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20 year old Christine Parkinson was on her way home after yet another depressing day at college, for yet again, she had been teased about her hair which was a strong, ginger colour, and she intended to do something about it this time……

On her way home, she purchased a blonde dye from a chemist, hoping that once she dyed her thick, shoulderlength hair blonde, people wouldn’t laugh at her anymore. After purchasing the dye, she debated whether or not she should call Jenny (her 21 year old best friend who had blonde waist length hair) to help her dye it, but on second thoughts, Jenny would probably try to talk her out of it, so she decided to dye it herself, (big mistake!)

Once home, she immediately went to her bathroom and took the dye bag out of her rucksack. She washed her hair, then she applied the dye in the way stated by the box (or so she thought-you see the dye box read right at the bottom in VERY small print, `do NOT use on red or rich of red pigmented hair, without the consultation of an expert’). She left the dye on for the 10 minutes stated by the dye box, and after this, she rinsed the dye out, but then as she looked in the mirror to see what it looked like, it happened…………..

“Oh no! What’s happened to my hair??!!” Christine wailed in shock, the dye had turned her hair green! Just then the doorbell rang, sighing, she went to answer it. It was Jenny, her best friend from college with the waist length hair.

“Hi Christine, I’ve just come to..my word girl, what have you done to your hair?” Jenny exclaimed in shock.

“I tried to dye it and look what’s happened!” Christine sobbed, really upset. Jenny tried to console her.

“Oh Christine, I don’t know what to say honey to fix it again, except to cut it really short and start all over again in growing it!” Jenny said softly, hugging her friend. “Why didn’t you ask me to help honey, I would of done it for you!”

“I thought that you’d try to talk me out of it, to be honest Jenny”, Christine explained.

“Well if I’d known you’d wanted to do this THAT badly, I wouldn’t have done that at all honey; if you like I’ll cut it for you to make it easier somewhat OK?” Jenny asked her.

“Oh..OK then if there’s no other way Jenny”, Christine replied, slightly nervous, yet excited at the same time.

“OK, let me get the equipment I’ll need first honey, where is your haircutting kit?” Jenny asked her.

“In the kitchen, underneath the sink” Christine said.

A few minutes later, Jenny came back with the kit, a towel and a mirror.

“You ready then honey?”

“Yes I am now, I trust you Jenny OK?” Christine said to her pretty friend.

“Great! Now I just need you to sit down here OK?” Jenny said, getting a chair out to the middle of the floor.

With that, Christine sat down obediently and then Jenny sectioned off Christine’s shoulderlength hair (since it was already wet), after doing this, Jenny raised the scissors to within an inch of her scalp.

“Christine, you do realize that I’ll have to cut it really short to fix it up don’t you?” Jenny asked her.

“I know, just do it before I lose my nerve please Jenny OK?” Christine said, beginning to worry.

“OK, here goes!” Jenny said, and then quickly snipped off the shoulderlength hair to within an inch of her scalp.

“Snip Snip Snip Snip”, the scissors went, and then just as quickly, about six to seven inches of hair fell to the floor!

“Snip Snip Snip Snip”

“Snip Snip Snip Snip”

“Snip Snip Snip Snip”

About ten minutes later, Christine’s hair was done, but was completely different to the shoulderlength hair she’d had just twenty minutes ago. Her hair was so short (a pixie that was about an inch long), that you couldn’t tell that it wasn’t red anymore, and what was more, once it grew back there wouldn’t be any trace of the green in her hair anywhere!

Jenny showed Christine her new look in the mirror

“Wow! I look so different, yet it REALLY suits me Jenny! Thank you so much for fixing it!”

“You’re welcome! I’m glad that you like it honey! It looks really nice on you!” Jenny replied truthfully.

Then suddenly, Christine looked at her friend’s waist length hair that made everybody jealous of her-including Christine!

“Now is my chance” thought Christine evilly, she had always envied Jenny’s hair, the funny thing was that even though her hair was so long and blonde, the kind of hair everybody at college wanted, Jenny never flaunted it since she was a beautiful, yet a decent girl who was everybody’s friend, and who loved to help when people had difficulties.

“Can I cut your hair now Jenny?” Christine asked her innocently

To Be Continued……

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