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Joe and Mary of Dollars for Hair and a video production Service were at the Bank in the morning being waited on by their favorite teller Anita. Anita was a 22 year old Mexican girl about 5’7″ tall who had been there for about six months. She had a nice young figure but her best asset was her waist length Raven hair. Hair that was of Pantene commercial quality being that it was silky and soft with a nice shiny look to it. It hung down her back in a soft silky carpet and her face was accented with soft bangs. Joe and Mary watched Anita’s hair move around her nice body as she helped them. When they got back to their car Mary remarked to Joe ” I bet you sure would like to get your hands on that Raven mane. ” Joe replied “Yes, it would but I don’t think offering the girl just money would do it.”.

Later in the afternoon at the mall they were chatting with Katy the Manager of Kristina’s Lingerie. Katy just happened to mention that she was looking for a new Lingerie Model for her shows both public and private. Joe said” How about Anita the new Teller at the bank. I think she is pretty and would make a nice model?” Mary nodded her head in agreement. Katy responded” Yes, she is pretty but she has too much hair and it will distract from the cloths. Now, if she had shorter hair then I could probably use her as a model. Joe and Mary looked at each other and smiled. Mary spoke “Listen, Katy maybe we could get Anita to cut her hair. Do you have any extra outfits we could borrow and do some test shots to give to you of her which might help you decide to use her as a model?” Katy replied “I don’t know what you have planned but I do have some extra outfits that I’d gladly let you use but you would have to let me know the size you need.” “Ok, we will see what we can come up with and get back to you.” said Mary. Joe and Mary had just been given the angle they needed to get their hands and scissors on Anita’s long silky Raven mane. They went home to plan.

Two days later they were back at the bank. They had Anita wait on them with her long shiny hair moving to and fro. When they were done Mary handed Anita a sealed envelope and told her to open it when she was alone and that she would find it very interesting. It told Anita that they had information for her on a money making modeling opportunity. That she would be paid $20 just for listening to it. That she was to meet them in the local Holiday Inn lobby at 7pm this coming Friday night which was two days hence. Joe and Mary could only hope for the best.

Friday night at just before 7pm in walked pretty Anita with her long hair and tight jeans. Joe and Mary told her to follow them into the lounge where Mary and Joe sat down with Anita in between them. Joe ordered them all drinks. Joe quickly got to the point. “Here is your $20 Anita. Now we have an offer to make to you and that you should seriously consider. Do some research and get back to us. Joe took a deep breath. We recently ran into Katy the manager of Christina’s Lingerie in the mall. Mary took over the conversation “She told us she was looking for a new Model and we suggested you. She told us that she thinks you would make a good Model except for one thing (Mary reached over and lifted up the ends of Anita’s mane) and that is that your hair is too long and would take the focus away from the items you would be modeling. Now, Joe and I produce hair makeover videos for a select clientele.” Joe stepped in to speak “We are willing to pay you X amount of money he had written down on a piece of paper that he handed to Anita to be a Makeover model for us. I would cut your hair shorter in a style Katy the manager of Christina’s suggested. Katy is going to give us few of her samples for us to take a few test shots of you in them so she can see what a great model you would make after we pass them on to you. Now we think this is a great opportunity for you as you will make a nice amount from us for being a model and probably be rewarded for being a model with Christina’s in both her private and public shows. I think you will find out that she pays very well. Now, here is number Katy gave to us of one of her models you can talk to and also I need you to write down your clothing sizes so we get the proper samples from Katy. We need to know by next Friday noon either way so we can schedule your makeover. Here is a Google map of how to get to our home from the Bank. Anita just sat there taking it all in and drinking her drink. “I don’t know about cutting my hair. I’ve had it long for 9 years. You are making me a nice offer and I could use the extra money. Maybe it is time I make a change.” Mary spoke “We recommended you because we think you have the figure and personality to be a fine model. Who knows what direction it will lead you and your hair can always be grown back long. (Mary reaches over and pets Anita’s silky mane.) Talk to your coworkers and friends about what they know of Christina’s models. Take a drive and find our home so you know we are on the level. You have a lot to think over so we will let you go.” Mary moved out of the way so Anita could leave. She turned to Joe “We shall see what happens. We made her a nice offer and we weren’t too pushy but let me tell you her hair is great product from what I got to touch.”

A week went by and Joe and Mary waited on pins and needles. Friday at 11:30am the phone rang and it was Anita. Her answer after deliberation and consultation was “Yes!!”. Joe and Mary agreed on a time of 10 am the next day Saturday morning. Joe told Anita to give her hair a good washing and conditioning Friday night and to come with an open mind. He called over to Christina’s and told Katy the size of outfits they needed. Joe and Mary went down to their basement studio and made sure the camera’s both visible and hidden were in working order and all lights and sound equipment in the studio was ready to go. A feeling of excitement was in the air.

Saturday morning at 9:45am up the sidewalk came Anita with her long silky Raven mane swinging back and forth for the last time behind her. She rang the door bell and Mary greeted her. “Hi Anita, we are so glad that you decided to take the challenge. Joe is downstairs in the studio getting everything ready for your makeover.” Anita spoke ” I came a bit early and I’m a bit nervous and excited as I want to get it over with so I can adjust before I go back to work on Monday.” Mary reached over and took Anita’s hand “Now, don’t you worry. Being nervous is normal when you’re going to make a big change. Now, follow me downstairs to the studio.” Mary took Anita by the hand and led her downstairs and opened the studio door. A large red barber chair stood at the other end in front of a large wall mirror. A counter in front held the tools of the barber trade. Clips and scissors and clippers of various sizes were laid out waiting the call to action. Joe greeted Anita and showed her around. He showed her the fitting room with mirrors where she would change into the lingerie samples Katy had given to Joe. Mary looked at Anita’s shiny soft Raven mane hanging around her waist with a lusty look knowing that most of it soon would be coming off of the young girls head. Mary came over to Anita. “Now, the first thing we will have you do is to change into this nice white satin bra and panty set that Katy gave to us to take a picture of you modeling. Now go change into it and come out and we will take a few “before” pictures. “Anita nodded and went into the dressing room with its hidden cameras behind the mirrors to change into the item. When she came out Mary instantly noticed something.” Oh, dear, I hadn’t considered that problem.” “What problem?” asked Anita? “Honey, your pubic hair is showing out from under the panties. It is way too bushy. I’ll have to take care of it first. Joe put a towel in the seat of the barber’s chair and lean it back. Anita I want you to go over and remove your panties, sit in the chair, lean back, and spread those lovely brown skinned legs of yours. Now, don’t worry it will just take a few minutes and I’ll have you clean like a baby.
Joe give her that screwdriver drink you made for yourself. I think Anita needs it.” Anita went and did as she was told and her long hair filled the seat of the chair. Mary was smiling from ear to ear as she took the clippers and as Anita heard the clippers come to life she felt a vibration in her pubic area as Mary buzzed off the bulk of her young pubic hair that had never been clipped. Then Anita felt the shaving cream being applied and her private area being lathered up. Joe handed Mary his straight razor and she went to work shaving clean little Anita’s pubic area. Joe also knew that the hidden camera’s were catching some great pubic shaving action making the video even more valuable. It took only a few minutes to do the deed and Mary spoke to slightly shocked Anita. “There that problem is solved. You won’t have hair down there to get in your way. Now turn over so I can wipe your little cute bottom clean so we can get back on schedule. You can reach down and feel how smooth you are now. I think you’ll like the feeling.” Anita rolled over and let Mary towel off her bottom and then reached down and felt her newly shaved private area. It had a sense of sexiness to it. She put back on the white panties and went and stood in the spot Mary told her. Mary took a brush and started to brush out Anita’s long silky mane. “Your long Raven hair and your brown skin are amazing together.” she commented. Joe had Anita pose with her long hair in back and down the front and some shots from the sides. Anita’s breast filled out the bra portion nicely. Things were going great.

Joe motioned Anita to come stand by the Barber’s chair and face the mirror. “It is time to remove the bulk of your hair Anita. I want you to brush it out one last time. “Anita did so and it was a sexy scene seeing the hair played with for the last time. Joe took a wide tooth comb and combed down Anita’s silky soft mane to her waist. Then he took out a large pair of shiny silver scissors and sectioned off a section of Anita’s thick mane on her right side. He held tight the section about two inches above Anita’s shoulder and above the hair held by his fingers he let the scissors snip, snip, snip through the thick hair. The long lock of hair came free and walking in front so Anita could see it he held it up and handed it to a smiling Mary.
Mary took it over and laid it out on the counter and measured it. “Twenty Five inches on that piece Joe” she called out. Joe working right to left took another thick section and placed the scissors to them. Snip, snip, snip went the sharp instruments removing more of Anita’s thick shiny mane and exposing the base of her next that hadn’t been exposed for who knew how many years. Each section that was removed was paraded in front of Anita and handed to Mary and soon a trickle of tears came down Anita’s young face as she realized there was no turning back. “Now, if anyone asks tell them you decided to make a donation to `Locks of Love”. I’ll give you one of my cards and I’ll give you a $50 referral fee to anyone you send to me for a makeover.” Joe felt the softness and thickness of the young hair he was removing. He was going to get his moneys’ worth. He had a hit video in the making and he knew it. It seemed like no time at all and Anita’s long mane was no more but piled up on Joes counter.

Then he told her to sit in the barber’s chair where he put a nice white cape tightly around her neck, ” I don’t want you to have just a boring bob so I’m going to give you an A line cut starting at the bottom of your ears and angling upward in the back. I’m going to do most of it with clippers and buzz the back of your head. You might want to grab the arms of the chair.”
Anita grabbed the chair arms as she heard the clippers come to life. Joe sectioned off the hair in the back from ear to ear. He then pushed Anita’s head forward as the clippers starting at the base of her neck headed upward. Large three to four inch clumps of hair tumbled down the cape to the floor. He made three or four passes upward to make sure it was cut good. Joe undid the top hair from it’s clips and using clippers over scissors her cut the lines he wanted which resulted in more Raven hair hitting the floor. He took out a spray bottle and wetted down Anita’s head and with scissor and comb to fine tune the haircut. Anita looked silently as she watched her hair tumble across the cape to the floor. Joe undid the cape and Anita felt shaving cream being applied to her neck. Joe turned Anita to the mirror and removed the cape. “It is time to see your new look as he removed the cape. What do you think?” ” Oh, wow! Holy Jesus! What a change?! Are you sure Katy needed my hair this short?! “Joe didn’t say anything.

“Ok, Mary lets have Anita model that red Baby Doll Outfit that Katy sent over.” said Joe as
Anita exited the chair. Mary came over and snapped off the white bra as Anita removed the white panties. “Mary blurted out “You have lovely breasts young lady! Joe who was sweeping up the black hair looked over and commented “Oh, yes, they are definitely Playboy Pinup material.” Mary had Anita move back to the before area pictures and took some more. They took some of Anita in a blue Cami outfit. Anita had no long hair at either end to get in the way. She looked beautiful. It was 1:30pm when Mary told Anita to go change into her regular cloths. Three hours earlier Anita had walked up the steps with waist length hair and now she was about to leave with hair that barely reached her ears at the longest. The change had been a dramatic one to say the least. Joe as she was getting ready to leave gave her a check for the money he had promised. “Now, Anita it will take me a day or two to get the pictures to Katy but you should know something in a week. I’m pretty sure it will be positive. We think you look terrific.

Katy was most impressed with the test shots when Joe and Mary gave them to her when they returned the samples after getting them dry cleaned. Katy was still mystified as to how Joe and Mary had gotten Anita to shed her long hair. Still she wasted no time in calling Anita and soon she became one of her most requested models. She made good money doing it and Joe and Mary made good money on the hot selling makeover video which included Anita’s pubic shaving. They would still see Anita at the Bank and at their first visit Anita relayed the amazing comments she had gotten when she returned back to work the following Monday. Joe would remind her of the referral fee he promised her from time to time. Anita had become a Model in more ways than she knew. Her sacrifice of her long hair had not been wasted.

The End

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