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John couldn’t remember when his hair fetish started and didn’t know exactly how it all began. All he knew was that hair drove him crazy. Anything that dealt with hair turned him on. He loved getting his haircut and always jumped at the chance to trim his wife’s long blonde hair. But it didn’t stop there. He loved watching women in the salon getting their hair cut, colored, and washed. He loved the smells of the chemicals..hell, he even loved the feel and smell of the cape. Nothing got John’s blood pumping more than being engulfed in a large vinyl cape and watching hair fall from the head, down the cape, and to the floor. He had a serious fetish and was not the least bit ashamed of it.

John’s wife, Erin, on the other hand, didn’t feel quite the same way. She was well aware of John’s peculiar fetish and embraced it because she loved him deeply. Getting her haircut was not a common occurrence and didn’t charge her up the same way it did John. It was emotional, however, for a much different reason. She had always wore her hair long and felt it was one of her most attractive features. Cutting it was not something to look forward to in her eyes. She liked it long and wanted to keep it that way.

For years, John tried to convince her to cut it off, but she was emotionally attached and always refused. When she did get a haircut, it was always the same. Cut the bottom inch off and leave the rest. John would always trim it for her, but always wished she would decide to cut the majority of the length off. He admired her hair and loved the way it looked, but always thought about how beautiful she could be with shorter hair. He did not wish for her to shave it off.just lose a bit of the length. John loved Erin though and realized that his dream was simply that.just a dream. Or so he thought..

On a warm, summer morning in the month of June, Erin stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror to look over herself as she always did after her morning shower. She bent over the counter to examine her face, ensuring her eyebrows were well groomed and her complexion was clear. Stepping back from the counter, she turned side to side checking all aspects of her body as women so often do. Facing the mirror, she took one last look at her body before getting ready for the day that lay ahead. She looked at her long blonde hair cascading down the front of her chest, covering both of her breasts to finally come to end near her waistline. Even wet, the last few inches of her hair looked scraggly from the split ends caused by months of abuse from brushing the tangles out.

As she brushed her hair, she could see all the split ends and figured it was time for her to get a trim. “An inch or two would take care of these split ends,” she thought to herself. “I’m sure John would have no problem lopping off a couple inches for me. Or maybe I’ll just let him give me the haircut he wants,” she thought. She laughed at the thought of actually letting John have his way with her hair, but upon looking back into the mirror, she started to wonder what she would look like with shorter hair. She folded her hair underneath itself, giving herself the illusion of having a shorter hairstyle. The first time brought her hair length around the bottom of her breasts. Folding her hair a bit more brought it up towards the middle of her chest. A little bit more and it was hanging just above her shoulder. “It really doesn’t look that bad. Short.but not bad” she said aloud to her reflection in the mirror. “John would go nuts!” Butterflies began to swirl around in her stomach and she actually began to feel a bit turned on. Maybe John’s fetish was rubbing off on her. She let her hair fall away from her shoulders and as she finished brushing it out, she made an impulsive decision. “Fuck it. I’m cutting it off,” she said aloud.

As John slept in their bed, Erin started planning a morning that John would never forget. She worked out every detail and began to setup a makeshift salon in their kitchen. Before she could convince herself to back out of it, she walked into the bedroom to wake up her husband. John was already up and already planning what he wanted to accomplish that particular weekend.

“Good morning sweetie!” Erin cheerfully said.

“Good morning to you!” John replied. Erin was still naked and John’s Saturday morning boner was delighted to view such a sight first thing in the morning.

“I have a couple surprises for you, so I hope you left this morning open” Erin stated.

“I can definitely clear my schedule. How could I say know to a body like that!”

“Then, follow me into the kitchen sexy.” Erin grabbed his hand and led him down the hallway in nothing but his boxers to where she had setup for the morning’s activities.

As John entered the kitchen, his hard-on perked up even further. Viewing the counter, he saw the clippers, combs, and a pair of shears. In the middle of the floor was an office chair with a large black vinyl cape draped over the back of it.

“What’s all this?” John asked.

“Time for a change, don’t you think?” Erin replied. “Take off your boxers, have a seat and we’ll get started.”

John wasn’t sure what to make of the morning’s proceedings, however, he was never one to pass up the opportunity for a haircut. So without hesitation, he stripped and sat down in the chair.

“Well, this is sure a great way to start the day. I could use a trim. It’s been a while.” John proclaimed.

“This isn’t going to be your average haircut today John.” And with those words, Erin swung the cape in front of John, snapped it up and down a couple times and fastened it tightly around his neck. Spreading the cape out over his knees, John began to wonder if he was still dreaming. As if Erin knew what he was thinking, she swung the chair around and dropped to her knees. Lifting up the bottom of the cape, she shoved her head between his knees and began to suck his dick. The soft feeling of the cape across his body and the warmth of Erin’s lips moving up and down his dick sent John into instant euphoria. He slowly closed his eyes, enjoying the moment.

After a few minutes of pleasuring her husband, she popped out from underneath the cape and picked up the clippers. John opened his eyes and noticed the attached guard was not his usual one, but before he could formulate any words, the #1 was buzzing through the hair on top of his head like a lawnmower through a field of tall grass.

“Oh my God!” he said aloud as large chunks of his brown hair fell down the front of his cape and to the floor.

“I figured you wouldn’t expect this, but I’ve always thought you would be so sexy with a buzzed head. And don’t worry. I promise you’ll be getting something out of this deal as well. So just sit back and enjoy the haircut. You won’t regret it!”

John never had his head shaved before, but always privately fantasized about it. Figuring there was no going back anyway, he sat back, closed his eyes once again, and listened to the sounds of the clippers as they quickly removed the hair from the top of his head.

Erin moved the clippers with a fluid motion back and forth across the top of John’s head. Continuing to the sides of his head, she began to feel nervous knowing that soon, she would be sitting in John’s seat losing a good chunk of her own gorgeous locks. She began to feel her pussy getting wet as she finished up with sides and the back of John’s head.

She finished shaping up the back of John’s head and swung him around in the chair to admire his new haircut. As she brushed his freshly cut hair off the cape, John opened his eyes to see piles of hair on the floor that were just recently attached to his head. His dick was rock hard and was noticeably visible even under the cape.

“Holy shit, you are looking sexy!” Erin said. “I knew this haircut would look good on you, but I didn’t realize it would turn me on quite like this.”

John could only smile as he brought
his hand from underneath the cape to feel his buzzed head for the first time. He stood up so he could see his new cut in the bathroom mirror, but as soon as he did, Erin placed her hands on his shoulders and promptly sat him back down.

“I’m not done with you yet!” she said seductively. Leaving John’s cape on, she lifted up the bottom of it and slowly sat on top of John, allowing his dick to penetrate deep into her pussy. With the same type of fluid motion she had with the clippers, she moved her body up and down feeling his cock rub inside of her. She rubbed John’s body over the cape, and rubbed her hands over his shorn head. Erin began having second thoughts on having John cut her hair, but after shaving her husband’s head, she knew if she didn’t go through with it, she would feel guilty for not having done so. Although she was feeling incredibly horny, she decided the time had come to tell John.

“Baby, I have one more surprise for you this morning.” Erin said in an almost shaky voice.

John was already in a complete state of ecstasy and was more than satisfied with the morning’s affairs. But after all that happened, he was curious at this point.

“This has already been a wonderful morning.” He proclaimed. “How could anything else top this?”

“I want a haircut.” She said, still moving her vagina up and down his shaft.

“All right!” John answered.

“No.I want you to chop it off!” she said with a nervous smile. “And I want you to do it right now.”

John had a difficult time fathoming the idea, but hearing the words come from his wife’s mouth nearly made him cum on the spot. “I can definitely do that, but are you sure that’s what you want?” he asked.

“I’ll be honest with you, I’m a bit nervous, but you let me shave your head. I think it’s time for you to get your wish.”

Feeling the butterflies beginning to grow in her stomach, Erin pulled herself to her feet and unfastened the velcro holding the cape around John’s neck. As she helped John up from the chair, her attention turned to the piles of hair on the kitchen floor. She knew that very shortly, the floor would be covered in several feet of her own blonde locks. A wave of panic fell over her as she handed the cape to her husband and assumed her position in the chair.

Sensing his wife’s nervousness, John gave Erin one final chance to change her mind. “Do you really want this haircut, babe? You don’t have to do this. I think you’d look great with shorter hair, but you don’t have to do this if you don’t want.”

She was unsure of herself, but wouldn’t allow herself to be persuaded. “Cut it!” She exclaimed as she turned herself in the chair to face away from her husband.

The next thing she saw was the large, vinyl cape being flung in front of her. John loosely placed it around her shoulders as he pinned her waist length hair on top of her head. With her neck exposed, the cape was pulled up around her shoulders, and as the velco fastened it tightly around her neck, she knew there was no turning back. As nervous as she was, the thought of her eminent haircut was making her pussy extremely wet. As John situated the cape around her body, Erin slid two of her fingers into her vagina. John unpinned her hair and Erin watched it cascade down the front of her cape. With her free hand, she stroked her hair for the last time as if she was saying goodbye to a good friend.

Her hair was soon brushed out and her blonde locks were flowing around her body. John wrapped his left arm around her and began rubbing her breasts over the cape. She was incredibly horny at this point and just wanted to be sitting on top of John’s dick again. As she closed her eyes, she heard a sound she wasn’t entirely familiar with.

It didn’t take long to figure out what the sound was. A three-foot sheet of her golden locks tumbled down the cape and came to rest in her lap.

“Ohhhh lord,” she said as she pulled her fingers from deep inside her. Before she could utter another word, another chunk of her hair floated down her long black cape and fell into a small pile on the floor. Her heart was racing, and much to her surprise, she was getting incredibly turned-on. She rubbed her clit gently and closed her eyes, amazed she was allowing this to happen, much less enjoying it.

With each snip of the scissors, she could feel her head getting lighter and her pussy getting wetter. She listened to the shears cutting through her mane.she could hear her hair sliding down the cape.she could even hear when her locks hit the kitchen floor. Her fingers moved across her clit with the sounds of the scissors opening and closing. It wasn’t long before her freshly cut hair littered the kitchen floor and her lap, in stark contrast to the black cape she was wearing. By the time the sounds of her hair being cut had ceased, the chair she was placed in was wet with her own juices.

As she slowly opened her eyes, she saw her shorn locks scattered all around her. John spun the chair around quickly and as she turned to face her husband, her new shoulder length cut moved about, hitting her in the face. John quickly helped his wife to her feet, shedding the remaining hair from her cape to the floor. He sat down on the chair and noticed the wet seat.

“So how do feel about your haircut? Can’t be too bad from the feel of this seat.”

Stepping through the piles of hair, Erin did not say a word and mounted her husband. In just a short morning’s time, her fetish has been unleashed. She didn’t fully understand it, but all she knew was their new haircuts were driving her nuts. The sex didn’t last long, but the orgasms were explosive. As the happy couple caught their breath, they switched positions and went back for seconds.this time lasting far into the afternoon.

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