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I’ve known Jenna since ages. I got to know her during my studies as a hairdresser after she replied to an ad I posted on a message board. A real message board, it was in the ages before Internet became popular. Not implying that she is that old – the Internet spread very slowly at first in this country! Anyway, she was interested in becoming a model, but insisted on keeping her long red hair, long and red, halfway her back. Even a fringe and certainly layers were out of the question. That didn’t matter too much as I needed models for long hair and updo’s too and we hit it off right from the first meeting. She is a real sparkling lady, very kind and gentle but somehow you never got the impression you completely knew her. She always had a bit of mystery about her. Nobody cared that much about it, as Jenna was just nice to be around as she was. So since many years, I did her hair. Trimmed the points, put her hair up on special occasions, I was her one and only hairdresser and she became my very special client. I heard about boyfriends that came and went, as she heard about my love life and it’s fair to say we became real friends over the many years, sharing many important and lesser important things in our lives.

Jenna invited me one early spring day to do her hair again. Usually, I went over to her place. She had a portable washbasin that she would put in her bathroom so she could enjoy the shampoo and conditioning as much as possible. That was something she thoroughly enjoyed, the relaxing massage of the shampoo that always was too short for her – even when it took more than a quarter of an hour. After I applied the conditioner, she would sit upright, have an extra towel on her shoulders and enjoy the smooth combing of her hair for another quarter of an hour. The final rinse would imply the near end of the luxurious treatment, as she wasn’t that fond of the blow-drying. While driving over to her house, I enjoyed the frail sun on my snow-white skin, that simply refused to tan and looked forward to our nice chat and giving her a good time.

When I arrived there, she seemed to really wait for me to arrive because she opened the door before I could even ring. A nice hug and a big smile later, she took my coat and led me to the living room. A bit unusual, normally we head straight off to the bathroom. During our chitchat, I got the idea she was somewhat anxious. It seemed bizarre; if she wanted the luxury treatment, why insist on a talk? So I neglected the signs and waited while she made me a hot chocolate. We talked “long distance” until she arrived with a tray and two hot chocolates. Now I really got the impression she was nervous and while we started to drink, I asked her what was the matter.

“Do you remember telling me about your client that wanted a makeover, but had some special wishes?”

I told pretty much everything to Jenna – I knew I could count on her to be discreet. So she knew I provided special services to my female clients. They can ask me to do pretty much anything during their haircut. As long as it makes them enjoy their haircut more, why not? Besides, the tips afterwards aren’t the smallest ones either.

“Oh, you mean Caroline?” I replied. “Sure, there aren’t many women that want to be tied up during their long to short makeover .”

“Well,” she started hesitatingly “would you do something very special for me too?”

That question caught me off guard. I had always thought her special wish was the long shampoo and conditioning. So much for me knowing what made her tick. I uttered, “Of course, what would you like?”

Now Jenna really became red and her breath stocked. I went over to her and took her in my arms. That way, she could avoid looking directly at me and said “Just spit it out, Jen dear. There’s nothing that can surprise me after all those years.” Well she would prove me wrong just two minutes later as she started to explain her special wish.

“I’ve been waiting until we were both between relations before I could bring up the courage to tell you. All my life I had my hair long, very long even. It ensured me of the attention of many men. Since some years I realised that I just attract the wrong kind of men, they aren’t interested in my person, but in my appearance. And that’s what I like about you, you just like me as I am.” Questions grew inside me. Where was she going? I knew I had to keep quiet and not disturb her in her explanation. She continued “So for me the time has come to go short!” She paused, giving me the time to reassure her that a lovely lady like her would look great with a short cut and asked her what her special wish was then. It took a bit before she started talking again “Don’t be afraid to say no to what I’m going to say. You know how much I enjoy your gentle treatment. But what you probably won’t know is that it is a great turn-on for me. It really gets my juices going.” At that moment she lifted her head from my shoulder and looked me straight in my eyes. “I would like to really enjoy the was and haircut. REALLY enjoy it – if you get my drift.”

For a split second I didn’t know what to say. I always had been attracted to her, but because of our client-professional relation, I had suppressed these feelings. Was she asking me to start a relation? I replied her with warmth and understanding in my eyes “We know each other longer than today. If there is one person who could really ask me anything, it’s you Jenna. Just what kind of ‘enjoyment’ did you have in mind?” “Would you object if I started to masturbate during?” Smilingly, I said “If that’s all Jen, sure, go right ahead! Enjoy it to the fullest! I’ll be thrilled to let you take so much pleasure in the wash and conditioning!” “I imagine that I won’t stop during the haircut either .” “No problem there either – as long as you can hold your head still a bit.” She sighed and looked like the weight of the world fell from her shoulders. Her face was all smiles and I could see that wasn’t the only part of her body that ‘smiled’. She wore no bra under her T-shirt . how stupid could I be? All these years her bodily response was hidden under the cape. It was high time dear Jenna got what she was longing for! She kissed me on the lips, took my hand and led me to the bathroom, my bag with hairdressing tools in her hand. In the bathroom she handed it over to me and said she wanted to change into something more comfortable for her, it wouldn’t take long.

The washbasin was already there, as were enough towels, the shampoo, conditioning and her director’s chair. I opened my bag, took out the necessary combs, cape, neck-strip she adored, hairdryer and scissors. I spread them out on the towel she had put on the side table as usual. Just when I was ready, Jenna entered again. To my surprise, not the usual loose-fitting training suit to relax in, but a really hot brown set of underwear was all she was wearing. The chocolate colour fitted her natural red hair and very excited sparkling green eyes. Her lush long hair went past her bra strap. It definitely was time for a cut. The lack of her clothing explained why the bathroom seemed warmer than usual. Or was it just me getting warmer? All smiles, she took a vibrator from behind her back and went to sit in her director’s chair. I took all her hair up and attached it with a clip on top off her head. While I put on her neck strip, her hand went into the slip and started to turn in circles. In the mirror she no doubt took notice of my interest and smile. I put on the cape, put the washbasin behind her, the drain tube in her shower and adjusted the thermostatic shower tap. Then I took the clip from her hair and let her beautiful, healthy and shiny red hair flow in the washbasin. When the water started to pour on it, it seemed to resist it, it didn’t want to get wet. This didn’t stop me and quickly Jenna’s hair was soaking wet. A little shampoo in my hands and the first wash started. As I could guess, her hair wasn’t the only wet thing as Jenna started to moan a bit. Her eyes were closed, one hand on her breast, the other at work in her lo
wer regions, a soft humming was all that broke the silence. The only thing she said after a few minutes of shampooing, “can you shampoo just a little bit longer?” Since I used a very soft shampoo on her, that wasn’t a problem and a few minutes later, Jenna reached a climax. That was my queue to rinse her hair. Two grateful eyes looked up at me while the lukewarm water flushed away the lather. Then Jenna proved me wrong for the second time that day, as the next shampooing was the start of a second turn for Jenna too. This shampoo had to last even longer than the first before she climaxed again. The second rinse had to take even longer, as every tiny bit of lather had to disappear. Jenna was all flushed now, getting a bit tired judging the look of fulfilment in her eyes. During the rinse, I asked her if she had any preference to how I cut her hair short. “No, no, you choose the style, as long as it is really short. Not that kind of short you see on TV-stars. That’s something between medium and short, not real short.” That was music to my ears, but wasn’t what I meant. “What I mean is, would you like me to cut a big chunk first in a tail first and then shorten it further? Or just cut the long locks and let them drop in your lap?” “Can you do it to me like you did that Caroline you mentioned earlier? That was something I liked very much when you told me about her experience. Tie my hair together at the ends and cut off as much as you can in one go. I’ve put a natural cotton strand in water. That way, when the hair dries, the strand dries too and no hair comes loose from the long tail.” She had listened very well to my account about Caroline’s haircut. It was then I noticed the small pot in the shower, that must be where the cotton strand was in. The rinse finished, I removed most of the leaking from her hair and she sat up. Another towel on her shoulders, I applied the conditioner. Using a comb with broad teeth, I untangled her hair. That didn’t take long as her hair was in excellent condition, but continued to comb her hair. That way the conditioner got spread really good and Jenna got to enjoy even more. From time to time I took the conditioner I combed almost out of her hair and applied back at the top. Then the combing started again, until Jenna was ready. The third rinse was the last time I would rinse her long hair for quite a while and really looked forward to the cut. If I judged her right this time, she would keep her hair short for a long time to come. What meant, my visits would become more regular too, something I wouldn’t mind at all. When I closed the tap, she opened her eyes and smiled. “Ready?” I asked. The only reply I got was a very big smile and a slight nod. She took a sip from the glass of water she had always at hand. Of course, it was her excitement that gave her a dry mouth after the shampoo and conditioning! How could I have missed that all those years? Feeling a tiny bit stupid, I combed her hair from the top to the mid of her back for the last time. Then I took the cotton strand from the pot in the shower and tied her hair together at the ends and pulled it really tight. I attached the ends with a clip to the cape at her neck and took place before her. She looked at me, getting a bit red with excitement too. “I’m happy I’m not the only one enjoying myself . Take it off, take it all off!” Jenna seemed to read my mind, that was exactly what I wanted her to say and I couldn’t wait to start. I took the scissors and comb, lifted up the first lock at her forehead up, took a gentle grip of it and let the scissors cut the hair. It schnirped, as it cut the wet hair and I enjoyed the sound more than usual. “I love the sound of the scissors liberating me from my long hair.” Jenna said after the first cut. “Can you cut it slower? Then the sound, and the cutting, lasts longer . And could you take a more firm grip of my hair, pull it slightly?” Jenna certainly knew she could direct me to enhance her pleasure. Her wish was my command and the second lock was cut off just the way liked it. Slowly she started to feel the cut hair pull slightly at her neck and that was only making her smile. Or was it the action she had started up again? She seemed to be insatiable that day – or was she always that way? Lock after lock was cut off at about at about 7 cm (3 inches) on top of Jenna’s head. Slowly but definitely the hair on top was shortened. Jenna kept her eyes half closed, really enjoying it. When I had to stop for a moment to start at her right side, she opened her eyes and looked at my pants right in front of her. It even made her smile more and she rubbed my bulge gently. The combination of Jenna, her enjoyment and her hair getting cut short had a very special effect on me too. But her long hair had to go and I had to continue cutting. That became more difficult as Jenna kept caressing me and didn’t forget herself either. “Oh Kurt, if I only had known .” was what she uttered in between soft moans. “Cut my hair short, don’t hesitate Kurt, I want it badly. Don’t spare me, chop it all off!” As if I needed encouragement . the hair at her right side got chopped off shorter than the hair on top. I didn’t want to waste too much hair falling on the floor. The tail had to be as long as possible. Without hesitation, but much excitement, her hair around her ears was left only one finger long. The fact of me touching her ears seemed to make Jenna enjoy even more. Was I dreaming? Could I keep on cutting without climaxing myself? Oh, the only thing that didn’t stop me from cutting was the pleasure it gave me. A good firm grip, the scissors cutting and the enjoyment of watching her special tail getting more and more heavy, watching her lush thick red hair hanging down and not from her head this time, kept me going and getting more and more excited. I wasn’t the only one getting excited as she switched hands when I moved to her left side and her long hair disappeared there too. She was clearly stopping occasionally to get her timing right. That side finished too, I went back to stand in front of her. I took her head firmly and pushed her chin on her chest. Then I kept on pushing until she bowed slightly and I could reach the back of her head. There her hair went from 7 cm (3 inches) to just 2 (2/3 inch) and Jenna was having difficulties keeping still. One hand at my pants, one hand down at hers, bent over isn’t an easy position. But it was just what she apparently needed to come. The fact I needed to increase my grip on her locks might have helped too. Her timing was implacable, I only had a few locks to go when she shuddered. While she was catching her breath again, her tail hung completely loose at the cape. I took it off, took another comb and combed it gently through. She slowly sat up and looked at it. “Great . finally . short . and you, mmmm .” Was she humming because she caressed her cut off tail, or because of me? It didn’t matter much, as she went with her hand for the first time through her short hair and watching her smile and radiate. “It’s much nicer short! Why did I wait this long?? But it’s still way too long Kurt. Why isn’t it shorter? I know you still have to finish the cut, but don’t spare me. I really want it short. It’s a shame, you could have cut off more on top .”. When I explained her that cutting off more on top would have meant pain for her as the first wet locks really pull at her other hair, she said: “OK, then you still have a lot of work to do … Go for it. Don’t stop until I had enough! But first, take of the cape. I want to feel the short snippings fall on my shoulders and lap.” As I had imagined when she asked to cut her hair short at first, she would end up with just 4 cm (1 ½ inch) on top, gradually shorter towards the back and sides. So I went behind the chair and took of her cape and neck strip. “Could you put it back on? I like the feel of it in my neck.” “OK, I’ll just take another one” and while I turned to my bag of goodies to get another neck strip from the roll, she stood up and removed her bra and slip. Completely nude, she sat down again. The sight of Jenna for the first time naked had its effect o
n me too. When her neck strip was on, I took the spraybottle and wetted her hair again. I bent her head, chin on chest and started cutting the back. Scissors over comb, small locks fell to the ground. Some fell and rested on her shoulders, some touched her breasts before ending up in her lap. “Yes, cut me short, show no mercy!” was what she had to say to herself to get her started again. It surprised me a bit, she still didn’t have enough . That didn’t stop me from cutting, on the contrary. After her back was nice and short and I moved to her right side, her hand went to her neck. But I stopped it, saying “wait until I’m finished!”. She behaved, better said obeyed, because it excited her even more. Feeling me push her ear forwards to cut her hair around her ear made her moan. Yep, that wasn’t a mistake before, it did something for her. What naturally made me ‘play’ even longer with her ear . After the right side, the left side followed. This time too, I didn’t forget her ear, much to her liking. Excited by her excitement, her left side too was surely cut properly short. From a few centimetres at the top side to less than one around her ears. Scissors over comb was a method Jenna liked too. Using clippers just would have been too quick. It would rob both of us of a lot of pleasure. Watching lock after lock tumble down, applying a nice firm grip on the longer locks, feeling the comb slide up and hearing the scissors cut the hair, it was too beautiful, too natural to do it any other way. Anyway, too quick to my liking, the hair at her left side was done. Now only the hair on top was left. At a length, double the surrounding sides, it looked awkward. Not for long . These locks didn’t escape my firm grip. I sectioned the hair at the middle and started with my guiding lock. When I cut that lock almost in half and Jenna saw the length falling down, all I got was a moan and a whispered “yes!”. A second lock followed in the same direction, only to be followed with many more. To make the cutting last as log as possible, each new lock was a thin one. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and so did the last long lock. Then it was time for cross checks, with each lock on Jenna’s head being picked up and even the tiniest difference being corrected. Jenna would have the perfect cut, not one lock that was too short or too long. Sadly, these checks don’t last forever either. The haircut was finished. I took my soft brush and gently brushed the tiny hairsnippings from her ears, neck and face. Then I took my raizor and cleaned up her neck and around her ears. And yes, she enjoyed the ears being bent over again very much . That done, I gently brushed the locks again from her shoulders and now from her breasts too. That gave an instant reaction which caused me to give them a thorough brushing. Then Jenna stood up, went with her hand through her short hair and radiated. When I asked her to sit down again so I could style it further, she declined. “You will only have to start all over in an hour or so .” That said, she started to kiss me on the mouth, passionately. I replied her kiss and before long we ended up in the bedroom. This was the best tip I ever got and the start of our relation.

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