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From chinalonhair, translated by Yourenguiduwo and zhilvxiguqing

Yesterday there was a big matter of which I had the long hair down to my knee finally trimmed off. Now in my drawer, one 152 cm bread-twisted braids of a monster is very clean and lays in; the human being may know I use a scarlet cloth wrapped the hair which is precisely meaning that to avoid evils, breaking it.

When myself do the first haircut with the scissors, I told myself as if I have already had the rear guard to be possible to draw back, seeing the hair down, I understood more that my hair had grown well and willowy, how I feel the reality was to be abundant and how difficult it is to raise the shear.

To the time to finally cut the hair completely down, the thumb flank of skin is already rubbed through by the scissors. Then I have illuminated rapidly the mirror, associated with the tradition in the first year as a monk who trims off the long hair by force, only I need to do is to collapse and fall, after combining the similar amputation with the lost of gravity to move fast and crash into the bathroom, when the cold water passed through my hair that falling easily on the shoulder and I was familiar with a push by Man with shampoo in hands, when my two hands did not have any feeling, like to stress others heads being clumsy traced equally, I finally started to wail.

After this, I do not lose myself as you know as a sense of retarded performance. This does not lose a sign as a course in nature that I suddenly discovered that I am good at using parallelism in this rhetoric very much. From now on, I will sleep with the short hair no longer tie down the body again and take a seat again without suppressing on the hair, when I want to be supine as necessary with a feeling of large package above the head and I would not press my head again. But these customs grow a petty action of which is real as for a while that my hair cannot be changed, also in the early party my outlook must be changed. In the disposition, I want to be crazily hot tempered to bear patiently of which can be the slow retrogression.

Taking the bath, I used the quickest speed to flush and alley that repair to maintain the hairstyle. Although I was always going everywhere with the hair and beautiful children and men look for the alley, I am actually tired? The years of not sitting in that barber’s chair makes me feel so fresh with good memory in the past time. After repairing the hair and in order to celebrate my haircut, we eat together for the very long hair already fallen and what we eat is skewered mutton. From now on, I will walk outside again without good deed strange to people, pointing to my hair behind, of which is really good.

I have finally taken off the god coat, turned totally into a mortal, but it does not offend me or makes me forget who I am, just like a very magical story profound to good friends who are not good to me, I can let them punish you!

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