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Sergeant Richard Sanchez just finished up a graveyard shift. He was tired and badly needed to wash. Even though he still had one open case, it would have to wait until tomorrow. It was Labor Day, and Dick needed to meet his wife Connie and his son Robert at the Central Park Zoo by 11AM. He took a shower and headed out of his midtown precinct house. “What a beautiful day,” he thought to himself. “70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. We’ll have a great time today.” After a quick stop into a deli for a cup of coffee, Dick continued his walk up 6th Avenue towards Central Park.

Connie and Robert were waiting for him by the entrance to the zoo. Dick saw them and quickened his pace up the path. “Hey big guy what do you want to see first?” he asked Robert as he picked him up. Dick could only hold his ten year old son for a few moments. At almost eighty pounds Robert was now an extreme handful. Gone were days, when he could scoop Robby up and easily place him on his shoulders.

“I want to see the polar bears,” he told his Dad.

“Hi sweetie, were you waiting long? I like your dress. Is it new?” Dick asked Connie as he gave her a long kiss.

“No, just a few minutes. And yes, I bought it yesterday. I’ve already purchased the tickets, so let’s go in.”

They made their way over to the polar bear exhibit. Robby wandered over to talk with a couple of kids watching the bears swimming in the pool. After a few minutes a women behind Dick asked, “Is that your son talking to my kids? They are having a good time together.”

Dick turned around to answer her. “They are having a lot of fun. He likes to go over to other children. Robby has an engaging personality. Part of being an only child, I guess.”

She said, “Emily and David get along great most of the time, but they can definitely go at each other. My name is Beth and this is my good friend Gary.” Dick shook their hands and introduced Connie. They continued to talk on their way to the penguin house.

They spent about twenty minutes watching the tuxedo clad birds waddle around. At that point all three children yelled, “We’re hungry.” Without much hesitation they all headed over to the concession area.

Dick and Gary stood in the line for food, while the children and the ladies scouted for a table. The line moved fairly quickly, as they talked about the Yankees and the Dodgers. The men returned with trays full of burgers, chicken nuggets, fries, sodas, and a few salads. The kids started to stuff the food into their mouths without much regard for manners.

“You three were not kidding about being hungry,” Dick said. They acknowledged his observation with a grumble through the burgers.

“Gary, can you get out the sun screen? I think I’ll take off my hat. Maybe I can get a little tan without burning my scalp.” Beth removed the sun hat revealing her bald head. She had not shaved it again this morning, so there was a slight hint of stubble.

“Wow!” exclaimed all of Sanchez family.

“I said the same thing to the mirror this morning,” quipped Beth. “I was a bit shocked, as I just had this done yesterday”

“You look really pretty with no hair. Why did you do it? “asked Connie.

“I think you look cool,” added Robby as he, Emily, and David left the table to go play.

“Yesterday I had my first date with Gary in eighteen years. We went together in college, but we lost touch over the past ten years. We saw each other again at a meeting in L.A. in July. After talking and emailing for two months we decided to have a date here in New York. Prior to our date I needed to have my hair done. When, Ally, the baby sitter came to my place, she and her boyfriend showed up with bald heads. I thought they looked great and the kids could not stop rubbing their heads. I talked with her for a while. She told me about this woman they met, who shaved her head. I guess there was a charity event in the Village with people donating their hair as well as money. After Ally and Steve’s shave they expressed their feelings for each other both with words and actions.”

“My sister and her husband had that event at their shop,” interjected Dick.


“That’s my Sis.”

“She shaved my head yesterday right before she left for the beach”

“No way, what a small world,” added Connie. “We were there on Saturday. She shaved Dick and a few of his buddies from the precinct. Even one of the female officers got a buzz.”

“Too bad I missed that. The event sounded like a lot of fun, but when I got there on Sunday everyone was gone. Entering the shop I was a bit nervous, but Helen made me feel so relaxed. She gave me some wine and had me undress. To my surprise as she cut my hair I got more excited. By the time she started to shave my head I had an orgasm in the chair just like she predicted. We continued to talk and my life came into focus. I decided that Gary was going to have a permanent place in my family.”

Gary quickly added, “We fell in love again last night. I wanted to call my law partners today to tell them I was moving here, but I guess I’ll have to wait until we’re open tomorrow.”

Beth added, “We even made love without protection. Gary said he would marry me, if I’m pregnant. We better look at some rings soon because I’m feeling a little nausea.”

“I think it’s this food, but if you are really pregnant then I should try a head shave,” said Connie. “We have been trying for another child for five years. From the age of four to seven Robby would ask us for a brother or sister. We explained to him we were trying to find the perfect baby. Finally, two years ago we told him about our efforts with reproduction therapies. This whole process has been so frustrating. Especially, since we had Robby by accident. When we were in college, we made a brave to decision to get married and have him. Our happiness as a family can attest to us making the right choice. Now that we want another child we can’t make one. We have started to look into adoption. It’s hard for me to believe a head shave can get me pregnant, but I’m willing to try anything. I know it can’t be as harmful as some of the fertility pills I’ve taken.”

“Connie, are you sure about this. I also want to have a baby, and I know you would look as hot as Beth does. However, do you think your patients would understand?” asked Dick.

Connie told Beth and Gary, “I work as a therapist at NYU hospital. Some of my patients have cancer, and the chemo has rendered them bald. I do not want to start something uncomfortable for them. I’d be bald by choice.”

“You can always wear a wig, until you feel your way through the situation,” said Beth with great encouragement.

The kids came back to the table. “Can Robby come over to our house to play?” asked David.

“It’s fine with me, but let’s ask his parents. It might give them an opportunity to take care of something,” said Beth.

“Beth, are you sure?” asked Connie.

“We can even keep him for dinner. Why don’t you pick him up around seven? I’ll write down our address.”

“Robby, are you okay with going to their place? You still need to go to school tomorrow,” asked Dick.

“Yea, these guys are great.”

Connie and Dick kissed Robby. They thanked Beth and Gary for their support and said goodbye to everyone. Dick called Helen to see, if she got back from Fire Island.

“You’re having such a good time that you want to stay overnight. Oh, too bad. Connie wanted you to give her a haircut. We met a woman, who came into your place late yesterday. Yea, Beth.Connie wants that haircut. Beth believes it’s magical.You agree. Yes, I still have my key.Okay.” Dick hung up his cell. “She suggested that I do it. She won’t be back, and I have a key to the shop. Remember, I used to cut hair for her part time, when we needed the extra cash. Most importantly, I can wield a razor with great skill.”

“I trust you. Let’s go.”

They took the subway down to the shop in the V
illage. Dick opened the door to let Connie enter. He quickly locked the door, made sure the “closed” sign was in place, and drew the curtains shut. Connie gathered up the supplies they would need. She drew her hair into a ponytail, and then she sat down in the big leather chair. Dick picked up the scissors and began to slice off two feet of thick black hair. After repeated cuts the hair came free, and Dick showed it to Connie.

“Helen said to leave this on the counter for her to donate, or you can use it for your own wig?”

“No, I’ll get one tomorrow. This is my sacrifice.”

Dick grabbed the clippers and placed them at the back of Connie’s head. He proceeded to clip the back and around the ears. Eventually, he left her with a crop of hair on top and mere stubble everywhere else.

“I like this look, but finish up quickly. I’m getting really horny. I did not truly believe Beth about the sexual aspect of head shaving, but I do now,” she said with great excitement.

Dick mowed off the rest of her hair with no hesitancy. He went to the sink to warm a towel. He came back to Connie and placed the towel on her head. As he waited for the warmth to soften her bristles, Dick sharpened one of the razors. He removed the towel and started massage the shaving cream onto her head. Meanwhile, Connie massaged her vagina. She had an orgasm in the magic chair like a few other women did that weekend. Dick noticed her arousal. He kissed her, and she started to rub his “little Dick” through his pants.

“I need to make love to you now!” screamed Connie. She got up, pulled off her panties, hiked up her dress, and bent over the side of the chair. Dick pulled down his jeans and slid his penis into her from behind. He continued to massage her head and shoulders. The shaving cream was getting all over them, but they did not care. They bucked in rhythm, until Connie started to cum. She bore down on him, and he came deep inside of her. They stayed in that position for a while, allowing his sperm to seek a home.

After cleaning up a little Connie sat back down and Dick reapplied the cream. He wielded the razor with great skill furnishing Connie with a radiant bald head. He planted a big kiss right on top.

“You’re beautiful. Let me apply a little lotion to reduce the irritation. Then I will use another sharp razor to remove that other patch of hair.” Connie hooked her legs on the arms of chair exposing her pussy to him. Dick took great care to remove her thick pubes. When he finished, he warmed another towel to soothe her exposed skin.

Connie got out of the chair to look at herself in the full length mirror in the back of the shop. She viewed many angles. “I look so hot. I have so much skin. Dick, what do you think?” She turned around to view his penis fully erect. Knowing what to do she sat down in the chair, opened her mouth, and motioned for him to come over. Dick stood there as she bobbed up and down his dick bringing him to point of another climax.

“If you want me to come inside of you again, you better stop blowing me and let me sit down.” Connie thought about having his semen in her mouth and all over her shiny scalp, but she did not want to waste this opportunity for making a baby. She stopped and let Dick sit in the chair. She sat in his lap facing out towards the mirror. They watched her bounce on his penis. Her breasts heaved and her scalp flushed. Dick could not hold back anymore. He came deep inside of her and she followed with a huge rush of her own.

“Helen and Jose have a shower in the back. Let’s go wash off and grab a bite before we pick up Robby.”

“In a few minutes. I need to rest, and I want to give your sperm a better chance. I’m going to lay down for a bit. I believe Beth was correct. This afternoon feels so right to me.”

“Me too,” agreed Dick. As he lay down next to her rubbing her belly.

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