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Jenny sighed as she turned over the page in the text book in front of her. She had been studying in the library for over 3 hours now and even she needed a break. She ran her hands through her light brown hair, hair that she had kept in the same plain, chin length bob since she had been about five years old. While the rest of class mates had become interested in the latest fashions, even at the age of 19, fashion just did not interest her. Most days she dressed in shapeless clothes that seemed to have the sole intention of trying to hide her body and so help her blend into the background. Most of the other girls at the college hardly seemed to notice her when she was there, and so Jenny found it easier to keep to her own company. While the popular girls were out partying together, or hanging around down at the local mall, she would usually be found in the library or working on an assignment in the computer lab’.

Packing her books and notes away for the day, Jenny left the library and started to walk across the college car park back to her dorm’. Suddenly a car came screeching around the corner and she had to leap out of the way to avoid being hit. The car swerved and caught the rear fender of another car parked in the lot. The door of the car swung open and the driver leapt out screaming at Jenny.

“What the hell are you doing?”, She screamed at Jenny, “You made me hit that car you stupid loser. Why don’t you look the hell where you’re going?”.

Jenny was too stunned to speak and just stood there staring at the angry woman in front of her. Although she had always thought of herself as being quite tall, this woman must have been easily five feet ten, maybe even taller. The high-heeled leather knee boots she was wearing only added to her towering height. But it was the woman’s body that really caught her attention. She had never seen such a perfectly proportioned and well-toned physique before, and the tight-fitting, all black outfit she was wearing only served to accentuate it. The leather trousers were pulled in tightly by a thick leather belt, accentuating her slim waist. The black polo neck drew attention to her firm breasts, stretched tightly whenever she moved. It wasn’t just her build that grabbed your attention though, it was the way she held herself. There was an air of confidence about her. This was a woman with total self-belief.

“Well?”, the woman – Danielle – demanded of Jenny, “What have you got to say?”.

Jenny tried to speak but couldn’t make the words come out, so she just stood there as a lone tear ran down her cheek.

“Jesus, what a wimp!”, the woman spat at her, “Why the hell are you crying baby girl? You’ve been an idiot and caused me to crash but there’s no need to cry about it.” She stood looking at Jenny waiting for an answer. Looking at Jenny more closely a plan began to form in Danielle’s mind. Maybe this plain, little coward was just the girl she had been looking for. She smoothed down her shiny black hair, pulled back into a tight pony tail and came to a decision.

“I reckon the damage to my car is going to come at least a couple of thousand dollars little girl and I don’t think you have got that kind of money have you?”.

Jenny shook her head.

“I didn’t think so. Well, you can work off the debt by working part-time in my hair salon. Come on. Get in”, she commanded pointing towards her now dented car.

Almost in a dream Jenny walked towards the dented car and climbed into the passenger seat, buckling her seat belt automatically. Danielle slipped into the driving seat slamming the driver’s door behind door. Slipping the car into drive she roared away from the college heading for the city center. After a short drive they pulled up outside a very fashionable looking hair salon. Danielle slid out of the car; “Hurry up you, I haven’t got all day and we have to get you ready to face my clients”.

Jenny followed her new boss into the salon, taking in the black and white decor. Danielle threw down her bag, locked the door of the salon and sat down in one of the styling chairs.

“Right then let’s see what we have got to work with here. Turn around, what’s your name?”.

“It’s Jenny”.

“Far too dull little one. Let’s see, hmm, I know, your name when you’re in the salon is Serena. Okay Serena, take off the gypsy clothes”, she instructed.

Jenny (Serena) hesitated, embarrassed at taking her clothes off in front of another woman. But a quick glance at Danielle told her that this was not something to take her time about. She reluctantly slipped out of her long floral print skirt and the pale pink long-sleeved blouse, leaving standing before her new boss in just her plain white bra and white panties.

“Everything!” Danielle commanded.

Jenny started to protest but then thought better of it. She slowly unhooked the plain bra, dropping it to the floor, then slid her white panties down her slim legs and stepped out of them.

“Nice figure you have there, you should dress better and show it off more”, Danielle replied.

“Stay there Serena and I will back with your new uniform”. She disappeared through the door at the back of the salon and reappeared a few moments later carrying a small pile of clothes. She handed Jenny a matching bra and panties in black satin. Jenny quickly slipped on the unfamiliar lingerie unused to the shiny material and the way that it felt against her skin.

She showed Jenny a black pleated leather mini-skirt. The skirt was short, very short and she guessed would only fall to about mid thigh. If she wasn’t careful people would catch a glimpse of her new panties. Surely she wasn’t expected to wear this in front of the clients. Danielle sat still looking at her. She reached down and showed Jenny a black latex T-shirt. Jenny wondered how she would manage to pull the tight-fitting top down over her body. The tight material would cling to her body and emphasize her breasts. The many lights in the salon reflected on the shiny surface of the top.

“And finally”, said Danielle pointing to a pair of patent leather ankle boots with a three inch stiletto heel.

“Okay Serena, while you are working in my salon these are the rules for your clothing. If it’s not black, then you’re not wearing it in here. If you wear a skirt that’s fine, but it has to be no longer than the one I have here. All of your tops must either be tight or low-cut at the front. With shoes or boots it’s high heels only and preferably no lower than three inches. I will check every day to make sure that your clothes are right. If you break the rules you will have to be punished. Any questions?”.

Jenny shook her head, still in shock at she was supposed to wear.

“Right, it’s time to sort out your hair”, Danielle announced, “Come and sit here”.

Jenny walked slowly over to the styling chair trying to cover her body as she felt so exposed in her new bra and panties. She sat down nervously feeling the coldness of the seat against her exposed ass cheeks. She was covered quickly by one of the salon’s shiny black satin capes that wrapped around her body and almost reached to the floor. A second, heavy black rubber cape was wrapped around her shoulders and then tied very tightly around her neck. Danielle ran her fingers through Jenny’s plain bob.

“Obviously a lot of this length has to go”, Danielle announced as she ran her hands through Jenny’s hair, pulling it back from her face.

Danielle picked up a water spray bottle and dampened Jenny’s hair and then combed it all straight down. She then reached down and picked up a pair of sharp scissors from the nearby shelf. Placing the scissors against the right side of Jenny’s head, she slowly started to cut a straight line through her hair across the top of her ear. Jenny gasped as she watched the lengths of her hair slide down her shoulders, onto the cape, and then fall silently to the floor of the salon. The scissors continued to cut the blunt line around her head, carving their way easily through her bob until Jenny was left with a short cap of ha
ir sitting on top of her head like a mushroom. Danielle went back and checked the line she had just cut, re-combing and snipping until she was satisfied that the line was perfect.

Tears started to fall down her cheeks as Jenny sat immobile in the chair in shock, unable to believe the dramatic change that had just been wreaked on her hair. Hoping that perhaps the worst was over she was surprised when she heard the sharp click behind her, and then the buzzing of a pair of electric clippers. She had seen these used before when taking her younger brother to be cropped and knew that it could only mean she would be getting a very short cut.

“Head down!” Danielle instructed, “It’s time to clean up the back and sides.”

Danielle couldn’t help a slight smile spreading across her face as she pushed the young girl’s head even further forward. How many times now had she been here before? It always surprised her how they always gave in once the clippers started stripping away their hair. Many times now she had “helped” her female customers towards a short haircut. In they came to her salon with their timid, boring requests for a “just a trim” or “just take the ends off”. The end result was always the same however. Out would come the clippers and there would be another unwilling convert to Danielle’s little club.

Depending on her mood that day sometimes it would be just a little crop, or sometimes maybe a flat top. Or if she was in a bad mood then it would be time for her big black Oster clippers and a very severe clipping for the poor woman in the chair. Once a girl had complained that it was too short. Big mistake! To teach her a lesson for being ungrateful Danielle had to take her down to a traditional high `n’ tight, even going so far as to white-wall the sides of her head with her trusty razor. Then for a month afterwards the girl was made to return every Friday to have the back and sides freshly shaved. Although as severe as that haircut had been, she had yet to shave one of her customers completely with her razor.

Returning to her current new trainee and gripping the clippers tightly, Danielle started to move them gradually up Jenny’s neck, pressing them firmly against her skin until they met the hair left below the line she had recently cut. The note of the clippers changed as they started to bite into the hair. With no guard on the clippers Jenny’s hair was easily and quickly stripped down to bare skin, revealing a pale strip of just stubble as they climbed higher and higher towards the line cut by the scissors.

“Please don’t shave my head”, Jenny pleaded.

“Don’t be such a baby, I’m just tidying you up”, Danielle replied, trying hard not to laugh, as she started a second pass up the back of Jenny’s head.

Jenny gripped the arms of the chair tightly as she felt the clippers stripping the hair from the back of her head. The back of her head felt strangely cooler as more and more of her hair met the sharp blades of the clippers. With each fresh path cut by the clippers more hair tumbled down onto the silky black cape. With her head forced forward, Jenny could only look down at the floor and watch through her tears as more and more of her hair joined the long strands already lying there. Suddenly the clippers stopped and, for a moment, she thought her ordeal was over, only to feel her head now pushed painfully over to one side. Again the clippers started to peel the hair from her head as Danielle roughly bent her left ear down, and pressing the blades against her scalp, started to brutally carve a wide strip free from hair above each ear.

After another ten minutes of clipping and buzzing Jenny’s head was finally released and she could raise her head. Steeling herself for the worst Jenny looked at her unfamiliar image in the salon’s large mirror. She couldn’t believe what had happened to her once beautiful hair. Had she ever seen such an ugly haircut? She turned her head to the side and saw in the reflection the brutally clippered outline disappearing around the back of her head. Lifting a hand from under the cape she ran her hand across the nape of her neck feeling the stubble, all that was left now of her hair. With growing horror she raised her hand higher up the back of her head feeling the extent of the newly buzzed hair.

“Don’t worry my child, we will soon get rid of that horrible roughness”, Danielle laughed, “But first we have some styling to do”.

She lead Jenny over to the washbasins at the back of the salon, and quickly rinsed off her hair, removing any bits left clinging to her head. Then Jenny was taken back to the styling chair.

“Time to put some body in this”, Danielle told her as she walked away and then came back pushing a trolley in front of her. She picked a large curler from the trolley and started to wind it very tightly around Jenny’s hair before pinning it firmly to her head. Danielle continued to wind more large curlers into the hair until Jenny had a halo of curlers surrounding her head. Her hair was then soaked in a very strong perming lotion. She was then taken over to the row of dryers lining the back wall, and she pushed down into one of the chairs and one of the hoods lowered over her head. Danielle turned the dryer up high and switched it on. She knew that the large curlers and the permanent setting lotion would leave Jenny with a very full cap of hair that would make the contrast between the shaved sides and back even more prominent. Danielle knew it wouldn’t be long before Jenny would be begging her to get rid of the hairstyle. Then it would be time to bring out her clippers again, and maybe even time for her first full head shave.

After an hour under the dryer Jenny was starting to really worry. Not only was she sure that she could smell burning hair, she couldn’t help worrying what the final result would look like. Danielle turned off the dryer and she was taken back once more to the styling chair.

“Before I take your curlers out I need to get rid of that horrible stubble”, Danielle informed her.

Jenny sat still in the chair dreading what she knew was going to come next. She jumped as she felt the cold shaving gel being spread over the back and sides of her head below the curlers.

“Hold still, I would hate to cut you”, Danielle warned as she picked up the old-fashioned open razor and moved Jenny’s head firmly forward again.

Jenny felt the sharp razor scraping against the nape of her neck, stripping away what little hair now remained there. She almost held her breath, scared to move. She felt the razor climbing the back of head, rising up and up stripping the stubble. Danielle worked slowly and confidently as she shaved the back of Jenny’s head very close, going over and over to make sure that not a trace of stubble remained. This was perhaps the part that she enjoyed most. As much as it turned her on to have a pretty girl seated in her chair as her clippers sheared away their hair, there was something about shaving with a razor. So clean. So brutal. So hot!

Danielle took her time working with the razor, not stopping until she was certain that no trace of hair remained below the curlers. Wiping Jenny’s newly shaved skin roughly with a towel she ran her fingers over the clean, smooth skin. Danielle slowly started to unwind the curlers, smiling to herself as she saw how full the remaining hair was, how far it stood away from the sides and back of Jenny’s head. The freshly shaved skin in sharp contrast to the wide, bouncy hair above. Picking up a large canister of hair spray, Danielle coated Jenny’s remaining cap of hair with a thick coating of lacquer.

Picking up a rectangular mirror from the shelf, Danielle held it behind Jenny’s head so that she could finally see the finished result.

“Well, what do you think”?, Danielle asked.

Jenny tried not to look but felt herself drawn to the reflection in the mirror. Fresh tears started to roll down her cheeks as she took in the startling transformation. Her hair had now been shaved an inch clear of the top of her ears and she could see in the second m
irror the harsh line extended all the way around the back of her head. The curlers had done their work and what hair she had left stuck out all around, the shaved skin below exaggerating the width of bowl.

“We call this a chili bowl cut”, Danielle informed her, “Although usually I don’t shave the back quite so high”, as she ran her hand over the newly shaved skin, “In fact I may shave it a bit higher when I trim it next time”.

“You will need to come in half an hour early each day so that I have time to shave you”, Danielle instructed Jenny. She removed both of the hair capes leaving Jenny sitting in the chair in just her new red satin bra and panties.

“Get dressed!”, Danielle barked.

Jenny picked up the leather mini-skirt and slid it up her long legs. She looked in horror at just how much of her legs were left exposed by the shortness of the skirt.

“Just a minor adjustment I think”, Danielle said, as she turned the waistband of the skirt over so lifting the hem of the skirt even higher, “And now put the top on”.

Jenny struggled to pull the tight-fitting latex top over her body, feeling it cling to every curve of her young body.

“That’s better, you are fit to face my customers now young lady”, Danielle suggested, “Now sweep all this hair up and tidy the place up, we open in 20 minutes”.

As she busied herself tidying up Jenny couldn’t help catching glimpses of her new image in all the reflections in the salon’s mirrors. The shortness of her skirt, the hem rising still higher every time that she turned around or stretched to reach for something. The way that the latex top outlined her breasts. And worst of all – her hair. The stark shaved back of her head and the ridiculously wide cap of hair left perched on top of her head. Every so often she stopped to stroke the back of her head, hoping in vain that it wasn’t shaved as high as it looked. Of course it was. How could she go outside looking like this? What would her friends say?

How long will Jenny put up with her new hairstyle and her new image? What will Danielle do to Jenny’s hair next time….?.

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