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It sounds like your almost there (to live your fantasy) I think you love watching because you yearn to be tied and shaved yourself, u have to be patient and it will happen when the time is right. Maybe you’ll meet an older guy about 52 :o)  a little over weight :o) but willing to go the extra yard and not take no for an answer from you when you say no to a shaving. I think it would play out as…. you meet in a club…. you go to his room…. he holds you…. you kiss…. he helps you to undress…. your beautiful….. He push’s you on to the bed and uncovers his tools of the trade, scissors, comb, razor and cream, and a buzzer….. You begin to get wet but then you notice NO GUARDS for the buzzer, by now he has your arms tied to the bed and your heart begins to race. He wouldn’t go to far….. Would he? He ties your legs open wide to the bed you again get wetter…… he begins to caress you and kiss you like no one ever has… you almost loose it right there and then but he senses it and stops. He moves towards his tools and reaches for his shaving cream….. He puts it on your legs…. its warm…. feels good…. then he begins to shave you, slow and softly, after 1/2 hour of bliss he moves up a bit, but before he gets the cream your mound needs to be wet ….. He lowers his head to the task and brings you to 1 of the most powerful orgasm you ever had….. Now the buzzer….. Relief, now you know why there’s no guard…… more warm cream and you begin to get wet again, new razor and slow sweet strokes…… with that done he again moves up to you belly and arms….. Then he cleans up your under arms…. your in big o bliss. Now its his turn….. You smile and obey when he rolls you over….. He re ties your arms….. He slowly enters you from the rear….. You moan and almost come on the spot…. his touch is soft he continues to pump you….. His hands are in your hair now and his pull gets tighter as he gets close to exploding…… he stops (not to lose it) then he combs your hair with his fingers….. He begins to pump again….. You think your in heaven and this could last forever….. He reaches for a hair tie and puts your hair in a long pony tail on top of your head…. he bends to kiss your neck…. he pumps harder and pulls harder on your pony tail….. Then you hear a load pop and a buzzing! You’ve herd this sound before but….. It’s getting louder….. He’s pumping like crazy…. your coming again and again and he’s ready to explode….. You wait for him to stop again but this time he keeps going….. Then you feel it…… the buzzer is climbing up the back of your head….. It’s to late to stop…. he’s to heavy….. He’s going to blow…… suddenly your pony tail is in his hand and he has the biggest orgasm you have ever seen….. He collapses on you and rolls to your side….. He kisses you softly….. Then you realize what has happened to you…. you think for a moment and almost think it’s worth it. After you both wake from a short nap he unties you and leads you to a chair in the middle of the room…… it’s not over yet!!!! He ties you in and begins to shave you bald…. you love it….. It feels so liberating… why did you wait so long to do this…. he unties you again and you make mad love for the rest of the night….. The next morning you awake to find him gone….. A business card with a cell number and a note to call him in a year….

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