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“Christine? Your brother has had his hair done now, come downstairs and Jenny will do your hair for you too now!” her mother Susan said, the day before Christine was to start the new school year at high school.

“Ok” the attractive 11 year old child called down, sighing, she made her way downstairs, but it was not because she had to have her long strawberry blonde hair which reached to her armpits cut, it was something else on her mind. As she approached the kitchen, she saw Jenny brushing up the cut pieces of her brothers’ hair, while talking to her mum. Susan said:

“Oh there you are Christine, you ready now?”

“Um.Yes Mum”, Jenny knew that something was wrong with Christine, since Christine always rushed to hug her usually, today she hadn’t done this. What was wrong with her? After Susan left to give Robert (Christine’s younger brother) his bath, Jenny was determined to find out what was wrong as she was worried about the pretty girl

“Christine? What’s wrong?” Jenny asked as she brushed out Christine’s hair after unbraiding it.

“Oh Jenny, I’m just so nervous about starting my new school, what if the new other kids don’t like me?” Christine asked her friend and babysitter.

“Oh of course they will honey! You’re a very sweet girl, people would be mad if they didn’t like you!” Jenny said truthfully, carefully dampening Christine’s hair with water, to make it easier to work with.

“I also wanted to ask you a favor Jenny; you’re going to be the one who cuts my hair right?”

“Of course I am sweetie, what’s the favor?” Jenny asked curiously.

“Well I was thinking that when you do this.could you like really cut it?”

“What do you mean?” Jenny asked, confused.

“Well.oh.I.well.AAARRGGHH! Ok I’ll ask you straight, will you cut my hair short Jenny?”

Jenny was taken aback; Christine had always had long hair that fell at least an inch below her shoulders. But Jenny knew that since Christine was going to a high school now, the girl’s hair there would probably be more mature and fashionable. Jenny decided that she would make sure Christine’s hair looked fab at the end!

“Wow, I didn’t expect you to ask me that honey, but since it’s you, I’ll do it”

“Thank You Jenny” Christine said gratefully

“That’s OK honey, any style you have in mind?”

“I don’t mind, I leave that to you, just make sure that it’s a lot shorter than it is now OK?”

“Sure honey” then Jenny gently brushed through Christine’s long thick hair, Jenny had a great idea, but she was going to surprise Christine. She sectioned it up into sections, and then she combed a section out then made the first cut in Christine’s hair

“Snip Snip Snip Snip’ about 8 to 9 inches of hair fell to the floor, Christine gasped in shock as she felt how high up it was!

“Don’t worry honey, you look great!” Jenny said encouragingly. Christine felt a tear come to her eyes and said in a choked voice:

“Oh I do hope that you’re right Jenny!”

“Honey I know you’ll like it in the end” (while she talked, Jenny snipped off another section of hair) “You’re looking older already!” this made Christine feel a lot better because that was the reason she had wanted her hair shorter in the first place-she WANTED to look older than she was!

“Snip snip snip” Jenny could now see that Christine would suit the style she was giving her. Each time the scissors snipped, another 8-9inches of hair fell to the floor.

About 10 minutes later, Jenny proclaimed that she had finished the cut:

“There, all finished! Honey you look stunning! Do you want to see yourself?” Christine nodded

Jenny held out the hand mirror to Christine, Christine looked into it then exclaimed:

“OH MY WORD!!!!!!”

“What’s wrong? Don’t you like it?” Jenny asked, sighing-she wished she hadn’t cut it so short now!

“Oh no Jenny I LOVE IT!” Christine said, then hugged her friend-Jenny had snipped off Christine’s armpit length hair to just below her ears-the shortest it had EVER been in her life! The new haircut really suited her!

“Oh I’m so glad sweetie, for a minute there I thought you hated it!”

Just then Susan came in with Robert and said:

“WOW! Christine, you HAVE had it cut haven’t you?”

“Guess so!” Christine said smiling, and then she turned to look behind her and gasped-there was HEAPS of her formerly long hair on the floor! She sighed but then smiled again and said:

“Thank you so much for doing this Jenny!”

“No problem honey! I’m glad you like it-now you look a LOT older than you did before don’t you?” Jenny asked smiling

“Yes I do Jenny!”

“Now you’ll show all those other girls at your high school what true beauty is about!” Jenny said. Christine blushed then shyly asked:

“Are you saying I’m pretty Jenny?”

“Yes honey I am!” jenny said then hugged Christine again-Christine now couldn’t wait for high school the following doy!”


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