hair left on her body. She said we are going in bathroom again to make me soaked and to clean any cream left from her body. Soon we were in bathroom. She rinsed her body again. Dried it and put the gown on. She told me to take my gown off and soon I was nude. She soaked my body. I was dripping and she took me to chair. She did the same events with me, first hair from my head and then eyebrows were taken off. Then she took my armpit and pubic hair off. She also shaved any hair left on arms and legs, she said here she has to be very careful as she did not want to leave any infection. I was almost shaved off, though she repeated the sequence saying that she did not want to take a chance. Then she took me to shower cleaned any cream left and then dried my body. Then she applied to medicine everywhere and told me not to put any clothes on until next day morning. And she said that she will repeat the sequence after 2 weeks. And at that time only I will be shaved. I agreed since she really wanted to help me.


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