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     Two college girls were walking down the street and passed in front of the town barbershop. They looked in and noticed the barber. He was young, tall, and quite handsome. They looked at each other and one said to the other,”I think we have time for a trim.” They laughed and entered the shop to see it completely empty. The first girl said,”Hi. My name is Beth and this is my friend Lori. Can we get a haircut today?”
   The young man answered,”Sure, everybody is at the football game.”
  Beth said,”Yea. We’re going to the game also, but we’re a little early. We both go to the visiting teams school so we’re not to familar with this town. We have some extra time and thought we could use a good haircut.”
  My name is Bill. Come on in. Motioning to the chair he asked who wanted to go first.
  Beth said,”I’ll go first.” She had her thick, brown hair up in a ponytail, through the back of her ballcap.She stepped up into the big barberchair and sunk into the soft leather.
  Bill removed her cap and put the cape over her. It covered her like a blanket. He removed the band from Beth’s hair and combed it out. She loved the feel of this hunk of a man combing and carassing her brown, thick locks. They reached down to her shoulder blades when brushed out.
  Bill said,”Beth. How does half an inch sound?” Lori just sat in the waiting area watching intently.
  Beth replied,”That sounds perfect.” She settled in the soft leather chair, covered with the large cape to enjoy being pampered by the barber giving her a trim. Then she heard a click and before she could say a word, she saw a horrible sight. Bill pushed her head forward till her chin hit her heaving chest. Beth then felt the cold steel of the clippers touch her neck. The vibration roared in her ears as they made their first pass up the back of her head, over the crown, to the very front. She tried to scream, but all she could do is watch her georgeous thick, brown hair slide down the cape to the floor. Beth yelled,”I thought you said you were going to cut half an inch off!”
  Bill replied,”I’m sorry. I thought you meant to cut it to half an inch. I’m afraid it’s to late now. I’ll have to finish giving you a buzzcut.” There was nothing she could do but comply. With a tear in Beth’s eye and a smile on Bill’s face he picked up the clippers. He quickly snapped them on and they roared to life. He pushed her head forward and slowly pushed the clippers into her thick hair. Hair rained all around her and she looked down to see her hair in a pile on the floor. Lori watched with her mouth wide open. Beth picked up her head to see all her hair gone except the sides and her bangs. Bill quickly tilted her head to each side and buzzed off both sides. All that was left was a soft fringe of bangs. Beth looked in the mirror just in time to see Bill place the clippers at her forehead. Before see could say stop, he clipped off all her bangs leaving her with a complete half inch buzzcut.
  Beth looked into the mirror expecting to explode, but to her surprise loved the new look. Her fine features and dark eyes looked even more beautiful with short hair. Beth said,”I never would have believed it, but I absolutely love my hair cropped short.” She got out of the chair and walked over to Lori. Lori hesitated and Beth said,”Lori go for it. You’ll love it.”
  Lori got up, slowly walked over to the chair, and sat down. Lori had curly, strawberry blonde hair. It was just shoulder length.
  Bill asked as he put the cape around her,”Lori. Are you ready for you’re haircut?” She could only nod her head, Yes. He picked up the clippers and snapped them on. Bill put his hand behind her head and placed the clippers on her forehead. The cold, vibrating clippers
to her surprise were quite a turnon. He didn’t hesitate. He pushed the clippers into her curly hair from her forehead to her crown. Curls slide down her face, onto the cape, to the floor. Bill quickly buzzed all the top hair, moved to the sides, then the back. In a matter of minutes Lori went from shoulder length, curly hair, to a complete buzzcut. She stared at herself in the mirror and rubbed her freshly shorn head and smiled.
  Lori replied,”Beth, you’re right. I love it. I never would of thought of cutting my hair this short.”
  Bill said,”Both of you look great with short hair. You better hurry if you want to get to the game on time.”
  Beth looked at Bill and said,”Bill, how did you now we would like our hair all buzzed off?”
  Bill replied,”Well it’s the only haircut I know how to do.”
  Beth and Lori both with puzzled looks said,”How can you be a barber and only know how to give a buzzcut.”
  Putting on his coat Bill answered,”I never said I was a barber. I’m a plumber and I was here to fix the sink. The barber is at the game with the rest off the town. Enjoy the game ladies.”
  With that he walked out the door. Beth and Lori looked at each other and started to laugh. They rubbed their heads, looked at all their hair on the floor, and walked out the door and went to the game.

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