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Young 22 year old Britany with her long silky waist length golden thick brown hair worn up in a single ponytail is headed to visit a girl friend a town not too far from her home one day.
Suddenly, the car starts making a clunking noise from the engine area. She pulls off the highway to Steve’s Auto Repair. She tells Steve the problem and signs the work order to get the repair done. Steve tells her there is a 24 hour coffee shop down the block where she can wait while he fixes her car and he will call her on her cell phone. She walks past the Quick Clips Salon on her way to the coffee shop. One hour later she is called by the shop and they say her car is fixed and ready to go as soon as she pays the bill.

She comes into the shop and is greeted by Steve. ” Hi Britany, your car is ready and it will be $400 payable before you can have your car.” ” $400.00!! I don’t have that much money on me. !! I left my charge cards at home as this was suppose to be just a short trip.” exclaims Britany. I have $100.00 and that is it.” Steve looks at her and states ” I’m sorry lady but I run a small shop and I need to have the money to let you have the car. You signed the repair agreement before you left. There is a pawn shop down the road a bit. Do you have anything you can pawn?” Britany replies” I have nothing of value on me worth even close to $400.”

Steve looks lustily over at Britany and sees her thick golden brown ponytail bouncing around. He had noticed it the first thing when she had gotten out of her car. ” Oh, I think you have something of value on you. I can’t help but notice your lovely long hair.” ” My Hair? Oh No I couldn’t part with it and besides who would buy it out here?” replies Britany. Steve speaks ” You walked by the Quick Clips Salon on your way to the coffee shop. I know the owner Liz and she likes to pay special ladies to do makeovers to encourage others to follow. Maybe you and her can work something out. I need the bill paid in full before I let you have your car and it looks like your running out of options. I’ll call her and tell you your on your way.” ” I guess it can’t hurt to talk to her and I’m desperate.” says Britany as she turns to walk out the door and down to the shop.

Britany approaches the Quick Clip Salon and opens the door. It is a nice clean small shop with just three working stations. One young stylist is working on a client as Britany approaches the cashier’s desk. A middle aged lady with black hair and small in stature comes out from the back and sees Britany and speaks ” Hi, you must be Britany the girl Steve called about from the repair shop.” Yes, I’m He said you might be able to help me out by letting me be a makeover model for you in a production.?!” Liz sees Britany’s golden brown ponytail moving around her waist area and back. “Yes, I might be able to do that. Let’s go back where I have a private room and see what we can do.” Liz replies.

Britany follows Liz back to a private room where there is a mirror and a styling station with clippers, scissors, and other hair tools laying on the counter ready to go into action. Liz speaks ” Now young lady stand still and let me give you a good looking over and appraise your hair value.” Liz reaches up and takes loose the golden brown ponytail and the thick silky mane tumbles down Britany’s back to her waist. Liz takes a brush and brushes out the thick soft mane. Liz speaks to Brittany ” Your hair is terrific material. Did you wash it last night? ” Yes, I wash and condition it every night. It is my pride and joy” responds Britany. ” You know a bit of sexiness sells my videos better. Would you be willing to strip down into your bra and panties during the haircut? No one will be in the room just me and you. The only persons who will ever see the video will be my select clients and I know you don’t know any of them and I’ll give you a fake name in the production.” Britany nods yes for approval. ” Stay here a moment while I go do some figuring and make a phone call or two to see what I can offer you.” commands Liz. Liz leaves the room and Britany looks at her hair with the look of one who is about to lose a long time friend. She can’t help but take her fingers and run it through the soft tresses.

Liz comes back in few minutes and speaks to Britany. ” I have good and bad news for you. The Good News is that I can give you a $250 modeling fee for a haircut and makeover video plus Steve says he will accept my check and your $100 as full payment even though it will be $50 short of the bill total. The BAD news is that I’ll have to cut your hair really short into a short crop removing most of the length. I think you can wear a short style smartly.” Stunned Britany responds ” How short did you say?” “Lets put it this way. You won’t be wearing it in a ponytail for a long time. Now, I’ve got to go get my DVD camera and a still camera so when I get back I’ll need your answer.” say Liz as she leaves the room. Britany looks in the mirror and says to herself. She wants to cut off most of my precious long hair. I haven’t had short hair since I was ten years old. God give me strength. I don’t know what else I can do.

Liz come back ” Well, Britany I’m ready if you are. Is it yes or no.” ” I have no choice but to say YES. Tell me what to do.” Liz starts in ” Ok, go over and strip down to your bra and panties and leave them over on the chair over there. I’ll take a few before shots and then you’ll sit in the chair and I’ll give you your new hairstyle. Where were done I’ll take some after pictures. Then you’ll get dressed, I’ll give you the check and you’ll be on your way to see your friend with your new look. Why don’t you call your friend and tell her you’ll be there but just a bit later than you expected.”

Britany reluctantly does what Liz says and wearing her pretty blue panties and white bra stands and poses with her long hair down her back and over her front like a soft silky blanket. It is more like a security blanket after all these years and she has high anxiety over losing it in a few minutes. Pictures are taken from the sides, Front, and back. She puts the ponytail in a high twist bun and then lets it tumble down her back for the last time. She hears the hum of the DVD camera recording the moment. She sits down in the styling chair and after the cape is placed tightly around her neck her hair is pulled up and over it covering it like a golden brown carpet.

Liz speaks softly to Brittany ” Ok, now is when the hard part starts. I’m going to removing 90% of your pride and joy. Don’t be ashamed to cry if you feel the need to as parting with a mane like yours is a dramatic experience. That is how I can pay you such a high dollar amount. Here we go Britany”. Liz takes comb and combs up a one inch section high right above Britany’s forehead. She takes a pair of golden shears and places them about 2 inches above Britany’s scalp and closes them together. Snip, sncnniip, goes the scissors as they cut through the first silky lock of hair. She lift up the long severed lock and places it on the counter. She takes the comb and make takes a two inch section from the right of Britany’s forehead and again about the same length from the scalp the golden shears severe the hair from its long time home. Britany can only look in the mirror with horror as she watches her long hair departing her head. Liz is working from the top of Britany’s head to the back and down the sides and back. The scene is repeated over and over. The comb pulls up the thick soft hair and with a sickening scrunching noise the scissors chop their way through the silky luscious mane. When Liz reaches a point even with her ears Britany breaks down and tears appear flowing down her face. Liz smiles and hands her a box of tissues. She knows that tears sell more videos. When Liz is about half way she holds up a long lock in front of Britany and takes out a measuring tape. ” Wow, 38 inches of hair. You won’t have to wash and condition that anymore. You should save some money on hair products without all this hair girl.” Tears flow d
own Britany’s cheek as she thinks about how her head if feeling so much lighter without the weight of her long hair. Liz pushes her head forward and attacks the back. The golden shears show no respect and long silky locks of hair are removed and placed with an ever increasing pile of hair on the counter as the hair on Britany’s head is transferred to the counter top. Finally she scissors stop and Britany hears the click of the clippers as they come to life and hears the menacing buzzing noise. Britany freezes for a moment. ” It’s ok girl, I just need to place a one inch guard and finish up your new look. Your thick hair makes the clippers the best equipment to use.” Britany feels the vibration on her head as Liz moves the clippers up and down , over and around the head creating a nice soft furring buzz look. She see’s soft brown chunks of hair tumble down the cape to the floor. The floor and counter are filled with hair that once was on Britany’s head. It is a sight to see. Then the guard is removed and the cape taken away from her neck as Liz shaves around Britany’s neck and trims up around her face leaving a nice soft fringe. Liz turns Britany to the mirror and takes off the cape and brushes off poor Britany. She speaks to Brittany ” Lets see, 45 minutes. Not bad time. That is why I call this place the Quick Clips Salon. I like to work quickly. Here a hand mirror and you can feel your hair now. What do you think of your new look?”

“Oh, Wow! Oh Wow! Holy Jesus! I feel like I’m bald but I’m not. Still my head is so light! When you said “short” you meant ” Short”. I don’t even recognize myself. I can’t imagine what my friend will think when I show up at her door. My God what a change! Exclaims a shocked Britany as she feels her short fuzzy head for the first time. She looks at the counter filled up high with her long 38 inch tresses on average that have been sheared from her head with little mercy. ” Ok, lets finish this up and get you on your way. Don`t worry you`ll get use to your new look in time and it will grow out again as your young” says Liz as she gets back to business. The “after” photos are taken and Britany gets dressed and they go out to the cashiers desk so Liz can write out the check to Steve’s Auto repair. Liz waves over to the other working stylist. ” What do you think of this girls new dramatic look?” The stylist responds ” I think it shows up your features much better and it shows you have a sense of daring. You sure are a brave young lady.” Little does she know that bravery had nothing to do it . More like bad luck and desperation. Britany leaves and quickly runs up to Steve’s Auto Repair. No long hair trailing behind her now. Steve marks the bill paid and hands Britany the keys to her car. He can’t help himself. ” I like your new haircut. I see you worked something out with Liz.” he tells Britany with a big smile.

It is near 6pm closing time when Liz is closing up shop when in walks Steve. ” Hi Liz, I can’t wait any longer to see the movie and the soft hair you cut off that young girl.” ” Well, lets go watch it together.” says Liz as she grabs Steve’s hand. They walk back into the private room and Steve picks up the soft hair and feels and smells it. Hair that he had seen early that morning hanging down the back of Britany. ” That was some young lady you sent me today. Your lucky she didn’t have any money.” said Liz as they watch the haircutting movie. ” Yes, it was lucky for us and very unlucky for her to breakdown and come into my shop today. I think she is the most dramatic makeover you have had yet.” “Yes, that girl is going to be one of my hottest selling items. You know I thought you were nuts when you told me to put a haircutting shop near your Auto Repair shop but I can see where it is going to pay off for me big time.” says Liz as she gives Steve a big kiss on the cheek. Steve smiles ” Who knows maybe another young lady who needs a haircut will be unlucky enough to breakdown tomorrow. ” “Who knows what can happen in the future. Here is your beer now shut up and watch the movie. Think of a screen name we can give her my love.” speaks Liz lovingly.

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