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“Hey Trisha, that girl looks like you, Neill said, “even your hair, though yours is somewhat longer.”

They were looking at a the movie “Empire Records” on video. Tricia was working in a record shop herself and she had brought it home with her.

The girl (Robin Tunney) strolled into the shop without greeting anybody and went right towards the bathroom. Amazed Trisha and Neill noticed that she grabbed a pair of scissors and began chopping off her hair.

“What’s she doing?” Trisha exclaimed unbelievingly.

“Looks like she’s fed up with her hairdo,” Neill stated dryly.

Clumps of hair fell down, the right side of her head was covered with short whisps, at some places her scalp was visible.

The next scene showed her busily shaving her head with clippers

“She looks cute without hair,” Neill noticed. “Wonder how you would look like with a shaven head.”

Trisha laughed: “Well, go ahead. Try it out.”

Without saying a word Neill rose, put a straight chair in the centre of the room and beckoned Trisha to come over. Still laughing she did and sat down, assuming that Neill was kidding. They liked to play this sort of games.

Neill covered her shoulders with a towel and left the room. Soon he was back with a pair of clippers, put the plug into a socket and held them menacingly in front of her eyes, flicking on the switch. Again Trisha laughed, still thinking he was teasing her. But suddenly Neill put the clippers at her hairline and moved them back to her crown! For a moment Trisha sat petrified, then pulled her head away and jumped off the chair.

“What are ya doing?!” she cried, “Are you crazy?!”.

“Hon, you told me.”

“I didn’t mean it, thought it to be one of our games.”

“I’m sorry, really, but there’s no way back.”

Trisha felt with one hand at her head and headed for a mirror. She saw a nearly bald patch as a broad centerpart on the frontal side of her head. No way to cover that.

She laughed: “Think you’re right Neill, better finish it.”

She sat down again and Neill brought the clippers back to life. A few minutes later Trisha’s dirtyblonde tresses were lying at the floor.

Trisha stood up and looked at her image. Neill was standing behind her.

“Wow,” she said, surprised to see how good she looked.

“You look even cuter than that girl in the movie,” Neill remarked.

She noticed the bulge in his pants, she herself was aroused too. Trisha unzipped his fly and his tool jumped out. Soon they were both naked and made love on the floor, Trisha’s hair sticking at their sweaty bodies………

The next morning Trisha said: “Wonder what my boss will say and the other gals and guys.”

She wasn’t afraid of repercussions: the shop was a trendy one, visited chiefly by youngsters. Extravagant clothing and hairstyling were  not unusual. Though, Trisha’s radically changed appearance called for a lot of comment. Boys dared other girls, epecially Nikki, a girl with waistlength lightblonde straight hair, to follow Trisha’s example. Of course she declined the offer.

In the afternoon Trisha’s attention was caught by a young woman, expensively dressed, her black hair styled into a neat chinlenght bob and with meticulously applied make-up. She seemed to be in her mid-twenties. Trisha had once seen her in the shop a short time ago.

“Can I help you?” she asked the woman who apparently was looking for something.

“Yes, do you have records of Abba?”

“Sure, I’ll show you. Will you follow me?”

“I like your haircut,” the woman said smiling,”Last time I saw you you looked different.”

“Thank you, I had cut it yesterday.”

“Did you visit a barbershop? I take it that it is not done in a beautysalon.”

“No, my boyfriend did it. We gambled and I lost.”

“Really? He shaved your head? Just like that?”

“Yeah, that was the stake.” Trisha smiled, not telling the right facts of the matter.

“Oh…..You know, I’m curious as I too would like to shave my head but I fear that I’m not able to face having it done in a barbershop. All those men looking on! I wonder if your boyfriend would help me?”

“I could ask him. But why do you want to do this?”

The woman smiled: “Let’s say that I like to gamble too.”

“You lost?”

“No, I hope to win.”

Seeing Trisha’s astonishment she resumed: “Of course I’ll reward your friend and then you’ll understand. By the way I’m Maureen.”

“Well Maureen, I must say that it isn’t at all clear to me but I’m curious.”

Maureen smiled mysteriously: “I’ll give you my telephone number. Call me.”


“Shave the head of a woman? One of your colleagues?” Neill asked unbelievingly.

“No, a customer.”

Neill began to laugh: “And who comes next?”

“I don’t know. Your popularity is rising.”

“Well, call her. Tell her that I’m delighted to be able to help her!”

“You are a nasty boy, you know.”

“Oh, I’ll make use of every opportunity to earn some money for us.”

“Yes my love, I know.”

Neill was a 21-years old law student who lived together with 18-years old Trisha. She had just graduated from high school and her greatest wish was to enter college too. But both their parents couldn’t afford to maintain them and they tried to earn the money that they needed above Neill’s scholarship by taking every job they could get, particularly during the summer holiday

Maureen said that she cold come rightaway and Trisha answered that they expected her.

Half an hour later Maureen arrived. Neill was stupified when he got the first glimp of Maureen. She had the appearence of a model or moviestar!

“I can’t believe that you want to do this,” he said.

“Believe it or not, I don’t care,” Maureen smiled, “I didn’t come here for a cup of tea and small talk.”

Neill shrugged: ”It’s such a waste to destroy this beautiful hair.”

Trisha joined the conversation: ”Come on, Neill, you shaved my head too and you were delighted. Don’t be a hypocrite.

”Okay,” he said, ”Will you sit down, please?”

Neill took his time at this occasion. He cut off strand after strand of her shining black hair near to the scalp with scissors. He proceeded till her head was covered with short wisps only and then buzzed them off with clippers.

Maureen liftedher right hand and rubbed her shorn skull.

”Would you mind to shave my head smooth with a razor?” she smiled at him.

“Not at all,” Neill answered.    

Trisha looked on how the razor scraped away all of the stubble together with the foam and felt excitement rise.

Maureen looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her white scalp with a bluish shadow contrasted with the tanned skin of her face.

“Oh my, that’s weird,” she said.

”Let me,” interrupted Trisha who understood what Maureen meant. She used a colouring foundation cream to match the colours.

”Splendid,” Maureen remarked. ”And now I’ll tell you what your reward contains. My husband and I will take you two with us to the casino for gambling.”

Surprised and somewhat worried Neill and Trisha looked at her. ”Gamble? But we might lose money.”

Maureen gave them a mysterious smile: ”I don’t think so. Recently I found a leaflet that belonged to my grandmother who died not long ago. She was a peculiar woman. People who had problems visited her and asked her advice and nearly always she had a solution. Yes, she immediately saw through the whole situation and told them what they had to do. She even could foresay the future.” Maureen paused for a moment. ”In one of her statements, and it is written on this leaflet, she describes how to win at the gambling table. I’ll read it to you.”

Maureen took a paper out
of her purse. ”This is what it says

‘If your woman cuts off her hair
Good fortune will be your share
Her head looking a cueball
Yours will be the gain at all.'”

She looked at Neill and Trisha who reacted rather sceptically.

My grandmother never failed,” said Maureen with a serious expression on her face. ”But there is more. I had my objections too. I didn’t like the idea to have a shaven head at all. I know that I’m attractive woman and I wondered how I would look without any hair on my head. Then Roger, my husband, told me to visit a recordshop and buy a DVD with the movie ‘Empire Records.”’

Surprised Neill and Trisha looked at each other. Maureen smiled: ”Yes, I saw you in the shop, Trisha, and when looking at the movie it suddenly struck me how much you resemble Robin Tunney. I felt the urge to go back to your shop and I was astonished to see that you had shaved your head. This cannot be a stroke of luck. I’m sure that this must be a clue.”

”And so you decided to have your head shaved?” Neill asked.

”Looking a cueball, yes. That means, Trisha, that your head must be shaved smooth like a cueball too. And you need appropriate clothes to enter the casino.

”I’ve a short black silken dress,” Trisha said.

”And I’ve marineblue suit,” Neill told her.

”That’s perfect.”

Neill lathered and shaved his girlfriend’s head meticulously as smooth as a cueball which made both very horny. When they had be alone….but they were not and they had to dress and go.

They made up a charming couple, Neill in his dark suit and Trisha with the short dress, revealing a lot of her with black nylons covered legs, on her feet black high-heels.

Entering the casino the two totally baldheaded women caught a lot of attention and both were happy that they were together to support each other. A handsome man with dark hair and brown eyes, wearing a tuxedo, awaited them.

”Trisha and Neill, this is my husband Roger,” Maureen introduced him to them. Roger greeted them and turned afterwards to his wife.

”Do you still love me?” Maureen asked, moving her right hand across her nude and shining dome.

”Darling, you look marvellous, even without hair. And that counts for you too, Trisha.”

”You don’t know how I looked with hair,” answered Trisha.

”Well, I think so. Maureen told me that you look like Robin Tunney and had about the same hairstyle and colour. But let’s go in and put the test. Soon we’ll know the value of your sacrifices.”  

 Roger handed Neill $ 200 and told him that he could give them back if he did win. ”In case you are losing them you don’t have to pay me back.”

When they left the casino Neill had gained $ 740, Roger who had put in higher amounts nearly $ 4000.

”Not bad for a headshave,” Neill grinned.

Everytime that Neill and Trisha visited a casino, together with Roger and Maureen as well as each apart, they gained sometimes considerable amounts of money, sometimes more modest ones but never they lost. Before every visit Neill shaved the heads of the girls meticulously clean. They changed regularly from one casino to another to avoid attracting attention. Nevertheless they did and after six weeks entrance was refused at the casino of their choice. The manager told them that he had the right to refuse clients without giving reasons. But it was not difficult to conclude that the baldheaded girls were associated  with their gains.

”What would be the advice of your grandmother in this case?” Trisha asked.

”Stay out for some time and try again later,” Maureen answered.

Neill and Trisha had gained more than $ 40.000 so they had no financial problems for a long time to go. Besides Trisha had kept her parttime job at the recordshop.

About Christmas Maureen announced that she and Roger would spend their holidays at Las Vegas to test theit luck. Trisha and Neill couldn’t join them as they had  to visit their mutual parents. Impossible not to attend those family reunions.

Back home two weeks later Maureen told Trisha that they could have gained more than a million dollars if they had wanted  but they had been afraid to catch too much attention so they had been content with ”only” $ 150.000. Which brought their total to more than half a million.

Neill and Trisha decided to make a short trip to Las Vegas during Eastern.

They arrived in the afternoon. After they had installed themselves and  had had a wash and a brush-up Neill took Trisha to a restaurant for a good dinner.When they got back in their hotelroom Neill ordered Trisha to disrobe and sit down on a stool in the bathroom. He got his clippers, Fkicked on the switch and put them at her hairline. In half a year Trisha’s hair had grown about two inches and had been cut into a nice pixiestyle. But now the clippers made short work of it and soon all of her hair hit the tiles of the floor. Neill lathered and shaved her head and made it a shining cueball again. Feeling the razor anew scraping across her scalp after half a year Trisha puured for pleasure. As soon as Neill was finished she pulled him to the bedroom for an unrestained love-making.

Afterwards they took a shower, dressed and went to a casino. That night tyey started with $ 50 and when they went back to their hotel they had gained nearly $ 2000.

Another young couple had lost a lot and amazed they had been looking on. When they saw that Neill and Trisha were planning to leave the girl approached Trisha.

”Hi, I’m Halina. We have been watching you and are curious how you gained so much money. You  needn’t tell us but do you handle a certain system?”

Trisha looked at Neill.

”No, we don’t have one, we just had good luck.”

Halina’s boyfriend, Rick, introduced himself and stated: ”You may be lucky but so much good luck in one night is unbelievable. By the way, your hairdo suits you.”

”Thank you,” answered Trisha, ”although you could better call it a non-hairdo. And to give away you a secret: we are so lucky since I shaved my head.”

”You are kidding!” Rick turned to Halina and said half joking: ”Perhaps we should shave yours too.”

The blue-eyed Halina, her head covered with blonde curly hair looked up at her friend, startled: ”Have you gone nuts?

”Maybe you should think about it,” Neill joined in the conversation.

”Are you serious?” Rick asked suspiciously. ”Did your good luck indeed arrive after Trisha cut off her hair?”
Trisha recited;
‘If your woman cuts off her hair
Good fortune will be your share

Her head looking a cueball
Yours will be the gain at all’

Horrified Halina looked at her: ”What does that mean?”

” Well, that’s clear, isn’t it?”said Rick.

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