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Beth now had a short hairstyle and seemed to like it. I also discovered I had a unique talent cutting and styling hair. More important Kathryn knew it also.

Sunday morning came and I awoke to the ringing of the phone. I answered to hear Kathryn’s voice. She said she couldn’t wait any longer to call because she was so excited. Beth loves her new haircut and wants the group to go out to show off her new look.

I said,”Would you like me to come early and give both of you a curly sexy look.” I could tell over the phone she loved the idea. I agreed to be at Cat’s house at ten. I arrived and they both met me at the door. For the first time Kathryn gave me a kiss on my lips.

Beth said,”Cool it kids. Josh is here to do our hair first. Then you can attack each other.”

I asked Cat to get a stool. I had Beth sit on the stool and I got out my supplies. I combed through Beth’s hair with a comb. It had so much more body cut short. I said,”Beth, I thought I would style your hair into a mass of soft curls, pull them back at the sides, and secure them with a couple fancy pins?”

Beth just smiled and said,”Go for it Josh, it sounds great. I’ve never had short and I’ve never wore my hair curly. Sounds like a great change.”

As Kathryn watched, I got started. I dampened Beth’s hair slighty. I took a small curling iron from my bag and plugged it in. They were both getting excited and so was I. I took a section of Beth’s hair, from the front, and twisted it around the barrel of the iron. As I released it it sprang into a bouncy, long curl. I continued this all the way around her head, until she was a mass of blonde, bouncy curls. She shook her head and watched the curls swing back and forth. I pulled a small section from the front of each side of her head. I lifted them slighty toward her ears. I gave them a twist and secured them with a fancy hair pin. It left her face open to show off her pretty features and also highlight her lovely bangs. It also gave her a massive head of soft curls in the back.

I said,” All done Beth. What do you think?”

Beth answered,”I love it and I think my boyfriend is going to love all these curls.”

Kathryn was entranced watching Beth’s transformation. I said,”OK Cat, you’re turn.” She got up and walked over to the stool. I said,”Beth, would you mind letting us alone while I do Cat.”

Beth smiled and said,”I don’t mind at all. I’ll see you both at 12 at the restaurant.”

I put a towel on the chair and helped Kathryn up. I said,”I put the towel down because I’m going to make this as sensual for you as possible. I plan on making you wet with pleasure.” She looked a little stunned, but also quite arroused. I pinned her lovely, red mane on top of her head. I placed the cape around her and fastened it. I let down her hair and combed it out. It reached to the middle of her back and fanned out like a curtain. I gathered her hair into a high ponytail. I picked up the scissors and placed them at the base of her pony. To my shock she didn’t protest or fight. I pulled the scissors away and said,”I thought you would freak out when you saw those scissors at the base of your georgeous pony?”

Cat replied,”I love my long hair, but if you really want to cut it short I trust you completely.”

No. Today I’m just going to give you a good trim and give you a curly look also. She smiled and stroked my hand. I sectioned her hair and decided to cut it to bra length. This would make it long enough to wear in a pony or twist, yet easier to get a lovely curly style.I combed the sections down and started to snip off 6 inch sections of hair. As she watched them float to the floor she bit her lip. She began to rub her thighs with her hands. I knew she was getting close. I continued to cut her hair all the way around her head. When I finished she looked down to the floor to see a hugh pile of red hair laying there.

Cat looked down and then at me. I snapped the scissors a couple of times and gave her a kiss. She couldn’t hold back her enjoyment any longer. She wet the towel with her arrousal and reached for my pants. I was hard as a rock and her hands only increased my pleasure. I was about to take her right there, when she stopped me.

Josh, you better finish with my hair first. Then we have to meet the others. Don’t worry we’ll pickup where we left off.

I continued with her haircut. I trimmed in a few soft layers around her face to show off those stunning green eyes. I pulled out a box of hot rollers. I sectioned her hair and rolled them up.I did this all around her head, except at her face.There I used a brush and blow dryer to creat soft layers around her face. I removed the rollers and gently combed them. She now had a headful of curls with face framing waves. Her red hair looked georgeous and she knew it. I said,”Well Cat, what do you think?”

A tear ran down her face and she said,”Josh, I love what you did with my hair. It looks and feels unbelieveable.”

I said,”Well, I guess we better get going. The others will be waiting for us.” With that we got up to leave.

As we were walking out the door Kathryn turned to me and said,”Don’t worry Josh, I’ll repay you later.” She smiled and kissed me on the cheek.

To be continued.

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