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Jeff ran a small real-estate business small little town. He was 34 & had a quite a reputation in his field. He had earned enough money now to move to the big city & had already wound up his business.  

One morning Jeff saw a truck pull into the house next door. His new neighbors were moving in. A man in his forties with his wife & two kids. Jeff had hair fetish & was curious to see the wife’s hair who was inside the house setting up the things. She came our after a while & Jeff was disappointed to see that she already had a bob-cut & with that he turned around to go inside his house.

Just then she called out for her daughter `Sara’ & Jeff immediately turned around. He saw a bright pretty about sixteen-year-old girl come out of the house. At first all Jeff could see was that the girl’s hair was tied somewhere behind her back. Just then the girl turned around & Jeff was stunned at what he saw. The girl’s hair was tied in a ponytail & ran down all the way to her hips.

Jeff immediately went up to his neighbors to assist them with their luggage. His neighbors found him to a quite friendly & helpful & soon he became a close friend. But his main interest always remained in `Sara’. Whenever he visited their house his eyes were always trying to spot her. Sara’s hair was thick & absolutely straight and she usually put her hair in a single braid or a ponytail. At times she also made twin pigtails, which really made her look cute. Jeff visited their place very often. He soon became friendly with the kids as well, though his main interest was in Sara only.
One afternoon he saw Sara’s parents leave with their son. He figured Sara would be alone in the house. He wore a commando mask & slid a sharp pair of scissors in his back pocket. His intention was to catch her off guard & cut away all her hair without being identified. He crept inside the house quietly. He heard some noise in the living room & saw Sara lying down on her stomach on the floor. Her hair was all undone & covered her back like a blanket. Sara was too engrossed in TV to notice that Jeff was standing behind her. His right hand was behind his back holding the scissors & just as he was about to move in closer to her Sara turned around. “Oh” she said, “you scared me Jeff”. Jeff was surprised by the sudden movement but immediately regained his composure. He took off his mask & asked how did she recognize him sliding the scissors back into his pocket. She told him that initially she was scared for a moment but she immediately recognized his trousers & asked him how did he get in. Jeff said that he saw her parents leave & considering that her mother’s concern about Sara her being careless & the fact that she had left the front door open he just came in to see if everything was all right. Sara was a little embarrassed & decided to check the door.

She was pushing her hair away from her face as she walked past Jeff when suddenly Jeff stopped her by grabbing her hair & turned her around. “Your mother was right about your being careless just look at your hair,” he said gathering her hair in a ponytail & then twisting it up. He twisted her hair into a neat bun & was amazed to see the size of it himself. Sara touched her hair, turned & smiled at Jeff and said that it felt nice & but how did he do it. Jeff told her that he was professionally qualified hairdresser & could do a lot of things with her hair & asked if she would like trying some new styles.

Sara said she wouldn’t mind as long as it did not involve cutting her hair short. Jeff just smiled took her hand & said, “Trust me”. They went to Sara’s bedroom where she sat in front of the dressing room with Jeff behind her. He pulled her bun down & dived his fingers into her lush blonde thick silky hair. He ran his fingers through the length of her & after playing with her for 10 minutes he started combing her hair. This time he arranged her into a beautiful sculpted bun. He asked where her parents had gone to & she said they had just gone to buy some groceries & said would be back in an hour or so. Jeff checked the time & knew her parents could be back any moment now.

Sara told him that she enjoyed having Jeff play with her hair & style it & wished he could do it again. Jeff offered her to come to his place whenever she wanted but Sara refused saying she wouldn’t want anyone to know about it. She then told Jeff that her mother had just joined some cooking classes & she would be alone between 5 to 7 in the evening & that is the time Jeff could come to her house to style her hair. Jeff was already getting excited at the offer. He proposed that Sara should leave the back door open & when her mother has gone Jeff will enter her room where She should be sitting in a chair & Jeff will come up from behind undo her hair, style it & leave. Sara found this to be an exciting idea & agreed.

The next day as Jeff saw Sara’s mother leave he quietly crept inside the house from the back & went straight to Sara’s room where he found her sitting in a chair as instructed with her hair in two pigtails reaching all the way down to her hips lying on her shoulders.
He stood behind her & pulled the pigtails back & began unraveling them one at a time. He combed her hair straight down first with his fingers then with a brush. He played with her hair for a while & then arranged it in a beautiful chignon.

This went for a couple of days where in Jeff would sneak into the house after Sara’s mother had left. Sara would be sitting in her chair reading. He would sneak up from behind pull her hair back, play with it, style it & leave. Sara enjoyed this except she would not see Jeff come or leave.

Then one day while Jeff was combing her hair told her that he had would be leaving town soon. Sara was a little disappointed at this. He told Sara that he loved combing her hair & now that he would be gone he would like to take a souvenir along. Sara asked what he wanted & he replied he wanted her hair. Sara quickly turned around with a concerned look on her face. He told her not to worry as he had taken care of everything & with that pulled out a cloth & pressed it on to Sara’s face. The cloth had `Chloroform’ in it & Sara fainted. Jeff now pulled Sara’s head back & gathered her hair in a ponytail. He pulled his scissors out & began scrunching through the thick blonde ponytail. It took him a while to cut through the silky mass but eventually he succeeded. He then pulled battery-powered clippers & gave Sara a close crop.

After an hour when Sara’s mother returned she was horrified to see her daughter tied to the chair & all her hair gone. Her parents immediately informed the police only to find out that their neighbor had already left the town.

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