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She felt the coldness of the blades as her new husband lifted the scissors and they grazed just below her right ear. She screamed which caused her husband to drop the scissors and her new father-in-law stepped forward and told her angrily that this display of emotion really would not do and she would have to be spanked as a punishment.
He dragged her across the floor and sat himself down on one of the chairs. She was dragged across his lap and her stocking-clad legs kicked out as he proceeded to spank her hard. Her long hair fell forward, covering her tear stained face. She was finally aware that the spanking has stopped and raised her head, only to see all the wedding guests gathered around the chair, looking at her bare butt. She felt her father-in-laws hand stroking her legs and flinched which earned her another slap on her rear end. His hand then carried on upwards until he began to stroke her butt which felt like it was on fire. He ran his fingers down her butt crack and inserted one of his fingers into the opening of her butt which caused her to gasp. He slowly slid his finger in to her most private of places and her face burned with the shame and embarrassment. She was lifted onto her feet by her husband, still with the offending finger inserted into her rear end and she stood,to attention like a guard on duty her whole body burning and her large breasts jutting forward with her nipples rock hard. Her husband whispered in her ear. ‘I will try again and don’t you dare move’. The scissors were placed into his hand and he placed them above her ear, even higher this time and she heard the sickening sound of the blades as they severed her hair from her head. Her father-in-law, still with his finger in her butt, positioned his other hand at her front opening and started to finger her in both holes as her husband finished chopping through her thick blonde mane until it was about 1″ long all over. She orgasmed on her new fathers fingers and her juices ran clear over the back of his hand. She fainted………
To be cont……

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