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Here I was walking down the same street as I had three weeks prior. I had not been in town for three weeks and I knew that most people had never seen me before as well. I had certainly changed from three weeks ago and the stares I received from the men in town confirmed that change. Only a couple of blocks to go until I get to Leslie?s barbershop I thought to myself. What a transformation I had made! How great I felt! Why just this morning when I went for coffee, my first time away from the cottage, I noticed that men could not take their eyes off of me. I was approached a number of times with some nice and some very interesting offers.

When I last left Leslie and George, I had read the note and decided to comply with the instructions. On Saturday night, I called a Dr. Gregory and told him that I had been recommended by Leslie and George. Dr. Gregory was prepared for my call and asked if I was ready to comply. I responded yes, very eagerly. Dr, Gregory set up an appointment for me the following Monday early in the morning. I also followed the instructions and called Jerry at the supermarket and ordered enough food for three weeks as the instructions were that I could not come into town or leave the cottage area for three weeks.

On Monday, Dr. Gregory confirmed that I wanted to follow the instructions on the note. I told him I was prepared. I wrote him a check in the amount we had agreed upon. He then ushered me into the surgical room where he had a nurse standing by. ?Okay Judy? he said. ?Here we go. We will give you an anesthetic and when you wake up you will be a bit swollen in the breast area, but in three weeks you will be walking around in a pair of 34 DD breasts that I know are going to be very flattering on you. I will be implanting 2 600CC silicone breast implants.? I could not wait!

After the surgery I hung close to the cottage for the three weeks, when the swelling had gone down. I loved my new breasts and fondled them and my twat constantly. My twat was getting a little bush on it but I had followed the instructions to not touch anything. Yesterday morning, I was in such a quandary as to what to wear, when Jerry showed up at the cottage with two huge boxes that were from Leslie and George. I thanked Jerry and gave him a tip. After he left I opened the boxes and was surprised to find a note that read; ?For your new look, a new wardrobe? ?Pick one and wear it when you come to the barbershop tomorrow?. I laid all the clothes out on the chairs. My goodness I thought, I never would have chosen this type of clothing before last week. Now after my encounter with Leslie and George and my new boobs I did not think I could wear anything other than this type of clothing again. The blouses were form fitting and my breasts were practically bursting out. The jeans and skirts were so tight. Crotch less panties and six inch stiletto heels in various colors were my wonderful choices.

So three weeks from my last visit, as I approached the barbershop, I looked in the window of a small restaurant to take in my image and approved the tight fitting white short sleeved sweater and the black jeans. Underneath I was wearing my new sexy red garter belt, no panties, black hose and I was walking in a pair of six inch red stilettos. I had spoken to my husband Dennis only once since arriving and he had explained that he would not be up to visit until the third week end. I told him not to bother, as I secretly yearned for Leslie?s touch. Every step closer to the entrance of the barbershop, my twat just became wetter, thinking about Leslie and what might lie ahead it was all I could do to keep from rubbing myself with my hands. It had been two long weeks. I got to the door; the curtains had already been closed. I opened it and went in.

My eyes took a moment to adjust from the sunlight, but there they were. Leslie standing next to George as he sat in the barber chair, his head covered with lather. Leslie called to me. ?Hi Judy, you are right on time. I was just about to shave George?s head, but on second thought, maybe you should do it?. With that, Leslie began walking towards me. I could now see clearly that Leslie, in the last 2 weeks had changed her hair again. The severe flattop had grown out a bit, but the color was now a deep black. Her makeup had been adjusted to match the hair color. Her eyelids were more prominently colored in a dark hue and her lips were a much darker shade of red. She was packing her breasts in a black knit shirt with her abdomen exposed. She wore a red lira miniskirt with black nylons underneath. The overall affect was striking. She stopped just in front of me and took in the changes. ?Judy, she squealed! I love your new boobs. Are your nipples still sensitive?? Before I could answer she quickly took the razor and deftly sliced my blouse open right between my breasts. My 34 DD?s practically jumped out at her and she flicked both nipples with her fingers. I nearly dropped from the ecstasy of the tingle I received. I grabbed the razor and sliced off her blouse as well exposing her plump breasts as well. I then drew her in as we stared at each others eyes. Our breasts touched first, which sent shivers throughout our bodies. As our lips met, we each opened our mouths for our pierced tongues to explore. It was a feeling I had never experienced before. I know knew I could never be apart from Leslie again and I knew that she felt the same way. We caressed each others breast?s and then stepped apart. My thoughts turned to George and that massive erection I saw in the chair. It was then that I knew I was bisexual. I knew I would love Leslie forever, but I also knew that I wanted that cock to tear my insides up. It was an event I was waiting for. I quivered.

Again, I looked at my lover. Besides the new hair color, Leslie had also had her nipples pierced and they held gold rings. Attached to each was a gold chain that linked together to form a single chain that was attached to the ring in her bellybutton. A tremendous affect. I asked; ?Am I getting my nipples pierced? How will my hair look? What do you plan to do?? ?Easy, Judy?, Leslie replied. ?All in due time my love! But first you must shave Georges head?. I held the razor in my hand and Leslie showed me how to use the strapping on the side of the chair. I began at his forehead and brought the razor back towards me numerous times until the top was as smooth as the last time I saw him. All the while, I watched his cock grow harder and harder. I listened as Leslie told me that George owned the Tattoo and Piercing shop adjacent to the barbershop. Leslie explained that she and George were very good friends but only occasional lovers when the need arose as she was a committed lesbian. They had a mutually shared interest in Tattooing, Piercing and shaving since George had opened her eyes to the possibilities only 6 months ago. She explained how thrilled she was to meet me and to see that I was also smitten with the same interests. She also noted that because I could not take my eyes off George?s swollen manhood that she understood I was probably bisexual and this fact did not bother her. By now, I had finished shaving Georges head. I lathered him up and repeated the procedure. Once done with that, I removed the satin smock and decided his cock needed both shaving and attention. I was just about to go down on him when he stopped and asked for my tongue, I gladly stuck it out for him. He removed the top ball on the post and replaced it with one that was three times the size that Leslie had just given him. I awkwardly got my tongue back in my mouth and tried to speak, my slight lisp that I had worked hard to correct with the smaller ball was now more enhanced than ever. George smiled and said ?Now you can proceed!? I immediately smiled and went down on him. The pressure on his shaft was intense with the larger ball on my tongue. There was less room in my mouth and it forced me to take the long shaft straighter and deeper than before. ?Shave me?! George commanded. Leslie walked over with the hot lather from the dispenser and I app
lied it while continuing to suck his cock. I began shaving all the while moving my head up and down to take in the whole cock. When I had finished, I re-lathered and shaved him again just like his head. Now with both hands free, I moved my left hand between his legs and again began fingering his asshole. When I thought he was ready I stuck my middle finger as high up his anus as possible. Just as he exploded I felt Leslie?s tongue on my dripping wet cunt and came as well. Oh how I loved this! While George cleaned up, Leslie brought me over to the sink to wash my hair. I tried to talk, but Leslie put her finger to my lips and told me not to try, that it would take a while before I would be able to speak coherently. I nodded in acceptance. Leslie then proceeded to wash my hair. I was unaware there was suddenly someone else besides George and Leslie in the room. I was startled. ?Relax my love!? Leslie cooed. ?This is Jenny, George?s some time girlfriend and full time muse.? ?Jenny is going to do your nails and after we are done your make-up.? This time I nodded excitedly. While Jenny did my nails, Leslie wrapped a towel around my head and stepped aside. I still had not been able to see Jenny, but I could see George hovering over me. He suddenly grabbed my right breast and nipple and stuck a needle through. The shock & pain was intense and desired, I came again. He repeated the procedure on my other breast and did the same to my belly button. I squealed each time. He then pulled my pants off, removed my garter and nylons and surprised me by piercing my labia and driving something through it. Leslie smiled and said; ?Judy, this is so you will always be with me.? I could not wait to see what had been done. When Jenny was done, I looked at my incredibly new long nails that were polished in the brightest red I had ever seen. They were a perfect match to Leslie?s lipstick. ?Okay honey, time for some color?, Leslie said and sat me right back into the chair. It was then that I noticed Jenny. A sparkling young woman, who was tattooed and pierced all over her arms and face. Definitely unique I thought, but not for me. Soon enough it was time to rinse and pat dry my hair. When I finally stood up while wearing a towel as a turban, I could not see what color my hair was. But what I could see of my piercings was fabulous. Interwoven through my rings was a solid gold chain that went through a loop that had been screwed into a bar in my labia. At the end of the chain was Leslies hand. She turned to show me the exact same set up on her exquisite body. Leslie?s cunt was freshly shaven while mine had a 3 week growth and was screaming to be mowed. Leslie noticed my predicament and said; ?Judy, my dearest? it won?t be long until you are as nude as I. I followed Leslie to the barber chair as we were both naked except for our stiletto shoes.

Once in the chair, Leslie spun me away from the mirror, just in time for me to see Jenny swallow George?s member whole in her mouth. I wanted to say something to Leslie but knew the oversized ball on my tongue would make it indecipherable so I decided to keep quiet for now. When Leslie finished combing out my hair, she deftly began cutting and snipping the sides shorter than before. I then heard the switch of her clippers. They plowed into the back of my neck, higher and higher, I quivered and convulsed into a tremendous orgasm that George, who had just exploded in Jenny?s mouth dove down and lapped up. Leslie moved George away while she buzzed my bush below. I noticed that there was no guard and the thought of the back of my head being as bald as my snatch caused me to come again. This time Jenny was there to suck up all my juices. Leslie finished shaving my mound and then went back to my hair. George and Jenny, took turns applying the warm lather to my swollen pussy, and then took their time while they took turns and shaved me smooth. In a few short minutes she exclaimed that she was done. I knew the George liked my new look as he was ramrod straight again while Jenny blushed having just moments ago eaten my pussy again after it was shaved. My head felt lighter and I knew it was shorter. I struggled to ask if I could see it, but Leslie said that I was not ready. Two trays were wheeled to the side of the chair . One with make-up and the other with Tattoo ink. Oh God, I thought, I am going to be tattooed! I wanted it so bad. Leslie looked into my eyes and said ?my love, George is going to give you the same design as me except you will have a different flower on your breasts than my rose. I smiled widely and motioned for her to sit on my face before George started. Leslie put me off and pointed to George to start. George started at the base of my cunt. Again the pain was exquisite. By the time he had was halfway up my abdomen, my twat was soaking wet. This time I saw Leslie hold up the dildo and I nodded. Soon it was pushed high up into my twat. George had to stop until I had stopped cumming. This time though, Leslie left the dildo in my twat as I squeezed my twat muscles against it to hold another orgasm. George continued on. Just before he got to my right breast, Leslie held up another dildo. I was surprised, but instinctively knew that I wanted it as well. Leslie pulled a tube of KY from a drawer and lubed the shaft up. She then told George to stop for a minute. George pulled away from his artwork long enough for Leslie to slide the second dildo up my anal cavity. I shrieked as the pain caused me to cum again. Leslie worked both dildos in and out until I had passed out from the multiple orgasms.

When I woke up there were smiles all around to greet me. I was covered by a smock so I could not see. Apparently while I was asleep, Jenny had gone out to get Chinese food. As I sat in the chair, Leslie handed me some chicken fingers. I had not known how ravishingly hungry I was. I mumbled and lisped a question as to how long I had been out. Leslie relied; ?about 2 hours lover, long enough for George to finish your artwork and for Jenny to finish your makeup.? ?Can I see now?, I barely lisped. ?Soon?, very soon?; Leslie replied. I looked into her eyes. ?I love you, you know? I said. ?And I love you too? Leslie replied. ?I never thought that anyone would walk into my life like you? she said! I replied as best I could; ?I will do anything for you, I am going to divorce my husband and move here with you!? Leslie smiled brightly and said ?You are doing everything I want and I want you to move in too!? George interrupted ?Leslie this is similar to the design I want to do on yours? as he pointed to the back of Jenny?s head which had been shaved bald while I was asleep to show detailed tattoo patterns that began at the back of Jenny?s head and came to the front. Leslie looked at me. I nodded and smiled and thought that would look good on her as well. It was then and only then, that I felt the two dildos, still far up into my vagina and anus. I started to remove them, but Leslie put her hand on mine and said ?Not yet lover!? We finished eating and then Jenny reapplied my lipstick. Leslie then helped me out of the chair. I moved awkwardly in my heels with the 2 dildos still in place. Leslie walked me backwards over to a full length mirror and turned me around. I was stunned at the reflection. Not only did I feel beautiful, I looked it. Buck naked, my cunt was freshly shave and emanating from below my sight line were two green stem tattoo?s that wound and led up to my breasts. On each breast was a yellow tulip tattooed. The overall effect with the piercings and the chain was marvelous. I looked up and saw that my lipstick was bright red and that I had my nose pierced, must have been when I was passed out. My eyes had very heavy eyeliner marked and underneath my eyebrows was a very dark effect. My eyebrows had been penciled in black with that surprised kind of arch build in. I saw my now Jet black hair cut just above the ears in what appeared to be a severe symmetrical bob. I placed my hand at the back of my neck. The small hairs sent shivers through my body as my hand went practically to the top of my head. Leslie handed m
e a mirror so I could see it. It was fantastic. I turned to all of them and squealed ?I love it!? as best I could. ?Now can I eat you Leslie?? Leslie nodded yes and hopped up in the chair. I tiptoed over and began eating her pussy. She moaned with delight. Suddenly I heard the roar of the clippers. George was at Leslie?s back as the clippers roared up and back leaving nothing behind on the back and sides. Next he hot lathered Leslie?s head and proceeded to shave her back and sides smooth. I removed both dildos from my orifices and shoved them up Leslie?s twat and anus. She moaned; ?More. More!? She began convulsing into multiple orgasms. When George was complete, I hopped off Leslie and grabbed the clippers. They burst to life in my hand. I placed them at the front of her forehead and waited. Leslie moaned ?Yes, now lover do it?. I pushed forward and the clippers hungrily chewed up all the hair on the top of her head. Jenny climbed up on the Barber chair facing away from Leslie and backed up until she lay in the perfect 69 position. She began toying with the dildo?s while Leslie licked her cunt. By now I had the hot lather spread over the top of Leslie?s head and began to shave away the last remnants of her hair. When I was completed, George began laying his intricate design work to be tattooed on Leslie?s head. I saw the giant cock and knew that I just had to have it. I moved George away and we went over to the other barber chair. I made George sit in the chair. Once in I made it recline as far as I could. I got up on top. I then lifted myself so that my twat opening was poised over his massive member. I spread my twat as wide as I could. I knew, that once I took this in no other man would ever be able to satisfy me. The pain as I lowered myself on his dick was mixed with intense desire and multiple convulsions. I had barely got two inches in when George grabbed my hips and jammed my body down on to the cock. I screamed as loud as I could as my insides were forever torn for another man. I held George and kissed him for the first time. I told him I was in love with him as well through the tears of pain and joy. I felt a huge rolling orgasm as he pumped me up and down. I broke through the pain barrier and began to coordinate the pumping. Slowly I could feel it coming, an orgasm like no other. George pumped furiously until I began a slow scream that produced the best orgasm of my entire life. I was about to cuddle up to George when he suddenly flipped positions and jammed his cock into my ass. I screamed out, but no one heard me. The pain was intense. My insides were mush, when suddenly I felt another massive orgasm. I came and then I passed out.

I woke up hours later with some clothes laid out for me to wear for the trip home and another set of instructions to follow. I dressed and fondled my even shorter hair. I could not wait for my next transformation.

To be continued…

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