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I am nineteen years old college girl from India. Since a long time I have had this hair fetish. I would always imagine myself with no hair. But I knew my folks won’t let me cut my hair.

There s this neighbor of mine who hails from the southern part of India and is my mother’s good friend. She is in her mid-forties and her daughter Vasudha happens to be my best friend. In that part of the country it is common practice to donate hair in return of fulfillment of a wish. She had vowed in Tirupati that if Vasudha got into Medical College they both shall shave their heads.

The results were out and Vasudha got selected .As vowed, they went to Tirupati and got their heads shaved. Both Vasudha and her mother looked stunning. When they came back Vasudha’s mother told her experience to my mother. The same night I had chat with my mom and she told me that if I too made it to the medical college we also could have our heads shaved. This got me so excited that I hardly slept that night. After a month the results were out and I managed to get into the college. My mother remembered her vow and we planned the trip to Tirupati.

We reached Tirupati and got into a hotel. After resting for a while we decided to go to the temple tonsure hall. My mom and I both had waist length hair. The two of us were wearing salwaar-kameez. Outside the tonsure hall I saw many women with newly shaved heads and this got me very excited. We got the barber tickets and then proceeded to the hall.

My mom was to go first, but I insisted that I went first. The barber made me to sit before him with my legs crossed. He then parted my hair into two and then wetted it with water. He took the razor and started shaving my head form the front. As heaps of hair began to fell on my lap I started to hit a high. I could not stop but smile. In few minutes I was completely bald. Soon after my mom was done.

From that very moment we decided that we shall get our head shaved once every couple of years.

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