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I remember back in the days when I was in boarding school, coming back from break and seeing all the new hairstyles people had gotten over break.

I remember one girl, her name was Terra, at the begining of the year she had long hair down to her shoulders. Her hair was brown and curled forward a little at the end. I wasn’t really good friends with her so when we got back form break we didn’t cross paths at all, I went to a small school though and it was impossible not to see someone for a long period of time. Every now and then I would catch glimpses of a girl with really short hair. Not a buzz cut but maybe a few inches at the longest. I eventually tried to catch glimpses of her in class and found that it looked really good on her. I have imagined what it was like when she got it cut.

“Mom” she said.

“I was thinking about getting a haircut one of these days, maybe something shorter”.

“So how about tommorow, why don’t you call up Joann and see if she can fit you in?” “Actually I was thinking about trying a new salon, is that okay?”

“Sure I guess, how about I give you some meney and you go where you want” “Sure.

Terra took the money from her mom and said “Since it’s only noon is it okay if I can see if I can get a haircut today?”

“Sure whatever you want”, her mom replied.

“Well I’ll see you later, hopefully with much shorter hair”

“Okay have fun honey”.

Terra walked the short distance into downtown and soon found the place she had been thinking about. The salon was called Eclips. She had seen it before when they drove or walked past it but had never been inside. She hesitated outside before going in. She could see eight styling chairs, four on each side of a wide aisle. Each one had a rounded mirror in front of it along with a black granite station. After hesitating a second she opened the door and walked in. On her left there was a window with a counter and the receptionist sat behind it.

Terra asked “Would it be possible for me to get a haircut today?”

And the receptionist asked “Do you have any particular stylist?”

Terra responded” No, I’ve never been here before so anyone is fine.”

After a moment the sylist told her that she could get in with Deserie in half an hour. Terra told her that would work and after being asked she gave the receptionist her address and phone number then thanked her before leaving. She nervously walked around downtown, stopping to peer into the ocasional window. After 25 minutes had gone by she went back to the salon. She felt the butterflies in her stomach as she opened the door. The receptionist greeted her and she sat down on one of the couches. Just as she sat down a woman wearing a black vinyl apron came up to her and introduced herslf as Deserie. Deserie took her back to one of the stations on the left and turned the chair so she could sit down. Once she had settled in, Deserie threw a big balck vinyl cape over Terra and asked her “So what are we going to do today” as she ran her hands through Terra’s hair.

Terra replied, “Oh I’m not exactly sure, I want something shorter but I’m not sure exactly what”.

Deserie said,” Well I could give you a basic pixie cut, it would be about two inches on top and tapered down to less then an inch on the back and sides. How does that sound?”

“Sure I gues that’s what I want” Terra told her.

“Okay I’m going to take off the bulk and I’ll give you a shampoo and then do the fine tuning.”

Terra nodded and said ok and with that Deserie began. She grabbed a big comb and got out the tangles. She then grabbed her clippers and turned them on. She used the comb to lift up a section from the back of Terra’s head and then she quickly ran the clippers over the comb, taking off about a foot of hair that went showering to the ground. Deserie continued this until all the hair on Terra’s head was in a rough crop.

Deserie turned off the clippers and hung them up. She then turned the chair and had Terra get up. She led her back to the shampooing section and had her sit down at one of the shampoo stations. Deserie wrapped a towel around Terra’s neck and helped her lean back so her neck rested in the neck rest.

Deserie gave Terra a second to relax and then turned on the water. Once it was at a good temperature she she started wetting down Terra’s hair. Once all her hair was wet Deserie pumped out some shampoo from the dispenser and started massaging it into Terra’s hair. Deserie made sure to massage Terra’s scalp and get every inch of her head. After a few minutes, Deserie turned the water back on and rinsed Terra’s hair. She then pumped out some conditioner and massaged it in.

After a few minutes she again turned the water on and rinsed out the conditioner. Once all the conditioner was out Deserie turned off the water and squeezed out the excess water from Terra’s hair. She then grabbed a towel and wrapped it around Terra’s head to squeeze out even more water. She then grabbed a fresh towel and put it aroun Terra’s neck.

Once deserie had gotten Terra’s hair to stop dripping she helped Terra up and led her back to her styling station. Once Terra had gotten comfortable again Deserie grabbed her scissors and comb and started to shape Terra’s hair. She gradually tapered Terra’s hair down her neck and blocked off her neckline.

Deserie was soon cutting the top hair then she did the sides. She finished off by trimming Terra’s sideburns into nice little points and trimming her bangs to about an inch and a half above her eyebrows.

After snipping here and there to get stray hairs, Deserie grabbed her blowdryer and dried Terra’s hair while combing it into place. Deserie turned off the dryer and slid the cape off Terra. The big mound of hair slid to the floor to join the mounds that were already there.

Deserie led Terra up to the reception desk and scribbled out a sales slip which she handed to the receptionist. Terra thanked Deserie and Deserie told Terra to come back in about four weeks for a trim. Terra handed money to the receptionist and thanked her before leaving. Terra walked home and came in the back door of her house.

When her mom saw her she her mom was shocked and said “Wow that’s short”.

Her mom reached out to feel it and after unning her hands through Terra’s hair her mom said “I really like it, how does it feel?”

“Really good mom, thanks for letting me do this, I can’t wait to get back to school.”

The End
Series to be continued

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