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From website, translated by Chicixiegaoniao and yinzhizhuanyuanqing

In my childhood, I liked the braid very much and thought the well-arranged braid on woman was very attractive.

The neighbor mother AShuang had a long pigtail, and I thought she was extremely lovable, and the elder sister of AQiu had one black and thick long braid which also was really to let the others envy. Meeting on the market every time, the neighbors all from villages and small towns get together which was very lively, and I always like from to leap up the street corner into the street tail, and leap up from the street tail to the street corner to look those girls from mountains combing their braids and the braids were all black shiny, bright and thick.

Once when I was playing game in the roadside, I saw the production team beating the gongs and drums to deliver the tax grain, and in line of people selecting the rough rice there were several girls with long pigtails on their heads, and each one of them was selecting the two full big wicker baskets of millet completely, as soon as they walked they seemed flying, with the shiny black big braids flinging along with their healthy physique, the red two cheeks of each of them had already filled with sweat. I and my little friends got running slightly with the group, arrived together to the grain institute, and saw them lay down the shoulder pole only, stroked the braid, and sat to have a rest in the side, I did not know who was telling the joke to provoke laughter that these several girls smiled and bent the waist with the long braid also trembling, and I thought they were really extremely beautiful!

Although I liked the braid, I always cannot comb an attractive big braid actually and feel regret for myself. In my childhood, my mother was always so busy, and every day my hair was combed by my elder sister for my hair were dense and long if it could be combed into two short braids it is certainly very attractive, but my elder sister was always impatient, she did not only help me to arrange the short braid but also frequently pulled my hair painful, two sisters of us always asked the mother to complain for the hair combing matter, and the result was that our mother grasped hair and clipped it off with the scissors, and the only thing for my elder sister to do is to use the bungee to grip two small brush holder on my head, which is to be good. When my age is slightly older I let the hair grow long and learned to arrange the braid by own, but I always could not grip it well, and let the braid loose by insanely playing, and by having the disheveled hair appearance it is to let my mother see to wield the scissors to cut it off. And by the time of entering the junior middle school I started to gather the mind to keep the braid. The braid was just crossed my shoulder, and I, as always a good student, had actually a bad test score and came and fell into an aspirations to cut of the braid. Afterwards I became a soldier, and the army had stipulated that the braids could cot pass the shoulder, and I can also not keep the braid naturally.

Returned home village to stay for a while, I cannot bear to seek the big braid in the whole street and it is natural to find everywhere, and from the front there walked up girls who kept long hair like waterfall, or had direct hair like the vermicelli to resemble hanging slides, or had various types of garrulous hair or short hair, Occasionally I can meet several aged women who had long pigtails, but far different than the memory in my childhood of that pitch-black glossy big braid.
?Actually I should understand early than that, the village is also controlled with by the fashion of city equally. The people with their hair style can often refract the time vicissitude, and the multiplex idea can also direct the initiation form of the diversification, which as a time never can be like now, people may in carry in the innovation unscrupulously and the big braid went far away as yesterday fashion going from us, only that several girls who had long pigtail and selected and delivered the tax grain with their beautiful figure ironing in my memory, which is always so fresh and happy, let me never dismiss from the mind.

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