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She smiled again at him and said, “Perhaps.”   She hesitated and then said, “It is getting a little late.  Would you like to come back with me and have a drink and I could cook us a meal.”  “That would be very nice, ” he replied, “I would just like to go back to my place and freshen up first.”  “You don’t need to do that, you can use my bathroom.”  She looked at him a little provocatively and added, “I will run you a bath if you like and bring you a glass of wine.”  Now that was an offer he couldn’t refuse!  He quickly got his jacket and as they were leaving he surreptitiously slipped his scissors into his pocket.

Sally’s house was very near the salon and a few minutes later they had reached it and he was being shown upstairs to the bathroom.  It was a splendid modern room with a very large spa bath which she immediately began filling and then said, “I will just get some food started and then bring you up a glass of wine.  If you use the bath essence and the aerator in the baths there will be plenty of bubbles so don’t be shy!”   She left the room with a little toss of her silken hair and a smile on her face.  Feeling a little surprised at her forwardness but already aroused at the thoughts of what might be in store for the evening, he quickly undressed and slipped into the large bath.  He put in some essence and turned on the jets and lay back, luxuriating in the warm foaming water.

About five minutes later the door opened and Sally came in.  She had changed and was wearing a soft towelling dressing gown and carried two glasses of wine and walked over to the bath and handed one to him and then said softly, “Would you like me to shampoo your hair?”  He nodded and she slipped off her dressing gown, revealing her naked body and climbed into the large bath with him.  She knelt in front of him and took a large jug and poured water over his head and he reached out and began fondling her breasts as she began lathering his hair.  His erection was hard and enormous and the sensuous feel of her hardened nipples and the caressing of his head increased his pleasure.  She rinsed the lather from his head and he was able to open his eyes and smile at her.  They kissed passionately and she rubbed her warm wet body against his, increasing further his pleasure.

“Let me shampoo your hair now,” he murmured and they changed places in the large bath so that she was sitting down and he knelt in front of her. He took the jug and soaked her hair and applied the shampoo and gently caressed her wet hair and she moaned softly with pleasure and then he knew that he had the opportunity he had sought for days. Her head was bowed forward and her eyes tightly closed as he poured warm water over her head to rinse away the shampoo. He smoothed all her long hair forward from the back of her head with both hands so that it fell forward down over her face and then he reached out to his clothes on a nearby chair.

He swiftly pulled out his scissors and with his other hand grasped a handful of the hair that was hanging down and brought the scissors up to her head.  As he began forcing the blades deep into her hair close to the roots, Sally grasped his enlarged penis and began feverishly working on it.  She moaned slightly and made a slight effort to twist her head away from the shearing blades but he had a firm grasp of her hair and as he exploded with the biggest ejaculation he had ever had, he finally severed the great mass of hair. He was aware that she was having multiple orgasms before he sank back into the warm water and released the locks of hair which floated into the water.

She sat up with a shocked expression on her face as she saw the great locks of her hair floating between them but said nothing as he stood up and lifted her from the water and laid her on the fluffy towels on the floor and they made passionate love and then she led him into her bedroom where again they made love. When they were finally spent she sat up and brought her hands up to her ravaged hair and explored the very short ends at the front and on top of her head.  She looked at him and said, “I hope you can do something about this.”  He jumped from the bed and led her over to the dressing table and sat her down in front of the mirror.

He picked up his scissors again and began working on her damp hair. The hair he cut off dropped onto her naked back and shoulders but she ignored it and stared at her reflection in the mirror intently as he scissored away more of her hair.  She caught his eye in the reflection and said, “Did you know that I was prepared to let you cut my hair tonight anyway, you didn’t have to do it like that.”  She paused and gave him a little smile, “but I am glad you did!”  It was the most fantastic experience I have ever had!”  

For almost an hour he worked on her hair, cutting and re-cutting every area to achieve perfection.  Because he had hacked her hair so short in the front in the bath he had now cut almost all of the hair in front back to her hairline but had slanted it slightly to one side to give an asymmetrical look. He continued this look by cropping the hair over one ear but leaving it slightly longer on the other.  The crown and back hair he cut down to about an inch or so and the nape hair just a little shorter.

As Sally watched the shape of the style emerge she marvelled once again at the skilled use of his scissors and she realised it was a very dramatic style which replaced her former shoulder length hair.  When he finally dried her hair she could hardly believe how superb it looked.  The quality and colour of her hair emphasised the superb shape of her hairstyle and it was so different and sophisticated.  However the full story of her haircut would be their secret. Village life would never be the same again!

The End

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