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Jane was a pretty girl who had come to the city from a suburban town in search for a job. She was 22 years old with a petite figure & a cute face. Her best asset was her thick perfectly straight brown hair that reached all the way down to her hips. Jane had taken up a job at a local restaurant as a waitress. She always kept her hair in a tight braided bun at work. At home however her hair would hang in loose non-braided bun. Some of her co-workers were quite amazed to see the size of her bun but no one ever got the opportunity to see her hair open. Jane was living in a rented apartment, which she been sharing with another girl. Apparently a few days ago her roommate had vacated the apartment as she had taken up a job somewhere else.

Jane’s landlord told her that another girl by the name of `Sheena’ would be moving in with her in a couple of days. Now, the place where Jane worked one of the most frequent visitors was a tall big guy named `Dan’. He was 6 feet 5 inches tall with a well-built muscular body, clad in leather always & rode a bike. Jane though found him extremely attractive but for some reason never felt comfortable with the way he used to stare at her (Though his stares were more on her enormous tightly braided bun). He was a friend of the restaurant owner & would come by every afternoon.

One day after work when Jane came back to her apartment she found the door was already unlocked. She went inside to see a girl who was about the same age as her & had a perfectly well shaped body. She had tattoos all over her arms & piercing on her eyebrows & belly button. She wore tight jeans with a black top. “Hi you must be Jane. I am Sheena,” said the girl.

`Oh yes’ said Jane `the landlord told me you would be moving in’ she said as she placed her bag on her bed.

Sheena was now an absolutely carefree girl she worked as a dancer at a strip club & used to come back late at night. One fine Sunday afternoon when Sheena woke up she saw Jane cleaning her bed. She was wearing a floral knee length dress & her hair was in a loose bun. Sheena got up from the bed & went to the bathroom. When she came back she saw Jane was busy cooking something in the kitchen. She lit a cigarette, walked up to Jane & stood behind her. Jane apparently was too engrossed in her cooking that she did not notice Sheena standing behind who was scanning Jane from top to bottom. “You really have a lot of hair,” said Sheena taking hold of Jane’s bun. Jane immediately turned around & said; “oh you scared me” Sheena by now was pulling on Jane’s bun. Jane’s hair came tumbling down & she shook it a little.

Again Sheena “That’s a lot of hair you have there” running her fingers through Jane’s silky locks. “I have been growing it since I was 14 said Jane” with a smile which immediately turned to a frown as Sheena said “girl here in the big city you won’t be needing that you’ll have to get it all cut off soon”. “Why is that?” asked Jane with a slight apprehension. “Girl this is the big city. If you want to get ahead you’ll have to be fast & you won’t have time to fuss about all that hair” said Sheena with a grin & blowing out smoke. “I have a friend who can take all of your hair & will pay you good too”.

“No thanks” said Jane pushing Sheena aside & going to the mirror to fix her hair. She roughly pulled her hair into a ponytail & then began winding it into a bun with a an exasperated look on her face she said “I am never getting my hair cut & trust me I’ll always have time to fuss about my hair” said Jane with an blended expression of sarcasm with irritation as she thrust a hairpin into her bun.

For the rest of the week Jane did not speak much with Sheena. Finally it was Sunday again & an off for Jane. When she woke she found that Sheena was not on her bed, which was nothing unusual as Sheena often did not return from her late nights as she used to spend them at her boyfriend’s place, then she noticed a note on the refrigerator that read “I am going out for some urgent work & will be back soon. In case my boyfriend drops in ask him to wait. The only trouble was that Sheena did not mention her boyfriend’s name. Jane got dressed & was cooking when there was a knock on the door. Jane opened the door to find Dan standing at the door. ‘Hi you must be Jane.I am Dan Sheena’s boyfriend” he said extending his hand.

Jane for a moment could not speak but then said “Oh. Hi please come in Sheena will be back soon she told me to ask you to wait”.

“No problem” said Dan as he walked in.

“Would you like to have some coffee & sandwiches?” asked Jane. “Sure” said Dan.

Jane brought in a tray carrying sandwiches & coffee & placed them on a small square dining table & Dan sat down next to Jane.

They ate quietly for a moment then Dan noticed that Jane was blushing. He fixed his gaze on to her making her even more nervous as she stared down at the table & sipping her coffee.

“Nice coffee” said Dan breaking the icy silence. Jane looked up with a jerk & said, “I am sorry”.

“Nice coffee I said” repeated Dan “thanks” said Jane with a smile.

“Nice Hair too” said Dan & Jane looked up with a surprise.

“I am sure its pretty long,” said Dan. Jane’s hand nervously went to her tight bun. “I like long hair on girls” said Dan, which brought a relaxing, smile on Jane’s face

She again said thanks with her left hand still nervously touching her bun. “I am sure you look wonderful when it’s all down” said Dan.

“I don’t know,” said Jane shyly. “Why don’t we find out, lets undo your hair?” said Dan moving his hand towards her bun. Jane backed up slightly shielding her bun with her hand. Dan caught her hand, looked into her eyes & said “Its beautiful don’t hide it”.

Saying that he got up, took hold of Jane’s arm pulling her out of her chair. He took her to the mirror & standing behind her took hold of both of her hands (as both of which were trying to hide her bun) pushing her hands away he took hold of her bun & gently squeezed it pushing her head forward. He placed his other hand on Jane’s nape & began massaging it.

Jane was breathing heavily & enjoying it at the same time as she felt Dan’s fingers on her neck & her head bobbed back & forth. Dan then used both his hands to undo the bun. Jane’s long thick locks cascaded down to her hips & Dan began stroking the beautiful hair, which had a slight wave.

“Your hair is beautiful,” said Dan as he gathered hands full of her hair raised it over her head & dropped it. Jane’s hair fell all over her back & face. He pushed the hair away from her face & began gathering it at the back. He then stared into the reflection of her eyes in the mirror & inserted his fingers in her hair & gently started massaging her scalp. Jane’s head once again rocked back & forth first gently & then as the massaging got a vigorous Dan could hear moans coming from her. He separated her hair into ponytails & gripped each one in both his hands at the base & started kissing her on her neck.

Jane was in a total trance now & did not want this to end. Dan then pulled down the zipper on her dress & eased it off her shoulders. The dress fell to the floor revealing Jane’s petite figure. Dan gathered her hair into a ponytail & gripped it with his left hand at the nape. He put his right arm around Jane’s waist & lifted her up. He carried her to bed where he made her kneel on all four & standing on his knees behind her still gripping her hair He unzipped his pants & brought out his throbbing cock. He pulled her panties down & entered it into Jane. Jane was moaning loudly as each thrust was more painful than the one before.
Soon they were both lying on bed gasping for breath. After a while Dan got up & undressed himself completely. He slid next to Jane & once again screwed her real hard. After an hour Jane got out of bed, she quietly picke
d up her dress & put it on. Her back was turned towards Dan. Dan’s evil eyes were on her hair that she was once again trying to pull back into a bun. Dan walked behind her & took hold of her bun & once again pulled it down. Holding her hair in both his hands he walked her up to the dressing table & picked up a brush. He brushed her hair for a while & then holding it midway yanked it down pulling her head up.

As he did that he turned around & pulled a scissor out of his jeans pocket that was lying on the floor. He eased his on her hair, which brought Jane’s head down, & in the mirror she stared with horror when she saw Dan holding the pair of scissors. She quickly turned around & said, “I thought you liked my long hair?” “I do,” said Dan & that is why I want to take it”.

“Please don’t cut my hair” pleaded as her eyes filled with tears.

Dan let go of her hair & placed the scissors aside. He picked up his clothes & got dressed. Jane too by now was dressed up in her floral dress with her hair back in a loose bun. As he was about to leave Jane called out to him & said “Dan please don’t be annoyed I am really confused right now I don’t wish to annoy you but the though of cutting my hair scares me”.

Hearing those words the Devil came over Dan’s mind. He figured she needed some forceful persuasion to be convinced. With an intense look in his eyes he moved towards her. Jane backed a little but he caught her by the arm & turned her around. He gripped her bun tightly & pushed her head down maintaining his grip. Jane could feel some aggressive tugging on her bun & with tears in her eyes she said “Dan.please don’t.” but before she could finish her sentence Dan had undone her hair completely & was now winding it around his hand. Finally Jane felt his grip tighten behind her head as Dan held half of her hair wound around his right hand tightly against the back of her crown & the rest of it flowing loose to her waist. With his left hand he zipped down first her dress, which fell to the floor & then his fly. He entered her with a huge thrust & Jane let out a big gasp.

“I’ll take your hair whether you or like it or not” whispered Dan. He then took out his shears from his back pocket. Jane was now crying hard but Dan was not paying any attention to her tears. His focus was simply on scrunching through the thick fat ponytail in his hands. Soon he held the severed ponytail in his hands. Jane was down on her knees now. He grabbed chin from behind & pulled up her head. Jane could feel water being sprayed all over her scalp. Maintaing his grip Dan was now shaving her head. Soon Jane was shaved all bald.

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