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I finished curling Cat’s hair. She wanted to put on her party clothes and “fix her face”. After about 15 minutes she came out and was it ever worth the wait. She looked fantastic. She was wearing a short, green skirt that matched her beautiful eyes and a short, tight blouse that exposed her middle. Her makeup was perfect and showed off her georgeous features and curly hair.

Cat asked,”Do I look alright? I love my curly hair.”

I replied,”I’ve never seen anyone as pretty as you. Your makeup is perfect. I love your outfit and your hair looks great. I regret we have to go out, because I would love to stay right here with you.”

Kathryn replied,”Don’t worry, we’ll come back here later and continue where we left off.”

It could’nt be soon enough for me. We arrived at the restaurant and found Beth and Lisa and their boyfriends. They were admirering Beth’s new short and curly haircut. Beth didn’t let on that I was the one who cut her hair. When they saw Cat their eyes widened.

Lisa said,”What’s going on. Since I saw you two yesterday both of you got your hair cut. Beth’s is quite short and I love Cat’s shorter, curly style. Who cut it and why wasn’t I included?”

Beth replied,”My mother made me get my hair cut by some old women. She did an awful job. When I told Cat she knew someone who might be able to help. He agreed, but had to cut it short to fix it.I think he did a great job and I love the curly look.”

Lisa answered,”He cut your hair! You had a man cut your hair? Who is this guy and can he cut my hair? I’m sick of this same boring style.”

Cat and Beth looked at each other, then at me, and smiled.

Lisa exclaimed,”You mean Josh cut and styled your hair? Josh, would you cut my hair?”

I replied,”Sure, we’ll get together soon.”

Lisa said,”No, I don’t mean soon, I mean tonight.”

If it’s that important I guess we can do it later.”

Lisa replied,”I can hardly wait. Cat and Beth look so beautiful with their new cuts.”

We were seated and had a great meal together. I heard music playing and my worst fear happened. Kathryn asked me to dance. I told her I was a horrible dancer. She smiled and walked to the dance floor alone. She began to sway to the music. She lifted her hair with her hands exposing her neck. She slowly moved her hips back and forth, back and forth. She looked over to me and beckoned me with those georgeous, green eyes. I walked over to her nervously. She took my hand in hers. She turned and put her shapely butt right in my crotch. She started to sway her hips again rubbing against me. It was more than I could take. Then she lifted her hair again right in my face. The scent of her purfume was intoxicating. It sent shivers down my spine and caused a hardness in my pants.

Cat said laughing,”Either you really like dancing or I’m turning you on.”

I replied,”Believe me I would like to tear your clothes off and take you right here.”

She smiled and said,”Tonight, I’m all yours.” She gave me a kiss and we went and sat down.

When we sat down the others remarked,”Well Josh, it looked like you enjoyed your dance with Cat.” The others got up to dance and left us alone in the booth. I reached down and began to rub Kathryn’s thigh. I lifted her skirt and slid my hand up to her panties. She closed her eyes and started to breathe a little deeper. Her panties were lace. I slid my hand under her panties to feel a nice little bush around her treasure. I said,”Cat, when I get done with Lisa’s haircut, I’ll take care of that nasty bush of your’s.”

She smiled and nodded her head.

When the others returned we decided to leave. Lisa said she would be at Cat’s house shortly to get her haircut. We all left and I went home with Cat.

Lisa arrived very soon. She was so excited about her makeover.

I told her to sit on the stool. She sat down and I pinned her hair up. I placed the cape around her, fastened it, and let her hair down. I combed through her hair. Her hair was shoulder length, brown, and very heavy. I asked her if she was sure and how short she wanted it cut.

She replied,”Yes, I’m sure. I’m tired of the same look. I want it cut short, shorter than Beth’s.” Cat’s eyes opened wide in disbelief.

OK, lets get started. I placed a comb in her hair behind her ears. I slid the comb to mid ear length. The next thing Lisa heard was a click and a loud hum. She soon realised it was the sound of clippers. She looked on with excitement as I ran the clippers along the comb as a guide. All that thick, brown hair below the comb fell to the floor. Lisa looked down to the floor and smiled. I placed the comb at both sides of her head and clipped her hair to a short bob. Now there was a huge pile of hair on the floor. It didn’t affect her in the least.

Lisa said,”Josh, this isn’t near short enough.”

Just want I wanted to hear. The shorter I cut Lisa’s hair, the more turned on Cat became. I picked up the clippers and snapped on the half inch attachment. I took the clippers and pushed Lisa’s head forward. I slowly pushed the clippers up Lisa’s head to her crown. Mounds of thick, soft, brown hair floated to the floor. I continued clipping off her hair leaving only enough for bangs. I combed down her front hair over her eyes and picked up the scissors. I cut in short, wispy bangs. When I finished Lisa’s shoulder length, brown hair was reduced to an half inch buzz cut with short, wispy bangs.

I removed the cape. I said,”Well Lisa, What do you think?” She ran her hands over the soft, buzzed hair. She ran her fingers through her new, short bangs. She looked at me, then Cat, and smiled.

Lisa said,”Josh, I love it. I’ve never had really short hair. My boyfriend might freakout, but he’ll get used to it.” She got down and gave me a hug. She said,”I’ll leave now so you two can be alone. See you tomorrow.”

Cat was just sitting there amazed at what had happened.

I said,”OK Cat, you’re turn.” With that I placed the clippers in my pocket, took Kathryn’s hand, and lead her to her bedroom. I layed her down on her bed and said,”Let me do everything. She smiled with approval. I loosened her skirt and pulled it off. I slowly slid her white, lacey panties down her legs and off. I gently spread her legs exposing her beauty. I snapped the clippers on and as the clippers started to remove that georgeous, red bush she sunk her hands into the sheet. Her red bush fell to the sheet leaving a short, soft stubble.

Cat replied,”Josh, I don’t know how much more I can take? I’m about ready to explode.”

What she saw next about blew her mind. I picked up a can of shaving lotion. I shook it, dispensed some into my hand, and applied it to the soft stubble. As I approached with the razor she began to squirm. I calmed her and quickly removed the remaining stubble. I said.,”Cat, I love a pussy that is school girl clean.”

She smiled and said,”I all ready. My hair is cut and curled. My sweet, little pussy is shaved clean. What now?”

With that I took off my clothes. she quickly pulled off my shorts exposing my manhood. I lay down on her bed placing her on top of me. I ran my fingers through her sweet, curly locks. We kissed and enjoyed each other. I got on top of her and she moaned with anticipation I spread her legs and entered her sweet, moist pussy. I drove harder and deeper until she erupted. She arched her back and dug her nails into my back. I continued to penetrate until I exploded inside her. I rolled over and she put her head on my chest. We just layed there for a few minutes in each others arms.

I got up and started to dress. I said,”Cat, I better be going now. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Cat replied with a smile,”You’ll be seeing me in your dreams tonight.”

I said to myself,”She’s probably right.”

To be continued

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