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Cindy squeaked. Charles had got her laid and he supposed her to be reaching an orgasm. However when he had come and rolled over she said: ”You were pulling away at my hair.”

”Oh darling, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know I did that.”

Cindy smiled: ”You nearly always pull at my hair when we make love.”

”You should have told me before. I promise you that I’ll do my best to let it not happen again in the future.”

Cindy grinned broadly: ”That’s for sure, my love.”

”What do you mean?” Charles was worried.

”You won’t more be able to do that as I’ve made an appointment with a beautysalon. Tomorrow my hair will be chopped off.”

”What!?” Charles exclaimed, ”I don’t want you to do that! I love your hair. How can you do that to me?”

”Well, it’s my hair, not yours.”

”Why didn’t you tell me before? We could have discussed it.”

”I don’t want a discussion. I told you now and it is definitive.”

”But why?”

”I’m fed up with this long hair. Time for a change. And that’s all, my sweet, I’m not going to waste more breath on the subject.”

Charles knew that it would be no use to try. ”Tell me at least what you have in mind.”

”Oh, it will be short but I don’t know yet how short.”

Well, maybe it wouldn’t be too bad after all!

As he kept silent she said: ”Don’t be sad, darling, you’ll be amazed when you see the new me.”

”Well, I hope so,” he replied with little conviction.

”You’ve better get dressed now,” Cindy remarked. ”You must be off before Lilian arrives. She should not see you here. She told me that she no longer tolerates you visiting me in her house.”

”Is it that late already?”

”Yes, it is nearly eleven o’clock.”

Unfortunately Lilian, Cindy’s sister, came home earlier than they had expected. She froze seeing Charles and ordered him to leave.

Cindy lived with Lilian since the death of their parents in an airplane accident three years ago. that had turned their existence upside down. Not so much for Cindy who was 15; she could remain the high school pupil which she had been but Lilian couldn’t carry on her studies at the university. At that time she was 20, a good looking girl who was very popular among the male students. She had to find a job and found one as a barmaid. It is true that her was left some money but without regular revenues she couldn’t mange it. As a barmaid too she very soon achieved popularity among the male customers and she got an idea: why not convert her popularity into money?Why give men for free what they wanted if she could raise money out of it?

Though it had been quite a switch from young students to middle-aged men it seemed to be easy. Soon she could quit as a barmaid and become fulltime an expensive call-girl and could move to an even expensive appartment. Nevertheless, she didn’t want Cindy to follow in her tracks and had tried to keep her on the rails. Not an easy task as she had most of her appointments at night.

Now Cindy had just graduated from high school simultaneously with Charles and Lilian knew that they were dating but recently she had noticed that they met at her appartment.

”Cindy, sit down,” Lilian ordered her sister with a stern look. ”I can’t believe it. Only recently I found out that you receive that boy in my house. And in your bed, you slut!”

Cindy flew into a rage: ”Look at yourself! What is it that you do?!”

Lilian slapped her in the face. ”Don’t speak to me that way! It is my living. And, young lady, you are able to go to college thanks to that.”

”No need for that! I’ll look for a job.”

Another slap in the face. Lilian got furious; ”You’ll do as I say! Do you hear that?….Do you?!…Answer me! You filthy slut!”

Cindy never had seen her sister so outrageous. She winced according to the slapping and the fear.

”Y..yes,” she whispered, stammering.

”I told you that you should be punished for fucking that boy. Do you remember?”

”Yes, Lilian.”

”Even I have been so magnanimous to postpone the execution of the penalty and make your appointment with the hairdresser after your graduation and what do you do? You let yourself get laid in my house again! My god, what a tart you are! Well, your punishment will be a lot harsher!”

”What are you going to do, Lil? I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.”

”You bet! It’s over, you hear? I”ll see to that. But for now! First you”ll get a spanking. Lower your panties!”

”No, please. Lil, you can’t do that to me. I’m no longer a child,” Cindy whined.

”No, you are not, a fucking cow, that’s what you are! I don’t care, lower your panties, bend over and grip your ankles.”

Reluctantly Cindy did as her sister said and got out of her panties. Her hair fell forward and lay in a pile at the floor in front of her feet.

”Spread your legs apart, girl.”

Lilian grabbed the hem of Cindy’s skirt and pulled it across her back. She gazed for a moment at the two wellshaped hemispherical globes and positioned herself at the left side of Cindy. With her bare right hand she spanked alternately each of them twelve times. Cindy began to wail after six blows and her tears began to flow amply.

”Well, that has been the first part of your punishing. Now about tomorrow. As you didn’t listen and went on whoring your punishment will be adjusted to match your trespasses.”

Cindy sobbed, still shaken after her spanking and didn’t answer.

”Very good,” Lilian said. ”We’ll arrange that tomorrow. And now off to bed. I’ve had enough of your crocodile tears.”

”Get up, Cindy, we have to be in time for our appointment.”

”Yes Lil, I’ll be up in a moment.”

”Come on, Cindy, we have to go.”

”One minute, Lil, just brushing my hair.”

”Stop it! No need to do that. You come now with me.”

They didn’t speak for some time while they were driving. At last Cindy said meekly: ”Yesterday you said that my punishment would be harsher.”

”Indeed. Though I gave you a few days grace you cheated on me again. You violated my trust. Don’t you agree that you asked for it?”

”I’m sorry, Lilian, I did not mean to offend you.”

”Too late, Cindy. You should have thought about it before.”

”Oh please, Lilian, I’m begging you.”

”No sist. Remorse is easy after the event. But you won’t come away with it so easily. It’s no use trying.”

Cindy kept silent for some time. She feared thinking about what was going to happen soon.

”Where are we heading for, Lil?” she asked suddenly, noticing that they were not driving towards the beautysalon.

”You’ll see soon,” Lilian answered curtly.

A little later Lilian parked the car at a parking lot and headed for a shop nearby, taking Cindy with her.

Cindy gasped: ”It’s a barbershop!”

”I’m not blind. It belongs to a friend of mine.”

A customer, Cindy thought but she didn’t say it.

”Hallo Geoff, here we are.”

”Hi Lilian. Well, that must be your little sister.”

”Yes, naughty sister. I’ve told you about Cindy.”

”Yes, yes. Well, take a seat, I’ll soon be with you.”

Cindy had never before been in a barbershop and she nervouslylooked around. There were three men in the chairs and two others waiting, curiously glancing at the two girls. The elder one short-haired, wearing an elegant navy blue lady’s suit, white blouse, flesh-coloured sheer nylons and black court shoes, the younger with a waistlength wavy blonde mane, wearing a blue denim miniskirt, white T-shirt and flip-flops at her bare feet.

About twenty minutes later Geoff came back and took the two girls with him to a room behind the salon. In the centre of it one barberchair in front of a mirror at the wall and a counter with all the necessary tools. Against another wall a washbasin and a low chair with a headrest in front of it.

”This is our special performance room,” he quipped, ”I assume the young lady to be
more at ease here.”

”In fact she doesn’t deserve it,” said Lilian. ”You know what’s the matter with her.”

”Yes and what ‘s the intention now?”

”What would you do if you had a 18 years old daughter who behaves like my sister?”

”I would give her a sound thrashing.”

”I did. And what else?”

”What else? I think you didn’t bring here without any reason.”

”Indeed. Cindy, sit down in that chair.”

Reluctantly Cindy obeyed and Geoff caped her. While Lilian held up the long hair he fastened the cape at her neck.

”Tell me, Lilian, what do you expect me to do?” He started combing the long blonde tresses.

”You know what to do, Geoff.”

”You have beautiful hair, girl. It’s a shame but you are going to lose a lot.”

”No!!” cried Cindy, jumping, but Lilian forced her back on the chair. She slapped her two times in the face and shouted: ”Stay where you are! Don’t dare to do that again!”

Sobbing Cindy fell back on the seat.

”Cut it off! All of it!”Lilian ordered.

Geoff untied the cape, tucked a strip of white paper around Cindy’s neck and fastened tha cape again. He gathered her hair into a huge ponytail on top of her head. He twisted the tail and tied it with a ribbon as near to the scalp as possible. He grabbed a pair of big clippers, pushed Cindy’s head with the chin to her chest and switched them on. He moved the clippers several times from her nape to the top of Cindy’s head. He did the same on the right side of her head after he had directed it to the left and then the other side followed. At last he told her to look straight forward and positioned the clippers at her forehead. There was no guard on the clippers so all the hair was cut near to Cindy’s scalp. Only the ponytail was now attached to her head and it contained nearly all of her hair. With a few mows it came loose and Geoff held it up in is hand.

All the time Cindy had been sitting in the chair, shocked, shaking and sobbing. How could Lilian do this to her? How could she be so cruel? Her own sister! Oh, she hated her!

”What do you think?” she heard Geoff ask Lilian.

Lilian rubbed her hand overe the shorn head. ”It feels like sandpaper,” she said, ”I want it really smooth.”

”Okay, I’ll shave her.”

He lathered her scalp and immersed a towel in hot water. He wrung it out and covered Cindy’s head with the towel. After a few minutes he withdraw the towel and again spread lather across her head. Geoff took a sharp straight razor and shaved Cindy’s head, starting at the front and down to the sides and back to her nape. For the third time he applied shaving foam and this time shaved her with a safety razor, beginning at her nape and sideburns. He wiped her scalp clean with a towel and applied a lotion, rubbing till her dome was shining.

”How does it feel now?” he asked Lilian. ”Smooth like a cueball, isn’t it?”

”I’m satisfied,” Lilian said.

As Cindy had been crying all the time her vision was blurred and she couldn’t clearly see her image. Surprisingly she didn’t only feel sad losing all of her long hair but she noticed another emotion: the scraping of the razor over the skin of her head had aroused her. Almost she had regretted that it had finished. And only now she realized that the same feelings had struck her when the bare teeth of the clippers had made their way across her scalp. But at that time she had been upset too much to register them.

She rose from the chair, raised one hand but had not the guts to touch her head.

Meekly she followed Lilian to the car. They didn’t speak to each other while driving home.

When they were back Lilian told her: ”Now you will phone your boyfriend and ask him to visit you tonight.

”Oh no, I don’t want to see him!”

”Yes you will. You do it now or else I ‘ll do it.”

Cindy felt that she had no choice. To her relief Charles wasn’t at home. His mother promised to give him the message. She knew Cindy who had accompanied her son once and she liked her.

”Are you allright, Cindy?” she asked, ”You sound so odd.”

”I think I’ve caught a cold. It is of no importance,” Cindy lied.

”Well, take care of yourself.”

”Yes, I’ll do that.”

She burst out in tears when she had put down the telephone. And this happened again and again all afternoon.

Lilian’s anger fading away, she began to have pity on her little sister. ”I’ve gone too far,” she thought, ”I shouldn’t have done this. After all she is my little sister and I love her. I shouldn’t have inflicted a such-like humiliation upon her. Nicely bobbed hair or somewhat shorter would have been acceptable but shaving her totally bald certainly not.”

She tried to come closer to Cindy but to no avail. Cindy fended off every attempt of her.

Lilian opened the door when Charles arrived. He had been surprised being invited but as soon he had entered the room everything became clear.

”Oh my darling, what has that bitch done to you?!” he exclaimed, while running towards Cindy, hugging and kissing her.

The burden of guilt Lilian experienced made her meek.

Charles was furious: ”You have no right to do this! Cindy could accuse you of injuring her corporal integrety. You might go to jail for that!” he shouted to Lilian.

”Relax,” she said, ”Who would take care of Cindy then? She has no income. She could forget university. But I apologize, I admit that I’ve driven her punishment too far.”

”What should she be punished for at all!?” Charles roared with anger. ”While we love each other? At least I love her,” he continued.

Cindy looked up at him; ”Do you really love me? You never made this so clear to me.”

”Yes my sweet, I do. I love you and I loved your hair but without it I love you as much.”

Cindy started to cry again. ”I love you too,” she sobbed.

Charles turned to Lilian: ”It is not enough just to say that you are sorry. What did we do wrong? Nothing evil! But look at yourself, what you are doing. You are a hooker.”

”It’s my living. Do you think that I like to fuck those men?”

”You could try to find another job.”

”Maybe, but except high school I have not got any education. When I should have remained a barmaid I shouldn’t be able to send Cindy to college.”

”Well, I don’t care what you do. It’s your life. But you have to pay for what you have caused to Cindy.”

”Must I kneel down to her and beg for forgiveness?”

”Yes, that in the first place. Do it!”

Lilian knelt down to her sister; ”Cindy, I’m very sorryfor what I have done. Could you possibly forgive me?”

Cindy looked down at her sister, thinking of the events at the barbershop: ”I don’t know, Lilian, you have butchered my lovely hair. I can’t forgive you if you don’t show me that you really regret what you have done to me.”

”What am I to do to show it?”

Charles interrupted: ”You have to do penance.”

”Tell me how.”

”Well, you have to suffer the same as you inflicted upon your little sister!”

Lilian gasped horrified: ”You mean have my head shaved too?”

”Yes, indeed.”

”But that’s impossible! What will mycustomers say? They will reject me!”

”I don’t think so. Some men like women with shaven heads. Anyway, it’s necessary for satisfaction as far as I’m concerned. What do you say, Cindy?”

”When you are willing to do it I believe you to be sincere when you say that you regret the ordeal that you made me endure.”

Lilian, still on her knees, hesitated.

”Come on,” said Charles, ”You have short hair; it’s not a tenth so serious for you as it has been for Cindy.”

”You have destroyed five years of growth, Lilian,” Cindy said, ”You will have it back in a few months. But that is not the issue. What counts is that you will endure the same ordeal as I had to.”

”I will,” Lilian suddenly said. ”I’ll do everything to restore the peace between us. I love you, Cindy, I cannot understand myself th
at I could torture like I did.”

”Okay,” Charles said, ”It will be done now.”

”We don’t own clippers,” Lilian remarked.

”I’ll cut off your hair with scissors and then shave your head. That’s to say if you have a razor.”

”Yes, we shave our legs and underarms.”

”Go and get what we need, Cindy,” ordered Charles.

Disappointed Cindy came back: ”I could find only one disposable razor and a scanty rest of shaving foam.”

”That won’t do since we have no clippers.” Charles was annoyed.

”Wait, I think I have a clue,” Lilian declared. ”I have to make a telephone call.”

While Lilian rose to ring Cindy approached Charles and hugged him. For the first time she smiled.

”I’m so happy, Charles, that I heard you say that you love me. You never did that before.”

”You know, when I entered the room and saw you utterly in distress, so sad, your eyes red of crying, all of your hair vanished, fearing to look at me, I suddenly realized that I’m in love with you. I got very angry and furious with your sister as I felt that she would be the one responsible for your predicament.”

”Your reaction was enormous, Lilian was totally overpowered.”

Chatles smirked: ”Yes, she had expected something totally different. That I should dislike you and no longer should want to date you. Wow! It turned into an attack on her. She has to pay! But let us talk about you. Do you know that you look gorgeous?”

”Come on, Charles, you say that to comfort me.”

”No, it’s true. Look at yourself. Come with me to the mirror.”

”I don’t like that, I’m remembered being bald again. I don’t want to see my image.”

”No darling, look! You didn’t see yourself, did you?”

”Only a glance and that was terrible.”

”Come on, all the treasures which were hidden under your hair are visible now: your lovely small ears, the flowing line of your neck, the perfect shape of your skull, the features of your face which are now unveiled. Look at yourself!”

”Stop it, Charles! I would rather think that you are glad that I have no hair!”

But she looked for the first time comprehensively at her new image and she had to admit that her boyfriend didn’t exaggerate. With a handmirror she could examine the sides and back of her head and yes, he was right.

”You know, Cindy, I loved your beautiful mane very much and I regret with you that it is no more. But……..I don’t know……now that it is gone…..it’s different…you look different but not less attractive.”

”Do you mean that? Maybe I should keep it that way?” she quipped.

But Charles was serious: ”Given the facts you could decise to leave it at that for the time being.”

”To tell you the truth, Charles, when Geoff clippered and shaved me bald, I was very sad, upset and shocked but surprisingly it aroused me too. I really couldn’t understand this. But now…..I think …..I don’t know…..I want my hair back …..at the same time I would like to feel the clippers and razor move across my head again.”

”That won’t be difficult. When your hair has grown to stubble I could easily shave it off.”

They were kissing when Lilian returned.

”Listen, I have called Geoff. He agrees that we come to his barbershop and he will do it.”

”Wait a minute, Lilian, it’s Cindy’s revenge. I think she has a right to do it herself.”

”That won’t be a problem. But we need the tools and Geoff has them.”

Cindy suddenly said: ”No, Lilian, I have been very cross with you when you had Geoff cut off all of my hair and shave me bald but I don’t want to shave your head in revenge.”

”Listen, Cindy, I have been cruel with you and I regret it utmost. To show you that I mean it I have to do penance and I accept my punishment: I want to go through all I inflicted upon you. You can’t talk me out of my intention.”

”Okay, if you are sure, so be it. But I don’t want to be the executioner.”

”That’s okay, sweetheart. I told Geoff everything and he knows what to do.”

Eighteen months ago Lilian had had cut off ten inches of her waistlength hair and since then it had got shorter and shorter with now a pixie cut as a remnant. While seeing Geoff shearing and shaving her sister’s head she had got aroused and had nearly reached an orgasm. She had imagined sitting herself in that chair and Geoff being busy running the clippers across her head removing all of her hair. Well, this phantasy was coming true now!

”Head down, Lilian,” Geoff said and he pushed her chin to her chest.

Without an attachment the clippers moved from her nape to the crown and the short hair began to rain down. One path next to the other was bared leaving onle stubble and white skin. As Lilian’s hair was dark blond a dark shadow of the roots was visible. The right sideburn was next to vanish and Geoff folded her ear to remove all thehair of the right side of her head. He then went to the left side and soon this was denuded too.

”Look straight forward.” The clippers were put at the hairline and moved to the crown. After a few strokes all hair had gone.

”All done, hon,” Geoff announced.

”Not yet, darling,” Lilian answered, ”I will have done penance only when I have gone through the same ordeal as Cindy. So I want to go all the way.”

”Okay, I’ll shave you too.”

Just as he had done to Cindy he lathered and shaved her head twice, first with a straight razor, then with a safety razor, making it as bald as a coot.

”Oh, my god,” Lilian thought, ”this feeling is insane.” Again she was aroused. ”God, I’m horny!”

She rose and asked Geoff how much she had to pay him. He laughed and said: ”I won’t accept any money from you. This is for free.”

”Well, I’ll pay you in kind then. If you want I’ll stay all night with you. As compensation for the trouble we have caused.”

”No trouble at all, but I’m very honoured by your offer.”

”Charles, would you bring Cindy home? You can take my car and if you want you may stay with her. I think she will appreciate company tonight.”

”I forgive you Lilian. You have showed to be a reliable sister to me,” Cindy said.

They embraced each other and stroke each others bared domes.

”Well, well,” Geoff exclaimed, ”I’ll never forget this day when I shaved bald two lovely sisters. You both look marvellous but Cindy, I have to apologize doing this to you. I hope you will forgive me too.”

”It’s okay, Geoff. You had no choice.”

Lilian had noticed that Geoff had been excited too shaving her. She laughed: ”Reckon that this doesn’t stand by one time. You’ll have to keep it up. I really like it.”

”You are wellcome.”

”What the fuck,” Lilian thought, ”I’ll buy a wig to wear when clients don’t like to be seen in the company of a bald girl.”

In the car Cindy and Charles hugged and kissed each other. ”So after all things have taken a turn for he better,” he said, ”Lilian has accepted that we are lovers.”

He stroked loving her naked pate.

Cindy grinned: ”In any case you can no more pull away at my hair when we are making love.”

Charles smirked: ”Oh yeah, you still have hair elsewhere.”

”Well, shave it off! Shave me everywhere, everytime! Oh, it makes me so horny! Let’s go home as soon as possible!”

The end.

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