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MaryJane knew this day was coming for a long time. Still knowing it and experiencing it were two entirely different things. Her fear was out of bounds. She knew that as well.

Several of her friends had already been through it, and they had survived. All of them looked fine, in fact.

“MaryJane! Come on down stairs now, dear,” her mother called out to her. “Your father wants to speak to you.”

Shivering in fear of the unknown, MaryJane hated the fact that she was so weak. She wanted to be strong, fearless, and relentless.

Standing, she paused to look at her reflection in the mirror. She had turned eighteen three months earlier. Since she was still in school, nothing had been done until the term ended. That had happened two weeks ago. On the one hand she had felt like she living on borrowed time since then.

The mirror told her what she always saw. An average looking girl with beautiful rich auburn red hair that fell like a swath of silk to her waist, when left loose. It had to be braided into a single or double plaits whenever outside the home. Since most of clothes had been for school and they had not gotten her any new, she still wore her uniform. Plain gray skirt, white blouse with a round collar, nothing at all special. The only difference was that she was a full-figured girl and the slim skirt cupped her full ass and the shirt was tight across her late burgeoning, quite fulsome bosom.

As she came down the steps, she was intently aware of the bounce in her breasts, barely contained by the slip and blouse that concealed them.

“There you are, darling!”

Her mother rushed forward, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. “Your father wants you to meet someone.”

In the small living room, it was impossible to large imposing figure of a stranger. He was quite tall, at least six foot, and with dark hair and blue eyes. With his tanned skin, muscular frame and chiseled features, he was used to women finding him attractive. At 39, he was very successful despite the small town and uncertain times.

Thomas Alman was very hopeful this went well. With a union between their two families, his fortunes would only increase from this point on. “Come on in, MaryJane. Don’t be shy!” He turned to his guest. “This is my daughter, John. She’s never given us a bit of trouble. Very obedient and bright. I know you’ll be satisfied.”

MaryJane shivered. She was right! This was the man who was to be her husband. Why was she surprised? It had been just like this for her friends who had already turned eighteen. The only difference was that had turned earlier in the term and it was deemed better to have them wed then rather than wait. Lucky her!

“MaryJane, this is your fiancĂ©, John Sherwin.”

She heard her father’s words and her stomach sank.

Her mother lifted her arm and put her hand in the stranger’s.

MaryJane felt the heat travel up her arm. Startled she looked up and was startled by the fierceness of his blue eyes. Immediately she looked away.

John smiled. “We should do quite nicely, Thomas. Make the arrangements for tomorrow.” Shaking hands with her father, he left.

MaryJane listened to the women all chattering around her. After the sleepless night, she wondered if she was half asleep now. It was hard to understand what anyone in particular was saying around her.

Somehow she had suffered through the public bathing-

Well, public in so far as the church’s required committee was there to observe the festivities. The committee was comprised of the minister’s wife, and three wives of the elders. Also present were her mother, two aunts, her grandmothers and other women of the church came and went as the day passed.

To her never ending embarrassment, the minister’s wife had read the official Husband’s Wishes. These were the instructions specified by the future husband on how he wanted his wife to be prepared for their marriage. Since no single women were allowed to attend, MaryJane had never experienced this before with her friends.

John had ordered her body to be shaved from the neck down.

Stretched out on a sheet in the middle of her family’s living room, because there were no other rooms large enough, she was carefully shaved under her arms, her legs and lastly, her pussy.

Thinking it couldn’t get worse, she was shocked to hear there were more instructions to be read. She was not to wear any underwear beneath her simple white dress. The worst was last-her hair was to be cut.

Her tears did nothing to change the mind of the woman holding the scissors she quickly learned. What was unexpected was when her mother slapped her cheek.

“Stop this crying this minute! You are lucky to be making such a fine match, MaryJane!”

The minister’s wife, a friend of her mother’s, agreed. “Your mother is quite right, dear; John Sherwin is the wealthiest man in town. You will be living in his big house. You’ll have servants and want for nothing.”

Ethel Walters snipped the scissors impatiently. “We need to get busy or we’ll be late.”

Ruth Alman nodded her head. “Sit still, MaryJane. You don’t want to make this worse.”

Not knowing what could be worse, MaryJane tried to stop her sobbing.

The older woman, Ethel, took a comb and sectioned the hair in a line one inch above her ear. Quickly she clipped the hair up. Without pause she began using the clippers to remove all the hair to one-eighth inch below the line. Removing the clip, the long hair rained down. Combed into a center part, Ethel slid the scissors in half an inch above her ear. Not delaying a second, the blades clicked their way around MaryJane’s head.

Brushing all the cut hairs away, Ethel picked up the clippers and a comb. Carefully combing each section outwards, she clippered off another quarter of an inch.

“I think you should cut some bangs, Ethel,” Ruth, her mother, suggested at the end.

The women clustered around and decided on adding a fringe. Quickly her hair was combed forward and cut half and inch above her eyebrows from temple to temple.

MaryJane was glad there was no chance to look in a mirror after that. She didn’t want to see how awful her hair looked. In her opinion, her hair had been her crowning glory.her only really good feature. She was aware she was plump and her face was considered plain. But her hair-

“Time to get dressed!”

Seated on the bench at the end of bed in her husband’s bedroom, MaryJane waited nervously for what was to come next. John instructed her to go upstairs, directing on which room, and he would be up shortly.

She wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do now, though. During the day she had received the necessary “marriage duty” speech from her mother and the older women in the church. Between the tales of the elders’ wives and what her friends had told her, even though there weren’t supposed to discuss such things with unmarried girls, she didn’t know what to believe.

The door opened and John walked in. “Aah, I see you waited for me,” he murmured. He had already removed his suit jacket, and his shirt was completely unbuttoned. His hairy chest was visible between the gap of the ends. Tossing both away, he crossed to stand in front of her.

He pulled her to her feet. “Time to unwrap my wedding present.” He pulled the veil from her head. Rubbing the short clipped back, he told her, “I’ll shave this smooth in the morning when I shave. It will be much nicer like that.”

A second later he tore he white dress at the back. He yanked the fabric forward, quickly baring her breasts. Quickly he pushed it down to her waist. “Perfect,” he said as his hands came up and covered each one. Squeezing rhythmically, he went on. “I knew these would be big and lovely like this.”

Cupping them from below, he pushed them up. His thumbs rubbed over the burgeoning tips, stimulating into tighter, harder nubs. “Looks like your big titties enjoy the attention.”

MaryJane flushed in embarrassment. She knew this signaled her arousal. Many times at night
she would touch her flesh to discover new feelings.

“It won’t be long MaryJane before you’ll be enjoying such things so much you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.” He laughed and bounced each boob in his palms. “Bouncing boobs. Very sexy.”

A few seconds later he deserted her breasts and shoved her dress to the floor. She was intensely aware of how she must look wearing only above the knee stockings and her black shoes.

“Kick your shoes off,” he told her a second later.

He led her to the bed. “Get on your hands and knees.”

She moved onto the bed, positioning herself as he stated. His hands roamed all over her ass, down the outside of each thigh before moving inwards and up. One hand cupped and rubbed her bare pussy.

“Aah, nice and wet! That is a pleasant surprise,” John moved his hand and MaryJane felt her wetness smeared across one ass cheek as he caressed it towards her hip. “Scoot backwards, MaryJane. You’ll have to stand and lean over the bed for this to work after all. Just bend at the waist,” he went on. “Yes, like that and brace your hands on the bed.”

MaryJane did as he asked, immediately aware of the heaviness of her now hanging, and slightly wobbling breasts.

Behind her John dropped his trousers. “Put your weight on your hands, or forearms, dear.”

MaryJane did as he asked.

A second later she felt the pressure at the opening of her pussy.

“Spread your legs more,” he said, then used his feet to get a much wider stance. His hands grabbed hips. “Here it comes.”

“Ouch!” she cried out as he filled her for the first time. She had no idea as to normal but he felt huge.

He thrust again, moving deeper into her flesh. This continued until he was fully seated. He held still for a minute and then he began a steady in and out motion that was as old as time. When he felt her brace herself more firmly, he complimented her.

“Good girl, MaryJane! That’s the way!”

His thrusts grew fiercer. The slap of his body against her ass was loud in the room. Soon it was accompanied by the wet, squelching noise of his cock sliding in and out.

She had no idea how long it lasted. Her breasts bounced wildly, rubbing the aroused hard nipples against the comforter on the bed.

Suddenly John grabbed both breasts and pressed tight against her.

“Here it comes, my wife! You’ll soon have my baby in you.”

MaryJane felt him shudder against her and his cock twitched deep inside her. She could feel hot fluid dripping out as John squeezed and pulled on her breasts.

A minute later he pulled free.

MaryJane felt him patting her bottom as he did so.

“There you go, wife. We’ll be doing that morning, noon and night until you get pregnant. I can’t wait to see how big these lovely boobies get when they are full of milk.” He pulled her upright as he massaged each breast. “I was married before. You’ve got a lot more padding than she did. I’m going to enjoy all this cushioning to bounce against.”

He walked with her over to the long mirror. She couldn’t look anywhere else but the reflection of her naked body.

John leaned over and kissed the top of one ear. “I like this short haircut. I hadn’t specified how I wanted it. I only said your hair needed to be short. I didn’t want your hair in the way when I kiss your neck, or cover your tits. Especially when the baby comes, it will be easy to feed.”

One hand moved down her stomach and curved over her pussy.

“Your pussy is very pretty.”

His fingers delved into her slit. He found her clit and began moving and massaging the wildly sensitive bit of flesh.

MaryJane cried out in surprise. Nothing she’d ever done had produced a feeling like this. “Oh my God!”

“Let go, MaryJane. Don’t fight it,” he urged her with his voice and his fingers.

Moments later MaryJane slammed headlong into her first real orgasm.

Slumped in his arms, she let John lead her the short distance to the bed. He came down on top of her, thrusting inside her again.
Hard again, John began a slow thrusting. He pushed a pillow under her hips and MaryJane cried out as this increased his contact with her already aroused clit. The longer time it took him to come stimulated her clit to orgasm twice more.

Exhausted she fell asleep. She was so tired she didn’t awaken when John came up behind her, lifted her top leg and pushed his hard flesh between hers. With his hand squeezing her upper most breast, he came slowly and filled her again with his seed.

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