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Well, my aunt was right. Her trick of cleaning infection from my body worked. I mean making my body bald worked. It had been almost 10 days and no itching at all. More over I felt so nice, I mean being bald was pleasure in summer and secretly I enjoyed shaving my aunt and being shaved. I was so grateful to my aunt. She suggested spending rest of our vacation in Mumbai since there was 1 month and almost 20 days left in vacation. So we booked two tickets of flight from Chennai to Mumbai. We were lucky to get ticket of very next day. When we were traveling in air craft people were staring at us like anything, it was so embarrassing I can’t even explain.

We had told my mom that aunt had shaved my whole body for getting rid of itch, so she was very eager to see me. She came to receive us at air port. She knew about my shaved body but she didn’t know about my aunt. When she saw my aunt with bald head her eyes left opened wide like anything. She asked us why my aunt was bald, so I said I shaved her eyebrows and head for letting her shave my whole body. I didn’t tell my mom that I shaved my aunt’s private parts as well. My mom thanked my aunt for sacrificing her long beautiful hair and leading me to right solution.

I let my hair grow every where because I thought my aunt might shave them anyway for her satisfaction. Days were passing in fun in the vacation. It had been almost 30 days since my aunt shaved my body. I thought my aunt forgot about second shave she talked about. I was happy that she never reminded me of that second shave, because I might feel very shame of being nude in presence of my aunt and mom. More over it was just 20 days left in getting the school started. I was then thinking of shaving my armpits and pubic area right before school start since I had not shaved them since my whole body shave. Time passed, it was only one week left in vacation to be finished. My aunt got her return ticket booked. I thought I was safe I won’t have to get nude in front of others. But she told me right before 3 days of her departure that I needed a second shave as well.  I told her that I was all right and there was no feeling of itching till then, so I wouldn’t go for second shave. So my aunt told my mom that it is written on the medicine bottle that the procedure of applying that ointment needs to be done at least twice in 2 months period, or I might suffer through that problem again. She told me that if problem will happen again then it may be worse next time since I was not ready to take prescribed dose. So my mom admonished me that if I won’t get ready by my self then she and aunt will forcefully shave me. So I had to agree. She said next day between 1 PM to 2 PM they will execute the plan, since it will be quiet in that time. I was so disappointed with that decision but I had no other option.

Next day at 12 PM my mom asked if we should start. My mom told my aunt that she will provide assistance to my aunt and she will learn it in case if problem happen ever again she will shave me again. My aunt was agreed. In Mumbai rooms are small because space is very expensive and in that sense bathrooms are not big enough to fit 3 people in to it. They took me to our main room. It was big enough so we decided to shave me in that room. All shaving gears and ointment (medicine) were ready. My aunt asked us to provide her with smock so that her sari wouldn’t get bristles.  My mom said that we did not have any smock, so my aunt said that she would strip down to bra and panty then. My mom was surprised that how could my aunt get half nude in front of me? But I knew she wouldn’t feel any shame in being even nude, at least not in front of me. She was about to take her sari off and the door bell rang. There were guests, my dad’s friend and his wife. So we wound up everything. They left after 2 hours and till 8 anybody could come. Usually my dad comes back from office at around 8 o’clock so then we left the plan of shaving for the whole day. I thought it was a good sign since rebuffing can help escaping through second shave. Just 2 days were left in departure of my aunt, so my aunt asked my mom that was there any other place she knew where shaving could take place? My mom told us that there was one beauty parlor in neighborhood. Owner of that parlor was my mom’s friend and usually she closes it at 8 o’clock. So my aunt suggested taking permission from my mom’s friend. My mom rang her up and asked about permission. Mom’s friend said that she would be more then happy to help us, but only after 8, mom agreed. But then I was frightened with the thought of being nude in front of that 30 years old lady, who had never seen me nude before, so I suggested to my mom that they won’t get me nude there. My mom was about to say something but my aunt interrupted her and said “okay honey, we will decide there”.

We drove down there right at 5 past 8. She invited us. My mom introduced my aunt, “this is my younger sister, Shweta” and mom said “This is my friend, Maria”. I must say that Maria was very beautiful young lady. Maria said that she was about to close her shop and she was just waiting for us. She asked what we wanted. Before anybody could reply I said, “Just head shave”. But my aunt said, “No”, and then she explained my problem to her and told her that what we had done so far. Then she started to convince me saying that solution requires whole body shaved clean before applying the medicine and it would be really difficult for me to shave at rear end and pubic area since I am just 17 and I am not experienced very much. So Maria and my mom also started to compel me. More over Maria told me that she provided massage service as well and told me that she had seen nude female body many times before. I thought since I had almost 3 quarters of inch long hair everywhere this could not be one of those kind body. But I had no other option but to surrender. My face was pale with embarrassment. I stopped arguing and they took it positively.

I was wearing half sleeve shirt and a short skirt. Maria told me that usually it’s not required taking the shirt off for head shave but since I had to take shirt off anyway, she’d like to hang that shirt up for me. So I started to unbutton my shirt and took it off. Maria said, “Skirt too, other wise it will get bristles all over it”. I looked at my mom in hesitation, and she nodded her head to say yes. I started to take my skirt off as well. I slid it down and stepped out of that skirt. I was so embarrassed with the bush coming out of my panty and bush hanging in my under arms and looking at those bush Maria said, “relax dear, don’t try to hide, soon it will be gone”.  Then she took me to sink for soaking my hair wet. Water was dripping from my inch long hair and my bra was getting wet because of that dripping so she told me that towel could be used to dry my hair but drying my hair could make shaving unpleasant so she’d get me to take my bra off. Poor me! I started to take my bra off. There I was standing in nothing but panty. After that she told me to sit on the middle barber chair. She adjusted the chair, and told me to hold my head still. Then she took one straight razor and made a first bald strip right in the middle starting from my forehead. She kept scraping until she finished the whole top of my head. Then she started with sides and then back side. Once she was finished with whole head, she changed the blade of razor and applied shaving cream on my head. She then painstakingly scrapped all shaving cream from my head, leaving my head smooth like a cue ball. She used her finger to check is any rough area or stubble was left behind or not, and she removed every single hair. Then she told me to look at ceiling and hold it tight. She applied shaving cream on my brows and carefully shaved the right one. Then she started to scrape cream from the left one. Then she told me to lie down on the massage bench where she usually massages bodies. I lie down and I was staring at the ceiling and she went to sink for feeling the bowl with water. She came back and told
me to raise my hands above my head. She started to apply water in my left armpit. Once that bush of left armpit was soaked with water she started to scrap hair with a straight razor. Then she did the same with right armpit. Then she brought shaving cream canister and applied cream on my armpits. She told me that cream should be left for at least 2 minutes before she could scrape it, so mean while she’d take my panty off. I had no other option other then accepting. She inserted her fingers in my waist band and started to pull my panty off. Soon she took it off and there I was lying completely nude with cream in armpits and hands above my head. She said before she’d start with scraping cream from armpit she’d soak my bush around the pussy. She soaked it well and then came back with razor to scrape cream from my armpit. Started with left and then right she made them smooth like silk. I felt them with my fingers and I got my nipples hard. She then took her razor and told my mom and aunt to hold my legs wide apart, she said doing so will make it easier for her to shave, and shaving will be excellent. Soon both of them went for assistance and my pussy slit was in exhibition for all. Maria started to scrap my hair carefully from there. Keeping in mind that scraping at some delicate area could niche my private part she scrapped as much as she could. Then she told me to turn around. Again told my aunt and mom to hold my legs wide apart and soon my hole was to everyone. Again she scrapped as much as she could and then she used eyebrow plucking tool to pluck the remaining hairs. That irritated me and excited me very much. Then she applied shaving cream and scrapped down there. I couldn’t resist and took my fingers down there to feel the skin. Oh god, skin was really silky down there. I was about to get up and she told me to wait. She asked my mom if she wanted to keep my skin smooth and bald for longer time, before my mom could say anything my aunt told that would be great so after 15 days my mom could apply that medicine again and there won’t be left any chance for infection. My mom agreed and before I could argue something Maria brought some depilation cream. She started to apply it around pussy in armpits on eyebrows and then turned me to apply it around the rear hole. It started to irritate my skin so I started to moan and she said, “Don’t worry honey, it won’t take long” After around 5 minutes she took the razor and scrapped it all. This third time scrapping with razor was leaving my skin irritating like anything. Then she told me to seat in the barber chair and she applied that depilation cream all over my head and after 5 minutes she scrapped it as well. She told us that I’d be bald like silk for at least next 2 months. She took bottle of after shave lotion and took some lotion in her hand and started to massage all over shaved skin, it felt so cool. But soon I started to feel irritation. Then she told me to take shower in the staff’s bathroom. I dried my body and I was about to put my bra and panty off but my aunt said just put on skirt and shirt since they had to apply that medicine as soon as possible after reaching the home. Without arguing I followed her and put my skirt and shirt on with out bra or panty and headed out to seat in our car.

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