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The fight started a week ago between my husband of 5 years and me. We had been planning this trip for so long! As a 4th grade teacher, I had had opportunities to take long vacations and never had. My husband Dennis worked for a major importer of apparel and had never even taken a week’s vacation in the years we had been married. But this year he promised would be different. We would finally take two months and spend it in a tiny little Hamlet in New Hampshire. Two long and wonderful months, where we could take a break and discuss having children. Then just last week my husband informed me that even though he had committed to the two months his boss had so many things for him to do, it would be impossible for him to take this time and that the best he could do was to come up every other weekend .”Judy” he said, “We should not waste the money we spent on the cottage. You go up and relax and I’ll be up when I can make it, and for sure I’ll be there the last week.” So mad was I at him, I agreed to keep the cottage for 2 months, just to get away from him!

So after arriving in the late evening on a Friday night at the end of June, here I was the next afternoon walking down a beautiful little street in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire and all I wanted to do was to kick my husband in the balls! This should have been a wonderful day for the two of us to wander around the town. Instead I was not even looking at the store fronts as I muttered under my breath about what a jerk he was. I must have looked very downtrodden as suddenly a voice cried out “Look out for the pole!” I looked up just in time to sidestep a big barber pole on the side walk. I softly said “Thank you” without looking up. “Must be a lot on your mind not to see that pole” came the voice again. I stopped and turned and was about to offer a clever remark, when all the emotions I had been holding inside just let loose. The tears just started to rain down my face. I started shaking. The woman who belonged to the voice I had just heard, quickly grabbed me, held me up and said; “Girlfriend, why don’t you just come on in and sit for a while, There ain?t nothing that bad that Leslie here can’t help but fix?. I nodded yes and we walked into her shop.

Leslie just sat with me until I was all cried out. Finally after what must have seemed to her as hours, but was only a few minutes, I became calm and rational again. Leslie, as she introduced herself to me asked me what the trouble was. It must have been forty minutes later when I had finished recounting how all of our plans had been ruined. It was then that I noticed that I was in a barbershop. Hmm, I thought, so this is the type of place that Dennis goes to get his haircut. There were two chairs in this shop. My eyes began to focus on the woman who was sitting next to me and had introduced herself to me as Leslie. I was startled by what I saw through my now bloodshot eyes. Leslie, although sitting next to me appeared to be about 5′ 7″ tall with an outstanding figure and a very low cut blouse revealing a prominent amount of cleavage, and that cleavage had to be attached to a pair of 36 DD breasts trying to escape their way out of that blouse. But what was really striking about Leslie, was the bright red hair standing straight up on the top of her head that could not have been more that 1/2″ long and the sides surrounding the top practically bald. Leslie had a huge hoop earring in each ear with 5 studs pierced up each ear. She also had a nose ring and as I noticed, had her belly buttoned pierced as her mid drift was exposed. Leslie’s tight jeans and 4 inch heels added to a very sexy effect. I was surprised at the sudden warmth I had between by legs, as I had never felt this way before when looking at or talking to other women. Leslie’s high arched brows and full lips colored in a very complimentary shade to what was left of her hair added to her very exciting look. I judged Leslie to be about my age.

Of course, after looking at her, I quickly sized up a comparison between Leslie and me. I was definitely more on the Petite side as I barely scratched the surface of 5′ 1″ and no more than 105lbs. Today with my sneakers on instead of my heels I was feeling every bit of short. However, I knew I was a very attractive woman as before meeting Dennis, I had many suitors. I had a cute perky nose and full and luscious lips that Dennis loved to feel on his dick. Oh, shit, I reminded myself not to think of him anymore today. But my hair was the main attraction. It was the fullness of my hair. It was medium brown with natural highlights. The length went to mid back and I could put it in any style I wanted. My breasts were as perky as my nose, although they were only a 32B.

Suddenly, I was brought back to the present. Leslie was saying something……something about washing my hair. I interrupted her. “I’m sorry, Leslie isn’t it, my name is Judy, err what were you saying about washing my hair”? Leslie responded, “Okay, hi Judy, nice to meet you! I was saying that I was just about to close up shop, it does not appear that there is going to be anymore business today, but I thought that since your alone that maybe you would like me to wash your hair and maybe trim the ends a little bit. It might make you feel a little better!” I thought, you know I always feel good after going to the salon and having my hair washed and set. As a matter of fact Dennis looked forward to my return from my salon visits as much as I. Our lovemaking was always more intense. Was I just realizing that now?. I have got to stop thinking about Dennis. I looked at Leslie and replied “I’d like that”, ?but just a trim, okay?, because I sure wanted to feel better than I did right now.

Leslie helped me up and as we walked over to the sink, she asked if I would go into the bathroom and disrobe and put on a smock over my naked body. I asked “Why” and she said she did not want my clothes to get ruined should I feel adventurous. I looked at her and said it was not likely that I would be feeling adventurous, but I felt so comfortable and kind of attracted to the woman I agreed. As I went into the bathroom, Leslie said she was just going to close up shop for the day.

When I cam out of the bathroom in my bare feet and only a red satin smock that barely covered my ass, I noticed that Leslie had closed the shop and drawn the curtains down. She smiled at my feet and said, “I see you decided to go all the way”. “Yes I did”! I merrily replied. Leslie walked over and took my hand. At the touch of her hand with her long red fingernails, I felt flushed and turned my eyes away from hers. “Don’t be bashful” she said. Next I was sitting in the chair with my head back in the sink while the warm water and Leslie’s hands and nails were caressing every inch of my head. I knew I was getting aroused, but it just felt so good. I told Leslie that she had an unusual hair style and color. She replied that had I come in the week before, her hair had been champagne-white. As for the style, as she explained it was an extreme Horseshoe flattop. The top had been cut to 1/2″ and the sides had been buzzed 2 days ago with a 0000 blade. I asked her what a 0000 blade was. Leslie then proceeded to explain how as the blade numbers got lower from a 5 to a 1, so did the hair it left behind. I was intrigued, What happens after a 0000 blade and Leslie told me that her next step was to use a razor blade and that she was working up to that.. I was so interested in her, I asked if she had always had short hair. Leslie explained that it was just a few years ago when she decided that after years of taking care of her waist length hair, it was time to get rid of it and that was when she began experimenting with colors and styles. She then looked at me and said; “I have had it this short for over 6 months in a vast array of colors and the next step is to shave it off completely” I just have not found the right moment that would allow me to take the next step. It’s interesting that I cut men’s and womens hair to all lengths including shaving a number of them bald, but cannot get t
o that decision for me yet.? I stammered in my response”‘ You mean that you have shaved women’s heads as well as men?s”?

“Absolutely” Leslie replied; there are at least ½ dozen women in town who I have shaved bald, but only Jennifer Darling over on East street walks around totally bald, the rest have wigs. By now I knew there was something strange going on, as my hot vagina was dripping all over the seat from this hair conversation. Thankfully, I convinced myself that Leslie did not notice as she wrapped a towel around my head and escorted me to the barber chair.

“Hop up” she said, “I’ll be right with you. Let me get comfortable and I’ll be right back”, she said as she walked into the room adjoining the bathroom. When I got in the chair, the chair felt so big and yet so comfortable. I began to relax in the chair and to stare at myself in the mirror. Suddenly, the door opened and Leslie came walking out. I was awestruck as she was completely naked except for a red pair of what had to be 6 Inch high heels. My eyes took in the site of what appeared to be two long stem rose tattoo’s that started at the top of what appeared to be a completely shaven genital area. The green stem tattoos went all the way up until they split and formed a perfect red rose on each breast. Leslie smiled at my shock and surprise and said, “it’s okay Judy, I just thought that you might be more comfortable if I was naked as well. I could not take my eyes of this amazing looking Amazon. I was mesmerized by her looks. “No” I said, just a little louder than I wanted. “You look fabulous”! “Thanks” Leslie said. ?Now lets’ get started?. She began to comb out my wet hair while we looked at each other through the mirror. I knew she knew that I was hot for her. I had never had these feelings for a woman before. “So, what will it be Judy, just a little trim, or are you in a more adventurous mood?” I was becoming crazed, I wanted her, I wanted to be dominated by her, but yet I was afraid. “How adventurous should I go”? I asked. “Well” said Leslie, “You are in a barber chair. What have you ever done to your hair”? I replied that I had had a perm once and again I remembered that both my husband and I had been so turned on we hardly left the bedroom that weekend. Leslie laughed and said. “But now you are mad at him and want to show him how independent you can be aren’t you.” I said “Yes, but if I am adventurous, I don’t think I am ready to go as far as you”! “No need to worry about that honey, I just think a god cut and some color would get you in better spirits”. I could only nod in agreement. “Do I get to watch”? “Sorry Judy, I am going to face you away from the mirror so it will be a surprise.? How could I argue. I was beginning to be dominated and I loved it. But I still wanted a little control so I put my hand on her shaven pussy and asked “Why are you shaved so smooth down there”? Leslie, startled by the sudden change in control replied; “I do it for the freedom and the enhanced feeling during sex”. Leslie quickly put her hand over my now uncovered pussy and used her finger to massage my clit. I nearly came as Leslie resumed control. I quickly removed her hand gently and said; “you will do me down there as well won’t you?” “Of course honey”, the pleasure will be all mine. I knew it would not be all hers, as I was cumming all over the chair. As Leslie turned the chair away, she said “The first thing we are going to do is to get rid of the length. With that I could feel a rubber band being applied to my hair. I knew my hair was going to be shorter and I could not wait. After I heard the scrunch of the scissors, my hair fell loose and did not touch my shoulders anymore. “Okay Judy, I am going to strip half your hair and leave the rest your natural color” A few minutes later I smelled the bleaching agent for the first time on my own hair.

“Judy honey, while we are waiting for your hair to process, I want to get rid of that clump of hair on your pussy so you will be nice and smooth as me, since I just shaved mine a few minutes ago. By the way, do you like my tattoos’? I know that you have been admiring them. “Yes,”! I exclaimed, my pussy was throbbing, ?Please shave my pussy bald and I love your tattoo’s”. “Very well Judy”! Leslie reached for her clippers and took the guard off and plowed into my soaking wet pubic hair. The vibrations sent me convulsing into an orgasm I never knew possible. Leslie left the clippers vibrating while she stuck two fingers up my vagina and massaged my clit. I came again! Leslie then produced some hot lather and covered my shorn pussy. The heat sent me into the throes of yet another orgasm. Leslie smiled and pulled out her straight razor and said “Honey, if you think you are having orgasms now, wait until I finish shaving you” Minutes later my pussy was so smooth, I barely touched it with my hands when Leslie pulled my hand away and said;

“Honey, save some for me” and she proceeded to lower her tongue onto my shaved pussy. I felt something hard against my clit and looked at Leslie and found that her tongue was pierced and she was rubbing the ball all over my clit. I immediately came in her mouth. Leslie and I smiled at each other, she then opened a drawer and took out the largest dildo I have ever seen it had to be at least a foot long and the girth was huge. Leslie and I looked at each other and I nodded. She proceeded to insert the dildo deep into vagina, By now I was writhing in both pain and ecstasy. The timer went off and Leslie removed the dildo. I thought it was all over until suddenly Leslie fllipped me over and jammed the soaking wet dildo up ass. I wanted to scream but I bit hard on the satin smock as Leslie moved the dildo forcefully in and out until I had another orgasm. When Leslie finally removed the dildo from my ass I was ready to pass out. Quickly she led me over to the sink and rinsed the bleach from my hair. then put some color in. We came back to the barber chair and just stared at each other. I wanted her, she had violated me, but it was what I wanted. I shuddered and came again.

Soon Leslie started cutting and cutting, I could feel the scissors at the top of my ears. I was looking forward to my new look. Then I saw Leslie get the clippers and noticed that there was no attachment. I was excited not knowing. The sound of the clippers approached the back of my neck up they went slowly, I realized that I was about to come again as the clippers kept buzzing away on the back of my head. I reached for the dildo in the chair and stuffed it up my aching throbbing cunt. I moved it in and out as Leslie kept going up and down my head. soon she was buzzing a little bit off both sides. Next she blew dry and styled what was left of my hair. I came again and removed the dildo. At this, Leslie moved to the front and began trimming my eyebrows. She then took some hot lather and shaved some remnants off where she had trimmed. She then applied some fresh lipstick to my lips and asked me if I was ready. I said yes and that I wanted her in the worst way. Leslie said she knew and that it would only be a matter of time. She then spun me around and I was shocked. My eyebrows had been trimmed to a very thin line with a high arch just like Leslie?s and I sported a cute symmetrical bob that was white blonde on top and my brown hair underneath. The affect was dramatic. I put my hand to the back of my neck and felt almost nothing. Leslie had sheared me almost as close as she was in the back. I could see my skin. I jumped out of the chair and spun around. I had always been good looking, but with this effect I was strikingly beautiful. “I Love it” I shouted, and I think I am in love with you Leslie, I want you so much!” Leslie smiled and said, “Judy Honey, get back up in the chair, I am not done with you”. Just as I sat in the chair, I heard Leslie yell ‘”George! She’s ready for you!’ Before I could say anything, a man came through the adjoining door from the bathroom. My first sight was that he was completely naked. He was incredibly handsome and his head was completely bald. I let my eyes wander down to his crotch are
a. I could not believe my eyes. The man was hung like a stallion bigger than the dildo and he was ready to rock and roll. Dennis was no comparison to George. I knew I wanted him and Leslie and I knew he would tear my insides apart. I had become a slut and a whore and I loved it. George climbed up on the chair, all the while I could see a huge smile on Leslie?s face. George?s giant cock was getting closer to my face, I wanted it in my mouth, I desperately wanted the taste of the salty thick liquid. George teased me my putting the tip of his cock on my lips. I tried to take more but George would not let me. George looked at me and said; ?My you are a beautiful bitch?, I looked at him and smiled and said ?This bitch wants all of your cock?. George smiled and said ?you will have it all, but first, you must stick out your tongue? Without hesitation I stuck out my tongue. George quickly clamped my tongue with some device and pulled it out as far as it would go. The he shoved a thick needle through the middle of my tongue creating a hole in which he inserted a bar. He then locked the bar in place by screwing 2 metal balls, one on each end. I nearly passed out from the pain, but secretly knew I had always wanted my tongue pierced. When I was freshly pierced, George said that I could now have him. I voraciously licked his cock and pressed my newly pierced tongue ball all the way up the shaft. I marveled at how he was shaved so clean. I sucked on his balls and when I thought he was ready I began to take him in my mouth. Down deep into my throat the glorious dick plunged. I caressed his naked balls with one hand while fingering my own hot twat with the other. Down, down, down the cock went into my throat. I started the rhythmic motion with my head in and out with his cock, with each time taking his cock deeper that I ever thought I could go. I thought George was about ready to come so I moved my hand from my twat and brought up to his ass. I started flicking my finger around his anal cavity until I thought he was ready. I then jammed my middle finger up into George?s anus. Leslie must have been watching as exactly at that instant she rammed the dildo farther up my cunt than anything had ever been. Both George and I exploded in mutual orgasm. I could not swallow fast enough. The cum oozed out of my mouth. As George withdrew his wonderful sword, I began licking his cock all over to make sure I did not miss a drop. I started to talk and noticed that I now had a slight lisp. Leslie giggled and said I would get used to it. After George got off the chair, Leslie mounted the chair and pushed her freshly shaved snatch in my mouth. I devoured her until she screamed and came and again, I licked until I had every last drop.
I felt guilt and happiness all at once.

Afterwards, we all slumped in chairs. A while passed and I must have fallen asleep for when I woke up there was a note and a key. I read the note and took the key as I dressed and headed back to my cottage. I put my hand to the back of my head and enjoyed the feel of the buzzed back. I felt and looked like a new woman and could not wait to follow the instructions on the note.

To be continued

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