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Stephen had such a surprise 5 weeks ago, when his girlfriend Mylanne had done his hair into a short, sharp crew cut. Now though it was growing back nicely and as far as he was concerned she’d just done it and then forgotten all about his hair. He hadn’t even seen her hair cutting equipment lying about the house at all. Maybe she’d got rid of it and the haircut had been just a one off?

However Mylanne had noticed his rapidly growing back hair. Weel its nae guid, she thought, it’s just got tae all come aff again soon! She thought this whilst she was gently brushing her long cascading tresses, whilst looking into the living room mirror. She’d caught sight of Stephen as he was passing and she’d decided there and then that he would look better without any hair at all! Mylanne thought that her partner would look so rugged and sexy once she’d completely cleaned his head!

In the meantime Stephen hadn’t any idea that Mylanne had secretly ordered some Wahl Magic Balding Shears. They are used by barbers to cut tram lines and do bald fades. She’d seen them advertised in a Sunday Paper and when she’d realised the job they could do, Mylanne ordered them without any hesitation. Within a week the close shaving equipment had arrived, without him even twigging on! The cute wee Scottish Lassie decided to wait until they both had a day off together and then carry out the sneaky deed! She’d checked the clippers in his absence and switched them on and off several times. Mylanne had got used to the tickling, vibrating feeling in her delicate, feminine hands as she watched the oscillating blades. However they moved almost too fast for the human eye to follow. These shears were not supplied with any scissors, but several grade combs and an instruction DVD.

Stephen didn’t even realise that the cute, cunning, little lady had watched the DVD several times. She smiled as she learnt that holding the clippers at a 90 degree angle to the scalp would cut as closely as an open razor and hot lather. All Mylanne would have to do was to simply trick him into not realising that she wasn’t using a comb guard with the clippers. The fact that she wouldn’t show him the zero cut in a mirror until after she’d finished would really help too! When Mylanne finally realised the method she should use to shave her boyfriends head completely, she just couldn’t wait to put it into practice!

     After her final viewing of the demonstration DVD Mylanne turned on the shears and practiced holding them at the correct angle. She burst into a fit of giggles, whilst she rehearsed the whole thing! After this she decided to put them away in the bottom of her wardrobe, until the day arrived for her to shave Stephen smooth!

      Two weeks later one warm and sunny Sunday the day came. Mylanne wore a blue and white, floral patterned sundress and how it showed off her dainty figure. She had her long auburn hair in a French plait, which was finished off with a blue silk hair ribbon tied in a neat bow. Wearing her hair back of her face beautifully revealed her freckled, cherubic features. Oh she just looked too innocent for this, however her partner knew different!

     On the spur of the moment she worked out her plan of attack. Just like last time Mylanne set up all her equipment quietly in the kitchen. She’d hidden everything including the table cloth cape, in a kitchen draw. When everything was set up she shouted,” intae the kitchen ma sweetheart we’ve a wee job tae dae”! Stephen wondered what she exactly meant as he answered her command. No sooner had he entered the room, when he saw exactly what Mylanne had in mind or at least he thought he knew! “Ahm going tae dae yer heer taedae Stephen it’s a wee bit tae lang”, she said. “Just like last time”, he asked? “That’s richt”, she smiled,”yer haeing blades one and tae again”. Weel nae exactly, she thought to herself!

     He realised what the cute wee Scottish Lassie expected of him, so he quietly sat down and allowed her to drape the white table cloth around him. He knew that it would soon be filling up with his hair as Mylanne got to work with her clippers and comb! Before Stephen knew what was happening he could feel her gently running the barber comb through his hair. There’ll be nae need for this in a few minutes my love she thought to herself. Like last time he couldn’t see her secretly smiling, how glad Mylanne was that her hands would be holding the clippers and not the other way round! Presently Mylanne fitted the grade 2 comb onto the face of the clippers and pressed down the switch. The shears buzzed into life and now whatever Mylanne did with his hair, was how he would be having it done!

“Heid doon”, she whispered as she firmly pushed his head forward and held it there. Mylanne shaved the first furrow up the back of Stephen’s head and more followed. Next the top was sheared and the fringe quickly disappeared, the clippings wafted softly down onto the cape! Soon he could feel her delicate, smooth fingers holding his ears down as she slowly shaved around them. In next to no time Stephen had a quarter of an inch of soft stubble all over his head. As usual she couldn’t resist rubbing his head for a minute. “Richt Stephen noo grade one back and sides”, she said as she removed comb no 2 and replaced it with the close cutting no. one comb Mylanne smiled to herself as she realised the moment had come!

  Stephen felt her coming close again with the shears and he automatically bent his head forwards. As he looked down he could see all his discarded hair. Suddenly Mylanne began to cough and sneeze,” ah bless me”, she said. However he hadn’t seen or heard her remove the guard comb! Sneakily she returned it to the working top. Mylanne moved the lever on the side of the clippers downwards and this adjusted the blades so that they’d cut down to zero. She’d learnt this from the DVD. A triumphant smile spread across her cherubic face!

 ”Heid doon Stephen”, Mylanne whispered as she firmly pushed his head down and held it there once more! She pushed the clippers into his already cropped hair and worked them slowly upwards. Where they’d been run remained the smooth bare skin. Mylanne continued this until all the back had been shaven smooth! He felt the clippers vibrating against his scalp as the little lady buzzed them at a 90 degree angle. Next her delicate fingers gently caressed his bare scalp as she checked it for smoothness. Saft as a baby’s wee bottom, she thought to herself!

  Next came the sides and first Mylanne shaved away his sideburns, followed by around his ears. Stephen sat in silence as he felt her fingers gently caressing his ears and the tingle of the clipper blades against his bare scalp! Meanwhile Mylanne’s fingers continued to hold his ears down, whilst she held the shears at a 90 degree angle and cleaned up the sides too! “Mylanne your not doing me grade one all over are you”, he asked her? ” Nae relax its okay”, she gently whispered. She wasn’t exactly lying either!

  Soon she slid her hand under his chin and lifted his head, next she began the top. Within seconds Mylanne had shaven away the last of his hair. Stephen hadn’t even realised that the cute little lady had shaved his whole head clean this time. Despite feeling the clippers buzzing and tingling over the top of his head and feeling her delicate hand rubbing his head very gently! She continued to gently caress his now completely bare head and she smiled at her achievement as she felt its stubble free softness!

  Mylanne realised that she’d probably gone a little too far, when she recalled how much time she’d spent brushing and plaiting her own hair that morning. However her remorse about shaving him down to nothing quickly evaporated, when she realised how sexy her partner now looked in her eyes!
Satisfied she turned off the clippers and returned them to the working
top. Stephen realised that something was amiss, when Mylanne picked up the neck brush and began to dust down his whole head. He wondered why he could feel the soft bristles making contact with the whole of his scalp, not just his neck and ears?
 ”Weel that’s guid”, smiled Mylanne whilst she admired his newly shaven head! However there was just a little something more. “Jist a wee minute Stephen”, she whispered. Mylanne picked up the shears once more, clicked them on and told him to promptly close his eyes. She then removed his eyebrows too, to complete the look! “Richt sweetheart yer done”, she said as she removed the cape from around him and shook all the hair onto the kitchen floor.

     Mylanne guided him over to a large mirror and tears pricked at his eyes as he starred at the reflection of his new image. Initially he could stand the idea of her giving him a crew cut, but this seemed to be too much! “Why Mylanne why”, he stammered? He hadn’t felt this hurt over a haircut since he was a boy of ten. When he’d gone to a different barber’s shop thinking that he would get a trendy, long, modern hairstyle. In 1970’s Britain it was all the rage for boy’s to wear their hair long. However the young man with collar length hair who had serviced him had given him an old fashioned short back and sides! How upset Stephen had been, when he realised he may as well have gone to an old fashioned traditional shop. That man had no right to cut his hair like that he thought! Once he got home he couldn’t help crying a little either, for he felt so really let down! That was exactly how he felt just now too!

“There I’ve shaven ye smooth this time but dinna get upset”, smiled Mylanne.”Ye’ll get used tae it and in Scotland this is what most men dae for their women once they get oot o their twenties and I’m sure ye’ll be happy daein it for me”, she continued! Yes the cute wee Scottish Lassie had well and truly tricked him into having his head shaved. Already she wasn’t sure, whether she’d ever want him to have any hair again. What a sneaky second cut?

 Now that Mylanne had smashed her way through that barrier with her boyfriend, if ever she became a barber how many more customers would end up shaven smooth at her disgression? Whatever they thought of her work wouldn’t concern her either, for after she’d swept up and binned their discarded hair clippings she would still have her long trademark tresses!
 ”See ye in three weeks time and I’ll shave ye all aff again”, she’d say with a warm and tempting smile!

 Meanwhile she gave Stephen a warm and comforting cuddle as she could see that she’d initially upset him. “Dinna cry ye look fine”, she said gently giving his head a pat!

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