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“I hope Jen will be ready on time tonight,” Sam thought to himself as he put on his new hip blazer.  It had been six months since they first started dating, and she was late more often then not.  On their last date he waited for over thirty minutes.  Granted the wait was worth his time because she paid for dinner, the movie and the popcorn, and she gave him the best head.  She did not want to fuck that night, but blowing his dick was okay.  Sam saw no need to unravel her logic.

Tonight they were going to have dinner in Soho and then head over to a trendy new club.  Since Jen wrote for a well known entertainment magazine, she got guest passes to these clubs all the time.  Sam on the other hand did not like loud music, and these places tended to make him claustrophobic.  However, she assured him the music would be great, and the dance floor had plenty of room.  This time Jen was waiting for him as his cab pulled up to her building.  She looked great.  Her blond hair hung straight down below her shoulders.  He ogled her amazing body encased in tight, low riding leather pants, a halter top, and a matching leather jacket.  Her breasts really knew how to fill out a halter.  Jen hopped into the cab and gave Sam a big kiss.  “I’m starved,” she announced.  “I hear this restaurant has killer sushi.”  

Sam shared a few cucumber rolls, but he let Jen eat the raw fish.  Sam decided on some very plain teriyaki chicken and rice.  They downed a bottle of rice wine, and both of them had a sweet buzz heading over to the club.  As their taxi pulled up in front, Jen could see the people waiting in line were going to have a long night.  While Sam held the door for her to step out of the cab, another couple started to get in.  The guy said to them, “this line is impossible.  We waited over thirty minutes and did not move.  I hope you guys have more luck.”  

Jen felt bad for them and suggested that they come in the club using her pass.  “Will that be a problem?” asked the women.  

“No, I could probably get eight people in on this thing.  Just follow me.  We are Sam and Jen.  What are you names?”  

“Jack and Jane,” answered the women.

Sam could not take his eyes off this women.  She wore a short leather skirt with a pair of four inch heels.  Normally, that would keep his attention discretely focused on her ass.  However, this time he could not take his eyes off of her head.  It gleamed in the lights because no hair grew on it.  She was completely bald.  He wanted to touch her head to feel the smoothness he saw.

“What are you two drinking?” asked Jack.  “At least we can try to repay the favor.”

“I’ll come with you,” said Sam.  “Jen, you good with a martini?”  She nodded.  They lined up at the bar, and Sam could not hold back his questions. “Wow, why did you guys shave your heads.  You’re not a couple of college kids having a goof.”

“Do you want the official response?  We decided to make a charitable donation of cash and Jane’s hair.  Now the real reason is she wanted a house in Westchester, and I got her for the weekend.  Earlier today we wound up at a barbershop having a Locks for Love shavethon.  She got really into it.  We barely made it back to the hotel, and the sex we had this afternoon was insane.  I came back for more three times, without Viagra.  We would have stayed in all night, but I wanted to display my beautiful Jane in front of the world.  Surprisingly, she loves this exhibition more than I do.  I thought that her baldness would help us into the club, but the bouncer just said nice shave and the line is over there.”

They took the drinks back to the VIP table that Jen procurred with her pass.  Jane was finishing telling the same story to Jen.  “Sam you need to feel Jane’s head.  Don’t worry I already asked permission for you.”  Sam reached up to ply his fingers on top of Jane’s head.  Jen noticed the erection growing in his pants.

After another drink Jack and Jane went to dance.  Everyone in the place had their eyes on Jane.  “She is quite a spectacle,” said Jen.  

“She sure is,” agreed Sam.  “Let’s dance for a while.”

After a number of dances Jen spoke to Sam.  “Between the alcohol and the loud music, I’ve got a big headache.  Please take me home. I think some coffee and Advil will help me.”  They said goodbye to Jane and Jack.  Sam slipped Jack’s business card into his pocket, as they walked outside.  Luckily, a taxi pulled up in a couple of minutes, and Jen instructed the driver to her apartment.

“Sam I need to run into Duane Reade to get some Advil.  Please go to Starbucks and get me a latte.  I’ll meet you in the lobby.”

As Sam returned with the coffee he thought to himself  “At least she is not blowing me off tonight.”  

In her apartment Jen and Sam sipped their coffee.  “Feeling better,” he asked her not remembering, if she took the pills.

“Oh my head is fine.  I needed to get out of there.”

“Why didn’t you just say you wanted to leave.  You did not have to twist my arm.”

“I know, but then I would not have been able to surprise you.”  She emptied the bag she got at the drugstore.  Sam looked at a hair clipper, scissors, shave cream, razors, a cape, and Noxema.  “I saw you look at Jane.  And that erection you had while touching her head, very noticeable.  She told me that Jack’s been horny all day.  Did you know he came three times in a little over an hour?  Not bad for a guy in his mid thirties.  I want you to be able to do the same for me.  Now you will always want me. Not just for my body, but for my head.  Ha, I made a funny.”

Jen stood up and peeled off her pants.  She wore no underwear.  She pulled off her halter allowing her breasts to spill out.

Sam stood there startled.  Of course he would shave her head and have crazy monkey sex with her, but he was not sure about the next step in their relationship.  “What’s the matter with you he thought to himself.  Shave her and fuck her.  Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.”  

Sam set up a chair in the middle of the kitchen.  Jen sat down running her fingers through her blond locks for the last time.  Sam fastened the cape around her neck.  He took the scissors to her hair cutting along the top of her ears.  These pieces she could donate.  Once Jen’s hair was short enough, he started the guard-less clippers at the back of her head.  By pushing the blades forward Sam caused Jen’s hair to pile up.  Eventually, each pass resulted in the hair falling into Jen’s lap.  She examined the blond shards realizing that she would no longer have her mane to hide behind. When her confidence ran low, she would use a hat or a wig to cover herself.  However, she planned to baldly face the world each day.  The interns at work would think she was totally cool.  The bosses.  To hell with the bosses, if they had a problem.

Sam set down the clippers and went to the sink to warm up a towel.  He left it on her head for a few minutes to soften the bristles.  He removed the towel and started to spread the shaving cream over her scalp.  “Jen, you want to see yourself.  You look great with this buzz.  Your
blue eyes got so much bigger.”  She wanted to wait for the finished product, so he started to glide the razor across her scalp.  In no time Sam finished.  He applied the Noxema liberally to reduce the irritation.  “Do you want me to remove that little triangle above you pussy.  Your lips look pretty smooth.”

“No thanks.  I had a wax the other day.  I want to leave a little hair on my body.  Help me up, so I can view your handiwork.”  She walked into the bathroom.  “I’m gorgeous.  I’m also so smooth.”  Sam come in here.  “Grab that condom. I’m off my pills for a few weeks, due to some hormonal imbalance.  That’s why I did not have intercourse with you last time, but tonight I need you in me.”  Sam slipped the rubber onto his dick, as Jen bent over the sink.  She was so wet waiting for him that he slipped right in.  He stared at the back of her bald head as she looked at them in the bathroom mirror.  Sam pushed harder, and Jen answered his thrust with her own.  He reached around to her breasts, pinching her nipples.  Jen screamed in ecstasy, as she bore down on his erection.  Finishing her orgasm Jen turned around taking the condom off of Sam.  She took his dick in her hands and brought it to her head.  He came all over her scalp and face.  Jen used her hands to spread his jism all around.  “Jill told me that Jack loved that.  Does this get you ready to fuck me again?”  Sam only smiled.  Maybe he could get used to having this bald beauty as his wife.

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