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It is the happening that occurred during a wedding anniversary beauty treatment session that I gifted to my wife Shoba. She is a very loving girl without whom I do not know what I would do. She is with shoulder length hair and skin that goes dry in winters.

We have been married for few years. We were about to celebrate our wedding anniversary so I thought I wanted to take her on a holiday. But before that I wanted her to have some beauty treatments done to her. I told her to spend an awful lot of money on herself in a parlour on skin treatment and a hair trim.

Shoba agreed then she remembered that our neighbor used tell her that a beautician used to visit our neighbor for home treatments. So shoba said that she would call the beautician.

She called the beautician and fixed an appointment on Friday as it was a house visit and our anniversary was Saturday. She told her that it was going to be preparation for our wedding anniversary. The beautician said that she would be at home on Friday early as that day she was flying to Seychelles for a holiday by a midnight flight.

On Friday the beautician arrived just as I was to get ready to leave to office when shoba introduced me to her as the beautician Rambha. As she came into the house carrying a leather bag I could but help noticing her. Rambha was gorgeous. She was of average height. She was wearing a white top and skirt. Her dress was giving ample scope for her breasts to get noticed. They were more than a handful. Her face was spotless with lips that were luscious. She had her hair in a ponytail. From the size I could make out that it was step cut. She was dressed for the kill, which had to be, as she was a beautician.

She came in and wished me saying that Sobha had said that the beauty session was for our anniversary. She said ” you must be loving your wife a lot”. I agreed. Sipping coffee that shoba had given her she asked how she would Shoba to look on our anniversary. I don’t know what happened I blurted saying `as gorgeous as you”. She blushed and felt very sexy at getting the unexpected compliment. I felt embarrassed that I had just said that. She said `Thanks its OK’ I was about to excuse myself and go to office when she asked me to stay back and see the transformation of Shoba. I was reluctant at first but then when she said she would transform Shoba I said ok and called office to say I am not coming.

She told me to feel comfortable and started talking. She said that she was flying to Seychelles to relax on the beach. I said, ” Why Seychelles as it was pretty far and not frequented by Indians”. She said that is the main reason as she had landed herself a roll in a movie for which she was to get ready. I did not understand why she needed to go to Seychelles to get ready to act in a movie.

She asked if was there anything, which she had to give attention to, I asked her to give Shoba a massage, as Shoba’s skin was dry. And then style Shoba’s hair like what she had just a little longer. She then asked me how do you know what kind of style she had. I become a bit bold and said `as you are a beautiful beautician I assume you will have a nice style’. She then released her ponytail to reveal a short step cut which ended at her neck. I told her that I had been telling Shoba to get her hair styled well. Shoba told Rambha that I have a liking for girls with short hair or better still no hair at all. Rambha looked at me very mischievously and said” Ahha”. She said she too liked short hair and that too had helped her in getting the movie offer. She turned to Shoba and said ` shall we start’.

Rambha said she would thread first , facial , hairstyle and then finally a massage
She made Shoba sit and shaped her eyebrows. I saw Rambha was very good using the thread. She then gave Shoba a facial with some creams she said would restore the glow in Shoba. She then placed two pieces on cucumber on Shoba’s eye and said we need to wait for 15 minutes. As it was taking time I asked her ` tell me about the movie which I am sure you got becoz of your good looks. And what is the connection with Seychelles, is it being shot there’. She said `Thank you for the beautiful compliment and No. I need to get ready to do the role.’ I was taken aback. `What is this preparation?’

Rambha first was reluctant and seeing her I said ` Forget that I asked you.’
She immediately said “I have got a role in a movie that is French.’ `Congrats on getting a French language film, but what is the connection with preparation in Seychelles.’

Seeing my confusion she said ` I told that it is a French film. You know that French are a very forward lot and supposed to be very good lovers’. So saying she stopped.

When she said the word lovers I felt that there was more to this. I asked, “Are you doing adult material”. She asked me why I asked. I said I felt it could be so as she had used the word lovers.

She first hesitated and then ” if it’s confidential I shall tell you”. I said that we would be mum and that she could trust us.
Rambha said “The film is about nudists I have to do some love scenes. I will also be wearing very little and becoz it is about nudists I should not have any bikini tans which I have. So I am going to Seychelles’.
I first did not register and realize what she said. I said `Ok , why Seychelles you had said there coz Indians don’t go there.’

Rambha “Yes! I don’t think you heard what I said. The movie is about 2 lesbians who are nudists. As nudists don’t use swimwear they do not have any bikini lines. I love the beach and as I use bikinis I have tan lines. The Director had noticed it during the audition. The actresses Kavya & Meena too had come for the audition. Also there was Rachel, a French who was to be the other heroine. As nudity was involved he wanted to know if we had inhibitions and asked us to become topless. Meena, Kavya & me stripped and became topless wearing only panties. The director looked at us said that I was feeling shy a little. I could see both Kavya & Meena proudly showing their breasts. He then told them both that they would have to cut their hair. Both said they were willing to be nude but not be willing to cut their long hair. I want to be an actress and am willing to do the needful. I was more than willing to get the role so I told that I will cut my hair and removed my panties. So I got the role. Then the Director asked me to get rid of my tan lines and get used to being in the buff. That will happen if I sunbathe a lot naked and get used to being seen nude by many on the beaches. And Seychelles has no Indians with nude beaches where being naked is OK.’

On hearing this my mind just went crazy. I was silent when I started to visualize her nude but then I realized she said naked. OH Man what a sight it will be. She broke my dream ” Plz don’t tell others as the movie will not be shown in India. It is for this reason I have accepted to do the movie. It is also for the same reason Kavya and Meena were there ‘ Saying this she took the cumcumber off Shoba’s face and wiped her face clean. ` I told you the facial will be very good” She was right that did happen right before me.
As Shoba too had heard what Rambha had said. She too was amazed yet excited. She too must have pictured Rambha nude. I could see it in her eyes.

Rambha said ” Now for the hairstyle” She told Shoba as she did not have a cape to change into T-shirt and come. When Shoba had gone to change Rambha took out her tools that included lots of clips, scissors, combs. I could see even a clipper that was in her bag that she did not take out. When she had turned I could see her from back and immediately I could see her naked form. She looked at me and said ` Are you looking at me clothed or dreaming of me nude’. I don’t know how I said ” Rambha you are so beautiful I am sure even girls would envy you. I would definitely like to see you nude.’

Shoba walked in by that time she changed my attention. She was wearing a Tshirt and hot pants. She was looking good with a
shine on her face due to the facial. I feel she took time as she too would have been in daze listening to Rambha. But then I feel she became a little courageous and came out in her hot pants.

Rambha asked shoba to sit on a stool and parted her hair with comb and using clips made sections. She then took the scissors and asked Shoba what length she wanted her hair. Rambha opened her ponytail and said” Is this OK”. Her Hair ended at the end of her neck. I said “that is what I have been telling Shoba to do but to no avail’

Hearing this Shoba said “OK a little lower than the neck will be fine for me. Do you know why he wants it near my neck. He loves to see me walk naked showing my shoulder and bum ” Rambha started using her scissors and cut Shoba’s hair. As she was doing this she asked” How come it looks as though your neck has been shaved’. Shoba said ” He likes to shave my neck. I too like it when he licks me there. Rambha looked at me and said ` so you like only smooth necks?’. `He likes bald women also’ said Shoba. Rambha then said that her neck is smooth too and showed us her nape. `You know what I will let you on a secret. As I have already told you a lot hear this, I will be having a bald head in the movie.’

I went into a trance and started sweating. Rambha said `Hey! Cool! why don’t you take your T shirt off and sit down’. I obeyed like a small boy.

I was seeing stars in the day.

Rambha broke the thought and said “There its finished I think you can see her shoulder and bum.. Why don’t you show it to him now as if there any need I can cut it accordingly. Take off your T-shirt’. Hearing this I landed back. There was Shoba looking so much younger and she herself realized that she was looking GR8. I was shocked to see what she did next. She took off her T-shirt to show the Bra I had brought from Overseas, turned around and shook her head. That was an amazing sight. I said PUUUURFECT.

` Hey! I know that the bra is imported. Shoba you have a good body which your husband adores but then you need to take better care. Especially your breasts they need to be supported well. You should use the good quality ones. Then we can get on with the massage. Get on to the table’ said Rambha. Shoba got on the table and slept. Rambha moved a side and put some lotions that she had. She started massaging Shoba’s shoulder moving down she unhooked Shoba’s bra and continued massaging. She said ` Shoba if you turnaround I will massage your breasts also as this lotion is a good firmer’. Shoba just turned around and Rambha put a lotion on her breasts and started kneading Shoba’s breasts. I was thrilled to see Shoba enjoying the press of a woman’ s hand on her breasts. Rambha turned to see me. I was not actually in this world. She said “your wife is beautiful I would like to kiss her”.

This brought about a shocking change in Shoba as Rambha was good with her hands. Shoba said “Then just do it’. I said “WHAT!”. By that time Rambha was kissing Shoba and bent down and was licking her breasts. Rambha then looked at me ” I will show you what you DEFINTELY wanted to see if Shoba allows me to make love to her”.

I was sure I was not hearing this, so I pinched myself. I definitely heard Shoba saying `don’t stop before I change my mind, my dear has never touched me the way you did. I suppose a woman knows what another woman likes.”

Oh My God! Was that my Shoba saying that. I could see her floating I gave the green signal to Rambha. She took off her top and skirt. She then removed her bra and was now only in pink panties with floral designs. Man was the sight too much for me to see. There was my wife who was kissed and fondled by a female for the first time. She too looked at Rambha kissed her locking her lips and played with her breasts. Suddenly Shoba pulled down Rambha’s panty and told me `See how she will look lying naked on Seychelles beaches. Lets go to the room’ she said

As they got going towards the room Shoba said ” let me show my hairstyle with the way he likes to watch me. Saying this she too removed her hot pants and panties. She then turned around and shook her hair and walked asking me if the length was right. I was not is position to answer that. As in front of me was my wife and beautiful Rambha naked. I just rubbed my eyes to make sure that I was surely seeing 2 beautiful pairs of breasts and 2 lovely sets of bums.

As they walked into the room Shoba used her finger to call me in to the room. Seeing these lovely naked ladies was divine. They got on to the bed slept next to each other. Rambha started feeling Shoba who was moaning like a cat by now. She touched her down and said you have not shaved there. I will do it.’ So saying Rambha went to get her instruments. As she was walking she asked me to come and get her some warm water. Shoba said that it was Ok. There I was walking next to a lovely naked lady Rambha touched my Bermuda and felt what hard on I had. By then Shoba had come to me. She removed my Bermuda to release my dick. I said No. She said that it was Ok . I too now was naked when Rambha entered the room along with a mug of warm water. She spread Shoba’s legs plugged her clipper on and shaved Shoba smooth. Putting the clipper down, she put her mouth to Shoba and gave her such a nice lick that Shoba exploded. Rambha slept next to her and she vigorously used her fingers to explode too.

After shoba regained her composure she told Rambha ” you had said that you will be shaving of your hair for the movie, Right! Why we do it now as you are flying to Seychelles tonight itself. If you have packed we can drop you off at the airport.’

Rambha too by now on cloud nine. She said ” I was supposed to shave my head immediately on reaching Seychelles as the director wanted me to have a tanned head too. He had arranged an appointment with a barber there. So actually thinking of it you have been very nice to me and your husband praised me a lot I don’t mind letting him make me a bald babe.’

This was the best day of my life as my wife had a hairstyle I loved. I had seen 2 beautiful women make love to each other. It was better than seeing the photos of 2 or more girls making it out and now this. A curvy naked Rambha saying I could shave her.

Rambha said ” I will be naked itself when you shave my head so that I can just wash off the hair’. Saying this she gave me her clippers removed the guard and sat on the stool. A naked shoba Came close to me and said `what are you waiting for you can fulfill your fantasy of shaving that too a lesbian actress. Give her a high undercut and then shave her bald”. I took the clipper brought it to life and and placed it on Rambha’ s neck. She shuddered, I took off a big chunk of her black hair. Using the clippers I smoothened her nape until her ear. Shoba Asked me to stop and using a brush she cleaned Rambha’s neck and licked her there. Rambha became excited and turned around told shoba to put her left leg on Rambha’s Shoulder. After Shoba did this Rambha licked Sobha with her standing to get another orgasm.

After they had finished I buzzed all the remaining hair off Rambha’s head. She was looking like a Diva with no hair and her facial features looking enhanced and gr8. I said we have finished. For which she said she will have to shaved smooth which she asked Shoba to do. So Shoba put of cream from my shave gel using my brush worked up a good lather on Rambha. She then asked me to smooth shave Rambha, which I did with a straight razor Rambha had. I then put on some cooling cream and massaged it onto her head.

Rambha looked at herself in the mirror and shouted “I look amazing don’t I’. Sobha then took her and they both had a shower together with each cleaning the other. They came out when Rambha asked `’ What can I give to you both for all you have done and allowing me to pleasure you Shoba’.

Then what happened was most shocking. Shoba said ” In that case you should give a blowjob to him.’ Rambha said ok. This was too good to be true. I looked at Sobha. She said that it was her anniversary gift to me. Ram
bha kneeled in front of me I was hesitant, Shoba thrust my dick into Rambha’s mouth and said “suck him’. She placed my hands on Rambha’s bald head. Seeing this I too let go and saw to it that Rambha gave me a good blowjob. Shoba was standing behind Rambha and pushing Rambha’s head to my rhythm of Rambha. It was so good that words cannot explain the feeling. I exploded like the fireworks on New Years Eve in Times Square.

After I don’t recall how it all ended but just remember saying good-bye at the airport to a beautiful bald babe with my even more beautiful Shoba beside me.

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