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“Good morning, Angels!”

“Good morning Charlene!”

Kris Monroe, Kelly Garrett, and Sabrina Duncan sat on the white sofa awaiting orders from Charlene, who sat behind a desk. She was a slender girl in her 40s with short blond hair who looked a little like Cathy Rigby. The room was dark with a white screen in front of them because there was a slide projector to give them information on their next case. A picture of a man in his 20s came up with long, brown, wavy hair.

“This is Ted,” said Charlene, matter of factly. “He hasn’t cut his hair in 6 months.”

This immediately brought a frown from Kelly.

“He’s a musician and is trying to get a band together,” said Charlene.

“That’s no reason to neglect your appearance,” said Kelly, in a low tone.

“He definitely needs a haircut,” said Kris. “And maybe something else, too,” she giggled.

The next picture appeared. A young professional woman in her 30s with a mane of waist length blond hair appeared.

“This is Sally,” informed Charlene. “She wants to be a singer in Ted’s band.”

“What I could do with that hair,” Sabrina smiled.

The lights came on. Sabrina was wearing a nylon sport jacket with the sleeves pulled up and silk shorts. Kelly was wearing a red short sleeved silk blouse with a silk tie in the center and black slacks.. Kris was wearing a pink blouse with her sleeves folded up and blue jeans. They all had their weapons of justice in their purses. They were ready to go.

Charlene gave them their addresses and the times they would be home. The Angels went out the door.

It was 5:00 p.m. Kris and Kelly sat in their Mustang, waiting for Ted to pull up to his house. 10 minutes later he arrived. The rugged, good looking man exited his Honda and flew up the steps to his door. Kris and Kelly followed.

“What can I do for you ladies today?” Asked Ted.

“We’d like to talk to you about something very serious. May we come in?”

Kris flashed her Grace Kelly smile.

Instantly charmed, Ted opened the door and said, “After you, my ladies!”

Inside, Ted got right down to business. “You want to make love now or do something else, like see a movie first. I never met you groupies before.”

“What?!?” Kris exclaimed.

“Look, we’re not here for that. We’re here for something a little more personal,” said Kelly, in a low businesslike manner.

“What could be more personal?” cried Ted.

Kelly said, “Let’s all go over to the dining room table and talk about this.”

Meanwhile Sabrina approached Sally just as she was entering her apartment.

“My, what lovely hair you have,” said Sabrina.

Sensing weird vibes, Sally wanted to enter her apartment as soon as possible. “Thank you,” she said, tiredly. She was almost about to close the door when Sabrina crept in.

“Lady, what do you want?” screamed Sally.

Not missing a beat, Sabrina grabbed her scissors from her purse and pointed them at her. Now Sally was frozen with fear.

“I want you to sit down so I can cut your hair.”

Sally ran to the phone, but Sabrina gave her a karate kick to the back. She fell down. Sabrina flew on top of her and straddled her as she was lying on her stomach. She handcuffed her wrists.

“Sally, this won’t take very long. Relax and it’ll all be over.” Sabrina said calmly.

Snipping the scissors, she bent over her and worked on her long blonde hair. As cut hair was falling all around her, Sally began crying.

“You feel so good, Sally,” whispered Sabrina, stretching out on top of her back. “You know, your crying is only making me hornier.”

Back at Ted’s house, angry words were said.

“No fucking way am I going to cut my hair to please you weirdos! Get out of my house, you good for nothing teases. Get out!”

Ted stood up from the dining room table and walked to the door. Swiftly, Kelly sneaked up on him and gave him a karate chop to the shoulder. As he moaned and sank to his knees, Kris slapped him hard across the face, knocking Ted to the floor.
Kris and Kelly then dragged Ted onto a chair and handcuffed his wrists behind his back. The scuffle barely messed Kelly’s red blouse and Kris’s work shirt, so they merely tucked them into their pants. Kelly then removed a folded, black nylon cape, scissors, comb, and trimmer from her bag. Kris massaged Ted’s temples, slowly rousing him awake.

“Wha…what’s going on?” Ted mumbled.

Kelly’s snap of the large silky black cape was the reply, as it wrapped around Ted’s body, tickling his naked legs below his shorts. The snipping began immediately as Kelly bent over, concentrating on the back of his head. Ted moaned. Kris stood and smiled.

In the meantime, Sally was enduring Sabrina’s clippers in tears. Covering her body completely, with her face hovering over Sally’s neck, she razored the back of her head as a low hum filled the room

“Honey, just relax. You’re gonna love your new look,” murmured Sabrina. She stroked her head with the clippers several more times. Sally stopped crying and disassociated herself from her forced deflowering.

“Turn over, Sally,” Sabrina calmly ordered. Sally then rolled over onto her back as Sabrina lifted herself up, giving her room. Then Sabrina settled down on top of her, her silky shorts clad legs on top of hers, her chest covering hers.
“Darling, I’m going to scissor your bangs and the rest of your hair off. Sally closed her eyes as snipping sounds filled the air and cut hair fell across her cheek. She no longer cared that Sabrina was grinding her crotch into hers, moaning and sighing. After five minutes of careful cutting, Sabrina clicked her trimmer on, and once again a low vibration filled Sally’s ears.

There was a steadily growing pile of hair at Ted’s place as Kelly hovered over him, snipping. Now she was bent in front of him, her thick dark hair hiding his face as she began snipping a line through his bangs.

Ted weakly protested, “Please..”

“Hush,” whispered Kelly. “This is for your own good.”

Ted began wiggling in the chair

“If you don’t sit still I’m going to cut you. Kris, please make him sit still in the chair.”

Kris approached, stood between his legs and then got down on her knees. She then swept the cape aside, unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down. His hard desire was bursting through his underwear. Kris pulled them down and stroked the insides of his thighs with her long red nails. Ted moaned in ecstacy. His stiff, throbbing organ was then engulfed in Kris’ warm, tight, sucking mouth as Kelly trimmed his entire head, sending low humming into Ted’s ears. All he could do was sit and moan as his organ was drained of every last drop and his head was shorn of every last hair.

Meanwhile Sally lay there, her head covered in blond stubble. Sabrina bent over her again, folding her arms around her neck and kissing her, her straight black hair obscuring her face. She tongued her mouth, throat, breasts, and finally her cunt as she removed her jeans. Sally moaned in ecstacy as she snipped her pubes and then tongued her cunt.

The next day, dawn would find both people a little weaker, and a lot lighter on their feet. Bald Ted with his hands finally free, but feeling a little dazed, would call in sick from rehearsals. Stubbled Sally then called Ted and told him she had a personal matter to attend to, and could not make the rehearsals either.

“Good work, Angels,” complimented Charlene.

“All in the day’s work of an angel,” commented Kelly.

“I’ll give you the day off,” Charlene said. “I’ll be at the beauty salon if you need me.”

“Oh, no you won’t,” said the Angels.

They then descended upon her with their scissors, tackling her to the floor, cutting her hair, tongueing her breasts, and trimming her vagina.


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