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“I mean it this time Christine, if you EVER leave your bobbles around the house or in your pockets again, I will personally make sure that bobbles are NOT an issue in this house EVER AGAIN! You’ll end up ruining my washing machine AGAIN because of your bobbles! You can’t blame me because mines short! Do you understand me?” Susan, Christine’s mother said in a bad temper as she took yet another bobble out of the washing machine-she was so fed up with Christine at the moment because of this problem that had been going on for months now.

“Yes mum” Christine said in a trembling voice, she couldn’t help it if she left bobbles in her pockets-she simply forgot about them! After all, she was a 19 year old girl and always had more pressing things on her mind-boys and exams naming a few.

Things went on fine for a while since Christine resorted to wearing her long hair down and straight instead of putting it up, (her hair reached to her mid back). But one day she was doing some work around the house and she tied her hair back into a ponytail. After doing the housework, she took her hair out again, leaving the bobble in her jean pocket and forgetting it was there. As you can imagine, the next time her mum did the washing and she found yet another bobble in Christine’s jean pocket, all hell was let loose…………..

“CHRISTINE!” her mum yelled up the stairs to her, enough was enough now!

“Yes Mum?” Christine asked innocently

“You left yet ANOTHER bobble in your clothes! I’m going to take care of this once and for all now!” With that, Susan marched up the stairs, found where Christine’s bobbles were then threw them out!

“Oh well at least I can still wear it down!” Christine thought gratefully.

“Right young lady-you are not to have any bobbles lying around EVER again, understand?” Christine nodded-it could have been worse!

“And to make sure that you don’t need them any more, I am going to sort you out, at this VERY minute!” Susan said “Come with me NOW!”

Christine reluctantly obeyed-what was her mother thinking of?

“Wait here in the bathroom, I’ll be back!” her mum instructed her. Christine obeyed, what was her mother going to do to her? She had a sinking feeling……..

Presently, Susan came back with, to Christine’s shock and horror, a HUGE pair of scissors!

“Now the quicker you sit down and get this over with, the sooner we can forget about the whole thing, OK?” her mother asked “If you try to struggle, I will cut it even shorter than I plan to!”

Christine, seeing she had no choice, obeyed her mother.

Susan then took out a brush that she had collected with the scissors out of her pocket, then brushed through Christine’s mid back length hair, after a few minutes, Christine relaxed, but then was jolted back to reality when she felt her Mum take a section of hair and snip it off, close to her ears:

“Snip Snip Snip Snip” Christine began to cry as a foot of shining blonde hair fell to the floor

“Stop crying Christine or you’ll make your situation even worse!” her Mum said harshly. Christine then tried to hold her tears in:

“Snip Snip Snip Snip Snip!” Another foot of shining hair hit the floor with a barely audible thud.

“Snip Snip Snip Snip”

“Snip Snip Snip Snip!” the floor was now starting to get full of hair, because of the length and thickness of Christine’s hair.

“Snip Snip Snip Snip” Susan was now proceeding to cut her daughter’s hair even shorter!

“Snip Snip Snip Snip” Christine had managed to hold back her tears until now, since her hair was getting cut VERY short! She then started to cry again:

“That’s it-you’ve made it 100% times worse now, if you had stopped crying and realized that you deserve this punishment and took it with dignity and like a proper lady should-I would of only cut it to your ears, it’s going to wind up being MUCH shorter than I first said now!” Susan said angrily. With that she chopped off the rest of the long hair quickly and roughly (all this time Christine was crying). Then Susan left the room. Christine then looked in the bathroom mirror and saw a rough ear length bob staring back at her and then she sobbed again.

Susan then came back with the clippers that she used on Christine’s brothers hair, and plugged them in. Seeing the clippers made Christine’s eyes open wide with horror.

“Well young lady, since you didn’t obey me just now, this tells me that when your hair grows back, you’ll be just as bad as you are-sorry-were now! So I’m going to make sure that it stays short from now on until you leave this house! Understood?”

Seeing that she was defeated now, Christine then answered:

“Yes Mum”

With that, Christine leant her head down to her chest, then Susan ploughed them through her daughters once beautiful hair, there was a buzzing sound and a hum as Christine’s hair fell to the floor. About 5 minutes later it was done.

“Well now that your hair is short it will stay that way because every month I am going to buzz you with a number 2 guard like now, until you leave this house!” her mother said matter-of-factly

Christine rubbed through her stubbly hair and sighed deeply. Secretly she had enjoyed the vibrating feeling as the clippers buzzed off her once beautiful mid back hair.

“Mum do I have to wait that long before you buzz it again?” Christine asked shyly.


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