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We got married six years ago. I love my wife Smita very much. And I love her long, raven hair very much. Her thick hair hangs on her butts. I am a great hair enthusiast. So I asked her to give me a chance to cut her hair or atleast trim it. But she never agreed to cut her hair even by half an inch. I asked her many a time but in vain.

It was my birthday on 15th Nov,2006. Every year she gives me a surprise gift. I was guessing what gift she would give that time. I woke up early in the morning. I had head bath as usual. On my birth day we visit a temple every year. My wife also took head bath. She asked me to wipe her hair dry. I took a towel and wiped her hair gently. When it was half dry she put a clip and got ready to go to temple. We returned home in one hour. Then she handed me a gift packet. She said that it would definitely surprise me very much. I opened it and found cute steel scissors and a hair brush in it. I looked at her amazingly. She laughed and said, ” I want to get my hair cut short and I would give that chance to you”. I could not believe it. “Are you sure?” I asked her. “Yes” she said firmly.

“I am fed up with my long hair and wanted to cut it short. Actually I thought of visiting a salon last month itself. But I wanted to give the opportunity to you”. she said. It was a great excitement for me. I have been waiting for six years to have that opportunity and now I got it. “When shall I do it?” I asked her. “Tonight” she said with a lot of love. That evening we had our dinner at a hotel and returned home after 9 p.m. I was very eager to go for the adventure. She changed her dress and wore a white sleeveless nighty. “Now you can go for the big” she said and sat on a stool before the dressing table. I approached her and untied her hair. It spread on her back like a black cloud. I brushed it gently for more than ten minutes. “How much can I cut?” I asked her. ” I want just shoulderlength hair”, she said .

But I don’t want to cut it in a stretch. So I proposed to cut her hair in three phases. She agreed for that. On that day I cut only three inches of her hair and brushed it thoroughly. Four days passed. It was Sunday. ” Shall I continue my adventure?” I proposed. She nodded in agreement. It was afternoon. Again she sat on the same stool. I sprinkled water on her hair after brushing it. “I will cut in U shape this time”, I said. She smiled and agreed. I took the scissors and strarting from her left side slowly manoeuvred the scissors to cut the hair in U shape. I was almost successful in that attempt. I postponed the last phase to the next Sunday. Next day she went to her office letting her hair loose. In the evening she told me that her colleagues appreciated her new haircut. I was very happy.

The next Sunday came. She was ready to have the last phase of her haircut. We started it after 8 p.m. As usual I brushed her hair and started cutting. This time also I managed to cut in in near U shape to fall it on her shoulders. After cutting it to shoulderlength I brushed it and asked her how it was. She liked it very much. On that night we slept only after 12 midnight.

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