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I m a 22 yr old girl from India. I come from a far-flung village located in the north-eastern part of the country. Girls here are supposed to be married before the turn 20. I was 19 then. My parents were worried about my marriage.

My parents began an extensive search for a suitable groom. After much toil they found one. The wedding day was fixed.
Wedding rituals in my tribe are a bit different and it was on my wedding day that I discovered it. My father happens to be the chief of the tribe and hence the marriage was a grand affair.

In our culture hair is supposed to incorporate in it all the evils and on every auspicious occasion girls must sanitized and must be devoid of hair.
My best friend Mina who was 18 then was supposed to be bridesmaid. She herself would get married the next year. The lady priest came and the ceremony began. The priest ,Mina and I were taken to a separate  hall.  The priest called on the village barber to the hall. We both had a faint idea of what was to happen. In the center of the hall a wooden chair was kept. The priest instructed Mina to undress . She took off her blouse and the traditional skirt. The priest ordered me to follow her. We were now in bra and panties only. There were kept ,two buckets full of water. We both were given a bath by the priest. Then we were asked to take off the remaining clothes. We did the same and now we both stood drenched in water and completely naked. We were both nervous and excited. Our boobs got firm and nipples, pink. Mina sat on the chair. The priest told her to open up her legs and ordered the barber to shave the pubic hair. The barber did the same. As I stood there with every scratch of blade my excitement levels heightened. Her pussy was now completely bald. Then came the turn of underarms. After finishing the priest instructed to take off the eyebrows. Mina was then told to lower her head and suddenly the barber made a scratch on the crown of her head with the straight razor. A white patch developed and within no time her head was shaved. She now stood hairless from head to toe. She looked beautiful. I was made to sit next and after 15 minutes  I was finished. I loved my new look. For the first time in my life ,did I feel wind on my bald head. We were again cleaned up and the priest took us to the village square where rest of the ceremonies took place. Mina’s stunning looks brought her the marriage proposal from the neighbouring village’s prince. 

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