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It was a Spring day when I woke up and decided to take the day off from work.  I decided it was again time to make a road trip to get away from the stress of everyday life.  My destination today was a little resort town across the border.  It was a couple hours drive, so I could relax and listen to some CDs along the way.  It had been about a year since I last visited this little town, but I had an urge building inside me that told me it was time to make the trip.  You see, there was a barbershop in that town I really wanted to visit.  I had passed by this shop on weekends a couple times in the past, but it was always closed.  This day was different since it was the middle of the week I just hoped the shop was still in business.

As I arrived at my destination, the weather was a little dreary cool and rainy.  There wasn?t much traffic or action on the streets this morning.  The unstable air set forth a warning that this was not going to be ?normal? today.  Being focused on the goal of my adventure, I could only sense that it was a great day for a haircut!

As I approached the shop, my nerves began to tighten.  The anticipation was growing to a point that I could hardly keep my body from shaking.  The excitement was too overwhelming.  I tried to calm myself because I knew the odds were not in my favor of finding a barberette working at this shop.  I couldn?t quite remember the exact location of the shop, but I knew that I was on the right street.  Before I even knew it, I was driving past and almost missed it.  I did get a quick glimpse to see the shop as I remembered.

The last time I was in town, I had stopped after hours at the barbershop and looked in the window.  It was sort of eerie to be looking into a window not knowing what would peer back, but I was drawn to the essence of the shop.  It was dark, but enough sunlight entered the window to identify many features inside.  There were two old fashion style barber chairs.  They were obviously refurbished and now had gray leather upholstery to go along with the fancy chrome outer-structure.  A royal blue barber cape was drawn over an arm of one of the chairs.  I could see numerous clippers hanging from the back-bar.  They were definitely older model clippers, as they looked very large and powerful.  The shop itself was all white and looked very plain and almost antiseptic.  I had never seen a military barbershop before, but my guess was this shop could easily be one.  Any barbershop enthusiast would only dream of getting a haircut in a place like this.  I looked for a name on the mirror to see if a barberette worked here.  It was a long shot to even think that a lady would work in a barbershop like this, but a guy like me could only hope.  I couldn?t see any name tags.  I made a pledge to myself right then and there that if a barberette worked in this shop, I would definitely let her cut my hair ? no matter what!

Back to the present – On my quick drive-by, I did notice that the shop was open and that someone was sitting in the chair nearest the window.  I could have sworn that the person was a barberette, but I needed to get a closer look.  I couldn?t turn my vehicle around fast enough.  On my second pass by the shop, I confirmed what I had been hoping a barberette was in the shop, and she seemed to be the only person present.  I promised myself that I would go in for a haircut, so I wasn?t about to break that promise.  I knew I would be sitting in that old fashion barber chair within minutes.  I still couldn?t see much of the barberette, but I could tell that she was probably in her 30s and she had short hair.  As I looked for a place to park my vehicle, many thoughts started to cross my mind.  Maybe this lady wasn?t the barber and the real barber was in the back.  Maybe she was waiting for a customer with an appointment, and another barber was out of view.  Maybe this lady was the barber and this barbershop only catered to military haircut styles!  Many thoughts entered my mind, and I could not think straight.  All I could focus on was that a really cool barbershop appeared to have a barberette, working alone, with no customers, and was waiting to turn her clippers loose on someone like me.

I found a place to park around the corner, and quickly approached the shop on foot.  I didn?t want to walk past the window because she would see me staring in.  I tried to view the inside of the shop through the front door and through the mirrors inside.  The barberette was still sitting in her chair, but she now was holding up a newspaper that blocked my view of her.  There didn?t seem to be any other activity in the shop, so I decided to take the plunge, opened the front door, and entered the shop.

The barberette quickly put down the paper and said hello while still sitting in her chair.  She was an attractive lady.  She had short dark hair (clippered close on the nape with a little longer style on top), blue eyes, stood about 5?9? and was athletically fit.  She was wearing a black skirt along with her form fitting white barber jacket.  I sensed a little bit of a dominant or aggressive personality about her.  I needed a second to scope out the shop to make sure everything was all right, so I asked her if she did straight razor shaves.  She replied that she did not do shaves.  Her eyes showed disappointed thinking that I would probably be leaving.  I said, ?Well I could use a haircut though.?  Her eyes lit up – she smiled and said, ?Well then, you have come to the right place.  Have a seat!?  The barberette got up and directed me into the chair.  The chair was very comfortable.  It seemed to posture my spine directly upright.

As she stood behind me, with a giggle in her voice, she said, ?My name is Tara, and I will be your barber today!?  It was a good icebreaker, and I laughed.  I told her my name and that I was in town for the day to do some shopping and tourist stuff.  I had noticed her shop and that she looked like she could use a customer.  Tara said that I was her first customer of the morning and that the rain must be keeping people at home.

After a little chitchat, it was time to get down to business.  From behind, I felt Tara reach around me and drape the royal blue nylon cape across my chest.  She brought it up to my shoulders, but didn?t secure it.  She left me for second, but quickly returned with a neck strip.  She secured the neck strip, very tightly I might add, around my neck and then securely fastened the cape as tight as she could.  My nerves started sending messages to my brain.  I could already feel the chills climb up my spine and she hadn?t even turned on her clippers.  My head was tilted forward as she was putting on the cape so I didn?t get a look around the shop from my new perspective in the chair.  After the cape was fastened, I lifted my head only to realize that there was no mirror in front of me.  The suspense was overwhelming.  I heard Tara preparing some of her equipment behind me, but she was totally out of my sight.  I had to wait like a caped victim to see what her next move was going to be.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Tara approach my right side.  She put one hand on my shoulder while she reached for the lever on the side of the chair to pump the height of the chair up an extra level.  She then grabbed her tools of the trade and started to comb my hair.  I noticed she was holding a very lar
ge set of clippers in the other hand.  ?So how short are we going?? she asked.  I love it when a barberette says those words.  I told her to just tidy things up and take the back a little shorter.  Before I knew it, the silence in the shop was broken by a click of the switch that brought the clippers to life.  My god those clippers didn?t hum ? they VIBRATED!!!

Tara was now standing behind me.  The clippers had yet to touch the back of my neck, but I could feel the power of them vibrating through the air and penetrating my skin.  I cringed.  Without another word, Tara flicked the hair along my neckline with her comb, and quickly made her first cut.  Her actions were very quick, and I soon saw hair falling down the cape as she moved over to my side.  To my relief, Tara never did place the clippers directly on my neck.  I think the vibrations would have shot me across the room.  Because I didn?t have a mirror in front of me, I could only guess how short she was going.  I think Tara purposely flicked my buzzed hair onto the cape in front of me just to show me she was in control.  It didn?t take her long before she was finished with the turbo clippers.  I sat there staring at the pile of hair on my lap in front of me.  There was lots of hair, but the lengths were not that long.

Tara undid the cape and carefully removed the neck strip.  She then tucked the cape into my shirt.  She then placed one of her hands on top of my head and tilted my chin to my chest.  I then heard the edgers fire up.  With short slow strokes, she methodically shaved any hair that had decided to grow on my neck.  She then used the edgers to clean up my hairline and thin out my sideburns.  Her precision work had me aching with pleasure.  After a few minutes of buzzing and clipper shaving, Tara turned off the edgers.  She then spent a few minutes with her scissor to tidy up loose ends.  I figured it was another positive sign that I still had hair long enough for her to use scissors.  She then dusted me with a talc-covered brush.  It only felt like a few minutes since I had first sat in the chair, but Tara was now turning me towards the mirror for me to see her work.

I was a little surprised to see quite a bit of hair still left on my head.  I thought she had taken more off than she actually did.  ?How?s that?? she asked.  Tara held a mirror up behind me and showed me the back.  The mirror was a little distant, so I really couldn?t get a good look at her work.  Tara then ran her hand up the back of my head and said, ?I?m never sure how short a new customer wants to go, so I usually leave quite a bit on the first pass.  My version of short is usually different than everyone else.?  She was right.  I didn?t even think the back looked like it was clippered.  I ran my hand up the back and I figured the shortest hair was still ½? long at the neckline.  I was very surprised because my haircuts were usually a tad bit shorter.  Tara was now running her fingers through the hair around my ears and up my nape.  It was like she was giving me a mini-massage.  ?Would you like me to go shorter?? she asked.  I had to agree with her because I felt my hair was still too long.  Besides, I couldn?t resist the thought of Tara doing more of her clipper work on me.

Before I knew it, Tara had me turned around facing the wall again.  She placed a new neck strip on me and tightened up the cape.  She tilted my head forward, fired up a new set of clippers, and ran them straight up the back of my neck until they started buzzing hair.  I froze on the spot.  I hadn?t had clippers run straight up the back of my head since I was a kid.  Tara then quickly pulled the clippers upwards to start a neat taper.  Once again, her clipping motions were slow and methodical ? I could literally feel every hair on my head being cut.  I could see more hair hitting my shoulder and cascading down the cape.  Large tufts of hair were landing in my lap, but once again, the length of the buzzed hair was not that long.  It only took Tara a few minutes to remove the second pass of hair from my head.  Once again, she turned me around to face the mirror.  My hair looked a little shorter, more like the style I was looking for.  I was hoping Tara would do a little more clipper work though as I was really enjoying the vibrations of those clippers that?s when I fell for Tara?s trap!

Tara once again ran her hands through my hair, but this time her massage techniques was a little more persuasive.  ?Is this short enough?? she asked, knowing darn well that I didn?t want to leave her chair.  I ran my hand up the back of my neck.  My hair still had some length to it.  The clippers must have had a longer blade on them to leave this much length.  I asked Tara for her opinion.

Well that?s all Tara needed to hear.  ?Like I said before, I never know how short a customer wants to go ? I?ll just tidy it up a little more for you,? she said.  Tara turned my chair around so I was again facing the wall.  She grabbed her original turbo clippers and stood beside me.  She was blowing on the clipper blade to remove some hair.  I got a good look at the clippers.  They must have been a real old fashion set of Oster clippers.  I noticed the blade on this set didn?t have any length to them.  They were designed to shave to the skin.  Before I knew it, the vibrations of the clippers now filled the air and Tara was running the clippers around my ear at an angle.  She wasn?t using a comb this time.  One hand was on the clippers while the fingers in her other hand held my ear back so that she had a clear path to my hair.  ?You weren?t looking for a military cut were you?? Tara asked in a hopeful tone.  Before she could take me to the skin, I quickly replied that I didn?t want to go THAT short.  Tara just giggled.  With a very determined look in her eye, and a devious tone to her voice, Tara said, ?Well then, I?ll just have to take you to MY version of SHORT!!!?  I just froze and didn?t say anything I couldn?t ? she was in control.  It was like Tara was claiming victory and really meant to say ? I SUCKED YOU INTO THAT ONE!

After mowing a good chunk of hair from around my ear, Tara moved behind me.  I felt one hand on top of my head while the other held the approaching clippers.  She placed the clippers as low as she could on my neck.  Tara put a lot of pressure on the clippers as I could feel them digging into my skin.  The vibrations were driving me wild.  I could have sworn that they were a massager and not clippers.  This time Tara didn?t use her usual strokes to rid me of my hair.  She moved the clippers up the back of my neck in a VERY slow but forceful manner.  I felt the clippers touch my hairline and then shave right through it.  I thought Tara would pull the clippers away, but she didn?t.  Tara drove the clippers against my skin until they were almost half way up the back of my head.  After her first pass, Tara made a few more passes with quicker motions.  I was now dreading what had happened.  After finishing the back, Tara moved to my other side and slowly ran the clippers around my ear to reduce the hair length to that equal of the other side.  Tara finally turned off the turbo clippers.  There was a moment of silence for me to contemplate the aftermath.  As I was coming to the realizatio
n that I had just been BUZZED, Tara fired up her edgers and shaved any stubble she could find that remained on the outside of my hairline.  She then used the edgers to shave a new hairline that was a little higher than my real one.

?That better be short enough for you now because you don?t have much hair left back here, and I?ll have to give you a military buzz if you want it shorter.?  I quickly came to my senses and told Tara that this was short enough.  Tara told me that if I wanted it this short next time, I was to ask for a Zero & Up.  Tara spent more time with her clippers blending the buzzed portion of my head with the remaining hair I had on top.  I was in such a daze at this point that I really do not remember much of the haircut past this stage.  I think what woke me up was when she ran the turbo clippers over my sideburns reducing them to a shadow of what they were.

Tara finally turned me towards the mirror.  Holy crap was I ever buzzed!  I did have some hair left on top, but I was white-walled around the ears.  Tara showed me the back of my head in the mirror, and I didn?t have much left there either.  Tara was grinning from ear to ear.  ?You look good with short hair,? she proudly stated as she inspected her work.  ?The next time you come in, we will have to talk about a flattop!?  I just smiled, and then Tara winked at me as I looked at her in the mirror.

Tara dusted me off and brushed some talc on me again.  There was a pile of hair on my lap and on the floor around the chair.  As she unfastened the cape, I felt her fingernails run over my neck sending a chill up my spine.  Before she fully released me from her capture, Tara ran the edgers along the bottom portion of my neck.  I just closed my eyes and soaked up those vibrations one last time before I had to leave the shop and re-enter the world outside.

The end

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