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Rick of Rick’s House of Hair decided to go to a High School Volleyball game one early evening. He sat down in the bleachers when he saw coming to sit in front of him a mother and daughter. The daughter had Hershey chocolate colored brown hair down to her calves where it was blunt cut. It swung back and forth as she walked. It was beautiful thick material and looked liked it had been poured upon her head and down her back. She was a high school student age 18. Rick studied the hair as she sat down in front of him. It fell below the bleachers. He reached out and felt the softness and thickness of the young full mane. She came back and forth with her friends and at one point had twisted the hair up on top of her head exposing her fine neck.

Halftime came and Rick introduced himself to her mother who was in her mid 30’s with shoulder length light brown hair. Her name was Tonya and it turns out she had been divorced for about a year now. The daughters name was Kitty he was told and she was 18 years old. Rick after a few minutes of small talk got down to business. He spoke to Tonya ” I can’t help but notice your daughters magnificent mane of hair. She has to have the longest hair of the senior class. Now, I run a salon, ( he hands her one of his business cards) and I do makeover videos for a select clientele. I’d love to have your daughter as a model. I’m willing to give her a nice fee but of course it would mean cutting her lovely hair short. I could do it at the start of Christmas break so she would have Christmas spending money and time to adjust to her new look before going back to school.” Tonya replied ” Oh, I don’t know she really loves her long hair and takes very good care of it as you can tell. How much of a fee are you willing to give her?” Rick took out another of his cards and wrote down an impressive number and gave it to Tonya. ” That is the most I can pay and I’d like for her to model in a bikini during the makeover. I have a private studio in the basement of my salon where I do the makeovers. Your free to stop by and I’ll show it to you and Kitty.” { There was a pause as Kitty came over to chat with her mom. Rick got a closer look at her lovely neck and luscious chocolate mane.} Rick continued on with Tonya. ” I just need a couple day’s notice so you can get with your daughter and talk it over.” He reached out and shook Tonya’s hand . ” It was nice meeting you.” Rick went about enjoying the rest of the game with the home team winning a close one. Now, Rick was counting on the fact that most single mothers could use extra spending money around the holidays.

A week passed and Christmas was getting closer. Rick was at his House of Hair salon one late afternoon when much to his delight he saw Tonya and Kitty with her luscious chocolate hair flowing behind her enter the front door. Rick came up to greet them and Tonya spoke ” We came to look the situation over.” Rick said a few words to one of his stylist and then took mother and daughter downstairs to the studio with an old fashion barbers chair in front of a row of mirrors. He showed them the dressing room where Kitty would change into her bikini. He ran one of his old videos on a TV screen. Her purposely came up to Kitty and stealthily felt her thick soft shiny hair. He even had her sit in the old barber’s chair and look into the mirror. They went back upstairs into the lobby area. Rick left the alone and backed away a nice distance. It was obvious that the mother Tonya was pushing the issue. She came over to Rick ” The fee is still the same as you gave me at the game right?” asked Tonya. “Yes, but I must have a free hand to cut her hair short in a style of my choosing and must pose and do as I say including wearing a nice hot summer’s day type bikini.” replied Rick. Tonya went back over and engaged her daughter Kitty in conversation who reached down and grabbed and looked at her thick brown mane and then looked over at Rick. A few tense minutes passed and then Tony came back over to Rick. ” Her Christmas break starts in two days. When do you want her here and at what time.? Rick replied quickly” Let’s do it the first day of her break at 8am three days from now. Tell her to shampoo and dry her hair good the night before and to bring a brightly colored bikini to change into when she gets here. Rick smiled and watched Tony and Kitty leave. He took delight in watching Kitty’s long magnificent mane moving back and forth knowing that in three days her chocolate treasure would be his. Rick stayed late and got the studio ready for Kitty’s big makeover.

The big day came and Rick had come at 7am to make sure the place was warm and cozy. Rick looked out and saw them both coming toward the door wearing coats as it was a cool morning. Kitty’s hair was showing below her coat but Rick knew that when she left it would be showing no more. Rick took them down to the studio and helped them off with their coats. Kitty removed hers and handed it to Rick. Her long hair hung over her t-shirt and jeans. Rick told Tonya she could sit in a nearby chair or stand out of the way and watch the proceedings.

He took Kitty a nice distance from her mother into the center of the studio. ” Ok, Kitty today is your big day. Do you think you can handle the change? ” I hope so?! ” she said meekly. Now, Rick turned Kitty around and with a brush he brushed Kitty’s long soft chocolate brown mane for the first time. It was beautiful thick young virgin hair. He noticed she had a nice young body shape. He brushed it out and then put it up into a tight twist on the back of Kitty’s head. Kitty produced a bright red bikini when Rick asked if she had brought one.

It was time for the show to begin.

” Kitty, I want you to go into the dressing room and slowly remove all your cloths in front of the mirror. I want you to leave your hair up like I have it. I want you to count to twenty and then put on that pretty red bikini and make sure it is on securely.” Kitty went over to the dressing room and hit the light switch. { Now what Kitty and Tonya didn’t know was that the dressing room area and behind the two way mirrors was all covered by hidden cameras that were activated by the light switch. Later, after mom and daughter had left Rick would view the footage of young Kitty revealing her young virgin body to Rick and his select clientele as she stripped at the beginning and then afterwards when she removed the bikini and put back on her t-shirt and jeans.}

Kitty came out Rick told her to stand under the spotlight in the center of the studio. Rick took front and back still photos. Rick and told her to let down her hair. The long thick chocolate mane tumbled down and Rick handed her a brush. She brushed her long hair for the last time.

Rick had her bend over at the knees and let the hair fall down the front touching the floor with her legs spread slightly apart. He had Kitty reach out and spread her hair away from her body.

Rick took a hand held video camera and filmed some scenes. What Tonya and Kitty didn’t know was that the hand held camera was a decoy. The real cameras were hidden behind the mirrors and into the ceiling. You can imagine the nice close up shot they got of Kitty’s young Buns when she bent over forward in her seductive poses. He had her turn sideways and then he had her sit on a pad spread her legs and let the hair fall first over her back and then down over her front breast area. Kitty was a great model. It took just 30 minutes to get all the pre-haircut posing done.

” Ok, Kitty it is time for your haircut ready or not. Come sit on this stool I have placed besides the old red barber’s chair and face the mirrors please.” Kitty did as she was told and sat down on the stool her luscious long chocolate mane almost touched the floor. Rick took out a brush and brushed it strongly down her back. Her beautiful long mane the longest mane of hair in the Senior High School Class was about to be removed forever. It would not be sat on or caught in doors anymore. Rick took the long soft hair and tied it into two th
ick ponytails near the base of Kitty’s slender young neck. He took hold of the right one and held it tightly as he grabbed a large pair of shinny silver scissors. He looked in the mirror to see Kitty being terrified of what was about to happen to her treasured hair. Kitty spoke ” Mom, please come hold my hand as Kitty knew the moment of terror was at hand.” Tonya came up and held her daughters hand. Rick took delight knowing that the camera’s behind operated secretly by one of his faithful assistants were zooming in on her terror filled face. Rick pulled hard on the thick brown ponytail and Kitty heard the snip, snip, snip sound of the scissors as they cut their way through the ponytail. Kitty squeezed her mother’s hand as she watched in the mirror the scissors chopping through her thick hair. Rick sadistically came in front of Kitty with the severed ponytail and took out a measuring tape. He measured off the severed tresses. ” Wow, 40 inches of hair. Think of how much shampoo and conditioner that used this week. Here, Kitty why don’t you hold onto this on your lap!” He let the hair plop down on the front of Kitty’s red bikini. Kitty could hold it no longer the tears started running down her young face.
” Did you have to cut so much off?!” said Kitty as she held up the long thick hair. “Oh, young lady I’m not through cutting yet but don’t worry. I know from watching at the volleyball game that men and women of all ages looked and admired your long hair dancing past your knees. Now, I want them to admire your new short look.. Don’t worry the worst will soon be over.” said a smiling Rick. The look of terror on little Kitty’s face was priceless. Rick went over to the left side as Tonya stepped away and let the scissors go snip, snip, snip, plop and remove the second long almost 40 inch ponytail. He handed it to Kitty and had her hold them up as she stood up from the stool. She stood up from the stool with short hair for the first time. Rick took the tails and put them on the counter and had Kitty sit down in the red barbers chair as her rolled the stool out of the way.

He then grabbed a violet cape and put it tightly around Kitty’s young neck. Rick spoke softly to a nervous Kitty. I’m going to give you a nice bowl cut to the top of your ears. It is one of the more popular styles in Europe. He sectioned off the hair above the ears in a line from one to the other. Then he grabbed his clippers and turned them on. Kitty jumped a bit as they touched the base of her neck. He pushed her head forward as he started at the base of her neck and went up to his line. Kitty heard buzzing and felt the vibration and saw one to two inch locks of brown hair fall down the cape to the floor. Rick made several passes up the back of Kitty’s little head making the bottom part soft brown fuzz. Then he removed the guard and removed the fuzz. Then Kitty felt him applying some sort of cream to the back of her head. ” What are you putting on my the back of my head?” Rick spoke ” Kitty that is shaving cream. A proper bowl cut has the bottom part shaved smooth as silk. Like I said before I want you new hairstyle to be looked at and admired as much as your old one.” ” Oh my God! Mom, her is going to shave the back of my head! Did you know he would do this to me!?” Mom said nothing as Rick took a straight razor and shaved the back little Kitty’s little head smooth. He wiped her neck area clean with a damp cloth. Then he let the rest of the hair above the line down. Kitty heard the dreaded sound of the clippers but this time Rick inverted them and using a comb he buzzed off the long hair so that it ran into a nice line all the way around the head at the top of the ears. He then came in front of Kitty and gave her a nice short set of thick bangs. Kitty sat helplessly watching more of her brown chocolate hair fall to the cape and down to cover the floor around the chair. Rick then took a spray bottle and sprayed the short hair down. He took out his scissors and made sure the lines were clean. Then he took a blow dryer and using a brush he fluffed up Kitty’s new look. Rick removed the cape and shaved the neck area clean of any stray hair. He had her stand up and gave her a hand mirror and let her look over her new hairstyle for the first time. Tonya came up too to look at her changed daughter. Her daughter who would no longer have hair covering up her assets when she went to the beach. A daughter whose cute buns and lovely neck would be available for all to see that came near or approached her. A daughter who no longer would be hiding behind her security blanket of massive chocolate hair. A daughter whose first reaction upon feeling and looking at her new hairdo was ” Holy Shit! Is that me in the mirror? Wait till my friends see me now! The won’t call me a ” Nerd” with this hairdo. However, it will take me a week to get use to looking at the new me. Mom, I need some necklaces and earrings right away! Let`s go to the mall and shock some people!”

Kitty got up and they did some post haircut pictures and she went into the dressing room and put back on her jeans and t-shirt. While she was changing Rick handed Tonya the envelope with the fee in cash they had agreed to a few short days ago. Tonya spoke ” When you said you were going to cut her hair short I never thought it would be as short as you cut it. To be honest I’m surprised by her positive reaction. To think this would have never happened had I not run into you at the Volleyball game and sat in front of you a few weeks ago. I guess it was Kitty’s Fate to have her hair cut by you Rick. You did a great job and we sure can use this money at Christmas time.” Rick helped Tonya on with her coat and looked at her shoulder length soft light brown hair. ” You know Tonya I’d love to cut your hair too and give you a new hairstyle. It would be as drastic as your daughters but still I’d make sure you looked nice.” Tonya smiled and said ” Rick, I will take you up on that in the near future. You will give me a discount won’t you with a wink.” Rick, smiled and spoke ” I’ll be looking forward to it and have a Merry Christmas. Maybe I’ll see you at a Volleyball game soon.” Rick went over to let Tonya and Kitty out the front door and walked them out to their car. The time was 10 am and the day was young. Funny how FATE works. Rick felt it was his FATE to be a good friend of Tonya who he was starting to have feelings for this fine winter day. What does Fate have in store for you today?

The End..
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