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Zena arrived early, so early in fact she had to let herself into the shop. Sue wasn,t in today so she was in charge which was one of the reasons she was there at such an absurd time in the morning. Charlie, her new girlfriend was with her, they had been together for a couple of weeks now and Zena thought it was about time that the beatifull Charlie should get her long blonde thick hair trimmed up an inch or two.

It hung poker straight, and oh so thick right down to her waist, she hadn,t had it cut for over ten years, and it was in need of a good seeing to as Sue would say. The blonde colour had been the first thing thay Zena had noticed about her, and of coarse the sheer length of it. they met in a supermarket queue of all places, and from that day Zena had vowed to hersellf that her hair had to be cut to a more managable length. So this was the main reason for the early start today.

Charlie had insisted that she just get a trim she hated the thought of having her precious hair cut more than 1/2 of an inch. Charlie sat on the large sofa and played with her gorgous hair. She ran her fingers all the way down through till her fingers emerged down at the ends. Zena smiled at her and reassured her that she also loved her long hair and would hate it if she cut it short. Her hair was so thick, unbelieveably so, secretly she knew it would feel so much better with it cut shorter!

Zena was now ready for her and held the red cape over her arm, much like a matador urging the bull to come forward. Charlie got up from her seat and walked over to the largre red barbers chair in the center of the shop. Charlie climbed up into the large leather seat and Zena placed both hands on her shoulders and pulled her back into the chair.

“Thats it up you get you are all mine now young lady!”

Charlie gave her a funny look in the mirror as Zena pulled her back into the chair.


“It,s ok you just relax there a minute or two darling, you will soon see what I mean, I,ll be straight back,” Zena ran her fingers slowly through the girls lucious hair then walked back to the reception area.

Zena walked over to the desk and turned to watch. Chalie was running both hands through her hair looking at herself in the large mirror, she suddenly turned and called to her, to which Zena wasted no time returning to her side.

“I was just thinking my hair is so long, it is about time, I mean, maybe I should get it cut what do you think?” Carlie continued to run her hands through her hair continually looking into the mirror.

By now Zena had moved to her side and had started to brush her thick hair from top to tip.

“What were you thinking of my love, how would you like it cut, hmm.”

“I want it nice and neat Zena nice and short into the neck, clippered like yours, and then the top should be very short also.”

Zena slipped her hand inside of Charlie,s blouse and fondled her breasts.

“Well young lady I think I shall be deciding how you get your hair cut from now on dont you?” she kissed Charlie lightly on her cheek then picked up the very large scissors from the shelf.

“What ever you say Zena I,ll be happy to let you shave it for me if you like!” Charlie sat and looked at her image in the mirror, stroking her hand through the long thick hair.

“I am not going to cut it short this time Charlie there will be plenty of time to do that another time, maybe, just maybe, if your a good girl, I will let you shave it all off one day eh!”

“Oh yes please Zena I just want it all cut nice and neat just like yours when you have it cut.”

“Just sit still like a good little girl sweety and I shall cut it a bit shorter for you, there thats it you good girl.” Zena patted Charlie on the head like an obedient dog and with that started to cut her hair without a cape on.

“I wont put a cape over you I want all those tiny pieces of hair to get down inside your clothes and cover you and be nice and itchy.” Zena smiled at her as she continued to slowly and lovingly cut more hair off.

It was certainly looking so much thicker now, if that were at all possible, the hair was being rough cut to just below Charlies shoulders. Zena intended to give her a very precise blunt cut so that it just grazed the shoulders. But first all the length had to be taken off.

Charlie smiled wide eyed as her hair was roughly sawn to just past her shoulders. It hadnt been this short for as long as she could remember, but for an unknown reason she just wanted to have it cut short she really wanted it shaved clean off but her lover knew best. From now on she would obey her without question, as far as her haircut was concerned.

She loved the way she felt, sat there in this wonderful chair watching in the large mirror as all her hair was being reduced to the shortest she had ever seen it. God she felt so good, so sexual. A smile formed on her face, a smile of contentment as more and more hair was being cut.

“There you go sweety your looking realy nice now arnt you?” Zena bent over her shoulder and kissed her on the cheek. The floor was strewn with three foot or more lengths of hair, a wonderful sight indeed.

“Now, I shall cut a tiny bit more off darling just to even it up a bit I,ll do that with the clippers,ok?” not really a question but Charlie nodded her tiny head, her hair bounced to and throw as if in agreement, something that had never happened before, Charlie noticed and smiled even more. She reached up and touched the ends of her hair, it felt nice.

Using a comb and clippers Zena expertly clipted the hair into the bluntest bob you ever saw, the thick hair looked wonderful, and within twenty minutes or so the hair had been cut exactly to the top of the girls shoulders.

Zena now sprayed her hair with a thickening lotion and worked it into Charlies hair. It was then blown dry, Charlies head was bent forward and the hair was blown dry from the roots at the back with her hair falling forwards sitting in her lap.

Now Charlie sat up again and Zena combed her hair back into place carefully avoiding flattening it too much. Next she checked the hair with scissor and comb to be sure that no layering existed, to produce the perfect blunt cut.

When she was satisfied Zena spent ages combing it and running her hands through the glorious thick hair. Never had Zena seen or felt such a head of hair, it was indeed beautiful. It felt and looked so thick and it was.

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