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Wendy Cooper walked up First Avenue thinking about the diagnosis she received from her doctor. The biopsy he performed came back positive on the tumor in her breast, and it would need to be removed. Thankfully, he thought they caught the cancer early enough. With productive chemo treatments she should be able to keep her breast and rid herself of the cancer. At fifty years old she was ready to live the rest of her life, so she would beat this cancer. Just like the chill and gloom of this late January day would give way to the warmth of spring.

Two weeks later Wendy had a successful operation. The surgeon removed the whole tumor, and the cancer had not spread to her nodes. Unfortunately, the chemo treatments would start soon, and she was not looking forward to the side effects. She would have nausea, weakness, and most likely she would loose her hair. She discussed a plan to handle this period of her life with her family, her oncologist and her therapist, Connie.

Wendy met with Connie a few times since her diagnosis. Wendy heeded her advice to focus on the positive parts of her life like family, her writing, and on finishing her new apartment. She thought ironically this way she could feel ill in her exquisitely designed bathroom.

Wendy and her husband Bill bought their beautiful three bedroom apartment a year ago. Originally, they thought they would rent it out and continue to live in Westchester. Even though the kids were out of the house, it was still their home. However, late last summer they all decided to explore selling the house. The first person the realtor brought to the house was the women who wound up buying it. Jane was not the highest bidder, but she wanted the house badly. Wendy and Bill agreed that Jane and her husband Jack would honor the home they owned for twenty years.

“Hi Wendy, how are you feeling?” asked Connie as Wendy entered her office.

“Still nervous. They think they got it all, but who knows. Now I have to deal with the chemo and all of its nasty results.”

“Hopefully, the sickness will not debilitate you too much.”

“I guess I can deal with that to some extent, but I’m not sure I want to clog my shower drain every morning with my hair gradually falling out.”

“You could always cut it before the treatment begins. This way you will be in control, and you may even enjoy the experience. It is very liberating.”

“Connie, you sound like you have first hand experience.”

“Well, my husband actually shaved my head last September. Wendy, I have something to show you. Do you know that you were the catalyst for a chain of events last Labor Day? Five couples can trace their happiness to the sale of your house to Jane and Jack. Look at this chart.”

Couple Direct relation to previous couple Relation to Wendy
Jane and Jack Bought the house from Wendy Bought the house from Wendy
Jen and Sam Met at a club Former colleague
Ally and Steve Met at a coffee shop Student in her class at NYU
Beth and Gary Babysitter Lawyer for Bill’s company
Connie and Richard Met in Central Park Therapist
Wendy and Bill Therapist

Wendy looked over the chart. She knew all of these women except for Beth, but Bill had mentioned she was a fine lawyer. She liked them all and was glad she was involved in their happiness. However, she needed further clarification from Connie.

“What exactly did I do?”

“You sold your house to Jane. In order for Jane to convince Jack they needed the house, she let him have his way with her for Labor Day weekend. This included a headshave at my sister-in-law, Helen’s salon. Helen is another lovely coincidence in this story. She shaved three of us and four of us had our shaves in her salon.”

“You all had your heads shaved?”

“Jane and Jack met Jen and Sam at a club later on that Saturday night. As soon as Jen got home she had Sam shave her head. Then they made love all night. The next morning they met Ally and Steve at the coffee shop. After telling her story to them, Jen gave Ally her hair to donate at Helen’s shop.”

“Hey, I remember Ally coming in with her head shaved that week. She kept it that way all semester. All of this sex and shaving sounds like fun. “

“It was for them and for me. Ally and Steve were just friends before that morning. They got to the shop with Jen’s blond hair. Once there, they both sat down for a shave. After the shave they expressed their love for each other both verbally and physically. Ally and Steve then babysat for Beth that night. Beth and her kids loved Ally’s bald head. Beth decided to show up bald on her date with Gary her former college sweetheart. Being attorneys they met in L.A. due to your husband’s business dealings. That night they decided to be together for life. Finally, Dick, me, and my son Robby met Beth, Gary, and her children in Central Park on Labor Day.”

“Connie, how do you know all of this?”

“Beth put it together. She traced the chain back to Jane and Jack. Look at the card I gave you. Moreover, everyone started to contact each other. Sam and Jack have begun to put some business ideas together. Steve also met with them. Ally got the job to be Jen’s intern starting in the fall. My son and Beth’s kids have become great friends. Also, Beth and Gary did some legal work for members of the Five Sisters.”

“The Five Sisters?”

“That’s what we call ourselves. Around Columbus Day all five couples had lunch. We discussed how our lives had changed since that fateful weekend. I have not told you the most important part of this whole story. The afternoon I met Beth she told me story regarding Gary. Their date led to love making, and they did not use any protection. Gary promised to marry her, if she got pregnant. Well she told me she was positive she had a new life inside of her. Moreover, she told me about all the women in our group having such a positive response to their baldness. Dick and I had been trying for a second child for years. Beth suggested I shave my head at the salon. I figured I had nothing to loose other than my hair. Dick just got buzzed by Helen the day before for that charity event, and he needed little encouragement to see me bald. We had a great time, and sure enough I’m five months along. But it’s not just me; everyone is pregnant. We had a couple of shotgun weddings. Beth and Gary got married in October. Jen and Sam had a ceremony in November. Ally and Steve were not really ready, but to their credit they decided to have the baby. They will have their wedding this summer. We’re all invited. We will have five new babies sometime in mid June.”

“Ally stayed pretty thin through the semester. She must finally be starting to show. I am not teaching this semester, so I have not seen her.” Wendy paused for a moment then continued, “I’m really glad I started all of this new life and happiness. I think Jane tried to tell me the story, when we closed on the house in December. I must have been distracted because I did not really listen to her. Then the paperwork started, and she did not have a chance to finish.”

“Wendy, Ally is going to invite you to the wedding this summer, and we planned to tell you the whole story there. However, I am telling you this now because it is time to close the circle with our sixth sister. I believe if we all shave our heads again and you have yours done after we finish, the positive energy from our combined effort will help you beat this cancer. Of course, I have not told anyone that you are my patient. If you wish, I will put this together.”

Wendy thought about the whole story Connie told her. “As you said, what do I have to loose other than my hair that will probably fall out anyways. Connie thanks fo
r all of your support. I look forward to the seeing everyone.”

Connie contacted all of the women to tell them of Wendy’s situation. Of course they all thought Connie’s idea would work, and they eagerly anticipated aiding their sister. Connie arranged for Wendy to meet them at Helen’s shop at 3PM the next Sunday afternoon. They also decided to leave the men at home. This was time for the ladies to bond. Wendy agreed. Her kids were still in school, and she would show her new look to Bill later that night.

The five other sisters arrived at the shop by 2:30. They wanted Wendy to see them as a strong group, when she entered. They helped Helen get ready for all of the head shaves she would perform that afternoon, Helen figured it would take her about 4 hours to make everyone smooth again. The only one with long hair was Wendy, so they may even finish sooner. Helen asked for some help in the preparation, the buzzing, and the post shave conditioning. They all looked forward to their part, but they agreed Helen would use the straight razor.

Just before three Wendy entered the store. “Hi, everyone,” she said with a little caution. Connie ran over to give her a big hug. Ally hugged next followed by Jen, Jane, and finally Beth.

“Welcome to our sixth sister,” they all said together.

“Wendy this is Helen. She is my sister-in-law as I told you. But she is also our honorary sister, so maybe we should be the Seven Sisters,” said Connie.

“Not unless one of you shaves my head, too. For now I’ll remain honorary. I don’t know if I trust any of you with the razor.” She walked over to Wendy to give her a hug. “Welcome to my shop. That chair has magic for this group, and I know it will work for you. Who is going first?”

“We decided to keep the same order, so I guess that is me,” said Jane excitedly. “Since the main purpose of this event is to bring Wendy the energy from our bodies and our minds, we should remove all of our clothes.” Jane slipped off her pants, her top, her bra, and even her panties. “The others followed, as the temperature in the shop was quite comfortable. Each one of them had a nice pregnant belly to show the group.

Jane sat down in the chair. Her dark hair had grown out to a nice pixie. Helen fastened the cape around her neck. “Wendy, why don’t you make the first few passes with the clippers?” Wendy picked them up off of the table and placed them at the front of Jane’s forehead. She made repeated passes over Jane’s head. Wendy handed the clippers back to Helen to finish the hairs around Jane’s ears. Beth placed a hot towel on Jane’s head.
Helen removed the towel and spread the shaving cream on Jane’s head. She carefully repeated the shaving she had performed five months before. Jane also repeated the big orgasm she had in the chair back in September. “This chair has not lost its magic,” she said to her sisters. Helen finished, and Ally applied the soothing balm to Jane’s head.

Jane got up and grabbed the towel to wipe up her cum, when Wendy grabbed her hand. “If I’m going to get your magic, then let me get some direct contact.” She ran her hand on the seat of the chair, and then she rubbed her hand on her breasts. “I will do this as each one of you finishes your shave.”

Jen sat down next. She kept her blond hair buzzed to about a half inch, and she made quite an impression at work. The interns thought she looked awesome. Moreover, while the other executives politely told her hair was fine, she noticed a number of them constantly staring at her head during meetings. “I was the only one not to have my head shaved in this chair, so I am looking forward to the magic.” This time Ally buzzed her future boss taking great pleasure in making her bald again. The towel and the shave repeated, and Jen almost convulsed as Helen finished her last strokes. Connie smoothed in the aftershave balm. As Jen got up, Wendy wiped the seat and rubbed Jen’s juice on her chest.

“My turn,” screamed Ally. She could not wait to sit down with a hot towel already on her head. “This should only take a few minutes, since I only have a few days growth.” She and Steve shaved each other twice a week. She only had the stubble that grew after Connie’s call on Monday. Helen removed the towel and shaved Ally closer than Steve ever could. Ally gave her all with a powerful orgasm. Beth applied the balm, and Ally stood up. Wendy then wiped part of Ally’s orgasm on her chest. “Your turn Beth,” Ally told her.

Beth’s hair had grown out to about two inches. Jen took the buzzing honors this time. She mowed through Beth’s lovely brown curls, and they all watched the hair slide down the cape. After she took off the towel warming Beth’s scalp, Helen spread the cream on her head. Beth let out a moan. “I could not hold back any longer.” Helen wielded the razor revealing a gleaming scalp. Beth saw her reflection in the mirror, “this brings back many good memories from last September.”

“It sure does,” they all agreed. Wendy nodded thinking about the other women’s Labor Day weekend and her impending shave, as she rubbed Beth’s cum all over her breasts.

“Are you ready, Connie?” asked Helen.

“You bet.” She sat down, and Helen fastened the cape around her neck like she did to the others. Jane took her turn with the clippers and buzzed off Connie’s thick dark crop. Ally placed the towel on her head. Helen then spread the shaving lotion and deftly removed all of the bristles. Connie took her turn having an orgasm in the chair. “Dick and I did not even finish shaving before we made love that night. I had a head full of shaving cream, while he banged me from behind.”

Wendy applied the aftershave, as she spoke to Connie. “Thank you so much for this Connie. I already feel the magic working. I’m just going to sit right down on your juice. It can’t hurt having it inside of me. Would you start my transformation, please?”

Connie gathered Wendy’s long grey streaked brown hair. Helen handed her a scissor to sever the thick ponytail, and Wendy stared at her remaining bob. “Helen, please donate this hair to someone who needs it.” Connie started to buzz off Wendy’s crop. In a few minutes the clippers left behind only brown and grey bristles. Jane placed the towel on Wendy’s head, and Jen spread the shave cream. Helen used a new razor to start rendering Wendy’s head completely bald. Wendy felt an orgasm build inside of her. As her body released the rush of emotions that built over the past few weeks, she felt new energy amass inside of her. Her sisters were here to help her through this period of her life. Helen finished the shave and spread the balm on her head. Wendy stood up and studied her new look in the mirror. “I love it, and I’m sure Bill will not take his hands off of me tonight.”

Connie spoke out, “Okay ladies let’s huddle up here. Wendy, rub our heads and bellies. Let’s share all of the life inside of us.” Wendy was not the only one rubbing. All of them took turns enjoying the emotional and physical bonding. While they did no go beyond the limits in the shop, there was some kissing and head fondling. All of them could not wait to get home to their men. The horniness of a freshly shaved head had returned.

“I have my minivan parked out front. I’ll drop everyone off at home,” said Helen. The Sisters dressed and cleaned up the shop. Helen locked the door and six bald women walked out the shop proudly displaying the symbol of their love for each other.

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